10 Current Female Wrestlers (And 9 From The Past) We Wish Posed For Hugh Hefner

For so many reasons, we can call the Attitude Era the most recent high point in wrestling. First and foremost, just look at the active stars we had working at the time: Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock. Shawn Michaels. Hunter Hearst Helmsley. And, of course, we had the WCW/WWE rivalry which spawned the Monday Night Wars. ECW was at its high point. Simply put, that era was just awesome for wrestling fans. And, what makes it even better, if you happened to be a guy (or a woman) into seeing female wrestlers in as little as possible, well, this was that time in wrestling where we saw a number of female stars bare all and grace the pages of Playboy.

When Sable did it? Awesome. Heck, even when Chyna did it, it was awesome. But, for all the women who did negotiate with Hugh Hefner and show off their birthday suits to us all, there were many who never did, and fans wishing that they had. For the sake of this effort, we aren’t limited to just World Wrestling Entertainment talent, even though they were frequently the featured women in Playboy. So what are we about to do? We are about to break down all the female Superstars, from any and all wrestling companies over the years, who couldn’t, wouldn’t, or didn’t pose for Hugh Hefner, but we wish they had.

And, taking it another step forward, we are also going to list out a number of current Superstars who we would absolutely love to see take it all off for the benefit of the male fantasy and their wallets-even though we all know by now that, at least for those in the employment of WWE, it won’t be happening any time soon. So, let’s all wish and see how good the list looks!

9 Blasts From The Past

Here’s the history, if you will. In order to make the list, these women could not have posed nude for Playboy during their prime. Meaning if they stripped for some third rate outlet after the fact, just trying to pay the bills, they could, in theory, still make the list. With that said, let’s dive right in!

19 Alundra Blayze

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She was an amazing performer for both World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. She is perhaps most famous for throwing the oh-so-feminine WWE Women’s title in the trash on a live edition of WCW Monday Nitro, something which WWE has since forgiven her for — they had to, they put her in the Hall of Fame! But Madusa, as hot as she was, never was lured by Playboy to show a lot more skin than any of her spandex outfits ever did. And, I suppose that for her, it’s a good thing. She was proud of her work and took her craft seriously. You get the sense that she did not want to be portrayed as a sex object, but rather as an athlete. Unfortunately for us, nude pictures were never in her roadmap to success.

18 Sunny

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Before you go beating me up, read the caveat up above. Actually there are several. One, I said if the woman posed for a third-rate outfit, it wouldn’t disqualify her. Sytch did, both while active and while less than active, but she still lands here. Because, naked as she might have been, she never posed nude for Hugh Hefner and Playboy, absolutely not while in her prime. Which is a shame, really. Looking at her now, she’s willing to do a lot worse things, and for a lot less money. And looking at it from a fan’s point of view, you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Tammy Lynn. And no, I am not saying she shouldn’t try to make a living, any way she feels she needs to. I’m just saying that I’ve never pursued any of her many ways of talking to her while she gets paid.

17 Stephanie McMahon

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This is the pre-Hunter Stephanie we're talking about here, when everyone knew how cute or attractive the Boss’s daughter was, but kind of before she became who she is today. That would mean this all happened before she screwed over Chyna and was Hunter’s side piece-before Triple H got smart and realized that shacking up with Vince McMahon’s daughter could be bad for his career unless he married her. And marry her she did. So, Hunter’s been able to see her naked plenty. But, there are those of us who had hoped, prayed and wished that we could have all seen a 20-something Stephanie, before or after implants, bare all on the pages of the adult magazine. We can keep wishing all we want now-there’s virtually no way a senior executive at WWE is going to strip for a magazine now.

16 Miss Elizabeth

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So she was not technically a wrestler, but I remember seeing her when I was just a boy, like before I ever really knew what to do, and even then you knew she was just a beautiful woman. Looking back on things, if I had been old enough to appreciate it, I absolutely would have enjoyed taking a look at her Playboy pictorial. But, back then, those kinds of things weren’t happening, so we never got to enjoy Liz in the buff. Still, we have to be real for a moment. If Hugh Hefner ever came over to Miss Elizabeth and offered her any sum of money to pose, who among us DOESN’T think that Randy Savage, as jealous as he was, wouldn’t have tried to assault the mastermind behind the skin empire? I mean, that sub-plot might have turned out to be more entertainment than the photo shoot in the grand scheme of things.

15 Molly Holly

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Don’t hate me on this one. For one, I assure you the list will only get hotter from here. If you didn’t find Molly Holly to be attractive, well…I apologize, but we are going to have to agree to disagree. Was she a drop-dead gorgeous woman? No, not really. She was, to me, a more natural, down to earth, girl-next-door type. She did not need to be all dolled up, fake and all that. Nope, Molly Holly was another of those women who took pride in what she did, and did not really seem to feel the need to push the sex appeal. But like I said, even if she didn’t try too hard to do that, she was still a very attractive woman in her own right, and if she had decided to pose nude for Mr. Hefner’s storied magazine, surely there would have been copies flying off of shelves.

14 Beth Phoenix

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The Glamazon. Multi-time Women’s Champion. 2017 Hall of Famer. All of these things are true. What isn’t? Playboy model. Think about it. We had Chyna pose, but never Beth Phoenix. And if you saw her at her Hall of Fame induction ceremony, you know that, in spite of now being a mother to two little girls, she’s still totally hot. Meaning she could be offered the posing opportunity right now, and most guys who were ever into her would absolutely want to see it. But, she has no need to. She’s retired, she’s a mom, and also a wife to the Rated R Superstar himself, Edge. He may like her to pose, but that flash photography? It’s all for him, by him, and him alone at this point.

13 Lita

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Yes, I will admit it. I love tattooed women. And Lita? Lita has major ink. She was that grunge/alternative chick when I was going through my grunge/alternative phase in college. I had (and still have) ink, and some women who had it were just absolutely sexy, just like Lita. And to be honest, she could have had no ink, and she’d still be smokin’ hot. She was ever the tease, of course-fans of her remember quite well how often we would tune in to a WWE broadcast and see her perform, and during the show, of course, we would see her thong. Now, if a Superstar flashes her thong, we call it a wardrobe malfunction. Back then, it was just Lita being Lita. I just wish we’d gotten to see more.

12 Trish Stratus

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She is one extremely fit Canadian Superstar, and another one of those talents that, even after she chose to become retired, and made it to the Hall of Fame, is as hot as ever. Seriously, she could wrestle still if she wanted to, and she could still be the focus of men and their fantasies. Which means, of course, if Hugh Hefner were to call her up today and offer her gobs of money to pose, there’d be lines outside magazine stands just waiting to purchase her edition of the skin book. But, by all indications, that ship had no chance of sailing, so most of us are just left to wonder and dream. I mean, they are nice dreams at least, but still, only dreams.

11 Stacy Keibler

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I will be honest-you could have probably taken any one of the top three and mixed them up. If Stacy wound up third or second, with Trish and Beth in the other two spots? It’s just hard to argue, as each and every woman in that top three would have been a record-selling edition of the magazine. With Stacy, also known as Miss Hancock in WCW, we got to see plenty of her, just never all of her. Oh, she knew what she was doing, with those ultra-long, super sexy legs and whatnot. She was always much more there for the eye candy than anything else, and no one who was interested in her minded too much. She was, in my estimation, the hottest woman in that generation, and her beauty very well could stand the test of time, meaning if you were to do a top hottest women list for WWE in 50 years, Stacy would be on the list.

10 Superstars Of Today

This one is a lot simpler. The requirement: be an active member of the women’s division for a major wrestling promotion, and be hot enough that a Playboy talent scout would want you posing for their magazine. I will admit right now, I left TNA/Impact Wrestling talent off the list, not because they don’t have hot women there (they do), but because they probably have a chance of posing, where as the women below don’t, unless or until Vince McMahon changes his mind. Also, I left Paige off the list, because, well, if you wanted to see her naked, those pictures hit the Internet last month. So, no more delays, let’s run down the list, shall we?

10 Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

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Yes, I listed her twice. Because back then, she was just Stephanie McMahon. She had not yet broken up Hunter and Chyna. She at times had not yet had her breast augmentation. She was young and came off as innocent and oh-so-desirable. Now? Now she’s a hot, fit mother, a powerful woman near the top of her family business, and she is a different kind of hot now. No matter what, she’s hot and sexy and I think plenty of men out there would love to see her naked. But, as with before, there’s pretty much a less than zero chance of a top WWE executive gracing the pages of Playboy as a nude model. Especially now that she’s married and has young girls at home.

9 Charlotte

I will admit, she’s not particularly my cup of tea, but I will also admit that, as a guy, if you told me nude photos of Charlotte existed, I would want to see them. Taking it another step further, if you told me that the daughter of Ric Flair was going to pose for the adult magazine, I would happily shell out whatever the cover price is now, just to catch a glimpse of her in her birthday suit. But like I mentioned before, and as should be pretty apparent by her spot on the list, she’s not even close to the top woman working today whom I’d want to see naked. Maybe she’s higher on your personal list, and that’s fine. I admit it. This list is at least partly subjective.

8 Renee Young

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So I am using a little bit of creative license here. How so? Because, unless Renee jumps into a mixed tag match with current beau Dean Ambrose, she’s not a wrestler. She is, however, an on-air personality, and has been used in programs recently, and if those aren’t good enough reasons, how about this one: she’s a stone cold fox! That’s right, I said it. Renee Young is absolutely worth the exception to the rule, and given her stunning good looks, I have a feeling this exception won’t be met with much in the way of resistance or protest. And, honestly, if you choose to think she doesn’t belong, I am free to question your sanity. She’s absolutely someone on the WWE payroll today whom I would love to see bare all.

7 Ember Moon

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Is she on the main roster? No, she’s not. Is she absolutely gorgeous? You bet she is. Would I line up for the magazine if she were to ever pose? Uh huh, I would. She’s someone who has grown on me the past few months, until I’ve really become a huge fan of her-both her look and her style. She’s a promising young talent, and she’s extremely attractive too. And she can kick your butt if you opt to disagree with such a statement. But, seriously, why would you? I mean, look at her. Why would anyone NOT want to see as much of her as possible? And, if she keeps doing what she’s doing, many more will get to see much more of her soon enough. She’s destined for the main roster in the coming months.

6 Natalya

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Ah, Natalya. Where should I start? I’ve probably had a crush on her since she was basically the lone Diva in a non-division. And now, she’s scratching and clawing for relevance as the Revolution has been in full effect. But through it all, she’s always been extremely hot in my eyes. I fully understand that such an opinion is admittedly subjective. Whom I’d like to see posing is not always going to be identical to someone else’s tastes, but I think Natalya holds an appeal to many. For one, she really is a down-to-earth type, she’s not anorexic or unrealistic. And, for another, there’s always going to be the appeal of being from the Hart family. As if we needed another reason to buy that issue of the magazine!

5 Alexa Bliss

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The diminutive, now former SmackDown Women’s Champion, is all sorts of sexy, hot and spunky. She’s flexible, she’s athletic, and she’s just got that certain “it” factor. You really can’t help but be drawn to her, and she knows it. Everyone knows it. She’s someone who may not even want to bare all (and I respect that), but you bet if she ever did, or was ever allowed to do so by way of WWE leadership, that it would be one of the hottest, best-selling editions ever. I mean, I have a hard time believing there aren’t a good number of male fans who wouldn’t want to see what she’s got underneath it all. She’s definitely the object of desire for many, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

4 Nikki And Brie Bella

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OK, first of all, yes, it’s a two-for-one special. No, I wouldn’t expect them to both pose, or to even pose together. And while I know there are guys who are into it, no, we wouldn’t expect Brie to pose, either during or right after her pregnancy. So with that out of the way, what’s not to love? Brie and Nikki had been the face of the Divas division for a long time. They were how WWE managed to launch Total Divas, and then the spin-off Total Bellas. They are, by themselves, a franchise. And, while we’ve been able to see them in all sorts of revealing and skimpy outfits, there are plenty of adult males who would like to see them in a bit less. OK, a lot less. As it is, plenty of men have salivated at the barely there ring attire, and the occasional wardrobe malfunction. It’s entirely possible that is as close as we will ever get.

3 Sasha Banks

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The Legit Boss is legit gorgeous. Like, if anyone doesn’t think that, I would be floored. She’s been a huge part of the women’s revolution on the main roster, and for that reason I think if she were to pose, it would both be awesome and controversial. Awesome because, well, check her out. Controversial because it flies in the face of everything that the revolution was about-that the women are where they are because they are exceptional athletes and performers, not because they are sex symbols. It will sound funny saying this here and now, but I do appreciate getting the women to be taken seriously as wrestlers, which is why finding a magazine with Banks as a centerfold is basically just a dream. A very nice dream, but just a dream.

2 Bayley

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Here’s one I am sure many men love to love. But she’s all about Hug Life and what-have-you. Her image is basically wholesome, empowering young girls and being an awesome role model. If she were ever to reveal any more than she has, I think it would be a seismic event. It would be awesome for her adult male fans, but I think it would destroy the Bayley brand that both she and WWE have invested so much in. But we can dream, and dream we shall. Because at the end of the day, she’s an extremely attractive young woman who is also extremely talented. Her talent made her famous and got her where she is. That she’s a head-turner was basically a very welcome added bonus.

1 Becky Lynch

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Ah, the Irish Lass Kicker. If you weren’t sold on her fiery red hair and accent, or her steampunk motif, just take a look at some of her racy modeling pictures before she made it big as a super-talented and charismatic WWE Superstar. She was (and is) breathtaking. So, would I love to go out and buy a magazine and see more of her? Absolutely. But the reality is, she’s always going to be a dream girl, and those sultry modeling shots she took when she was merely an aspiring wrestler are as saucy as we are likely to get. And you know what? As far as consolation prizes go, it’s not too shabby. Still, if Hefner ever came calling, and Vince would only allow one woman to go for it….she’d have my vote (at the moment)!

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