10 Big Wrestlers Who Never Took Steroids (And 5 Smaller Wrestlers Who Did)

The work of a professional wrestler is an extremely straining one as these wrestlers have to travel almost every day of the week to wrestling shows and need to keep themselves in shape through rigorous training as well. The wrestlers have to maintain a proper diet and have to train it out in the gym almost every day to make sure they can compete inside the squared circle and while they have to keep themselves fit, they also need to make themselves look good physically to get over in wrestling.

While most wrestlers actually train hard to attain an imposing figure, there's always an easy way out, and that's taking steroids which enhance their body and makes them look good in no time whatsoever. Most of the fans look at "big wrestlers" and wonder "They Must have taken steroids", but that is not true at all as these wrestlers are naturally so "big" and intimidating to look at.

But steroid-abuse has been a plague in wrestling for a long time, as the rather insecure "smaller" wrestlers have ended up abusing it. It's actually quite the opposite of the public's knowledge of steroid abuse in wrestling, as we take a look at the 10 Big Wrestlers Who Never Took Steroids and 5 Smaller Ones Who Did.

15 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: John Cena

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John Cena has been a man synonymous with the WWE for well over a decade now, as the "Face Of The Company" has been the top guy for a long time now. Cena impressed management early on with his "entertainment" skills but transitioned himself into an "All-American" face who also had an impressive physique as well. It was because of how well built he was that Cena got the push and he had to work really hard in order to attain the "perfect" figure for a top guy in WWE. Cena never even thought of taking drugs and has never been accused of such in his career, as almost everyone knows how hard he works in the gym to perform day in, day out inside the squared circle. One might or might not like Cena, but nobody can undermine just how much of a dedicated man he is for WWE.

14 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: The Great Khali

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The Great Khali was definitely an absolutely terrorizing individual during his early part of his WWE career, as the towering Indian Wrestler would absolutely bash through anyone in his part. Although his intimidating nature deterred after he got the "Punjabi Playboy" angle, he was still someone not many would actually want to pick a fight with as the former World Heavyweight Champion was a prized asset for Vince McMahon. That was mostly because Khali hadn't used any substances to make himself the giant he is as it's all quite natural. Khali has a medical condition called "Acromegaly" which causes gigantism and chin protrusion and has been this "big" for a long time now. He's made good use of this condition and was among the first Indian wrestlers to gain popularity world-wide as this giant of a man never needed steroids to make himself look gigantic.

13 Smaller Wrestler Who Did Take: Dolph Ziggler

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"The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler might not be the most successful guy on Smackdown Live! right now, but he has been wooing many of the lady fans of WWE for the past few years. Ziggler has quite the figure which he loves to boast about whenever he can as his incredible change from Nicky of the Spirit Squad to the persona of Dolph Ziggler was quite astonishing. The fans were really impressed how he repackaged himself and his change in figure, but then Ziggler was shocked by a Wellness Violation punishment in 2008. It was discovered that Ziggler had indeed taken steroids in order to pump up his figure to make himself look good, as his reputation took quite the strain back then and WWE became more hesitant at pushing him to the top.

12 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: Big E

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Big E has transitioned himself from a rather irrelevant character to one of the more entertaining characters in the WWE ever since becoming a part of the New Day. The muscular, intimidating big man has definitely earned his "Big" name and is the core of the New Day's success over the years. Big E might look way too buffed up which might have some question whether he used steroids to pump himself up, but he never abused anything in his career. Big E was actually a professional powerlifter and even played Football before arriving at the WWE, where he's notorious for his unreal training regime where he lifts up weights other wrestlers can only imagine. Big E has been working very hard to make sure that he keeps his stunning physique intact, as that can escalate him onto more success in the future.

11 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: Big Cass

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Big Cass has come upon as one of the most intimidating looking wrestlers in the WWE over the past few years as he's 7 foot tall and you definitely cannot teach that. Cass might've opted on going his own way after parting with Enzo Amore recently, but his amazing figure is all natural and he's never even been accused of taking any steroids. Cass is naturally this big and has trained really hard to attain the proper figure to look like the towering personality he is right now in the WWE and deserves all the success which is coming towards him. While some people might doubt about whether he ever took steroids or not, Cass has worked hard to attain this figure and has never even thought about taking steroids to become the big man he is right now.

10 Smaller Wrestler Who Did Take: Funaki

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Funaki was quite the entertainment package during his day at the WWE, as this stereotypical Japanese character was actually quite hilarious at his job as well. He spent most of his time on the Smackdown brand where he fought in the lower- mid card and mostly put other superstars over but not many would've actually thought that he took steroids to make himself look good. Funaki was among nine WWE superstars who were named in Sports Illustrated's recipients of illegal steroids in the WWE as he had apparently taken the performance enhancing drug Somatropin. He wasn't really punished for it as he kept on being a jobber for the rest of his WWE career before he called it a day in his in-ring career. Funaki now works for WWE as their Japanese Commentator as well as assisting their Japanese talent on NXT.

9 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: Batista

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"The Animal" Batista might have transitioned into a successful wrestler over the past few years but he'll always be remembered as a wrestling beast by the WWE fans. Batista had an incredible physique in his hay-days and while many doubted whether his buffed-up figure was actually legitimate or was it because of steroids. But nobody could ever prove that Batista had taken steroids because it wasn't true at all as the Animal had worked really hard during his initial years with the WWE to make himself look like an absolute monster. The hard-hitting wrestler was also rewarded for his brilliant work and admirable physique as WWE pushed him as one of the top guys in the company and it was his natural physique which eventually helped him get big in Hollywood as well.

8 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman is on a path of absolute destruction in the WWE as the "Mountain of a Man" looks red hot and is one of the most amazing "big guys" to have ever stepped foot in the WWE. Strowman is almost as big as the Big Show but moves extremely quick as he's a proper monster in the ring. While many might doubt whether he could have attained this physique with the use of steroid, Strowman was actually a strongman before he entered the WWE and has improved his in-ring work and agility by ten-folds after reaching the main-roster. Strowman's "monstrous" physique is all due to his amazing hard-work and he has never even considered steroids to get where he is and deserves every bit of the success and popularity which he is getting right now for building himself into a beastly specimen.

7 Smaller Wrestler Who Did Take: Rey Mysterio

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Rey Mysterio has to be one of the most exciting superstars in WWE's history as the master of the 619 was lovable because of how much of an amazing entertainer he was back in the day. He might've been small, but Mysterio had a big heart which won him many things in WWE and made him a major fan-favorite. But it seems like Rey had some insecurities in his life, as he was charged with taking steroids on multiple occasions. Mysterio was charged in 2007 by Sports Illustrated for intaking nandrolone and stanozolol and was suspended by WWE for 30 days in 2009 for violating their Wellness Policy. He was suspended again 3 years later for 60 days, as he seemed to be obsessed at bulking up his body using steroids and going by his recent pictures, it seems that the steroids did its job as well.

6 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley is doing some great work in TNA right now as he's one of the top guys of the revamped promotion and is reaping a lot of fan support because of how well he's still doing in wrestling. Lashley may be remembered for his WWE stint where he was pushed quite high-up, but never reached the top. He had an incredible physique(which he's still maintaining) which had many fans impressed, but he didn't bode well with WWE. His impressive physique was probably questioned by some as well, but Lashley never did any steroid-abuse in his life and was actually an amazing amateur wrestler before coming to WWE. Lashley's stunning figure is all hard-work which has enabled him to keep on wrestling at the top and even fight in MMA for so long and age doesn't seem to be a factor for him.

5 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: Rusev

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Rusev may be going through a rather rough phase in the WWE right now, but going by just how impressive he is in the ring, he'll be here for quite a while if he keeps it up. "The Bulgarian Brute" has been portraying his "Anti-American" gimmick to perfection ever since debuting on the main roster alongside Lana where he has won the United States Championship twice and was also undefeated for quite a long time. The Brute may have some questioning about the legitimacy of his stout figure, but he has never been accused nor has he ever used steroids in his life. Rusev has been working really hard ever since arriving at WWE NXT and has actually shaped his figure perfectly over the years, as he looks like a proper brute right now and his impressive physique is all natural.

4 Smaller Wrestler Who Did Take: Shane Helms

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Shane Helms might more popularity be remembered as "The Hurricane" in the WWE who was this superhero character who fooled around all the time. But after he split with Rosey, Shane decided to go his own way and eyed the Cruiserweight Title as he was the face of the Cruiserweight Division for a long time. But the high-flying Helms was rocked in 2007 when Sports Illustrated named him as part of WWE wrestlers who had taken steroids. It stated that Helms was amongst the wrestlers who were given growth hormones which were in non-compliance with WWE's Wellness Policy. He was said to have received Testosterone, HGH, and Nandrolone from 2003 to 2007 and his WWE career went downhill from there as he'd be released by WWE a few years later and lost his reputation in the eyes of fans as well.

3 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: The Big Show

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The Big Show is the "Giant" who has been ruling over as the "big man" for almost two decades now in the WWE as Show is recognized by almost everyone because of how humongous and devastating he is. "The World's Largest Athlete" definitely deserves his name as he has maintained his gigantic nature perfectly over all these years and has also been a compelling in-ring wrestler as well. But The Big Show never took any steroids to enhance his figure or try to make himself even "bulkier" or something as he might be a terrifying guy in terms of his size, but he doesn't have the most perfect of figures. In fact, Show was actually a tad bit overweight a few years back which proves that he never did any steroids and that he is naturally a destructive giant.

2 Big Wrestler Who Never Took: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker was the original "Big Dog" of the WWE before Roman Reigns started calling himself that, as the Phenom will always be remembered as one of the scariest characters in wrestling. But Mark Callaway (his real name) actually had the perfect figure to pull off the gimmick of a Dead-Man as he was quite the "big wrestler" who was quite tall and weighed over 300 pounds as well. While he almost always looked scary because of his brilliant work, Taker never had the "perfect physique" and no abs or anything like that. He was never even tempted to bulk himself up and attain the "perfect figure" by taking steroids or something which can enhance his figure and there's no evidence whatsoever of Taker ever abusing drugs or steroids. The Phenom has an absolute clean slate and it's because of this why he's so highly respected all over.

1 Smaller Wrestler Who Did Take: Eddie Guerrero

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Eddie Guerrero was an absolute darling of the wrestling fans because of how much of an amazing underdog he was in the land of big men in the WWE. Eddie was like a Cruiserweight when he received a main-event push on Smackdown where he defied all the odds by winning the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar. Eddie remained as one of the top guys in WWE after that and was always involved in the biggest feuds on Smackdown. But everyone was shocked when he tragically passed away in November 2005 but some of the causes were discovered some-time after his death. It was discovered in 2007 that Eddie was amongst the WWE wrestlers who took illegal steroids as he had allegedly obtained hCG and stanozolol prior to his death. Eddie's body probably couldn't take the steroid as his obsession at reaching a higher level of physique backfired tragically.

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