10 Awkward Fan Photos With Female Wrestlers (And 10 With Male Wrestlers)

Due to the growth and popularity of wrestling, many see the superstars as major celebrities, icons, and heroes. Because of this whenever they get the chance, be it at a convention, an airport or just in the street, fans like to grab a picture with their favourite superstars. Most of the time, these images are harmless and become treasured keepsakes of those who take them, putting them all over social media and then eventually moving on, but that isn't the case for some.

Whether it be that they stalk wrestlers for things to sell online and end up with angry and frustrated pictures, catching wrestlers off guard or simply creating a strange moment with them, sometimes these pictures can be very awkward. It isn't always the fans faults though, sometimes the wrestlers themselves are to blame for an image being awkward but when they are those images tend to do the rounds on social media with the rest of the world finding out about them. Again, there's no one really at fault when these photos come out looking awkward, it's just the way fan encounters go. Especially when the WWE stars in question were just not ready to snap a photo.

This article will look at 10 awkward photos that female wrestlers have had to take with fans, as well as 10 that their male counterparts have been subjected to as well, and some of them are incredibly awkward.

20 Male: Not Playing The Game

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Triple H is an incredibly busy man, so getting a rare moment of his time for a picture isn't to be taken lightly, yet this image is clearly an example of why you shouldn't just randomly grab a wrestler and snap a photo if they don't want to take one.

While this image is an older one of the Game, he is clearly busy and in a rush to go and do something, hence why he is barely stopping to take the photo with the fan, creating an obviously awkward picture. The King of Kings isn't even attempting to force out a fake smile here either, he is simply having none of it with a straight face that looks like he is ready to burst into a promo more than a conversation with the fan.

19 Female: A Fan Get's Too Personal

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The only reason this image has failed to place higher on the list is due to the fact that Paige doesn't look bothered by the situation at all, but that doesn't make the entire scenario very awkward. Just imagine the conversation that has to take place before this pose is put together, with the potential for the Anti-Diva to simply turn around and be very offended by it being as high as it is.

Regardless of the fact Paige is going along with the photo, she could easily be doing it to not offend the fan who would have paid good money for this moment, but the closeness of the image is just a little too much and it's rather awkward.

18 Male: Getting A Birds Eye View

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Not all embarrassing images are because of the wrestling fans, sometimes the wrestlers are to blame and that is certainly the case when it comes to this incredibly embarrassing photograph. This fan is clearly excited to be getting a selfie with one of her favourite superstars at ringside after a match, and Randy Orton happily obliges, yet his eyes are nowhere near looking at the camera.

Instead, they are much further south than that, as the Viper is clearly getting lost in the fans... assets. Quite how the fan reacted could be anyone's guess but her reaction after looking back at the picture must have taken her by surprise.

17 Female: An Awkward Statement

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Sasha Banks has become known for her awkward photos with wrestling fans, hence why this won't be the last time an image of her and a fan pops up on this list, and while she has had some valid reasons for it, there seems to be an awful lot of these pictures lying about.

The Boss does not look happy in this image, at all. If that wasn't awkward enough alone, the fact that the fan is clearly so pleased to be there, posing with his fist just makes the whole thing even more cringe worthy. Sasha is leaning away and not even attempting to pretend like she is pleased and clearly wants the fan to leave, creating one very awkward photo.

16 Male: The Power Of Awkwardness

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The New Day is known for having the power of positivity, but it doesn't seem like any of them have many positive things to say about this particular fan encounter, with none of the popular trio looking like they are up for a snap.

With Big E looking more bewildered than anything else, Kofi Kingston isn't even trying to disguise the fact he simply doesn't want to be in that situation, while Xavier Woods' face pretty much sums up the entire thing... awkward. If their facial expressions weren't enough, the way the entire picture has been done is equally as awkward. Why would the fan not ask if they could stand together? It feels like a rushed snap that he just saw an opportunity for and took, increasing how awkward the whole ordeal is.

15 Female: Personal Space Needed

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Sometimes wrestling fans get too close, in fact, way too close to the wrestlers during fan pictures, but in this particular image, the amount of space between former Diva, AJ Lee and the fan is incredibly awkward.

Whether something was said between them or he was just incredibly shy, the distance is very strange considering it is a photo opportunity that he will have paid good money for to not have to have that distance. This isn't an Axxess image where you have to lean over the table, so it is rather strange for them to have such a gap, plus AJ's not exactly looking thrilled here is she.

14 Male: The Ultimate Awkward Photo

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CM Punk might have been, and still is to some level, one of the WWE Universe's most loved stars, and he certainly gave a lot of time to the fans throughout his run with the company, but even he isn't exempt from being involved in awkward fan photos.

Punk is clearly busy in this photo and has either just got out of that car, or is about to get in it, with headphones around his neck he is quite obviously a man with a place to be, but that didn't stop this fan. The Straightedge star might be providing a half smile, but he certainly doesn't look thrilled to be in the moment and let's not even start with how awkward that hand on the shoulder is shall we?

13 Female: No Hugs For You

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When your gimmick is being known as a 'hugger' you should expect a lot of close contact during your fan meet and greets, after all, you have labeled yourself as someone who likes to be hugged, Bayley should be expecting these moments on a daily basis now.

In this picture, this wrestling fan clearly had that thought and is obviously leaning in for a hug with the popular wrestler, yet Bayley has other ideas. She doesn't hug him back at all, making this entire image very awkward. Whether it's the fact he is a fully grown man and not a small child, Bayley's main and most supportive fans remain to be known, but one thing is for sure, there will be no hugs for him.

12 Male: Showstopper Not Happy To Stop

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Shawn Michaels would likely rank highly in any fans list of wrestlers they would most like to meet and get a picture with, which is likely why these two members of the WWE Universe look so ecstatic to be in this moment.

The same can not be said, however, for Shawn Michaels himself, who looks incredibly awkward to be in this image. The Showstopper appears to have been stopped in his tracks and he can't even force a smile out. It's likely a good thing he has his sunglasses to hide behind or the snap could have been much more awkward, but it's fair to say that while the fans are having a great time meeting a hero, HBK is less than impressed.

11 Female: Surprise

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To start with, having Paige and Alberto El Patron in one photo together is awkward enough at this stage in time, but the fan going totally crazy behind them while they simply look stunned takes it to a different level.

Neither Paige or Patron seem to have a clue what is going on here and who can blame them. The fan is going wild while they are hoping for a normal photo before moving on to the next guest, but this fan had other things in mind. From his cray pose to the fact he is leaning in as far as he physically can, the whole thing is off. Someone didn't get the memo here, we just aren't sure who that was.

10 Male: Do I Know Woo?

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Wrestling fans just love grabbing wrestlers at any point, even if they are not ready or willing for a photograph to be taken. This image feels like the fan just jumped next to him and went for the moment, rather than asking Ric Flair if he was open to the picture.

The might explain why the Nature Boy isn't even looking at the camera here and is likely more interested in getting on with his day and finishing the cup of coffee he has in his hand. While it might be cool to say you have met Flair, having an image with him looking more puzzled than anything else has to be more embarrassing than cool, right?

9 Female: Look At The Camera

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The key element to all photographs, whether with fans or not is to look at the camera. It's a basic principle of pictures and is pretty crucial in creating an image that people would like to talk about and show to people.

When fans get a rare chance to meet their heroes, they likely hope that they will at least be able to follow that simple principle, but it appears that was lost on Charlotte Flair somewhere along the line here. The young fan is ready, rocking a good pose that is going to make a great picture, while Charlotte is looking in a totally different direction... awkward.

8 Male: Bathroom Breaks Are Banned

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While wrestlers should expect to be stopped in public from time to time due to their fame and celebrity status there are a few places that they should be allowed to go without being hounded for a picture and the bathroom is one of them.

However, that clearly isn't the case as this picture proves of a young fan snapping an image of Randy Orton while he is attempting to wash his hands. The fan obviously hasn't asked the Viper, as you can tell from his expression and the entire situation is incredibly awkward. Rather than having the conversation with the WWE Superstar about potentially taking a snap (outside the bathroom), this fan has just decided to take a picture of the mirror, getting them both in with Orton looking puzzled as to what is happening.

7 Male: Big Poppa Pump Can't Force A Smile

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Here we have a group of clearly very excited wrestling fans who didn't expect to bump into wrestling royalty during their day, there are plenty of massive smiles from fans who are over the moon with the situation, then we have Scott Steiner.

Steiner, despite being surrounded by adoring fans doesn't seem all that interested in this moment in the slightest, looking angrier having been bothered than anything else he doesn't even attempt to put on a smile. When there are so many people clearly so thrilled about meeting Steiner, to see him not at least faking to be happy makes this image incredibly awkward for everyone involved.

6 Female: Please Let Go

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In this image, it isn't actually the fan who is making it an awkward moment for a change, it's the wrestler who is to blame here. While Natalya is clearly trying to have a fun moment, putting the young fan in a hold, his face is telling a totally different story.

While Nattie looks incredibly impressed with herself at how funny she finds the situation, the child has a face that is mixed with terror and confusion as he smiles awkwardly along for the moment. He appears to be thinking that he would prefer Natalya to get off his neck, and the vibe is coming off more awkward than funny, despite Natalya's best efforts.

5 Male: The Beast Isn't Interested

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For those brave enough to speak to the Beast, Brock Lesnar during a rare moment when he is out in public, first of all, you're a brave soul, secondly, don't expect much of a response as he is not a people person, at all.

The Universal Champion's love for human interaction is very small, something he has made clear many times throughout his life, as this image proves. Surrounded by a group of clearly very excited fans, Lesnar's face appears to tell a different story. It's pretty clear from his angry expression that the former UFC star simply wants to get out of the awkward moment as quickly as possible and return to his remote home away from all walks of life, forgetting the trauma ever happened.

4 Female: No Time To Chat

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Wrestling fans can often be incredibly rude when approaching their favourite superstars, something that happens with most celebrities when fans don't know what to do in the moment, as this image shows. If you saw someone on the phone having a conversation, the chances are that isn't the correct time to take a picture or try to interact with them. However, that clearly didn't stop this fan, who ambushed Kelly Kelly's phone call for a quick snap with the Diva.

Kelly, to her credit, has attempted to look as happy about the situation as possible, but from the cuddling and the fact she is clearly busy doing other things, this seems like a very awkward photo.

3 Male: A Big Squeeze From The Big Dog

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Similar to the Paige image, it appears that wrestling fans both female and male like to have as much bodily contact as possible with wrestlers when they finally get their chance to meet them in real life. Instead of just standing next to them like 90% of people do, which they all likely prefer, some fans clearly want to create a unique and 'funny' moment, but instead, the outcome is often as awkward as this photograph.

Fair play to the lady for talking Roman Reigns into even doing this, but from the expression on his face, he clearly isn't thrilled about the whole situation which just leads to a rather embarrassing image instead of a nice picture.

2 Female: Unimpressed Boss

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This image has certainly done the rounds on social media by this point, with Sasha Banks making many comments about the fan that caused quite a stir amongst the WWE Universe, but the Boss did not want to be in this image.

Her face pretty much sums up everything you need to know about why its awkward and embarrassing and Big E even got her unimpressed look printed onto a pair of socks that he now proudly wears. The fan had stalked her location at the airport to find out where she was and it's clear that Banks wasn't in the mood for it. Perhaps sometimes fans are better off missing out on some pictures.

1 Female: Copycats

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I am positive wrestlers see some incredibly strange things when they meet wrestling fans, but this has to be one of the weirdest. Meeting two males dressed up to see you must be incredibly awkward, despite the fact that both Bella's are playing along.

With Nikki Bella stood next to her man, John Cena and Brie attached to someone pretending to be Nikki the entire thing is very strange to see, but at least the ladies are pushing out a smile for the pair. You can only imagine how awkward this must have been when they walked into the photo area to meet the twins dressed in this way, but despite the awkwardness, this one actually makes for a funny photo.

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