10 Blacklisted Female Wrestlers The WWE Will NEVER Work With Again (And 5 That Might)

The WWE environment sees many controversial stories regarding the men and women in the company. Most of the juicy stories about wrestlers having falling outs with WWE are male wrestlers to get on the bad side of Vince McMahon. There have been many women to have horrible falling outs with the company as well over the years. Some of them became hated backstage during their time in WWE that carried over to the point where it got them blacklisted. Others have done things following their WWE careers to shame the company. There a few instances of some women’s wrestlers that WWE just dislikes.

As with anything, there are exceptions to the story. There have been a few women to have hostile endings to their WWE careers that still have a chance to return in some capacity. We'll take a look at both sides of the story when it comes to these ladies that have been on the bad side of WWE for various reasons. The ladies that have "no chance in hell" of coming back to WWE will be examined as well others with a chance. Here are ten blacklisted female wrestlers that WWE will never work with again along with five that might be a different story.


15 Never: Eva Marie

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Eva Marie received a lot of pushes and WWE gave her a lot of time to become a star. The company hired her with minimal experience due to her great look and potential to make them money. Eva however never could pick up the wrestling aspect well enough and was viewed as one of the worst wrestlers in WWE history.

WWE still gave her one final major push following the 2016 brand split. Marie had a new heel character that was rumored to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship at some point. Poor timing saw her fail a drug test to violate the Wellness Policy leading to a suspension. WWE decided to freeze her out keeping her off television until her contract expired. Management was upset that Eva ruined all the time they invested in her and will likely never forgive her.

14 Never: Summer Rae


Summer Rae has already moved on from WWE and has been planning this for quite some time. The writing was on the wall when WWE refused to bring her back to television after she recovered from injury earlier this year. Summer started booking more and more modeling gigs to improve her brand outside of WWE with her real name and the company was reportedly not taking that well.

Rae has also made some social media posts and liked some tweets that throw shade at WWE not treating her well. The recent post thanking the fans for allowing her to achieve a dream showed her humble nature and appreciation for her WWE chapter. WWE however doesn’t seem to have the same feelings. Both have moved on and likely will never open back communications.

13 Might: Awesome Kong


The WWE tenure of Awesome Kong was a bit disappointing given how much potential it showed early on. WWE appeared bound to push Kong as the monster heel or anti-hero railing against the cookie cutter models the Women’s Division consisted of at the time. However, personal incidents kept Kong off television quickly into her debut and she ended up getting released.

WWE wasn’t happy with things ending after they put a lot of effort into introducing her. Kong has since found fame in another way. She landed a role playing a wrestler on the highly successful Netflix series G.L.O.W. The popular wrestling show means WWE would love to have a connection or a way to profit off it. Don’t be surprised if Kong is back at some point after filming season 2.

12 Never: Melina


The talent and personality of Melina made her a huge success story during her time in WWE. From her stint managing MNM to becoming a top women’s wrestling star, she definitely was warranted pushing in a major way. The biggest problem regarding Melina was her attitude. Melina got into backstage clashes with the majority of her peers in the women’s locker room.

Candice Michelle and Mickie James were two of the other top women to get into online feuds with Melina over their backstage issues. Maria Kanellis, the Bella Twins and a few others spoke unkindly about Melina in shoot interviews. WWE fired her during her prime making it clear they no longer wanted to put with her antics. Melina seems to have changed but WWE has not reached out to her since her departure showing things are done.

11 Never: Dawn Marie


Dawn Marie has no relation to Eva Marie, but she will suffer the same fate. The WWE tenure of Dawn saw her get over as a heel in the SmackDown Women’s Division following the first brand split. Torrie Wilson and Dawn basically were the entire division for many months. Marie’s WWE tenure ending is the biggest problem that caused issues with her and the company.

The last time we saw Dawn was at ECW One Night Stand in 2005 for the reunion show. WWE decided to release her from her contract shortly after due to being pregnant. Marie reacted by suing the company for wrongful termination. Most wrestlers to sue WWE have been blacklisted and Dawn is likely never going to return to the company in any capacity.

10 Might: Emma


The release of Emma by WWE shocked the wrestling world considering she just had a feud with Asuka leading to her first singles PPV match. Emma however seemed to have a negative reputation with the writers and other backstage personnel. This eventually led to her firing as the company no longer felt she was worth repackaging or finding a new role for.

Reports have indicated that Emma does have the door open if WWE feels she is worth signing again. At just 28 years old, Emma has a lot of time left in her career. The talented wrestler could prove her value if she has a great run outside of WWE. Triple H was her biggest supporter and has to get power in the company sooner than later. Emma’s controversial exit is not one that will see her forever blacklisted if she works hard enough to return.

9 Never: Cameron

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Cameron had an extremely forgettable career in WWE. The company wanted her to be a part of the original Total Divas in hopes of it making her a star. Instead, Cameron ended up fading away in the background of the show before being removed. The WWE career in the ring also flopped with her being a horrible in-ring performer.

WWE gave her one final chance in NXT by having her train at the Performance Center with others in need of more experience. One of her decisions on social media ended up getting her fired and blacklisted. Ryback posted a blog trashing WWE for not treating their performers fairly on his way out of the company. Cameron publicly agreed and showed support to Ryback. WWE responded by firing her. You’ll likely never see Cameron in a wrestling ring again.


8 Never: Ashley Massaro


The popularity of Ashley Massaro saw her win one of the seasons of the Divas Search landing a huge contract for someone new to the business. Massaro never wrestled well but WWE used her in an eye candy role. Most of Ashley’s memorable moments came as a manager or competing in bikini contests. The decision to leave WWE was Massaro’s choice as she had to take care of her sick child at home.

A recent story to come out has seen Ashley issue a lawsuit accusing WWE of some heinous actions. According to Massaro, she was sexually assaulted at a military base as part of an appearance run by WWE. The most shocking accusation is that she states WWE told her to keep it quiet. There’s no chance of WWE doing any business with her due to the nature of this claim making them look like the biggest scumbags in entertainment.

7 Might: Victoria

WWE and Victoria always seemed to have a good relationship after her time in the company ended. Victoria was one of the most credible talents in the Women’s Division during the 2000s. The great matches with Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly and others made her stand out as a special talent. Victoria’s time eventually ended as she moved on to TNA and other promotions, but she always seemed to be close to WWE talent.

The controversy started earlier this year when Victoria revealed that WWE blocked her from visiting backstage during an episode of Raw in San Diego. Most former wrestlers are allowed to visit old friends when WWE comes to town. This was most likely a miscommunication as Victoria has always been respected for her efforts. The idea of her being inducted into the Hall of Fame or having some sort of role speaking for future projects is quite realistic to end the blacklisting.

6 Never: Shelly Martinez


Shelly Martinez had a very short tenure in WWE but many fans of the time will always remember the character of Ariel. WWE somehow came up with the idea to have a couple of characters playing actual vampires as she managed Kevin Thorn. Martinez didn’t last long due to Thorn flopping and Martinez having a backstage run-in with Batista that got her a lot of heat for shutting him down.

The interviews from Shelly through the years have seen her rip WWE for their poor treatment of women. She recently accused Vince McMahon of sleeping with many of the female wrestlers during her time in the company. This could easily become a big story if the right websites picked it up. WWE will never even consider doing anything with Martinez again.

5 Never: Debra


The popularity of Debra in WWE was a product of the Attitude Era. Debra made the jump from WCW to WWE with Jeff Jarrett. WWE gave her more television time as a sexualized character frequently taking her clothes off. Debra didn’t wrestle much, but she was as successful as almost any other woman in the company at the time during her peak.

A romance with Steve Austin would start in WWE as the two got married. However, the ending to their relationship was rather brutal as Austin hit her leading to his arrest for domestic abuse. Debra spoke out against him and WWE following their split. Many outlets interviewed her following the death of Chris Benoit as she stated WWE is responsible for steroid use and other factors that encourage such violence. WWE has since blacklisted her and she will likely never return.

4 Might: Maxine


The WWE career of the formerly named Maxine is easily forgotten due to a lack of presence on Raw or SmackDown. She spent most of her time on the NXT competition show before moving up to the main roster. WWE however had nothing for her to do leading to her getting released. Dusty Rhodes was her biggest supporter and always viewed her as a future star.

This was proven when she signed with Lucha Underground to play the Catrina character. Her heel work is incredible and she is arguably the most memorable character from Lucha Underground. As she tries to move into acting, WWE could easily offer her a deal to add depth to the current women’s division and try to attach themselves to her acting career.

3 Never: Sunny


Very few people have shamed WWE as much as Tammy “Sunny” Sytch. The WWE career saw her do many shady things behind the scenes that got her a ton of heat. Despite being a controversial figure for many years, WWE eventually inducted her into the Hall of Fame to thank her for her contributions to the business at the time.

Following the induction, Sytch has consistently been in the news for many negative stories. The multiple arrests have come from assaulting ex-boyfriends, driving while under the influence and other crimes. Sunny has also unleashed racist tirades on social media along with cursing out various current WWE women’s stars. A porno movie saw her try to utilize her WWE name to broker a deal that just made everyone look bad. Sunny will never work with WWE again.

2 Never: AJ Lee


The decision of AJ Lee to leave WWE in 2015 stemmed from the odd dynamic. AJ’s husband CM Punk walked out on WWE a year prior starting a huge war between the two sides. Punk trashed WWE in a “tell all” podcast revealing all of the things they did to wrong him. WWE responded by having one of their doctors sue him along with sending termination papers on his wedding day.

Lee waited a while longer before leaving as well. It had to be tough working weekly with the people trying to take money away from you and your husband. WWE has a hostile view towards Punk as much as he hates them. We likely will never see AJ in WWE again unless the hatred with Punk ends. That doesn’t seem possible and Lee’s fans will suffer for it.

1 Might: Sable


An argument can be made that Sable was the first true major female star in WWE. The fans viewed Sable as a bigger star than the majority of male wrestlers in the company during the Attitude Era. Sable had the beauty and charisma that WWE wanted from the ladies of the time. At one point, WWE booked her to defeat boyfriend Marc Mero in matches on a weekly basis.

Sable had a bitter falling out with WWE in 1999 but eventually returned for one more run in 2003. The relationship between Sable and Brock Lesnar started then and the two are still married with a family today. A connection with her husband being the highest paid star for WWE means she is always one call away from returning. WWE could easily offer her a Hall of Fame spot in the near future to celebrate her accomplishments.


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