The Most Awesome Finishing Moves in Wrestling History


Every great wrestler has their signature moves. Some wrestlers use moves adapted from basic maneuvers and tweaked to make them their own while some moves are entirely new creations. These specialty moves are diabolically designed to surprise and completely overwhelm their opponent. But no move is as important as the wrestling star’s finisher.

So what makes a great finisher? It has to have visual appeal, it needs to devastate the opponent and last, but not least, it has to have the ability to make the crowd go wild.

A killer finishing move is what differentiates a mere wrestling star from a superstar. It makes a wrestler memorable and sets him apart from the rest.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has become synonymous with The Stunner, and it’s hard to imagine The Rock without The Rock Bottom and The People’s Elbow combination.

Here are some of the all-time top wrestling finishing moves: