10 Current Wrestlers You Didn't Know Were In A Relationship (And 5 Who Are Surprisingly Single)

With things changing quickly in the love lives of these wrestlers, their current statuses present surprises in different ways.

The couples in the wrestling world seem to come and go through the years. Most romances are short term due to the egos, constant time together and other variables that come into play to hurt the relationships. Dating outside of the business with someone from a different career path can be difficult as well. The schedule of a wrestler along with the inconsistency of being able to have a stable home life makes for tough dating. Many wrestlers go public with their relationships regardless of if their significant other is a fellow wrestler or someone in a different profession.

We'll take a look at stories of wrestlers that not many fans know are in relationships and others that are surprisingly not dating anyone. With things changing quickly in the love lives of these wrestlers, their current statuses present surprises in different ways. The relationships of those dating someone will be further expanded on in regards to who they are seeing right now. Those single wrestlers not dating anyone will also be looked at as to why people assume they are in relationships. Both sides will be showcased as we name ten wrestlers you didn’t realize were in a relationship along with five that are surprisingly single.

15 Relationship: Baron Corbin


The malcontent personality of Baron Corbin makes it hard to believe he is in a relationship. Corbin presents his real life persona similar to his character in the sense that he doesn’t care about anything but himself. Viewers were shocked when he showed up to the WWE Hall of Fame with his significant other Rochelle Roman earlier this year.

14 Relationship: Cesaro


Cesaro has never discussed his relationship in any public forum but he is actually dating a fellow WWE employee. Before either person joined the WWE, Cesaro and former independent wrestler Sara Del Rey started dating as they worked together in multiple promotions. Most would remember their on-screen chemistry when Sara was the manager of Cesaro and Kassius Ohno’s Kings of Wrestling team.

13 Single: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has been involved in rumors and speculation regarding his love interests during his WWE career. Nikki Bella, Tammy Sytch and Dana Brooke are just a few of the wrestling names he has been linked to or confirmed to have date. Celebrity comedian Amy Schumer even stated the two dated for a short time period on one of her interviews.

12 Relationship: Kassius Ohno

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The love life of Kassius Ohno has never been a topic similar to the other wrestlers dating within the industry. Ohno is currently wrestling in NXT with his second stint in WWE developmental. The in-ring skills of Ohno are regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world leading to Triple H signing back to the WWE once again.

11 Relationship: Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder and Emma dated for quite some time as seen with many pictures of the former couple going to theme parks or vacation spots together. The couple broke up at some point over the past year. Ryder confirmed this by posting pictures with his new girlfriend when fans barely realized he stopped dating Emma.

10 Single: Emma

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Despite the fact that Zack Ryder jumped into another relationship so quickly, Emma appears to be happily single. The current social media use of Emma shows her going to amazing destinations every weekend. If WWE is in a city with something worth checking out, she seems to go there. On her down time, Emma is on vacation enjoying the fruits of her labor.

9 Relationship: Becky Lynch


The relationship of Becky Lynch is not one that is very public, but she doesn’t shy away from posting pictures of her significant other on social media. Lynch is currently dating MMA fighter Luke Sanders. The UFC bantamweight competitor bonds with Becky over their shared love of combat sports. Considering both have trained in various forms of wrestling, their backgrounds aren’t too different.

8 Relationship: Aiden English


Aiden English is not that memorable on the WWE roster when discussing the lives of Superstars. The lower-card act is getting more television time on SmackDown as of late. English has charm but doesn’t seem to be moving up into any noteworthy program. One interesting tidbit about him as a person is realizing he married into the Guerrero family.

7 Single: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore was recently in a relationship with the significantly younger Liv Morgan. According to a report, Enzo knew Morgan from his days managing a Hooters restaurant in New Jersey and helped get her hired. The two would date shortly after she joined the Performance Center seeing him every day. Both wrestlers were spotted together in public many times over the past two years.

6 Relationship: Sami Zayn


One wrestler that has done a good job at keeping his private life out of the public is Sami Zayn. Aside from the things he wants us to know, it is almost impossible to find out anything about him. Some fans have figured out that Zayn is however in a very serious relationship. The romance is serious enough that Zayn apparently got married within the past year or two.

5 Relationship: Summer Rae

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The current status of Summer Rae is confusing considering she hasn’t been on television in well over a year. Summer was cleared for action in the summer of this year after recovering from an injury. WWE still has yet to find a role for her on television and there are rumors that she will have her contract expire without negotiating a new deal similar to Eva Marie.

4 Single: Asuka

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Asuka is one of the top names to jump from NXT to the main roster this year on the Raw brand. The recent debut saw her continue the undefeated streak that lasted two years in NXT. Many of the wrestlers in her age range of both genders appear to have been married or in a long term relationship by this point.

3 Relationship: Adam Cole


The newest top name in NXT is world traveling star Adam Cole. Fans were aware of Cole in a major way due to how much he accomplished during his run in ROH, PWG and New Japan. Cole was arguably the biggest NXT signing since Shinsuke Nakamura. A little known fact about Cole is that he started dating independent wrestler Britt Baker during the final few months of his time before signing with WWE.

2 Relationship: Finn Balor


Finn Balor has avoided dating rumors for most of his career. There was some speculation that he once dated Becky Lynch, but their relationship has been confirmed as strictly wrestling related as he trained her. Balor is regarded as one of the best looking men in the wrestling business. His track record of keeping his private life out of the public eye ended recently.

1 Single: Jinder Mahal

The biggest example of someone seeing their star power rise this year is Jinder Mahal. 2017 started with Mahal being an enhancement talent putting over other wrestlers. Vince McMahon was impressed with his physique and wanted a face to market the India expansion with. Mahal is now the WWE Champion holding the prestigious title for the majority of the year.

Despite being a huge presence in WWE, Jinder is apparently single in his everyday life. An interview suggested that Mahal is enjoying being in his early 30s having the run of his life with no responsibilities yet. Jinder doesn’t have a family or a love interest to look after yet if the speculation is true. The carefree life traveling the world after the long road without reward has to be sweet for Mahal as he has the best 2017 possible.

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10 Current Wrestlers You Didn't Know Were In A Relationship (And 5 Who Are Surprisingly Single)