10 “Enhanced” Wrestlers You Might Not Have Known About (And 5 Rumored Names)

Back in the 90s, enhancements were a common theme in the WWE locker room with both males and females. The likes of Sable flaunted around their surgically enhanced goods while the men looked sculpted from head-to-toe. Although it looked good, several wrestler lives were cut short. The WWE needed to stop the epidemic and a Wellness Policy along with a rehab prevention program has worked wonders.

However, the rumor mill continues to turn pertaining to stories of wrestlers that are supposedly on the “gear”. We’ll discuss those Superstars in the rumored side of things. We’ll also feature some WWE Divas that are rumored to have gotten a certain enhancement surgery done.

On the other side of the coin, we’ll feature enhancement use by both male and female wrestlers you might not have known about. From failing drug tests to getting a certain surgery, these are enhancement stories you might not have known about. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Here are 10 “enhanced” wrestlers you might not have known about and five rumored names. Let’s begin!

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15 Enhanced – Edge

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Many WWE fans tend to forget, but Edge, one of the most clean-cut Superstars from the past also was caught with enhancement use a decade ago. Edge admitted to using HGH following his surgeries, according to the Canadian, the enhancement helped with his bone recovery, as suggested by the doctors. Copeland stated his HGH use was short-lived due to the fact that it slowed him down. However, during the SI bust, it was revealed that Edge was taking a whole lot more.

According to the report, Edge was taking various enhancements, with at least three different drugs being used. The timeline of the intake according to SI was between 2004 and 2007, so basically right around the time of his first neck surgery.

14 Enhanced – Lana

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According to the gossip mill, it was all but confirmed by Lana herself that the Ravishing Russian did in fact have a certain type of enhancement and no, we’re not talking about a magic pill or something like that, unless there’s a magic pill to grow out your chest...

According to the online mill, Lana got the surgery a couple of months before her feud began with Brie. You can go online and see for yourselves as the transformation is pretty obvious, especially if you take a look at recent Lana pictures. With or without the enhancements, she was always quite the looker.

For the time being, the Total Divas star remains on the SmackDown roster, now working as a manger. It remains to be seen if she’ll stay in the position or go back to in-ring action. We can all agree (well most of us) on what the right move is here...

13 Rumored – Triple H

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It’s kind of a situation that goes without saying, but certain WWE Superstars might be getting a pass when it comes to the Wellness Policy. Of course, even before the rumors came out, Triple H was believed to be one of those guys, year after year the dude is simply shredded, even nowadays as he inches towards his 50s.

Well, his former nutritionist really didn’t help things out for The Game as he stirred up quite the controversy, so much so that the WWE actually made a statement about the allegations. When asked if Triple H was using any special supplement, Dave Palumbo eluded to the fact that HGH is not tested with the WWE, leading many to believe Triple H was using the enhancement. The WWE issued a statement claiming everyone on the roster is to take a Wellness Exam along with substances like HGH being banned by the company.

12 Enhanced – Emma

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When looking at her run with the WWE, you wouldn’t think Emma got anything done, as she stayed fairly consistent in terms of looks. However, when you go out on the hunt and look for pictures of pre-WWE Emma, it becomes rather obvious she got a little work done in her chest area.

As documented by Emma's photos during her Shimmer days, the former WWE talent was certainly not as busty. A year after Shimmer, it seems as though she underwent a shocking growth spurt, taking some “Not So PG” photos with what appears to be a perfect looking chest and yes, a little too perfect. Again, we doubt a high number of chest presses contributed to the shocking transformation in just a year. She’s got the looks and the skills, the recently future endeavored star should do just fine outside of the WWE.

11 Enhanced – Brock Lesnar

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The unique part about such an article is the fact that we can explore the word “enhanced”, for both the males and females whether it be getting a certain surgery done, or using an enhancement for the betterment of one’s physique, which is usually the case in male wrestlers.

The WWE Universe wasn’t made aware, but it was basically confirmed by the UFC that Lesnar was in fact taking enhancements. He was suspended for a year along with being fined a quarter of a million. Lesnar tested positive for anti-estrogen drug, which is basically used to lower an accelerate testosterone level. In all likelihood, Lesnar was using the estrogen to regulate his test levels, but got caught by the UFC thanks to their top of the line Wellness Policy. Failing the test also proved that the Wellness Policy for the WWE clearly doesn’t apply to all of its talents...

10 Rumored – Alexa Bliss

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After much deliberation, we’ve decided to keep Alexa Bliss on the rumored side of things for this article as she hasn’t really discussed any type of enhancement surgery, however, coming from the world of bodybuilding, we have reason to believe she got a little surgery done, especially when taking a look at photos from the past compared to her Instagram selfies from today. Let’s just say if she didn’t get any surgery taken care of - she’s instead been taking in a lot of extra chest reps at the gym....

Enhancement and breast talk aside, Bliss continues to dominate in her role as a championship level heel. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s got decent looks. Along with being blessed in the chest, fans have also created a Twitter account dedicated to her booty. Yup, she’s the total package both front and back.

9 Enhanced – Mickie James

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Up until 2009, fans speculated about Mickie’s fine looking chest. Unfortunately for her, it was confirmed that she got a certain surgery done when the former Divas Champion required some time off due to a breast implant rupturing while she was inside of the squared circle. One can only imagine what that feels like... likely not very pleasant.

The 38 year old is currently on the Raw roster and it’s truly something to see how little she’s aged in the last couple of years. What’s even more noteworthy is the fact that she even had a kid, seriously though, where did that kid come out of? A proud mother and happily married, Mickie is currently living the dream as she put the cherry on top of her life with an improbable WWE return.

8 Enhanced – Dolph Ziggler

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Okay, admit it, you likely forget Dolph Ziggler failed the Wellness Policy at one point in time. Don’t feel too bad though, the violation came just after his repackaging, making the timing quite awful in truth. Ziggler was the only Spirit Squad member to be salvaged and when it was time to return, he was suspended for 30 days shortly after. Oh how bad the timing truly was.

The test failure took place back in October of 2008, just a month after his re-debut with the WWE. Thankfully, the incident didn’t hurt him too badly as he would go on to claim the IC Championship along with the MITB briefcase. Who can forget Ziggler cashing-in to one of the most thunderous pops you’ll ever see in WWE history. It’s hard to believe that a couple of years later, fans are demanding the same guy be released by the WWE, as his gimmick as grown completely stale.

7 Rumored – Goldberg

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It’s just one of those unwritten rules that fans and those behind the scenes rarely talk about, but the fact remains that certain WWE talents might be exempt from taking the Wellness Policy. As evidenced with Brock, who’s not taking any type of test, part-time Superstars seem to be free of any drug testing. Therefore, we have reason to believe that during his return, Goldberg was one of those dude’s exempt, and allowed to take whatever he wanted.

Goldberg discussed the gruelling training he underwent and it almost seems impossible to go through such measures without burning out. According to the rumor mill, Bill might have been taking certain enhancements in order to speed up his “gains”. Whether he did or didn’t, the 50 year old looked remarkable in his return to the ring.

6 Enhanced – Stephanie McMahon

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Since Steph’s enhancement took place some time ago, some fans or readers of this article might have forgotten about Steph’s “puppy boost”. Entering the business on-screen during the late 90s, Steph’s chest looked quite tame – then, during her heel run in the 2000s, that same chest area appeared to be rather different, gaining more than a couple of inches. It was rather obvious, however, the likes of Chris Jericho basically confirmed the surgery poking fun at Stephanie showing before and after pics of McMahon’s chest.

Yes, The Attitude Era was really no holds barred when it came to anything, even breast surgeries. Oh how we miss those days, but that’s a topic of discussion for another time. Let’s get to our final rumored entry on this list.

5 Enhanced – Trish Stratus

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Okay, you might be thinking, “thanks a lot captain obvious”, but we included this entry for a not so obvious reason. Little do many WWE fans know, but Stratus actually got her implants removed back in 2008. Yes, it’s fairly obvious she got enhancement work done prior to her fitness modelling days, but it’s a under the radar fact that those enhancements have since been removed.

According to the rumor mill, Stratus isn’t the only one that got rid of her enhancements following her WWE days. Other Divas that did the same according to dirt sheets include a plethora of 90s stars from Chyna to Debra to Madusa to Kimberly Paige. Even Nidia Guenard was said to have gotten her implants removed following her wrestling career as she switched focus on starting a family.

4 Rumored - Charlotte Flair

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Either she’s been using a top of the line bra as of late, or a certain surgery has taken place, we really can’t say for sure, but the IWC has made the claim that Flair did get herself a little surgery done at some point, and no, we’re not talking about a surgery due to injury.

You can certainly agree with the evidence by looking at photos of Charlotte when she started with the company as opposed to now. Looking at Instagram selfies, Flair looks a lot more busty in the chest area suddenly, and to be quite frank, they do have the look of being surgically enhanced but for now, we can only speculate without denying or confirming the rumor. Can we get a WOOOOOOO.

3 Enhanced – Paige

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What? When? How? Okay, we might be pulling your leg a little bit with this one, aside from a minor lip pump, Paige has had limited work done as far as we know. However, she was caught with a banned substance in the past, landing her on this side of the fence.

A little bit after the 2016 WWE Draft while nursing an injury, Paige was suspended for failing the company’s Wellness Policy. She would ultimately get suspended a second time from the company, leading to a 60 day suspension. That time around, Paige made her feelings public as she claimed that prescription drugs and doctor notes aren’t enough proof to get exempt. Surprisingly enough, the WWE reacted to Paige’s comments claiming she tested positive for an illegal drug and not a prescription drug. When it comes to the integrity of the examination, the WWE is clearly not messing around and Paige was another Superstar to fell the wrath.

2 Enhanced – Mike Chioda

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Okay be honest, clicking this article you really didn’t expect to see a WWE referee, let alone the most recognizable face in the zebra stripes, the 51 year old veteran Mike Chioda. The veteran official basically personifies “enhanced wrestlers you might not have known about”, although yea, he’s not a wrestler but you can give us the pass nonetheless given how rare of an occurrence this incident was.

Starting with the WWE in the late 80s, Mike had a near perfect resume with the company till his unlikely violation. Chioda was suspended for 30 days back in the summer of 2011. The violation proved that all employees are viable to testing, even refs that have been in the business since the 80s. The violation was his one and only blemish with the company.

1 Rumored - Jinder Mahal

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The parallels between Jinder Mahal’s look in the last couple of yearsis truly shocking. Looking at picture of Jinder on the indie scene before the WWE, he looked unrecognizable. Even when joining the company and taking part in 3MB faction, he still paled in comparison physically to what he looks like today. Following his release in 2014, Jinder returned to the WWE two years later with an all new look. Fans were shocked to see how much he developed his physique with veins even on his lats!

Of course, steroid use was instantly linked. Outside of the WWE, perhaps Jinder took certain substances and was able to sustain it with the WWE if in fact HGH use is legal, as Triple H’s nutritionist eluded to. As of now, we have no evidence claiming that Jinder is enhanced, so we’ll have to leave this one on the rumored side of things.

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