10 Bold Predictions For WWE No Mercy

SmackDown Live presents just their second exclusive Pay-Per-View since the WWE Brand Split came back into effect back in July, this Sunday night live from Sacramento California.

Following the success of Backlash back in September, SmackDown have a lot of hype to live up to especially since they are still in a ratings war with Monday Night Raw.

No Mercy boasts an incredible main event match between AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and 15-time World Champion John Cena for the WWE World Championship. The build-up to this match has been one of the highlights of SmackDown over the past few weeks and could potentially see John Cena equal history with a win.

The Harley Quinn of SmackDown Live also fights one-on-one for the first time for the SmackDown Women's Championship as she takes on Becky Lynch and after an incredible few weeks for The Blissful One, Alexa could easily walk out with the Championship.

Talking of the women of SmackDown, Carmella faces Nikki Bella in a No-DQ match after weeks of the former NXT Superstar taking it upon herself to attack Nikki at any given opportunity.

Add to this card the matches that include Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, and the Tag Team Championship also on the line, as Rhyno and Heath Slater defend against The Usos who are now a new team with a new attitude.

There are some combustible elements in this Pay-Per-View and so many things that could potentially happen. So here are 10 of the boldest predictions for Sunday night's event. You never know, they might just happen.

10. Alexa Bliss Will Win The Women's Championship

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Alexa Bliss has been the stand out female wrestler on the SmackDown roster over the past few months. Following the release of Suicide Squad, Alexa began dressing similar to Harley Quinn and it seems the spirit of The Joker's crazy girlfriend is helping to push her forward in WWE.

Alexa pinned Becky Lynch on SmackDown this past Tuesday night in a tag match that also included Carmella and Nikki Bella, which means all the momentum is behind Bliss heading into their match on Sunday night. Bliss has what it takes to become only the second SmackDown Women's Champion and could easily go on to be one of the best women's wrestlers of the current era.

9. Rhyno and Heath Slater Retain Tag Team Championship

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It's easy to predict that The Usos with their new attitude and new wardrobe will step into No Mercy and challenge for these titles, then walk away with the Tag Team Championships that they have already held twice, but the current Champions may have what it takes to retain.

This will be Slater and Rhyno's first title defence after winning the Championships at Backlash last month and I don't see the titles being dropped at the first opportunity. The team of Rhyno and Slater have become interesting to watch and could easily continue their rivalry with The Usos without losing the belts on Sunday night.

8. Curt Hawkins Will Disappoint On His Debut

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Sadly, this happens with many Superstars that WWE has advertised for months leading up to their in-ring debut. The worse part of the entire thing is the fact that the WWE Universe has already seen Curt Hawkins in action for WWE and he became a jobber along with Zack Ryder.

The Fact gimmick that has been shown on SmackDown Live over the past two months doesn't tell the WWE Universe anything about Curt's new character and it is highly likely that he will become another laughing stock in the WWE locker room just like he was during his last run in WWE.

7. Total Bellas Will Be Advertised Throughout The Night

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If you didn't know that Total Bellas debuted in the USA last night and it debut's in the UK on Sunday night than you are one of the lucky ones. WWE has not stopped advertising and pushing the show since it was announced as a series a few months ago.

Add to this the fact that Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have just announced that they are expecting their first child and it seems that Total Bellas could become the new 'WWE Network' when it comes to how many times in can be mentioned in a single night on WWE programming. Both John Cena and Nikki Bella are in action on Sunday night so that will surely add to the hype of the show as well.

6. AJ Styles WWE Championship

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This prediction is probably less bold and more common sense. AJ Styles faces Dean Ambrose and John Cena for the WWE Championship on Sunday night, but both men are set to leave the company once the Pay-Per-View is over.

Ambrose is set to film a new movie for WWE Studios and Cena is heading off to film the new series of American Grit. This means that Styles could be set to walk out with his Championship despite the odds being out of his favour. Cena could equal history with a win at No Mercy in California, but it is highly unlikely that WWE would allow Cena to win a title the day before he heads off for three months.

 5. Dolph Ziggler Will Leave WWE

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It's a sad one to talk about but it seem on Sunday night the WWE Universe could see Dolph Ziggler's final WWE match. Dolph faces The Miz in a Career vs. Championship match and it could see Dolph lose and leave WWE.

There are rumours that Dolph could be offered a job in WWE as a road agent much like Jamie Noble meaning that his in-ring career would be essentially over. It is highly unlikely that WWE would take the Intercontinental Championship away from The Miz after the run he has been on since the WWE Draft and Dolph has been vocal about wanting to leave WWE. Now it seems he could be set to finally walk through that curtain for the last time.

4. Nikki Bella Will Finally Defeat Carmella

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Ever since Nikki Bella dared to upstage Carmella by debuting in her hometown, Carmella has written a target on Nikki's back and hasn't stopped attacking the longest reigning Divas Champion for the past few weeks.

Nikki and Carmella could yet collide in a No-DQ match, which has been rumoured on Social Media by Nikki herself but has yet been announced. Nikki needs to give Carmella back what she has been giving to her over the past month and finally, retribution could be Nikki's when they collide on Sunday night.

3. Daniel Bryan Will Steal The Show Without Stepping in the Ring

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Daniel Bryan becoming the General Manager of SmackDown Live was a fantastic idea for many reasons but it was a bad idea for just one reason, the fact that whenever Bryan is in the ring, he upstages everyone else who is in there with him.

Bryan easily upstages many of the biggest stars on the SmackDown roster and it is highly likely that he will do the same again on Sunday night. With Total Bellas also making it's debut on the E! Network this week and the news that Bryan is set to become a father in early 2017, WWE will perhaps decide to allow Bryan to once again plug the show.

2. Luke Harper Will Cost Bray Wyatt The Victory

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This is the definition of a bold prediction, but it is highly likely that Bray Wyatt will lose to Randy Orton this weekend since The Viper looks set to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship in the near future.

Bray can't afford to lose clean again, which means that there will be interference of some kind. Erick Rowan has just undergone surgery on a torn rotator cuff so he won't be in California on Sunday night. Bray's long lost Wyatt Family member Luke Harper is yet to be drafted and could be set for a return this Sunday night and he could potentially turn against his former mentor. Bray needs a decent storyline coming out of No Mercy and one against Luke Harper would be the perfect option.

1. John Cena Will Turn Heel

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We've been waiting for it for more than 15 years, but could it finally happen on Sunday night? John Cena is in a position where he could make history and if he does. Will it all become too much for him when finally attacks Ambrose and Styles?

Ambrose has had a lot to say about Cena over the past few weeks and Cena isn't usually a Superstar who takes criticism well. Will all his anger finally boil up and explode when AJ Styles retains his Championship? It will certainly be an interesting conclusion to the Pay-Per-View if the WWE Universe finally gets to see the John Cena heel turn they have been waiting for.

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