10 Current WWE Superstars Who Cheated On Their Significant Other

Once upon a time, this world in which we live operated at a much slower pace. Fewer cars were on the road, civilians were semi-civil, and relationships were viewed as something sacred. Yes, this world has been through a lot and the values of our grandparents no longer hold a place within our decayed society.

Traffic jams and vile human activity. Infidelity everywhere; cheaters among lovers hiding behind smiles laced with the smirk of another's touch. No longer are the times painted in black and white. These are the days of multi-coloured decadence. And where do we go from here? Farther down the food chain; until we are mere morsels on which the cockroaches can feast.

Perhaps we have been conditioned to accept infidelity; to consider monogamy a thing of the past. Perhaps the hidden hormones we consume in our byproduct-heavy meals has pushed the libedo too far. We hunger for flesh and only the flesh of one but the flesh of many; for we are animals disguised in designer clothes.

And if the unfaithful nature of the Everyday Citizen is appalling, it becomes worse when we enter the worlds of professional athletes and celebrities. Specifically, in the wicked world of wrestling, where constant travel, loneliness, and the need for human affection proves overwhelming.

On the current WWE roster, we can find a number of unfaithful employees; including the employer. Let's take a look:

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10 Vince McMahon

via 411mania.com

Vince McMahon himself, the Almighty of Sports Entertainment has been unfaithful to his wife Linda on multiple occasions; and are we really surprised? McMahon retains a certain level of sleaze even in his old age.

To add insult to his wife's injured heart, when discussing his infidelity, Vince McMahon proceeds with a sense of frat-boy pride. McMahon, not one to shy away from his past affairs, will openly admit to his wrong-doing.

Of course, one must wonder why Linda hung around for so long as life with Vince McMahon must have proved difficult. However, the main culprit here becomes McMahon who decided to use his power and influence to appease his lust.

Vince McMahon has reached the age of seventy and one must assume that his playboy days have come and gone. However, modern stimulants can work male miracles.

9 Jerry Lawler

via cagesideseats.com

The above photo displays Jerry "The King" Lawler - a man in his sixties - checking out Paige (forty years his junior) on an episode of Monday Night Raw. And the old man perversion continues within WWE.

Jerry Lawler may be a wrestling legend but "The King" can also wear a crown of sleaze and identify as perhaps the raunchiest personality WWE has ever seen. Lawler's entire gimmick throughout the Attitude Era seemingly relied on "Puppies."

As a three-time divorcee, Jerry Lawler has enjoyed his share of women over the years; including times when "The King" was meant to have one Queen. However, Lawler would experience the other side of infidelity with third wife Stacy Cater (The Kat).

These days, Monday Night Raw has replaced the worn-out King with a fresh voice in Corey Graves; who embodies the New era in WWE.

8 Sting

via theenigmaticgenerationofwallpapers.wordpress.com

"The Icon" has a story akin to that of many others: Sting fell off track a while ago and embarked down the dark road of addiction. In turn, refusing help and swearing by the usual "I'm fine" junkie motto.

During these rough times, Sting would find it in his heart to commit some infidelity. The Surfer. The Crow. The Joker. The Cheater. Of course, Sting would come clean and move onto a second wife in 2015.

And in Sting's world his past indiscretions are forgiven; if not by the women on whom he committed these acts but by the Lord. That's right, Sting found his solace in God and became a Born-Again Christian.

Sting - who now works the Legends Contract angle in WWE - rediscovered God and redemption for his unfaithful ways. Easy way out, right?

7 Ric Flair

via themarysue.com

The above photo depicts Ric Flair kissing Becky Lynch, the real-life friend of his daughter Charlotte. This was of course done in storyline but that does not take away from the disturbing image it places in the mind.

"The Nature Boy" is the most notorious playboy in all of wrestling but the lineup at "Space Mountain" is not quite as long. While Ric Flair now approaches his fifth marriage, the stories of The Natch are legendary.

Ric Flair - another man who displays pride in his wayward ways - has been all over the map and has subsequently been with a number of different women from towns and cities far and wide.

"The Dirtiest Player in the Game" has also proven to be dirty in love. Ric Flair may soon wed bride number five but who knows for sure if this one will actually stick.

6 Edge

via wrestlingforum.com

Perhaps this provided the early "break" in Matt Hardy. One of Hardy's closest friends, Edge and the women he loved so dear would embark on a secret relationship while Hardy sat home bang-up from injury.

Edge, who was married at the time was said to have fallen hard for Lita while serving as travel companions on the road. Once again, the grind of a wrestling schedule placed two people into each other's arms.

Edge may no longer work as an active in-ring performer in WWE but has assumed an actor-type position within the company. "The Rated R Superstar" serves as co-host of the WWE Network program, The Edge and Christian Show.

Edge has also participate in WWE Films and maintains a close relationship with the company that launched his rise to stardom.

5 Lita

via weheartit.com

Time for the other side of the story: Lita's role in the triangle. The former Women's Champion had been involved in a long-term relationship with Matt Hardy that ended in great heartache for the tag team specialist.

When news broke of Lita's infidelity, the WWE audience would voice their displeasure with the once beloved Diva. With Matt Hardy released, fans would not only echo his name throughout arenas but derogatory chants towards Lita as well.

The strangest aspect of the Lita-Edge affair: Matt Hardy - who loves attention - would receive the most exposure of his career and find himself in a high-profile feud upon his return to the company.

All told, each party would move on in their separate directions. However, for a brief time in 2005, this was the hottest angle in professional wrestling.

4 Chris Jericho

via wzronline.com

Chris Jericho is currently the best heel in WWE. No matter the Era, Jericho will find a way to adapt and reinvent his character. Inside the world of WWE, Jericho truly is one of the best at what he does. However, outside of WWE, Jericho has seemingly strayed.

In the year 2000, Chris Jericho married Jessica Lockhart. While the couple remain together, Jericho once botched a move on Twitter; making private messages public with the slight slip of a finger.

Aside from his Social Media slip-up, Chris Jericho was once linked to former WWE Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly. The six-time World Champion has also found religion in his life and has obviously been forgiven for his behaviour.

One must wonder: throughout his marriage to Jessica Lockhart, how many other women have made "The List of Jericho."

3 Triple H

via wrestledelphia.com

Aside from Vince McMahon, Triple H may be the most powerful man in WWE. "The Game" has innovated NXT and helped fans rediscover the fast-paced style of Cruiserweight wrestling thanks to the Cruiserweight Classic.

And, as we all know, Triple H calls himself the husband of Vince McMahon's daughter. However, the WWE's power couple did not debut under honest circumstances. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the product of infidelity.

At the time of their affair, Triple H was involved with the late Chyna. The former D-Generation X members found love on the road like many others. However, theirs was not meant to be as "The Game" then found his future.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are now viewed in a favourable light but we must remember from which dark corner this relationship emerged.

2 Seth Rollins

via primaryignition.com

The modern world strikes on Seth Rollins as nude photos are leaked from his account of former NXT Developmental Superstar, Zahra Schreiber. The nude photo may have become common practice but infidelity remains the same.

At the time of the leak, Seth Rollins was engaged to a woman named Leighla Schultz who would then release her own compromising photos of Rollins on the Web for the world to witness. Needless to say, the marriage was called off.

By all accounts, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has left Zahra Schreiber, who was released by WWE following another Social Media scandal. Schreiber would be seen on the internet sporting Nazi gear in controversial fashion.

Seth Rollins, one of the faces of the New Era, definitely made a questionable decision in choosing Zahra Schreiber; must have been tattooed lure.

1 John Cena

via i1os.com

John Cena may never watch Nikki Bella walk the aisle of wedded bliss but the fifteen-time World Champion was once married to a woman named Elizabeth Huberdeau. The couple were divorced thanks in large part to the Cena's way of the road.

The most well-documented case of John Cena's infidelity comes with Mickie James; who herself was involved with Ken Doane (Kenny of the Spirt Squad). Of course, everything came crashing down for all parties involved.

John Cena is a hero to children, but has displayed some less-than-heroic ways with his unfaithful acts. One day these children will grow up and read these stories about their and changed their opinion on Cena.

It happened to those who grew up admiring Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior and someday, it will happen to John Cena.

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