Super Tall Athletes with Very Short Lovers


It’s always funny when we see an oddly paired couple. Height can be a humorous example of this and we have examples of some celebrities who have sported the red carpet looking like parent and child rather than a married couple, all due to height. Let’s say you are a 2.03m NBA player. Can we deny that the world doesn’t force different general perspective on you as opposed to being the 1.5m Snooki? Let’s acknowledge that even the different visual perspective can change the nuances of how we experience the world. Seeing the tops of people’s heads or always craning your neck to make eye contact are quite different experiences.

We all have to react to our own height. For example, maybe the short guy at work has a piping temper which gets him to be taken seriously. Maybe the extraordinarily tall guy needs to talk a little less to be less imposing in a crowd. Whatever we associate with height, these couples definitely look up to and talk down to each other- literally.