10 Current WWE Stars That Are Younger Than You Think & 10 That Are Older

Professional Wrestling is a place where you can't break through to the top right from the beginning, as many wrestlers have to wait for a long time before getting their shot to become stars at the top. Most of the wrestlers become "stars" when they are already into their 30s or even 40s, with only a small bunch of wrestlers attain a lot of fame and popularity at the top at a young age and that's mostly because of showing some maturity or skills a more experienced wrestler cannot.

There's actually a lot of WWE stars who look quite younger than what they actually are, as these wrestlers maintain themselves to the highest level to look pretty young to the general audience. In the same time, there are some other wrestlers who are actually younger than what the fans probably imagine then to be, as their level of progress and maturity makes them look like an aged customer when they are actually not so.

The WWE definitely has its share of evenly aged individuals but there are certain ones whose ages differ from what the fans predict them to be, as we take a look at these 10 Wrestling Stars Who Are Younger Than You Think and 10 Who Are Older.


23 Younger - Zack Ryder (32)

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Zack Ryder has been in the WWE for such a long time now that he might as well be termed as a "veteran" on the current roster because of all the changes he has seen in his time. He debuted as part of the Edgeheads with Curt Hawkins, later going onto become the Long-Island Iced-Z who was always over with fans but was somehow held back in the lower-mid card. The Former Intercontinental Champion has been in the WWE for almost a decade now and many probably think he's reaching his 40s right now going by his mature looks, but Ryder is still younger than what many think. He's only 32, which is still younger than a lot of his "newer colleagues" in the WWE and still has a lot left in his tank.

22 Older - Tye Dillinger (36)

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"The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger has such a catchy gimmick that it didn't take him much time to get over in NXT, as he finally made his main roster debut earlier this year after much anticipation. While Dillinger might be labeled as still and up and coming "amateur" in the WWE, he's actually been working himself to the limit to reach where he is right now. Dillinger is actually 36 years old, which might come as a shock to many who probably thought he's still in his early 30s or something. The Perfect 10 spent almost a decade in WWE's developmental before he got over enough to make it to the "big leagues", but Dillinger needs to work hard and fast to get his fame at the biggest stage of them all because he doesn't have age on his side anymore.

21 Younger - Jinder Mahal (30)

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Jinder Mahal has been the talk of the town of the wrestling world ever since he won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at Backlash, shocking everyone with this monumental upset victory. Mahal has the looks of a champion and has made a stunning transformation since arriving at the WWE, which has itself drawn some controversy in the past few months. While many fans probably predict Mahal to be in his mid-late 30s or something, he's actually only 30 years old which might shock some people. Most of the time, wrestlers don't look this ripped at his age but Mahal has managed to do that and is relatively young right now at 30 which might also come as surprising to fans and also add to their suspicion towards his stunning transformation.


19 Older - Sami Zayn (32)

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Sami Zayn is the ideal babyface in the WWE, who's actually so good and endearing that one can't help but cheer on for him. Zayn is not only a babyface figuratively in the company, but he literally has the looks of a baby as many fans probably think he's still in his mid-20s because of how young he looks. But Zayn is actually 32 years old and despite having a rather younger look to himself, he's actually maintained himself really well to look pretty young. Zayn spent almost a decade wrestling around the world in a mask portraying "El Generico" before coming to the WWE and even though he has a lot of years in him to make an impact in the company, he isn't as young as many imagine him to be, despite having the looks of a budding wrestler.

18 Younger - Luke Gallows (33)

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Luke Gallows has been another figure who is remembered by the WWE fans for being in the wrestling business for a long time, as he actually debuted a decade ago as Festus before later returning as Luke Gallows a few years ago. Gallows might have the looks of a rather aged wrestler, but he's actually only 33 and is actually quite younger than his former Bullet Club leaders in AJ Styles and Finn Balor. Gallows entered the WWE at a young age and started portraying the weird Festus when he was still only 23! It's pretty weird to realize that Gallows is younger than the actually "young looking" wrestlers in the WWE as his brawny and mature looks has deceived a lot of fans into believing him to be an aged "veteran" right now.

17 Older - Austin Aries (39)

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Austin Aries has earned his nickname of the "Greatest Man That Ever Lived", as he's been held in high regard by the WWE after impressing in TNA all those years ago. But Aries' TNA history has never been mentioned by the WWE, who still want to develop him as an up and coming, budding star and portray him as a young athlete by putting him in their Cruiserweight Division which is filled with young stars. But Aries is anything but the youthful wrestlers WWE wants their fans to believe Aries to be, as Austin is actually 39 years old and one of the oldest members of the roster. He's actually older than Randy Orton (portrayed as a veteran by the WWE) and definitely deserves to be in the main roster now as the Greatest Man that Ever Lived doesn't have much time on his hands anymore despite looking quite youthful.

16 Younger - Neville (30)

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Neville has gone through quite the stern change of look in the past few years, going from "The Man That Gravity Forgot" to "The King of the Cruiserweights" and his looks have changed drastically over these years. Neville looks like an experienced customer at this point, looking to be in his mid-30s easily because of the prime shape in which he is in. Most wrestlers reach their prime figures in their mid-30s, but Neville has somehow outdone them as he's only 30 years old! The fans might think that he's older going by his looks and attitude, but he's still younger than a lot of wrestlers in the WWE despite looking older than most. Neville is a young King of the Cruiserweight Division right now, as many might be surprised to realize that Neville still has a lot to offer and could easily become a bigger star in the next decade.

15 Older - Cesaro (36)

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Cesaro has been in the WWE for quite a lot of years right now, but he has been unable to "grab the brass rings" which could catapult him into main-event status. Cesaro is currently enjoying a good time in the tag team division with Sheamus, continuing to be a Superman in the ring with his impeccable ability. Cesaro moves around so well and looks in the best shape of his life right now, which is why many fans might be surprised to learn that he's 36 years old! His impeccable figure and movement probably make everyone think he's in his late 20s or early 30s, but he's been in the wrestling business for a lot of years now and is actually an aged and experienced customer. Cesaro being 36 years old might be shocking for some wrestling fans, but this shows why exactly he's called the "Swiss Superman!"

14 Younger - Pete Dunne (23)

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Pete Dunne is definitely one of the unique prospects of WWE's UK Division right now, as he looks like that cynical heel which the company has been missing for a long time now. Dunne looks like this legitimate brawler who has broken a lot of bones in fights over the past few years, as he surprised some when he defeated Tyler Bate for the WWE UK Championship at NXT Takeover: Chicago. Despite looking like an old cookie because of his facial expression and looks, Dunne is actually only 23 years old which might come as a shock to many. He looks way more mature than his age and looks like a legitimate, evil heel right now as this reason of many thinking him to be older despite him only being 23 years old is the reason why he deserves to be on the main roster as soon as possible.

13 Older - Asuka (35)

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Asuka has been the dominant woman in NXT ever since arriving at WWE, as she's surpassed Goldberg's undefeated streak and has now held the NXT Women's Championship for over a year. Despite looking fit and young as the other women in NXT, Asuka is actually pretty older than them and is one of the oldest women in WWE right now. Asuka is 35 years old right now even though fans probably think her to be in her early 30s at the maximum. She had been wrestling all over the world for a long time before coming to WWE and she's so good in the ring and looks so wonderful that one can't tell that she's so old. Not many fans could tell her to be so aged but the rate at which she's progressing right now, she'll be dominating WWE's Women's Division in the years to come despite being one of the older female wrestlers.

12 Younger - Bo Dallas (27)

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Bo Dallas might not be a star in the WWE anymore, but he did make some hilarious memories through his "BoLieve" gimmick after his debut in the company. Bo was actually very good in NXT, winning the NXT Championship for some-time as well. While many think Dallas to be on the older side and wonder whether that's the reason for WWE not pushing him, Dallas is actually one of the younger wrestlers in the WWE right now. He's only 27 which can be surprising to some who probably don't think he's on the younger side because of his weird, mature look. Dallas still has a long way to go in the company because of his surprisingly young age, as he still has a lot of years to become a star in the WWE and can make the audience bolieve in himself again.

11 Older - Bobby Roode (40)

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"The Glorious One" Bobby Roode has taken NXT by storm since arriving at the company, as the former TNA star is almost like a breath of fresh air for NXT. But Roode is still in the "developmental" territory of WWE in NXT and does not have age on his side anymore, with the current NXT Champion being 40 years old! Roode is actually older than most of the main roster wrestlers, as he spent a lot of years in his prime shape at TNA. Roode needs to be utilized quickly by the WWE before he runs out of steam, as wrestlers usually start to wear off after reaching 40 and even though many people might be shocked at how aged he really is, Roode only has a few more years left with his glorious self.

10 Younger - Xavier Woods (30)

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The charming, entertaining man of the New Day seems like a jack of all trades of the hilarious trio as he can play the trumpet, can wrestle pretty well and crack jokes as well. Woods might be a popular figure in the WWE for the past few years, but he was also known as Consequences Creed back in his TNA days. So when one takes into regard both his TNA and WWE career, they'd have to assume that he has to be in his mid/late 30s at least. But that would be the wrong assumption, as Woods only turned 30 last year and is one of the younger members of the Smackdown Live! roster right now and this entertaining individual still has a lot of years in his Arsenal and could utilize that to become a bigger singles star in the future.


8 Older - James Ellsworth (32)

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James Ellsworth's story of starting as a jobber to becoming a mainstay in the WWE is pretty stunning, with the weird looking guy getting a job in WWE to do foolish things. Ellsworth was the butt of much jokes in the WWE last year when he beat AJ Styles numerous times and also got a chance for his WWE Title before being paired up with Carmella. While Ellsworth might be labeled as an amateur, foolish character by the WWE, he's actually quite old in reality. He's actually 32 years old which is way older than Carmella and also a lot of wrestlers in the company itself. While everyone thinks that he's a weird mid 20s guy, he's actually a family man in real life at 32 years old and many fans definitely don't know about this side of Ellsworth.

7 Younger - Alexa Bliss (25)

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Alexa Bliss has made quite the impact in the WWE ever since arriving in the main roster, with The Wicked Witch of WWE playing her heel character to perfection. She's impressed everyone enough to win both the WWE Smackdown's Women's Championship and Raw Women's Championship and to think of it, she's only 25 years old right now! Bliss is amongst the youngest women in the WWE right now as her being only 25 might come as surprising to some seeing her maturity shown in portraying her diabolical character. Bliss is doing some great job right now and has a lot of years ahead of her because of her surprisingly young age and fans might be shocked by discovering her actual age, but they'll also be pleased to realize that she'll be here for a long, long time.

6 Older - Shinsuke Nakamura (37)

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Shinsuke Nakamura has been given many names ever since arriving at the WWE, from "The King of Strong Style" to "WWE's Rockstar" to "The Artist" and there's a reason for so much appreciation. It's because of his impeccable ability to charm and entertain the audience, as Nakamura's charisma is something spectacular about him. The Japanese sensation only debuted on the main roster a few months ago and he hasn't really debuted at a young age. Nakamura is 37 years old, something which the fans surely couldn't anticipate, but despite his ages self he is rocking hard in the WWE. He might not really have that many years left in his arsenal, but his impeccable ability to entertain and solid wrestling style will take him a long way into making him the Rockstar which the WWE have been lacking ever since Shawn Michaels left.

5 Younger - The Authors of Pain (Akam 24 & Rezar 22)

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The Authors of Pain have been an absolute wrecking machine in NXT ever since debuting a year or so ago, as these two monsters are influenced by Paul Ellering and look absolutely unstoppable at the moment. But the two in Akam and Rezar are shockingly younger than one can imagine, with the former being only 24 years old and Rezar being only 22. They might look like proper heavyweights who are probably in their early 30s or something, but both Akam and Rezar are extremely young for a wrestler and despite their age are tearing apart everyone else. This only shows how good these two can become if molded well by the WWE in the future, as they have a lot of years in them to become one of the best tag teams in the WWE and dominate its tag team division for a long, long time.

4 Older - Finn Balor (35)

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Finn Balor has been quite the revelation in the WWE ever since arriving a few years back, as he took over NXT and ruled over it as the longest reigning NXT Champion during his time. Balor also became the inaugural Universal Champion before an unlucky injured forced him to sit on the sidelines for a long time. But Balor is back and looking better than ever, as his impeccable wrestling and looks makes it almost impossible to tell that he's 35 years old! Yes, Balor is actually older than Seth Rollins which is shocking considering how both look in the same age. The Demon has kept himself in top shape and despite his age looks at least 5 years younger and it might be a surprising discovery for some fans to realize that Balor is 35 years old right now.



2 Younger - Bray Wyatt (30)

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Bray Wyatt has been a mystical element of WWE for quite a few years now, with the Eater of Worlds gaining more popularity because of his mysterious, terrifying character. Wyatt hasn't reached that "cult status" yet, but he's still a popular character amongst fans he calls his "buzzards". The Former WWE Champion also has a long future ahead of him, as he's only 30 years old currently! Wyatt did debut as Husky Harris as part of the Nexus all those years ago, but many will be shocked to discover that he's only 30 years old and younger than all the wrestlers he faced at Extreme Rules recently. Not many actually know Wyatt to be this young, as this can be a reason for why WWE are taking it slow with him and shows his impeccable work at portraying this difficult character so perfectly over the years.

1 Older - AJ Styles (40)

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"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles has been quite incredible ever since stepping foot in the WWE last year, as he had an amazing 2016 and has been established as one of the company's top stars. Styles came to the WWE after spending over a decade wrestling in TNA and the Independent scene as fans might be surprised to hear that Styles is indeed 40 years old right now. He entered the WWE at around 38 and even at this old age is doing some impeccable work at the company and making it impossible for someone to predict him to be a 40-year-old. Styles may not have age on his side anymore, but the way in which he's performing amazingly on a consistent basis guarantees that he'll be in the company for a long time and always be treated like the Phenomenal athlete he truly is.

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