10 ECW Alumni Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 10 Who Are Sweethearts

The boom of the wrestling scene in the 90s is widely accredited to the likes of the WWE and WCW for bringing in more fans to the product with their own Monday Night War, but a rather small but equally entertaining promotion in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) also got into the fray at the time and had its own share of passionate fans. ECW was the land of extreme, as the bone-crunching matches brought in a lot of fans to watch the product and because of the wrestling fans' love for the hardcore, ECW escalated to greater heights in the shadows of the "big league" competitors.

The brain-child of Paul Heyman didn't really have the money nor the infrastructure the other two had, but what they did have was a Hall (famously known as the ECW Arena) jam-packed with passionate, loud fans who had an amazing influence on the product and how it changed for the better. While the superstars were themselves extremely devoted towards pleasing the fans inside the ring, there were also some different personalities as a bunch of superstars loved to interact or hang out with the fans after shows while others just wanted to be left alone.

Some of the ECW alumni are real sweethearts in real life, loving to interact with the fans outside the product as well but some others can tend to be a bit rude when someone tries to approach them, as we take a look at 10 ECW Alumni who are Jerks and 10 Who Are Sweethearts.

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20 JERK: Raven

via WWE.com

Raven might be remembered by many fans as being the face of the Hardcore Division in WWE, but he was a much greater and bigger star in ECW where his dark, brooding gimmick became a success, as he had his own stable in "Raven's Nest" and ruled over ECW as the main heel for a number of years before flocking to WWE. But while Raven seemed to be an unstable guy in the ring because of his character, it seems like he wasn't really the nicest person beyond that either as he was addicted to the wrong kind of drugs and he comes off as really rude and inappreciative of fans outside the ring. He has said some bad things about the same fans who put food on his plate in various shoot interviews and doesn't really seem to care about them either, as he's been a jerk to fans in various events over the years and isn't really thankful of how much their support has done for him. His kayfabe gimmick seems to have wrapped around him in the past years and changed him as a person as well.

19 SWEETHEART: The Blue Meanie

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The Blue Meanie might have been the most avid member of the "Blue World Order" a parody of the nWo in WCW, but he was one of the nicest guys around in ECW and won over the audience with his funny style as well. The Blue Meanie would also get an opportunity for a short WWE run later on when he was infamously beaten up by JBL in the One Night Stand PPV in 2005, as he'd not really do much about it because of how kind and good he was in real life. He has been pretty kind and cool with wrestling fans over the years and loves to interact with anyone who wants to talk with him, as he has got quite a good reputation amongst his colleagues who really love his fun-loving personality and even though he couldn't really attain the success he'd had hoped for in ECW, he did win over a lot of people with his kind and humble nature.

18 JERK: Juventud Guerrera

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Juventud Guerrera is mostly known for his antics in WCW, but he did wrestle for ECW in 1996 when he and some other luchadors (including Rey Mysterio) started to impress fans in ECW and helped to add that much more entertainment into the product. While Juve might have been a solid entertainer in the ring, he didn't really have the best reputation outside that as his horrible attitude and thinking himself to be better than he really is was something which angered many. He acted like a jerk towards fans and wrestlers alike, as he was arrested in 2000 once for running around a hotel naked and hitting police officers. He was fired by WWE for being able reliable and a pain to deal with, as "Juice" doesn't seem to have many fans because of his jerk-like behaviour back in the day and that attitude had gotten him fired from many places in his career.


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Rhyno has to be one of the most hard-hitting wrestlers to have come up from ECW, as the master of the GORE wrecked quite a lot of wrestlers in his path to success in ECW during its dying years and made the product quite thrilling even when they barely had the means to produce any shows. Rhyno has always been serving the fans amazingly over the years and even though he has been portraying a heel gimmick most of his career, he's an amazing, kind person outside the squared circle and loves to interact with the fans, signing autographs and take pictures with them. His popularity convinced him to try his hand in politics as he almost won a seat in the House of Representatives as well recently, only to lose out by a small margin. He has been a fan-favorite all through these years, as his Gore is a massive favorite amongst the fans and his warm, kind nature outside the wrestling field is the result for much popularity and love he receives from fans even now.

16 JERK: Joey Styles

via WWE.com

Joey Styles was one of the prime reasons why the action in ECW became more and more thrilling to the audience, and it's not because of his wrestling, but his work as a commentator for the promotion which helped to get more and more fans into the product and watch it ahead of the big wrestling promotions. But since the death of ECW, Styles has grown somewhat bitter and outspoken about things and isn't shy about giving his opinions about the fans, as he recently thrashed wrestling fans on social media and was a downright jerk to them. He doesn't really interact with fans outside wrestling either and has a real rude, douche side to him as he was also fired from the Evolve promotion for making an inappropriate  joke towards a colleague, as it goes onto show that he might be really entertaining from the TV screens but is actually quite the mean person in real life.

15 SWEETHEART: Stevie Richards

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Stevie Richards rose from the bottom of ECW to the very top in his term in the promotion, as he would later go onto wrestle in various promotions because of the approval he received from the ECW fans who really loved him and he deserved all the love because of how much of a humble, nice guy he really was to the fans and co-workers alike. Richards worked his way into the business and got to the main-event feuds in ECW, as he was really humble and nice to his co-workers whom he helped out a lot during the shows and always had an ear out for suggestions on how to improve himself. He was also very good to the fans whom he treated with respect and also interacted with, as this unsung hero of ECW might not have attained the success the "big stars" did, but he did create an impact with his hard-working, good nature.

14 JERK: The Sandman

via WWE.com

The Sandman was like the Stone Cold Steve Austin for ECW, as he loved to chug beer and raise hell for everyone with that kendo stick of his, as this extreme, hard-hitting superstar attained quite a lot of popularity amongst the fans for his raunchy behavior. While he was amazingly fan-serving in the ring, he wasn't really that inclined onto interacting them after the shows as he barely interacted with the fans and mostly ignored them like a bit of a jerk, as his awful drug addiction made him some-one you'd definitely not want to approach. In 2008 he was arrested for fighting a restaurant's employee and struck two police officers with glasses as well, as he was kept in jail for some-time before released on bail and antics like these prove that he wasn't that good and "cool" in real life as the drugs really messed him up and brought out the jerk-like behavior in him.

13 SWEETHEART: Jerry Lynn

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Jerry Lynn is definitely an ECW Original, as he played a prominent role in the promotion and put on some amazing matches with his fantastic wrestling skills, as his main-event feud with Rob Van Dam is one of the most memorable ones in ECW history. Lynn might have been a heel in mostly of his time in ECW, he was actually a great person and loved to interact with the fans outside his kayfabe gimmick, as he often hung out with the fans and has never really been in the bad books of any ECW fan. He was also a very good friend to his co-workers and has stayed like that with many over the years, as he needed some donation from fans for a surgery a few years back and many fans donated for their favorite ECW superstar as this goes onto show just how much of a sweetheart Lynn really was back in the day and how his kind behavior made for fans for life.

12 JERK: Scott Steiner

via WWE.com

Before Scott Steiner became the arrogant loud-mouth for which he's widely known right now, he and his brother Rick also tried their hand in ECW in 1995 as they helped to elevate ECW's tag team division before moving onto better things in WCW. Scott would later become a singles star who became absolutely ripped for that and while he might have a foul mouth in the wrestling ring, he's quite the rotten character in real life as well. Steiner has been a massive jerk to a lot of people in the past, as he was arrested in 1998 for running over a person with his Ford Pick-up Truck and also wrongfully assaulting a medical technician in his WCW days. While he mostly ignores fans and acts like a complete snob towards them, he has earned the reputation of being a huge douche towards colleagues as he was banned from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony for allegedly threatening to kill Hulk Hogan, as this complete madman can cross the limits and turn into a dangerous man at times as well.

11 SWEETHEART: Terry Funk

via WrestleNewz.com

Terry Funk was the guy who put ECW on the map, as he was their biggest acquisition and played a huge part in the promotion becoming popular in the first person, as the Hardcore Legend was involved in some amazing matches in the promotion against wrestlers who were almost 10-20 years younger than him. Funk was not only an amazing worker and did absolutely anything necessary in order to entertain the audience, he is also an amazing human being outside the wrestling ring and loves to be in the midst of the fans when he's not working as well. He lives in order to serve and entertain the fans, as his love for entertaining the fans and for wrestling is what has made him come out of retirement numerous times in his career, as this legend of wrestling is one of the beloved wrestlers of all time for a reason as he has put his body and career on the line time and again just in order to lighten up the mood of the wrestling fan and make sure they are never bored or disappointed when he's performing.

10 JERK: Tazz

via WWE.com

Tazz was one of the most bad@$$ wrestlers in ECW during its peak, as the original suplex-machine won over most of the crowd with his technical prowess and mixing that really well with his taste for extreme. He'd later go to WWE where he'd flourish in a commentator role than a wrestler's, as Tazz doesn't really have the best reputations outside the squared circle as he can be a massive douche to fans and co-wrestlers alike. He apparently has a big attitude problems which manages to anger much of the co-workers, as he has often completely ignored or acted rudely to many fans over the years. Tazz attended New York City's most famous wrestling convention a few years ago and spoke on how he hated the fans in it, as he's acted like a huge jerk to the fans and colleagues who helped him get recognition and needs to let go off his attitude to really succeed in the wrestling ring.

9 SWEETHEART: Tommy Dreamer

via WWE.com

Tommy Dreamer was the heart and soul of ECW during its peak, as he not only served as an amazing wrestler for the promotion, but also helped with the booking and getting the wrestlers into the building just so the shows could be held in its sinking days. He has kept the nature of ECW alive even after it folded up, as he has often reunited with many ECW originals to make for reunion shows and shares a special relationship with many of those wrestlers and is a much loved figure amongst the wrestlers. Dreamer also has a lot of fans because of how amazingly he has treated them over the years, as he loves to interact and hang around with the fans whenever possible and never denies them from entertainment. He even opened his own wrestling promotion recently which has the spark of ECW in it and is making sure that the "extreme" fans are getting the taste of the old ECW with his "House of Hardcore" promotion and this dedication at keeping ECW is what has kept him as such a sweetheart in the minds of wrestling fans over the years.

8 JERK: Konnan

via wrestlingforum.com

Konnan attained quite a lot of popularity in his time in WCW when he became a part of the NWO, but before he could kick-start his career in WCW he wrestled for some-time in Paul Heyman's ECW promotion in the mid 90s. He feuded with The Sandman during the time and wrestled some matches as well, but he didn't really have the best of reputation amongst his colleagues nor the fans either. Many of his co-workers have spoken about how Konnan was downright mean to them, refusing to travel with them or even recognizing them properly and he has acted like a complete jerk towards fans as well. Konnan has himself spoken about how he doesn't do autographs, pictures or interaction with fans so he's someone you should definitely avoid and his horrible, rude behavior has angered many in the past.

7 SWEETHEART: Rey Mysterio

via WWE.com

Rey Mysterio might have become a world-wide sensation after attaining success in the WWE, but he had to work his way into the big leagues and started out with ECW in the mid 90s along with some other luchadors, as he impressed many with his amazing high-flying abilities and convinced WCW to buy him. Mysterio has to be one of the most lovable underdogs in wrestling, as he's also an absolute sweetheart outside the squared circle as well and is an absolute fan-favorite because of how well he serves and treats his fans. He has a lot of young fans and loves to interact with them and gift them his merchandise, as he also has a lot of fans in the wrestling field because of how much of a good person he is in real life as the master of the 619 is not only a face in the wrestling ring, but is also a great, lovable person outside the ring as well.

6 JERK: Bubba Ray Dudley

via wwe.com

Bubba Ray Dudley might be part of one of the most entertaining tag teams of all time in "The Dudley Boyz", but he doesn't really have that good of a reputation beyond the wrestling ring as he has been a massive jerk in his whole wrestling career. It started from the ECW days when he portrayed a foul, bully character and though he has attained A LOT of success since then, his personality has remained the same as he acts like a complete jerk towards fans who approach him and treat his co-workers equally badly. Bubba has had the reputation of being quite the bully to younger wrestlers and has also hurt some wrestlers with his rash style, as his own partner in D-Von Dudley has spoken about how he can be a jerk at times and that goes onto show just how big a rotten person Bubba really is.


via WWE.com

Rob Van Dam called himself as the "Whole F'ing Show" of ECW and there's not many who can actually argue with that, as he's one of the most popular(if not THE most popular) to come out of ECW as his amazing wrestling ability and good nature inside and outside the wrestling ring has kept him as a massive fan-favorite even after all these years. RVD held a record of being ECW Television Champion for 700 days when in the promotion, as his high-flying, "extreme' nature delighted many fans who often flocked to come and see him entertain them. Not only has RVD been a face most of his career, he's also a super good guy in real life and never denies a fan when he's approached for an autograph or a photograph, as he's very cool with the fans and is beloved by everyone because of his friendly mannerism. He's also a very good friend and has helped out many ECW friends in the past, most recently putting up a GoFundMe account for Sabu who needs surgery, despite the hesitation of the latter, as RVD is not only a sweetheart in the wrestling ring but beyond that as well which is the reason on why he's still one of the most popular guys in wrestling.

4 JERK: Sabu

via si.com

Sabu was quite the mystical character for ECW, as he appeared out of nowhere at times to slay the demons in ECW and had quite the hard-hitting, stunning extreme style and put his body on the line numerous times to entertain the audiences. But while he might have been quite the crowd-pleaser in the ring, he wasn't really that nice to fans outside it as he likes to live by himself and acted quite rudely to any fan who approached him. Sabu also once actually beat up a fan who touched his turban by mistake, as he is actually quite the private person outside his wrestling field and doesn't want to be disturbed by anyone, as he could get physical and nasty with anyone who pisses him off and this attitude of his had turned him into a massive jerk to fans and colleagues alike and given him quite the foul reputation outside the squared circle as well.

3 SWEETHEART: Shane Douglas

via WWE.com

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas got his nickname for a reason, as he truly was the "Franchise" of ECW and his amazing work as a main-eventer for the company helped to get things rolling in the company. His solid work for the promotion was also recognized by the fans and co-workers alike, as he was one of the most respected guys in ECW during the time and made sure that ECW wasn't forgotten when it folded up. He came up with his own wrestling promotion in Xtreme Pro Wrestling where many of the ECW originals competed at, as his amazing work to keep ECW alive. His kind and humble nature made him a sweetheart in the eyes of many, as his warm reception of his fans and love for them made for a lot of passionate fans into his promotion, as the fans began to repay the devotion he put in all these years and his humble, good nature has kept Douglas as a much loved person amongst fans and wrestlers alike even after all these years.

2 JERK: New Jack

via Grantland.com

New Jack is regarded as the ultimate psycho in the field of wrestling, as he gained some popularity in his ECW days when he notched up his "extreme" game to put on some really violent matches for the promotion, but since then has been going downhill and has been a massive douche-bag to fans and other wrestlers as well. While he has quite the reputation of intentionally hurting many people inside the ring, he has also been extremely rude to fans outside it as he has often laughed them off and abused them when they approached him for an autograph or picture. He has no regard for his opponents inside the ring, as he has at various points badly injured many wrestlers in the ring and is a complete douche-bag and psychotic man in real life with whom everyone should maintain a healthy distance.

1 SWEETHEART: D-Von Dudley

via WWE.com

While we have spoken about how much of a jerk Bubba Ray Dudley can be, his "brother" D-Von Dudley is quite the opposite as he's a great guy who loves to interact with the fans and treats them very well and has been the guy who has kept Bubba in check all these years. D-Von has been just as successful as Bubba in his career and has almost equally as much of a popularity(if not even more) as he's actually a sweetheart in real life and has earned the respect and love of many fans and co-workers alike. While Bubba is ignorant towards fans outside the wrestling field, D-Von loves to spend time with them and loves to attend fan conventions and other events as well, as he's very friendly with the fans and treats them with the utter-most respect and his amazing personality has earned him a backstage job in WWE after his wrestling career ended recently as well and goes onto show how being nice to people always has its boons.

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