10 Current WWE Divas That Wouldn’t Make It In The Attitude Era Cause Of Their Looks (And 5 That Would)

Don’t get us confused you savages, every woman is beautiful in their own way, but according to Vince McMahon during the Attitude Era, a woman had to have some particular assets and unique look to make a buck for the company. We all know about Sable, Sunny, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, and Stacy Keibler, but don’t forget The Kat, Jacqueline, and Terri Runnels either.

Compared to the 80s and early 90s, the WWE decided to acquire a lot of female talent during the Attitude Era. A lot of the talent hired was not so much because they could wrestle, but because they could put on titillating performances that sold tickets and pushed the rating meter. With an edgier product, came edgier segments and matches for the WWE. Before you knew it, there were bikini contests, mud wrestling matches and nudity on the show.

It was an era that will never be repeated but we can always imagine which ladies of today could have made it back then. As we mentioned in the beginning, we’re not here to trash any of the ladies in the WWE Universe. Each one is beautiful in their own right, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun discussion about who could have made it in the Attitude Era  and who might not. Enjoy.

15 Sash Banks - Wouldn't

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We’re going to get flak for this one because a lot of fans love Banks but she would NOT have made it in the Attitude Era. Her wrestling skills are top notch and her charisma is on point, but does The Boss have the assets that Vince was looking for during the Attitude Era? Now we’re not saying she isn’t beautiful in her own way, but we clearly know the trend McMahon was looking for decades ago.

Banks would make her professional wrestling debut in 2010. Two years later, WWE would offer her a contract and the rest is history. Just ask yourself, can you see Banks performing a mud match? Don’t you think she would decline the match due to her skills as a legit wrestler?

14 Charlotte Flair - Wouldn't

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Woooo! As the child of Ric Flair, Vince McMahon would definitely sign Charlotte during the Attitude Era. However, if you take away the name, could you say the same thing? Now remember, women in the Attitude Era were judged on their looks more than their wrestling in many cases. We can’t stress enough that the Divas were about pushing the rating meter with their titillating action.

Flair is fit as a fiddle, maybe to fit, which makes certain men get the feeling of emasculation. If she did make it in the Attitude Era, McMahon would most likely use her the way they did with Chyna. You can only have so many muscular women in the Attitude Era and Chyna was one of a kind. We doubt Flair would last long or be hired in the first place.

13 Liv Morgan - Would

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The New Jersey native has already captured the hearts of many fans of the WWE Universe when she made her television debut for NXT in 2015. At just 23 years old, Morgan can have a long and successful career in the WWE. Although she isn’t seen on television much, Morgan has been highly active, working on the live event loop every month. Similar to the build of Trish Stratus, Morgan can absolutely make it as a Diva in the Attitude Era.

As a former cheerleader and waitress at the restaurant chain Hooters, Morgan knows she has the look to turn heads. Another awesome quality of Morgan is she grew up watching wrestling and loves the industry. As she gets more time on television, more fans are going to jump onto the Morgan train.

12 Becky Lynch - Wouldn't

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Straight fire would not be what Vince McMahon would want in the Attitude Era. Lynch is awesome and attractive but we all know she’s more about wrestling than using her looks to get ratings. We doubt Lynch would even want to be in bikini matches or pillow fights on Monday Night Raw. We can’t imagine it and she would most likely show up, drink her beer, burp, scream straight fire, and then proceed to put a beating on her competition.

Basically, we’re saying she could have been the Stone Cold Steve Austin of the Women’s Division. Don’t get us wrong, Lynch has looks like she belonged in the Attitude Era in some of her photo shoots, however, she wouldn’t last against the competition during that time period.

11 Summer Rae - Wouldn't

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Rae has a lot of qualities that make her a potential Attitude Era member. For one, she’s a blonde, that alone separates her from the pack. Secondly, she’s athletic, so she can move around in a bikini. So the question is, why in the hell would Rae not making in an era suited for her abilities. Let us explain.

The reason she wouldn’t make it is because you have to look at the competition she's dealing with. Ask yourself this, do you think she’s hotter than Sable? Hotter than Torrie Wilson? Hotter than Trish Stratus? Hotter than Stacy Keibler? All blondes and all extremely sexy. There would be just too many cooks in the kitchen for Rae to make it in the Attitude Era.

10 Mandy Rose - Would

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If you don’t follow NXT and have no idea who Mandy Rose is, we’re glad we can tell you all about her. At The Sportster, we love beautiful women in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Rose may end up becoming one of the most beautiful women to ever be a member of the WWE Universe.

When it comes to the Attitude Era, we believe Rose could compete with Sable, Trish Stratus, and Torrie Wilson as the hottest in the company. Her story starts in 2015 when she became a member of WWE’s Tough Enough. In the midst of a five-year contract, Rose has a lot of room to grow in the ring but when it comes to looks, she’s ready for the big leagues. She's also been compared to Trish in terms of looks by Stratus herself, so that's another major plus. Need proof, the pic above clearly justifies the association.

9 Nikki Cross - Wouldn't

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The Glasgow native made her professional wrestling debut in 2008. After a long journey, Cross would sign with the WWE in 2016. As a member of sAnity, Cross has found a nice niche for herself. She has been involved in some epic matches and definitely has helped the Women’s Division improve since NXT lost the Four Horsewomen. As a fiery and psychotic wrestler, Cross’ style wouldn’t cut it in the Attitude Era.

As beautiful as she is today, Cross also would have to compete with a ton of women that may be considered hotter. We’re not even talking about the top beauties like Sable and Torrie Wilson, but rather women like Ivory, Jacqueline, and Tori. As we mentioned with others on this list, can you really picture Cross being involved in a bikini contest or mud match?

8 Ruby Riot - Wouldn't

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Ruby Riot has been very productive in NXT since signing with the WWE earlier this year. It would only take a few months before making she made her television debut in March. Since then, Riot has been involved in significant storylines and is considered one of the top contenders to win the NXT Women’s Championship. With that said, Riot wouldn’t last in the Attitude Era.

With her short haircut, tattoos, and punk rocker personality, Vince McMahon would mostly book her like Luna Vachon instead of The Kat or Sable. Riot can wrestle, but can she move the rating meter the way some of the Goddess of the Attitude Era did? We doubt it. Riot would probably tell you herself that she'd rather wrestle than strut around in a bikini on Monday nights.

7 Alexa Bliss - Would

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Close your eyes. Picture the pint size beauty named Alexa Bliss in your mind and ask yourself. When it comes to looks, who does she remind you of from the Attitude Era? If the answer is Earl Hebner, you’re not close, but if you’re thinking of Trish Stratus, then you’re on the money. The parallels between Bliss and Stratus’ beauty are strangely unique. Almost as if Bliss is the younger sister of Stratus.

Bliss being compared to Stratus only solidifies the theory that Bliss would actually make it in the Attitude Era. The beautiful blonde knows she’s sexy and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We know a lot of you would give a leg to see Bliss in a bikini match or pillow fight. Keep dreaming.

6 Asuka - Wouldn't

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Country boy Jim Ross admitted on his podcast, The Ross Report, that he tried to convince Vince McMahon that men are attracted to Asian women. We’re not saying McMahon is a bigot or a racist but maybe just old and out of touch. We all know the type of women Vince likes, and that’s blonde bombshells. Sable, Sunny, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus dominated the WWE Universe during the Attitude Era.

You know who didn’t dominate in the Attitude Era? Asian women. It’s not that they were terrible at wrestling, on the contrary, Asian, mostly Japanese, were doing better than their counterparts on the other side of the world. Asuka is one of the best talents today, but we doubt she would have stepped foot in a WWE ring years ago.

5 Nia Jax - Wouldn't

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She has royal wrestling blood (Anoa’i) so she definitely would have been in the WWE at any point during McMahon’s reign but if she wasn’t, do you see Jax as a member of the Attitude Era? Body shaming isn’t condoned by The Sportster, but we have to point out that most, if not, all the women in the Attitude Era weren’t plus sized. It’s the most important reason why Jax is on the list.

The WWE has signed Awesome Kong and Bertha Faye, two wrestlers with similar sizes to Jax, but both didn’t perform during the Attitude Era. As one of WWE’s homegrown talents (never wrestled before WWE), it took Jax just two years (2014-’16) to make it to the big league. It’s only a matter of time before McMahon gives her a dominant reign as a champion.

4 Lana - Would

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Although she plays a Russian on television, Lana is as American as apple pie or baseball. The blonde bombshell would make her professional wrestling debut in 2013. She would be paired with Rusev, and not only did the duo look great on-screen together, the two started dating and tied the knot in 2016. Before the WWE, Lana was modeling, dancing, and dabbling in Hollywood.

You can see all the titillating work she’s done if you just look for it on the internet. When it comes to the Attitude Era, Lana would have been a goldmine. She’s not afraid to show her curves and is one of the few Divas types left in the WWE today. Rumors have been swirling that the married couple might leave the WWE, which would be a crushing blow to all of Lana’s fans.

3 Tamina - Wouldn't

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Tamina’s case is similar to Nia Jax. Although she isn’t a member of the Anoa’i family, she is the daughter of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Both Tamina and Jax are more intimidating looking and are bigger powerhouses in the ring. As we mentioned, the Attitude Era rarely had plus size or extremely intimidating looking with the one exception of Chyna. With the tons of titillating matches of the Attitude Era, we can’t imagine her being in a match like that.

Tamina would make her professional wrestling debut in 2009. It took a year before the WWE would sign her to a contract. Unfortunately, her stock in the WWE has dropped and still hasn’t been booked to win a championship. At 39 years old, Tamina’s career may be entering her twilight years but that doesn’t mean she still can’t make an impact.

2 Bayley - Wouldn't

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Bayley wouldn’t survive one month in the WWE during the Attitude Era and we all know it. She’s a member of the WWE roster because she can flat out wrestle. She has the innocent look of the type of girl you want to bring home to mom but when it comes to spiking the rating charts with a titillating segment, Bayley would fall flat on her back.

She would make her wrestling debut in 2008 and would take four years before signing a contract with the WWE. She worked hard, busted her tail, and created one of the most lovable characters in the history of the WWE. Can anyone picture Bayley wrestling in a mud match while wearing a bikini? How about a lingerie match? We think not.

1 Maryse - Would

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The beautiful French-Canadian native and her husband, Miz, announced to the WWE Universe they’re having a baby but that doesn’t mean the hotness of Maryse will vanish. She's still arguably the sexiest woman in the WWE Universe. After being spotted on WWE’s Divas Search in 2006, she would quickly sign with the company. After returning for her second run in the company during 2016, Maryse and the Miz have been on fire.

Back in 2006, the Attitude Era mentality was still very fresh in everyone’s minds, and if Maryse was born a decade earlier, she would have definitely been a Diva in that era. Her beauty speaks for itself and you know you’re hot when you work for Playboy. You wonder why Miz is so cocky? Just look at the woman he gets to take home every night.

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