10 Current Wrestlers With The Most Fascinating Lives Before WWE (And 5 With Incredibly Tragic Lives)

How fascinating is your life? Keep in mind that you are reading a wrestling article. That could be considered tragic in its own right. That pathetic kind of tragic. But, hey! It's all right. We're all in this thing together. We're never getting invited to a Vanity Fair party, anyway, so let's enjoy WrestleMania, instead.

We were the first generation to be raised on television. And somewhere along the line, we discovered professional wrestling. So, we sat down and watched. And then, when it was over, we attempted to perform the moves we just witness on our siblings and cousins. "Don't Try This At Home?" Yeah, we all "listened."

But those are our lives. What about the wrestlers themselves? How many of them were living room Hulk Hogans? Did they all actually enjoy wrestling? Who struggled along the way? And, how did they get to where they are today? Members of the WWE "Universe." Well, let's take a look.

Here Are 10 Current Wrestlers With The Most Fascinating Lives Before WWE, And 5 With Incredibly Tragic Lives:

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15 Fascinating: Carmella

via patriots.com

Before moonwalking her way into WWE, Carmella lead a rather interesting life. Born in a small Massachusetts town, the daughter of an old wrestling jobber named, Paul Van Dale, Carmella was quick to make her own path.

Carmella would graduate college with a bachelor's degree in marketing before moving on to the NFL, where she became a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. Of course, it didn't end there for Carmella.

Next stop, Los Angeles. Yes, Carmella made her way out to La La Land, where she would become a member of the Laker Girls. However, the call of the ring was too much for Carmella to ignore.

The future SmackDown Women's Champion has become one of the fastest rising stars in the WWE Women's Division

14 Fascinating: Enzo Amore

via ewrestling.com

Enzo Amore is funny, at times. And then, annoying, other times. And then, funny again. And just like that, back to annoying. It's not that difficult to see why some WWE Superstars has trouble liking this guy.

But, with his WWE career aside, Amore has worn a number of different hats. One of which came in the form of a helmet when Amore laced up to play high school and collegiate football.

Along the way, Amore picked up a degree in journalism, though it was not exactly put to use. Instead, Amore sold tickets for the New York Jets, moved pianos, DJ'd, and even managed a Hooters.

Perhaps The 'Zo Train is a little vacant, but nobody can accuse Amore of taking an easy ride in life.

13 Tragic: A.J. Styles

via heavy.com

Remember that promo where CM Punk claimed to be the "best wrestler in the world?" Damn, was Punk wrong. That honor has belonged to one man and one man only for quite some time now: A.J. Styles.

This coming from the same guy who wrote "Top 15 Reasons AJ Styles Will Fail In WWE." However, I have spent many hours repented for that sin with the Wrestling Gods, and have moved past that piece of drivel.

Styles grew up poor, with an abusive alcoholic for a father. Which is something made a profound impact on his own life. Aside from all the accomplishments, Styles biggest achievement has been becoming a great husband and father.

At this point in his career, Styles is right where he belongs: on top of the WWE Mountain as its top performer.

12 Fascinating: Charlotte Flair

via officialfan.proboards.com

If you grow up with Ric Flair as your father, your life is already interesting. However, that's not the entire story of Charlotte Flair; a girl who once set high school volleyball records, before competing at the collegiate level.

Flair graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in public relations before being certified as a personal trainer. Throw in an arrest and two marriages, and it's clear that Charlotte's pre-WWE life was anything but calm.

What's most interesting about Flair, is that her interest in wrestling bloomed late, despite being around the business her entire life. Flair even appeared in WCW back in the year 2000, during an awkward Flair family feud.

Since then, the girl with little interest in wrestling has become the top-tier performer of the WWE Women's Division.

11 Fascinating: Samoa Joe

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It sure took a while for Samoa Joe to arrive in WWE. Rumors swirled for years, with nothing ever coming to fruition. Perhaps it had something to do with Vince McMahon viewing Joe as nothing more than a "fat Samoan."

Prior to WWE, Joe was a top star in TNA, where he won multiple championships and feuded with some of professional wrestling's biggest legends (even though, they were all past their prime and clinging to relevance).

However, before any of this wrestling stuff, Joe was just a kid living in California with his family, who founded a Polynesian dance troupe known as Tiare Productions. Joe even performed with his family at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Who would have thought that a sweet, little, dancing kid would turn into one of professional wrestling's most dangerous men?

10 Tragic: Dean Ambrose

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All hope was almost lost for Dean Ambrose not that long ago. Even as WWE Champion, Ambrose was not living up to expectations. However, with the recent reuniting of The Shield, Ambrose has found some hope, again.

As it pertains to Ambrose's WWE status, one thing has been made abundantly clear: Ambrose works better in a group. As a solo competitor, it's unlikely Ambrose will ever again capture the WWE Championship.

However, there is no shame in being a one-time WWE Champion. After all, only fifty men in history can lay claim to such an honor. And Ambrose's names will forever sit on that list.

Not bad for a kid who grew up in public housing in Cincinnati while trying to make sense of it all.

9 Fascinating: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks just may be the female version of Daniel Bryan. While Vince McMahon hates Banks' somewhat reckless style, the WWE audience love the efforts put forth by Banks, and are quick to show their appreciation.

Prior to tearing the house down in NXT, and later WWE, Banks was floating around the independent scene and honing her craft. All of which would pay off in the form of becoming a history-making woman.

Banks was born in California but landed in Massachusetts, where she went to school online, forgoing the traditional adolescent experience. And that's not all that was different about Banks' younger years.

It has become common knowledge among the wrestling community that Banks is a cousin of rapper, Snoop Dogg.

8 Fascinating: Alexa Bliss

via cagesideseats.com

In her youth, Alexa Bliss was mere hours away from death; a direct result of an eating disorder. However, Alexa's story does not fall on the tragic side of things. Instead, Alexa proves to be an inspiration for young, female wrestling fans.

Early on, Bliss developed a love of cheerleader, taking it as high as Division I status at the University of Akron. Bliss also found a support beam in bodybuilding, where she learned how to overcome her disorder.

In today's WWE, the woman are finally allowed to be role models, and are no longer presented as blatant sex symbols. And while most of the female roster have their own unique stories, Bliss stands out.

While she certainly isn't the biggest Women's wrestler around, Bliss will continue to strive and fight the whole way through.

7 Tragic: R-Truth

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R-Truth was wasted in WWE. If you think back to that whole "Little Jimmy" gimmick, there was something deeper to Truth before the company decided that they needed another comedy act.

For a short while, Truth was coming across as an oppressed wrestler, who was constantly held down. Truth needed to rise up above the system and best WWE poster boy, John Cena. This would have made Truth a star.

However, WWE punked out and turned Truth into another gimmicky character. Take a chance on a man like Truth? Why would Vince McMahon do something like that? Truth isn't The Rock.

Nonetheless, Truth - bad comedy and all - has come a long way from selling drugs with his father as a kid in North Carolina.

6 Fascinating: Becky Lynch

via heavy.com

Becky Lynch is a long way from Ireland, but right at home in WWE, where she has helped the Women's Division move forward in the right direction. Lynch was even awarded the inaugural SmackDown Women's Championship.

Prior to this success, Lynch made her way around a few areas of life. From acting to playing a clown to being a flight attendant. Lynch even worked as a wrestling manager on the independent scene.

In fact, due to an injury, Lynch almost gave up wrestling all together. What a shame that would have been. Lynch is a unique performer who will hopefully continue to flourish among the new wave of Women's wrestlers.

Lynch was also provided with the honor (if you want to call it that) of beating James Ellsworth directly out of the WWE.

5 Fascinating: Erick Rowan

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Everywhere Erick Rowan goes, Luke Harper is sure to follow. Formerly of The Wyatt Family, the "new" tag team of The Bludgeon Brothers are trying to finally attain a Tag Team Championship in WWE.

Rowan and Harper fit well together, but, for some reason, have never quite broken through on the main roster. Perhaps The Bludgeon Brothers approach will pay off this time around on SmackDown Live.

Rowan, a man of Norwegian decent grew up in Minnesota, plays guitar, and has appeared on a Norwegian reality show known as Alt for Norge, which was presented in the United States as The Great Norway Adventure.

The variations of Rowan's WWE character have always been interested, but as you can tell, there is more to the man behind the sheep mask.

4 Tragic: Titus O'Neil

via hakira.info

Titus O'Neil was born to a twelve-year-old mother, after a sexual assault left her impregnated. These circumstances are horrific, but O'Neil has always tried his best to make the most out of life.

While often squandered in WWE, O'Neil was a standout football player long before he was being suspended for grabbing on Vince McMahon's arm. O'Neil was named an All-American during his senior year of high school.

From there, it was off to the University of Florida, where O'Neil officially became a Gator and played for one of the country's top programs. While attending college, O'Neil was named student body vice president.

These days, O'Neil has assumed a more managerial role in WWE, and is rarely seen competing in the ring.

3 Fascinating: Lana

via tempe12.com

Lana remains green in the ring, and, quite frankly, that may never change. Of course, Lana was never expected to challenge the likes of Charlotte and Alexa Bliss for top spots on their respective rosters.

It's not that Lana isn't talented; she's just not a talented wrestler. However, Lana has lead an interesting life prior to WWE. She is a trained dancer, actress, and model who has found work all over America.

Perhaps most interesting about Lana was her time in the girl group, No Means Yes. Obviously, No Means Yes did not find mainstream success, and the group would quickly disband without leaving any mark on the music industry.

It's unclear as to whether or not Lana will return to in-ring action in WWE or remain in a manager/valet role.

2 Fascinating: Paige

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Paige will likely go down as the most controversial Women's wrestler in WWE history. The past year of her life was rough. Leaked images/videos surfaced online, and she had to put up with the never-good-for-anything, Alberto Del Rio.

Luckily, Paige walked away from that situation and has returned to WWE, to pick up right where she left off. At the age of twenty-five, Paige is already more seasoned in the ring than many WWE hopefuls.

Coming from a family of wrestlers, Paige first hit the ropes at the age of thirteen. In keeping with family business, Paige also bounced/tended bar at her parents' local establishment back in England.

It's difficult not to root for Paige, who has experienced some very human hardships already in life.

1 Tragic: Rich Swann

via thedailybuzzmag.com

Losing one's mother at an early age could drastically alter one's future. Unfortunately for Rich Swann, his mother passed away when he was only sixteen-years-old. And his future was almost ruined.

Swann began running with what he described as a "rough crowd." He also began using cocaine. At this point, Swann's future was bleak, but, with the help of his aunt, Swann placed his life back on track.

Next came professional wrestling. Swann was now focused on a new life, and was soon working the independent scene while establishing a name. Eventually, Swann was noticed by WWE and contacted for a special event.

Swann would participate in the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic and now competes on the Monday Night Raw brand as well as 205 Live.

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