Stars Who Hit The Bottom After WWE


It can be hard for WWE Superstars to keep the high ground after years in the spotlight.

WWE stars take their careers seriously and passionately, dreaming of the possibility of winning it all. The personalities they portray are fun, lovable and relatable and the money can be great. Some champions go on to long term stays at number one, while others don’t. It’s exciting and exhilarating to hear thousands of people rooting you on when you walk out to the ring and the thunderous applause that happens when you hit a move that wins you the match. It can make a wrestler feel powerful and almost unstoppable. However, how does that affect the way they deal with life after they hit the top? What happens after a life of being worshipped, cheered on and coming out on top? For some it means a peaceful retirement, but not for these stars. Here are some of the stars who hit the bottom after their rise to the top.