10 Female Wrestlers That Are All-Natural (And 17 That Clearly Aren't)

In the gritty world of sports entertainment that is the WWE, women have had to fight tooth and nail to get noticed. A few years back, before the advent of the 'Women's Revolution' brought about by the success of ladies on NXT, they were treated as nothing but eye-candy by the upper management of the WWE.

Such bad was the state of women's wrestling that the 'divas' as they were called back then were relegated to all but a few minutes on the screen. The matches were often shoddy and were treated as nothing but 'toilet-breaks' by the creative team. This apathy soon spread out to the fans who didn't show much interest in what the women had to offer.  So it was of utmost importance that the women made most of this small opportunity and their looks and figure dictated how much screen time they got during the broadcasts, as much if not more than their wrestling ability.

To make sure that they got noticed whenever they went out in front of a mass audience, many divas had to retort to 'enhance' their bodies. They went under the knife and a visible difference was fairly noticeable when they came out after their surgeries. Some of them though, were fairly confident in their bodies and did not opt to alter what was natural to them and still managed to make a difference.

Here are 10 WWE female wrestlers who are clearly natural and 17 who clearly aren't.

27 Natural - Bayley

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When Bayley entered the main roster after a legendary run down at the Full Sail University in NXT, big things were expected of her. She was supposed to become the female face of the company, a merch-selling machine, a female equivalent of John Cena who always does the right thing.

Unfortunately for the Hugster, things haven't gone according to plan on the main roster despite winning the Women's Championship. Her character has been poorly treated, not undergoing any serious changes or layers being added to it. This has led to her being booed in various arena's, despite being a clear face.

Bayley staying true to her character in real life though, has not gone under the knife and is all natural.

26 Not Natural - Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella started out in the WWE in a period where women's wrestling was arguably going through its worst phase. Models who looked good, not the wrestlers were being hired by the WWE and Bella's stunning looks was the primary reason why she got hired.

Nikki, to her credit, worked hard at her new job and improved by leaps and bounds in the ring to become a credible professional wrestler and a multiple time champion.

Nikki got implants in 2012 and was proud of confirming the news. A few pictures of Nikki were out in 2012 and speculations on whether she got implants or not even started to trend on Twitter. Nikki though was not embarrassed about the fact that she had gotten work done on her chest and wrote on Twitter, "Love how “Nikki’s” my boobs are trending worldwide! Ha what can I say… I wanted my own set of ‪#TwinMagic‬ ;) haha Besos!”

That is the exact sort of confidence which enabled Nikki Bella to have a long, successful and still strong career in the WWE!

25 Not Natural - Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Kiebler is still one of the hottest divas to have ever stepped foot inside a WWE ring. She was a key part of the Attitude Era and its aftermath, adding an oomph factor to the product. She still has one of the greatest pairs of legs ever seen by humanity, earning her the nickname, 'The Legs of the WWF'.

Kiebler has also had a high profile life after leaving the world of professional wrestling, making constant headlines when she was involved with Hollywood A-lister George Clooney in a serious relationship. She was also involved in some killer photoshoots gracing the cover of high-profile magazines such as Maxim and Sports Illustrated.

One glance at her newer photographs and when compared to her older ones, there is a visible growth in the chest size of Ms. Kiebler and an obvious surgery has been conducted.

24 Natural - AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is widely credited with getting women's wrestling back on track. She never confined to the accepted norms and created quite a persona of being a rebel, much like her husband CM Punk.

AJ Lee was never portrayed as the prettiest of the girls and she did not need to be. Rather than her looks, she let her wrestling ability and character work do the talking, which has made the fans still miss her, long after she has departed from the company.

Lee had some memorable feuds against Paige, the Bella Twins and Kaitlyn which slowly started to change the perception of women's wrestling in the eyes of the audience. The women on the current roster are still reaping the rewards of her good work.

23 Not Natural - Charlotte Flair

Yes, that's right! Arguably the most popular and the most important female professional wrestler in the world right now, Ric Flair's baby daughter Charlotte Flair isn't all that natural. She has been rumored to have undergone a breast enlargement surgery a while back.

Not that it has affected her rise to stardom in any manner. With or without the boob job, Charlotte has been an amazing performer for the WWE and has proven her worth as the leader of the women's division. She has constantly improved both her character and her in-ring work since her days in the NXT, slowly becoming one of the best of all-time.

She also has an incredible presence in the ring and the Flair name certainly helps. The WWE management knows this and she has spent most of her main roster career as a Champion. When all is said and done, Charlotte may well become the greatest female professional wrestler of all-time, just like her Dad did in the men's division.

22 Not Natural - Chyna

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Chyna is unarguably one of the most important figures in the history of women's wrestling. Her introduction to the world during the hey-days of the Attitude Era proved that women just weren't eye-candy, but were equal to men and could kick their ass if need be.

But backstage politics meant that Chyna had an acrimonious ending to her tenure in the WWE and she never really recovered from that. A host of bad decisions led to a host of surgeries which significantly altered her appearance in the final days of her life. She also had to take to the world of pornography to make a living and finally tragically passed away in 2016.

The fall from grace of Chyna still remains one of the darkest stories in professional wrestling history.

21 Natural - Brie Bella

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While her sister opted to go for surgery, the thought of ever going under the knife did not even occur once in Brie Bella's mind. This, despite being under pressure from a few WWE producers on her to get work done on her breasts, when she was being hired by the company.

Brie made a staggering claim on Lillian Garcia's podcast, saying, "I understand they had to have some weird questions. But there were a couple I wasn’t too comfortable with. They talked about my breasts. I didn’t have big ones. They asked if I would allow them to pay for me to have a boob job. I literally stood on stage and I was looking around like, what? They were like, well you guys don’t have breasts. I’m like, I’m so confused what’s going on right now. But you know, they’re making TV."

Brie though stood firm in her beliefs and went on to have a successful career in the WWE now being happily semi-retired, married to Daniel Bryan and recently becoming a mother for the first time.

20 Not Natural - Maryse 

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Maryse was one of the most successful athletes of the 'Divas Era' being one of the top stars of the division. She was one of the longest reigning Divas Champion of all-time, doing some fabulous work in the division as a heel.

She again made her presence felt after a brief hiatus from the business, returning as real-life husband The Miz's manager. The move to pair the two immediately resurrected The Miz's career, making him the MVP of the Smackdown brand which was widely lauded, after the brand split and arguably the best heel on the WWE roster right now. She is currently away from television due to pregnancy and her presence has been sorely missed.

Maryse was a product of the WWE Divas search and like many other women from that era, she too underwent plastic surgery to enhance her already stunning body.

19 Not Natural - Melina Perez

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Melina Perez was a highly controversial figure in the WWE. While there was no denying that she had the stunning good looks and the in-ring ability, which allowed her to win multiple titles, her attitude was always in question.

She was not a popular figure backstage with her peers due to an alleged inflated ego. She apparently also had a promiscuous nature with the male wrestlers and slept around with quite a few of them, despite her on and off relationship with John Morrisson.

She apparently had breast enlargements done after she was rejected in the third round of WWE's reality show Tough Enough in 2002. She would eventually sign up with the WWE in 2004, first joining up with their developmental territory down in OVW.

18 Natural - Carmella

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The current Money In The Bank contract holder is well on course to soon become a Women's Champion and it has a lot to do with her stunning looks along with her ability in the ring. No one will likely call Carmella one of the best ring workers in the division but she more than makes up for it with her bratty gimmick and her natural beauty. Carmella is a stunning woman in each and every sense of imagination and has not undergone any surgeries to bring changes to her body.

When she debuted on the main roster, people questioned how far she would go without Enzo and Big Cass but she has proven everyone wrong, becoming a featured part of the Smackdown product. The Princess of Staten Island is fierce, independent, beautiful and all natural. Big Cass is certainly one fortunate man to have such a woman in his life.

17 Not Natural - Eva Marie

Eva Marie could be called unfortunate as she perhaps entered the wrestling business in the wrong era. Women were started to be considered as serious athletes and main-event worthy talents in the WWE, drawing inspiration from Ronda Rousey's success in the UFC.

Marie was primarily hired for her good looks and was a model first before being a professional wrestler. This combined with rumors that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn were high on her immediately made her a heat magnet and widely derided by the fans. She became arguably the most despised female wrestler in history.

Marie has now left the WWE and has got back to modeling gigs. A quick glance through her photographs and one can obviously see that she has gotten some work done on her breasts, as well as her nose.

16 Not Natural - Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is arguably the perfect example of how hard work takes you a long way. When Stratus was hired by the WWE, it was for her stunning good looks and not for her wrestling abilities. She hardly knew a thing about wrestling, but really took to the business, improving each and every single day in each and every aspect of it.

The audiences soon noticed that Trish was putting the hard yards in and was not just sitting on her couch relaxing on the basis of her good looks. This made her the most successful, respected and popular female professional wrestler in the history of the business. By the time she was done, Trish was one of the best workers in the business and that was a testament to her commitment.

At the start of her career though, a breast enlargement surgery greatly helped her cause. It is also rumored that after her retirement, Trish underwent a breast reduction surgery.

15 Natural - Asuka

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The Goldberg of the women's divsion, there have been fewer superstars in the WWE who have been more dominantly booked than the Japanese superstar. Since coming to NXT from Japan, Asuka is still to be beaten in a WWE ring, breaking Goldberg's undefeated streak record. This run is unlikely to come to an end anytime soon and it shouldn't be long before she has the Women's title around her waist.

Asuka is also a fierce professional wrestler, incorporating various moves from MMA in her ring-work, which makes her, unlike any other female wrestler. She is a fierce and a stiff striker and a submission specialist, which add a great deal of realism in her matches.

Where she is also real, is her body and she hasn't had any enhancements done.

14 Not Natural - Stephanie McMahon

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That's right, even the Billion Dollar Princess could not succumb to the temptation of getting a boob job done. Stephanie to her credit has never hidden that fact that she got her breasts enlarged and has also been a big sport about it, with her breast enlargement becoming a part of the storyline with Chris Jericho mocking it. In one of the episodes of Raw Jericho came up with some famous words, which read, "It seems like our billionaire princess sure has grown over the past year! Well, in two specific places, at least. Talk about "foreign objects"! "Let the bodies hit the floor"? I say let the boobies hit the floor!"

Stephanie herself spoke on her surgery in a podcast, saying, "What had happened was, at one point in time I was heavier and then I had lost some weight and I didn’t like the way I looked and I wasn’t confident in how I looked. And so it was my own personal decision to have that done and I was proud of what I did."

Stephanie McMahon is certainly one proud woman and it is one of the key reasons why she is the most important and powerful woman in the history of professional wrestling.

13 Not Natural - Ashley Massaro

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WWE was all in on the Ashley Massaro hype train and she was one of the most heavily pushed women in the Divas era. It was clear from the outset that the WWE brass was very high on the potential of Ashley and she was being positioned to become the face of the Divas division.

One of the factors for that was the killer body which Ashley had. She was not a great wrestler by any means but compensated her lack of ability in the ring with her good looks. She had a large chest, which she was never afraid to show off in revealing outfits. This was gained by going under the knife, as Ashley had breast enlargements done.

The experiment did not pay off though, as she had a controversial end to her tenure with the company.

12 Natural - Becky Lynch

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The Irish Lasskicker is one of the most popular superstars on the WWE roster currently across male and female talents. She is a superb in-ring performer with the ability to cut some fiery promos. She also has a natural innate charm which makes her character easily likable to the mass audience and on top of that, she is also witty and funny. Due to her abilities, most fans believe that Becky has been under-utilized by the company and should be more often in the title picture and near the main-event spot of the women's division.

Becky Lynch before joining the WWE had a host of jobs which included being a model as well as working for an airline. If one checks out her old photos and compares it the new ones, it becomes clear that Becky Lynch is all natural has gotten no work done on her body. Even without making any changes, Becky remains one of the most beautiful athletes across all of professional wrestling.

11 Not Natural - Alexa Bliss

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The current Goddess of the WWE and the Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss is a big hit with the internet fans due to her brilliant character and promo work, as well as her stunning good looks and her voluptuous figure.

All these abilities have also made her arguably the most pushed female wrestler on the roster with multiple championship victories on both brands combined, despite her not so stellar in-ring work.

Bliss, unlike many women wrestlers of the current generation, had chosen to get work done on her body. It helped her during her bodybuilding days, as women often lose their shape when focusing on becoming more ripped and muscular.

10 Not Natural - Torrie Wilson

There isn't a single WWE fan who does not remember the name of Torrie Wilson. Torrie was the fantasy of every young adult back in the day and still remains one to this day, despite leaving the world of professional wrestling for many years now.

The woman who popularized the bikini contest in the WWE has enjoyed a successful career out of the company as a fitness model and instructor. She has graced the career of some major magazines and has launched a successful line of fitness DVDs. She was also involved in a high profile relationship with Alex Rodriguez a few years back.

Her body seemed too good to be true and it was all thanks to breast enlargements which she had done back in the day.

9 Natural - Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis is one of the hottest women in all of professional wrestling. She started her career as an interviewer and had a bubbly and innocent character.  But her real talents were shown when she left the WWE and performed in promotions like NJPW.  There she adopted the character of 'The First Lady of Professional Wrestling', showcasing some outstanding heel work as the manager of her real-life husband Mike Bennett. This eventually earned her a move back to the WWE.

The transformation of her character also allowed her to don much more sultry outfits, which showcased her envious body. Maria is one of the women's wrestlers who has been well endowed and hasn't required a surgery to enhance her looks. She also has never been afraid to show off, once posing nude for Playboy magazine. She has also appeared naked in the movie Opposite Sex.

8 Not Natural - Eve Torres

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Eve Torres turned out to be one of the better products of the diva's era of wrestling. Though she started out as green, as all professional wrestlers do, she made the most of her opportunities and showed constant improvement in the ring.

This made her widely respected among the audiences as well as backstage and she became involved in some major storylines. She also won the Divas Championship three-times, making her the first diva to do so.

Along with her fierce work ethic, Torres also had some stunning looks which also came about due to a rumored breast enlargement surgery she underwent in the middle of her career.

7 Not Natural - Lana

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Lana is simply one of the most stunning women to have stepped foot inside the WWE. On top of her good looks, her character work has also been really impressive, playing a Russian character really well despite being an American named CJ Perry. Her in-ring work still leaves a lot to be desired but she is working hard in the Performance Centre, to be considered a serious professional wrestler.

Before the WWE, Lana worked as a model and also landed a few role in movies and music videos. She was not afraid to go bold, doing a variety of photoshoots and even a scene in the popular show Banshee in her birthday suit.

Although it may not be obvious, Lana is not naturally endowed, having had some work done.

6 Natural - Sasha Banks

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One of the best professional wrestlers in the current generation, Sasha Banks has achieved it all at a very young age. She has gotten brilliant at her job and her in-ring and character work is particularly top-notch, especially as a heel.

Who can forget her rivalry with her co-four horsewomen down in NXT, especially with Bayley, which kickstarted the women's revolution in the company. She has translated her success over to the main roster as well, winning multiple Championships.

Sasha too believes in making a mark and is extremely proud of her achievements as a professional wrestler who has succeeded due to her skills and not due to her looks. She is one of the few female wrestlers, who hasn't had work done on her body.

5 Not Natural - Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall had a moderately successful career in the WWE, doing some good heel work as an awful singer who drove the audience crazy. Her singing terribly in the ring was an easy manner to get in some cheap heat with the crowds and the gimmick worked for a while despite having a limited shelf life.

Jillian is more known though for her botched boob job which left her figure hugely disproportionate. Jillian was already quite well endowed and did not need the surgery in the first place, but still went for it with the results not being that good. For her height, she went for a big increase in size and her career eventually in the WWE, eventually fizzled out.

4 Not Natural - Sable

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If one talks about sex symbol in the WWE, no one beats or is ever likely to beat Sable in those regards. No one was bolder or hotter than Sable and she was a major part of WWE's golden age, the Attitude Era.

Such was her popularity back then that the segments she was involved in were one of the highest rated segments on the show, in days ratings meant everything in the Monday Night Wars. WCW simply could not compete with WWE when Sable was on the screen and she had a key role in her company winning the War.

Men drooled over her and women envied her perfect body. But that perfect body of Sable was not natural and she had her breasts augmented to make it look larger than they originally were.

3 Natural - Paige

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The anti-diva of WWE has had a fair share of controversies in the past couple of years but getting plastic surgery isn't one of them.

A lot was expected from Paige when she first broke on to the scene in NXT and then on the WWE main roster becoming the youngest Divas champion in the history of the company at the age of 21 on her Raw debut.

No one can deny her talent but Paige had strayed in her path to becoming the potential most successful female professional wrestler of all-time after a sex tape of her was leaked. She was also involved in a highly controversial relationship with Alberto Del Rio and also had a couple of Wellness Policy violations to her name. A severe neck injury further complicated matters.

Paige is now back and on the road to recovery, forming the stable 'Absolution' on Raw, which has gotten off to a decent start.

2 Not Natural - Lita

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Lita is one of the most influential women's wrestlers of all-time, perhaps even being in consideration for being the greatest of all-time. Lita showed tremendous versatility throughout her career, inside the ring and in her character work.

She portrayed the daredevil as the third member of Team Extreme really well making her a firm favorite with the audiences. She also took some hellacious bumps inside the ring and did moves which the audiences had never seen a woman do ever before.

The real-life incident with Matt Hardy and Edge meant that Lita had to turn heel and she again did great justice to her character, portraying the role of the evil seductress with great performances.

The breast enlargement which she underwent early in her career certainly helped her as a heel, as she wore some of the most revealing outfits ever seen in the WWE when she was performing alongside with Edge.

1 Natural - Alicia Fox

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The long-tenured WWE employee may portray a crazy character on-screen, but there have been no crazy decisions on her part when it comes to her smoking hot body. Fox is currently one of the longest-contracted employees performing in the women's division and has seen it all; from ladies in the diva's era competing in bra and panties matches to them main-eventing RAW's, Smackdown's and even special events on a regular basis.

But she has never been inclined towards changing a thing about her breasts and is perfectly comfortable with her natural assets. She has quite a slender figure which has allowed to be quite athletic in the ring and her abilities along with her consistent character work has seen her not only become a Divas Champion, but manage to still stay relevant after all these years and carve out a niche role for herself on the current roster.

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