The Most Painful Soccer Stretcher Fails


MEDIC! Soccer, or as it's known in Europe, football, is quite a dangerous sport. Its athletes clock in anywhere between 4 - 8 kilometres, or 2.5 - 5 miles per game. They run the risk of snapping bones, getting impaled by cleats, and even cardiac arrests. That's if they aren't mauled by an angry mob who might not agree with a referee call, a play, a missed shot, or depending on the day, the look of a player. So when soccer players take a dive and eat turf, they count on the experienced medical team to rush out and whisk them away on a stretcher to safety. However, the medic crew isn't always coordinated, and here's where our video comes in. Players get sat on, crashed into, dumped and dropped. Check out these most painful soccer stretcher fails!