10 All-Time Best Catchphrases In Wrestling, Ranked

10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

If there is one thing wrestling fans love, it's a great catchphrase. This is because WWE fans love to "sing-along" with their favorite superstars. Look at today's WWE fans: they talk along with Paul Heyman as he introduces himself. They did the same with Elias and his "walk with Elias," and they do it with The Miz when he presents "Miz TV."

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While these catchphrases and repeated quotes are popular now, they pale in comparison to some of the most oft-repeated catchphrases in WWE history. From the days of the 80s Rock and Wrestling Connection to the Attitude Era, there are catchphrases people still repeat to this day and remain the best of all-time.


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

This catchphrase started up during the Attitude Era in WWE and was part of the creation of Mr. McMahon, the character. After the Montreal Screwjob when McMahon screwed Hart out of his world title, the chairman of WWE soon became a hated heel.

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His feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin led to the evil authority figure, throwing his weight around. Whenever it came time to lay down the law, McMahon would yell out in his famous growl, "you're fired!" It became so iconic that WWE used its popularity to turn the tide on occasion, such as when Brock Lesnar came down, and F5'd McMahon before he could say it to Paul Heyman.


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

The Road Warriors were the most dominant tag team in the world for many years. In the NWA and its various territories, when Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" started to play, fans knew that two of the toughest wrestlers in the world were about to rush the ring and take down a couple of guys.

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WWE knew how popular the Road Warriors were and created their own version in Demolition, before bringing in Hawk and Animal as the Legion of Doom. Not only were they great in the ring, but Hawk and Animal were great on the mic, and it always started with Hawk's iconic catchphrase, "what a rush!" WWE even added it to the opening of their entrance theme.


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

When Ted DiBiase left Mid-South Wrestling, he was a top heel in the company, but he was a tough butt-kicker for part of his time there and a cheater with a loaded glove who hired help when he could for the other part of his career. However, when he signed with WWE, Vince McMahon turned him into a character.

DiBiase went from being himself into a wealthy elitist named The Million Dollar Man. Before his debut, there were weekly promos of him paying off anyone and everyone to get what he wanted. He even paid Andre the Giant to beat Hulk Hogan and sell him the world title. As DiBiase's world-famous catchphrase indicated, "every man has a price for the Million Dollar Man."

7 "SUCK IT!"

10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

It is a two-word catchphrase and one that likely got countless kids in trouble at school throughout the entire Attitude Era. When it comes to DX, they had catchphrases and lines that were so long that the crowd would repeat everything Road Dogg said when the group stood in the ring.

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However, even 20 years later, fans still love to yell out the final two words of their catchphrase. They did it at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony where DX entered the prestigious Hall. DX has two words for anyone who doubted them: "suck it."


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

There is arrogance, and there is confidence. When it comes to Bret "The Hitman" Hart, he was one of the most arrogant WWE superstars of all-time, but his arrogance was based on the fact that he was as confident as they come. Hart's catchphrase is one of the most famous in wrestling history.

When looking at his opponents, from Yokozuna and Diesel to Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hart had one thing he told them all. Hart proudly exclaimed that he is "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be," and proved it every time he stepped into the ring.


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

Hulk Hogan was a man who lived on catchphrases. He talked better than he wrestled most of the time. Most kids in the 80s knew his catchphrase for the Hulkamaniacs, about saying their prayers and eating their vitamins by heart. Hogan's opening line of, "let me tell ya' Mean Gene" was often imitated but never duplicated.

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However, when looking at the best catchphrases in Hulk Hogan's illustrious career, one stands tall. At the end of all his promos, he would look at the camera and ask his upcoming opponents the same thing: "whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?"


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

Undertaker is a man of few words. Usually, his promos have concerned taking his opponents to hell and doing evil things to them on the way there. He loves to talk about the darkness and all the bad things that exist out there that no-one wants to see.

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Even in the biker 'Taker days, he would talk about vengeance and horrors. Then, at the end of every one of his promos, Undertaker ended with words every fan in the arena would repeat with him. Right before he rolls his eyes back into his head, he would gravely tell his opponent to "rest in peace."


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

Ric Flair loved to talk, and when he got going, there was no one better on the microphone in the 80s and 90s. Nowadays, Flair often rambles and seems like a caricature of himself, but the old-school Ric Flair was the best there was. He would wear his expensive suits and Rolex watches and live the lifestyle.

When Flair started calling himself "the stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun," you believed every word of it. Then, Flair had the catchphrase that embodied everything he was about in the ring when he would state, "to be the man, you got to beat the man!"  Wooooo.


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was a walking catchphrase through his entire WWE career. It seemed like The Rock lived to talk on the microphone and drop his lines like the natural that he was. He would insult everyone, with lines like taking someone to the "SmackDown Hotel" to asking if anyone wanted him to "layeth the smackdown on your candy a**."

He loved to talk about what he could do if he turned "that sum-bi**h sideways" and stick it somewhere. You also can't forget when he would ask someone a question, and then interrupt the answer with, "it doesn't matter what you think." However, the most famous Rock catchphrase was the last line of all his promos, when he yelled: "if ya smell what the Rock is cookin'!"


10 All-Time Best Catchphrases in Wrestling, Ranked

The most popular wrestler in WWE history is arguably Stone Cold Steve Austin. While Hulk Hogan had his day in the sun, fans loved to hate him as much as they liked to cheer him. John Cena was the face of the company for years, but similarly, half the fans wanted to boo him more than they wanted to cheer him.

However, in the Attitude Era, there was no-one bigger than Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was always himself, save the short time he joined forces with Mr. McMahon. When he came to the ring, he would shut down anyone -- babyface or heel -- and did things his way, with his famous catchphrase "and that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so!"

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