10 Bold Predictions for WWE Roadblock: End Of The Line

WWE presents their final pay-per-view event of the 2016 calendar on Sunday night, but it is also their second Roadblock event of the year.

This is the Raw brand's reaction to SmackDown's TLC event just under two weeks ago and it will see WWE go out with a bang on pay-per-view. Six matches have already been announced for the event, that include an epic showdown between Sasha Banks and Charlotte that is set to make history.

The IronWoman match is just the beginning as Seth Rollins takes on Chris Jericho in what has become a personal feud between the two stars, Kevin Owens takes on Roman Reigns in a match where Roman could become the first ever Universal and United States dual Champion, and The New Day could defend their history making Tag Team title reign.

Ahead of the event, here are ten of the boldest predictions for Sunday night's Roadblock event.

10. Sami Zayn Will Find A Way Past Braun Strowman

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This would be considered to be a bold prediction because poor Sami Zayn has been trying to measure up to the monster of a man for the past few months. Sami has been on the end of some of the most vicious assaults over the past few weeks and actually had to beg for this match by threatening to leave Raw.

It is thought that Sami would have to have a plan heading into the event and he may have finally found a way past the former Wyatt Family member. Braun is likely to retain his undefeated streak for the next few months, but Sami could have found another way of teaching Strowman a lesson.

9. The Cruiserweights Will Steal The Show

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The Cruiserweight Division has become one of the most exciting things in  WWE right now. 205 Live has highlighted the talent that the Division possesses and the fact that Roadblock will see a Triple Threat match for the Cruiserweight Championship between the current champion and two former champions will prove how deep the Cruiserweight talent pool really is.

Rich Swann has become a firm fan favourite since his win on the first episode of 205 a few weeks ago and is the odds-on favourite to retain the title over Brian Kendrick and T.J. Perkins, but regardless of the outcome, I believe that this match will be a show stealer.

8. Big Cass Will Defeat Rusev And Begin His Main Event Push

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Rusev and Big Cass haven't fully pushed the ignition on their feud yet, but it is thought that allowing Cass to step into a feud with someone like Rusev will finally begin the push that the WWE Universe have been hearing rumors of for a long time.

Cass has stepped into this feud here after what Rusev did to his Tag Team partner Enzo Amore at that hotel room a few weeks ago. A loss for Cass would see this feud basically come to an end, but a win here for Cass could push him forward into much bigger things. Enzo could also make an appearance to help his partner.

7. Eva Marie May Make An Appearance

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Throughout this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, Eva Marie was Tweeting about her desire to move to the Monday night show. Eva is yet to make her return to SmackDown Live following her suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy but it seems that she may not be returning to the Blue Brand.

Eva Marie could well step up to Raw while Mickie James returns to fill her spot on SmackDown. With Emmalina set to make her debut in the near future, Eva could step up to be her new challenger and help her become a much bigger face because the WWE Universe already has a huge dislike for Eva Marie. Eva Marie is the Red Queen, so it would make sense for her to be on the Red Brand.

6. The New Day Will Defend The Tag Team Titles

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The match is still yet to be announced, but it is hard to believe that WWE would allow The New Day to break Demolition's Tag Team Title reign record and then not have them defend their titles at the next pay-per-view.

The New Day are a huge attraction in WWE and the creative writers will be aware that the trio will need to be at Roadblock in some capacity, even if it is just another match between Kofi and Big E and the remaining members of The Club. The New Day will be a missing piece on Sunday night and it is likely that WWE will announce a match for them in the next few days.

5. Charlotte Will Lose Her Undefeated Record

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Charlotte is undefeated at WWE Pay-per-views in singles matches since she was promoted to the main roster back in the Summer of 2015. The undisputed Queen of the Raw Women's Division is undoubtedly set to be crowned Female Superstar of the Year at the 2016 Slammy Awards, but she could be about to lose her record on Sunday night.

Charlotte has only been defeated on pay-per-view once in almost 18 months and she has been at ever single pay-per-view event in those 18 months as well. This loss came at Battleground a few months ago when she teamed with Dana Brooke against Sasha Banks and Bayley. This is one of the reasons why Sasha has beaten Charlotte so many time on Raw, could they really be about to end her record here?

4. EmmaLina Will Finally Debut

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It was announced last week on Monday Night Raw, that the new and improved Emmalina would be making her debut on Raw this week. The WWE Universe were slightly disappointed when Emma failed to appear.

Does this mean that she will be making an appearance at WWE Roadblock on Sunday night instead? Will she make a much more impactful return instead and go after the winner of the Sasha/Charlotte match? It still remains to be seen as to what WWE decide to do with Emma, but announcing a return that doesn't happen is never a very good idea as this could give her heat before she's even re-debuted. (Unless that's the plan.)

3. Kevin Owens Will Retain His Championship

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Kevin Owens has been a fantastic Universal Champion. Along with Chris Jericho, he has become one of the most entertaining stars on the brand and he doesn't deserve to drop his title to Roman Reigns and allow the Samoan star to make history.

Owens deserves better than that. He deserves to defeat Roman Reigns and then step into a feud with his former friend Chris Jericho for the title. Jericho deserves that shot for everything he has done in WWE over the past few months and it would be a great idea for Jericho to interfere in the match and set up a showdown for the former duo at the Royal Rumble in a few weeks time.

2. Sasha Banks Will Retain Her Women's Championship

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The first ever 30-minute IronWoman match on WWE's main roster but Sasha Banks has been in an IronWoman match before. She knows exactly what to expect and could beat Charlotte on experience here.

This has been billed as 'The End of the Line' for a feud that has taken over the entire Women's Division on Raw over the past few months. This means that Sasha has to win because otherwise, the feud would continue if Sasha was granted her rematch. It will be a history making match and both women will put everything on the line, but I believe it will be Sasha who comes out on top.

1. Triple H Will Interfere In Rollins' Match

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This is more of a hope than a prediction, but WWE needs something to push this bubbling feud between Triple H and Seth Rollins forward. Rollins has begun mentioning Triple H in his promos a lot recently and it is believed that the build up to their WrestleMania showdown will begin soon, but could it begin on Sunday night?

It will be interesting to see how this match is ended if Jericho is hoping to be pushed towards a Universal Championship match and Rollins is set to go up against the COO, technically neither man can afford to lose, which makes it a must see match on Sunday night.

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