The Most Significant Transformations In Wrestling


It's hard to say how long a wrestler's career can be, considering we've seen some excel over a number of decades, while others last just under a few years in the cutthroat business. For the veterans, aging happens just like it does with everyone else, but an athlete can mask wrinkles and saggy skin with the amount of rigorous training required to be a performer of the squared circle.

Some competitors fall victim to terrible gimmicks, yet those characters don't last forever. A wrestler may look similar to what they looked like when they were 20, yet if they stay in the business for at least two decades, his or her transformation will certainly catch the eye. Other times, a wrestler is sputtering and completely switches their look to try and upstart their career.

Whatever the case may be, transformation is a part of life and, in professional wrestling, it's no different. Here are a number of noteworthy wrestler transformations.