10 Bold Predictions For WWE Money In The Bank

WWE presents their first SmackDown Live exclusive Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday night live from Randy Orton's hometown of St Louis, Missouri as The Viper fights The Modern Day Maharaja in a bid to win back his WWE Championship.

There will be history made on the night as well, five women of SmackDown Live do battle for the chance to climb the ladder and lift the first-ever Women's Money in the Bank briefcase.

The traditional Money in the Bank Ladder match also sees six of the top stars on the WWE roster fight for a chance to become the Mr. Money in the Bank 2017. The Tag Team Championship is also on the line as The New Day battle old foes The Usos with the hope of claiming the SmackDown titles for the first time.

The Women's Championship will also be defended as Naomi puts her title on the line against newcomer Lana. This is Lana's first ever singles match on pay-per-view she is being given the chance on pay-per-view for the Women's Championship in a hotly anticipated match.

So far there are only five official matches announced for the event, but here are 10 bold predictions when it comes to one of the most popular WWE pay-per-views of the year.

10. Lana Will Impress In Singles Debut

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Lana has been on WWE TV now for more than three years. She has been at the side of Rusev proving that she has incredible mic ability. At WrestleMania 32 she made her in-ring debut on the losing side of a 10-Diva Tag Team match, but she was still one of the most impressing parts of the match.

Lana has shown that her flexibility and background in dance has allowed her to come up with some creative in-ring offence. She will definitely continue to impress with her creativity against one of the most athletic Superstars in WWE, as she takes on Naomi. This is Lana's first ever singles match on WWE TV, she needs to make a lasting impression.

9. The Fashion Police Will Make An Appearance

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Fandango and Tyler Breeze have been one of the best things on SmackDown for a long time now. They may have lost their chance to win the Tag Team Championship back at Backlash, but they are still the most entertaining tag team that WWE have.

The Fashion Police have been part of some hilarious segments on SmackDown Live and this could be the perfect time for Fandango and Breeze to go after another tag team on the SmackDown roster, since their feud with The Colons has become quite stale in recent weeks.

8. Eva Marie Or Nikki Bella Will Appear

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The Women of SmackDown Live will make history on Sunday night as they fight it out to become the first ever Miss Money in the Bank. And it is hard to see WWE not wanting to include the entire SmackDown roster in the historical match.

Eva Marie may well be completely done with WWE since her character and gimmick has now been given to Lana, but don't rule out The Red Queen just yet. There is also Nikki Bella, who hasn't been seen since WrestleMania back in April but would easily be convinced to return to WWE if it was so she could take part in a match that could make history. A Nikki Bella run in would definitely add something to what is already set to be a historic night.

7. There Will Be Some Incredible Ladder Spots

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It's Money in the Bank, and that means that there will definitely be ladders and Superstars jockeying for position. If a star knows they are not winning the match then they will want to be remembered for an incredible high spot in the match. Shinsuke Nakamura is quite crazy and has never been part of a WWE Ladder match, so it will be interesting to see what he does when he's put on the spot.

The women also have a point to prove much like they did at Hell in a Cell, which means that they will want to recreate some of the most historic spots that have been seen in a Money in the Bank match just to prove that they have the right to be in that position. It will be entertaining none the less.

6. The Hype Bros Will Make Their Presence Known

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Zack Ryder made his return backstage on SmackDown Live this past week and despite rumours about The Hype Bros going their separate ways, Zack and Mojo Rawley look like they have reformed and could be going after the winner of the Tag Team Championship match.

Zack and Mojo were riding high in the Tag Team Division before Zack was stuck down with an injury, which required surgery and a long wait on the bench. Finally he is back and The Hype Bros can take their place back in the Tag Team Division where they belong.

5. Naomi Will Retain Women's Championship

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The Women's Revolution is alive and well and truly heating up right now with the women of WWE making history on a regular basis. Lana may have been part of the company for a number of years, but it is hard to not see her winning the championship.

Lana has had one WWE match before this one and predicting that she could win the match against someone like Naomi who has been part of WWE now for more than six years. Lana will at least put up a good fight. She has been working hard at the Performance Center and in NXT but she isn't at the level where she would be accepted as a Women's Champion just yet.

4. Randy Orton Will Recapture WWE Championship

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Jinder Mahal's reign as WWE Champion hasn't been a great one so far. Ratings are down and that the WWE Universe are not ready to accept the change that has come with Jinder Mahal being champion. Randy Orton walks into his hometown on Sunday night, something that never bodes well for WWE stars.

Randy Orton is outnumbered with The Signh Brothers set to be in Jinder's corner on Sunday night, but Orton is in his hometown and with his father at ringside, it wouldn't be the first time that Bob has jumped the barricade to help his son. It would be a fantastic moment for Orton to win back the title in his hometown as well.

3. The Usos Will Retain Tag Team Championship

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The Usos have been eclipsed in recent weeks by The Fashion Police and the arrival of The New Day to SmackDown Live. That being said, The Usos have still held their own and when the two brothers are put under pressure, they usually come out on top.

The New Day haven't chased a title in a long time and it's too easy to give them the belts at the first opportunity. The Hype Bros could easily be added to this mix with heel champions as well, so it makes much more sense for The Usos to retain their championship rather than losing them to the popular trio.

2. Carmella Will Win Women's Money In The Bank

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The woman who lifts that case will make history on Sunday night. History that will outdate their WWE career. Carmella is the only female who steps into that match with an advantage. In a No-DQ match James Ellsworth is basically another participant who could help Carmella win the match on Sunday.

Charlotte doesn't need the case to earn a title shot, Tamina isn't the kind to need it either, and Natalya would definitely be considered a dark horse. Considering the fact that she could easily be a face Superstar in two weeks time, she's becoming as bad as Big Show. Becky Lynch doesn't seem a viable option either since face Superstars struggle with the briefcase.

1. Baron Corbin Will Become Mr Money In The Bank

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It may well be the hardest Mr Money in the Bank to predict in the history of the WWE, all six man easily have a claim to why they would be the perfect person to hold the case. Nakamura would bring something different, Owens needs to prove he is the face of America by taking the WWE Championship as well, Dolph Ziggler has the experience when it comes to winning the breifcase, Sami Zayn needs the boost in his career and AJ Styles built SmackDown Live so he would want to go back after the main title on the brand.

Out of all of these Baron Corbin stands out, he is a sure fire future WWE Champion, but he isn't at a level where he could win the Championship legally, which means that him winning the briefcase could be his only chance of stepping up to the title picture so early in his career. He is a former Andre The Giant winner, so it makes sense that this coule be the next step.

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