The Most Popular WWE Stars on Social Media


Back in the day, everyone had to tune into their televisions to see professional wrestling. No one in their right mind would ever consider the possibility of having a conversation with one of the stars, unless it involved hours of standing outside with usually hundreds of other fans, and even then, there was no talking. The only thing fans could hope for was an autograph.

But times change, and so came advancements in technology and the emergence of social media. From there things took off, and before fans knew what was happening they were able to communicate with not only the WWE superstars they’ve grown to love and admire, but thousands upon thousands of other fans just like themselves. Now anyone can send his or her favorite wrestler a tweet about how they prefer farm fresh eggs instead of store bought, like one fan @TheDentist5X wrote to Shawn Michaels.

With the introduction of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, being a fan is a completely different experience than it used to be – a far more personal one.