Ways the WWE Has Insulted Our Intelligence


Many of us, whether we grew up watching or not, know what WWE stands for. Any of you remember when it was WWF? Or even WWWF? No? Well, for loyalists to the sport, the WWE is changing and not in a good way. Many fans can credit the downhill descent to WWE buying WCW. The merger made the WWE the only professional wrestling industry in the business, giving them and Vince McMahon essentially free reign over their new style and production. You’d think complete creative freedom would be a good thing, but without competition there is no drive to improve. The monopoly effect has produced some awful decision making on behalf of the WWE.

When they changed to a PG rating and started trying to widen their audience, the whole feel of the product changed. To keep the show appropriate for all ages while delivering the type of action promised, they had to figure out a way to show us violence, but not so much that parents would forbid their youngsters from tuning in anymore.

Multiple techniques were implemented and most were an insult to the viewer’s intelligence. How can they expect us to take them seriously when their show consists of mostly recaps? And that includes Main Event!

The new WWE just isn’t holding up to its predecessor, as it seems to be insulting our intelligence.