The Hottest Female Athletes Caught In Doping Scandals


Everybody loves a good celebrity scandal. There’s just something satisfying about learning that famous person were caught screwing around. But when it comes to our favorite athletes and drugs, all bets are off.

That’s because we’ve all had an inspiring coach with firmly planted morals in our childhood. The one who taught us to play fair and to always respect the game. So we look up to pro athletes, the ones who represent our nations and hometowns (and are paid handsomely to do it). We believe and trust in them. We also project onto them our past ambitions, like memories of early morning varsity practice, bruises, and locker room shenanigans. So it’s disheartening to learn when highly respected athletes try to cheat the system.

That’s why drug tests exist. Sports regulating committees see to it that athletes are clean. And as you’ll see in our video, they can sometimes be overbearing. While it’s more than fair to sanction a player for using steroids and other blatantly performance-enhancing drugs, what happened to Andreea Raducan was probably going too far. Take a look at this video and let us know which of the sanctioned players you'd side with?