WWE Wrestlers Who Haven't Done Much


The WWE is one of the top places to go for wrestling entertainment. It’s like a weird way to tell stories: the wrestler’s take on characters that trash talk and switch sides of good and evil are infinitely entertaining. Sometimes you’re cheering them on, other times you hate them. Sometimes you love them because you hate them and you hate them because you love them. Regardless of your reasons, these characters, these old and also forgettable characters have kept you watching them for years. They became an integral part of the definition of the WWE and the entertainment value that the organization offered. Some of the characters that have been there for years offer you a certain experience that you find familiar when you tune in. It’s probably the only reason why, even after so long of not making huge breaks they are still there.

Maybe it’s the effect that people love to watch their favorite characters go through changes and never give up. These wrestlers haven’t accomplished much but we kept watching them until they fizzled out. So it’s up to you to decide how disappointing or successful their wrestling careers actually were. But it’s probably disappointing.

Mark Henry

• In all his twenty years of wrestling

• ‘Sexual Chocolate’ is probably best known

• for throwing up after a kiss

• with a transgender admirer

Damien Sandow

• Sandow was the high IQ personality

• you loved to hate

• known for stealing moves from The Miz

• But he was forgotten

• Once their feud was over

Cody “Stardust” Rhodes

• With Dusty Rhodes for a Dad

• And Goldust for a brother

• Cody had big shoes to fill

• Becoming Stardust

• playing off of his bro

• And we can’t wait for him to quit


• A rapping and dancing wrestler

• R-Truth has had a long standing career

• That led to big matches

• against John Cena and the Rock

• But still hasn’t impressed us

• Considering how long he’s been around