10 Female Wrestlers We Would Like To See In The "Other Industry" And 10 We Would NOT

It's always a running joke with people who are struggling to find work that they may as well just join the "other industry", the industry of adult films. Most of the time the joke is exactly that, a joke. However, there are times when someone takes that joke a little too far and actually follows through with it.

Former members of the wrestling industry tend to be these people. Maybe they do it because they've been famous and they're scared of what'll happen when they aren't famous anymore. Maybe it's because they only know one craft, so when it's finished they have nothing to fall back on. It could even be our fault because we see these Barbie-doll women in their underwear every day and just want to see what's underneath it all.

Regardless of the reasons, there is a long history of women who have appeared in "the other industry". Some women, such as Sunny or Mickie James, showed us exactly why we would want to see these wrestlers in films like this. However, there are other instances, like Chyna, which prove that maybe the only camera these women should be in front of is the WWE hardcam.

Coming out of the Attitude Era and into the era of the Women's Revolution, the female wrestlers are becoming more talented and diverse than ever. The roster is also looking more stacked every day.

So out of the current crop of superstars (and some old favorites), here is a list of would we love to see try "the other industry", and who would we NOT want to see under any circumstances. We should point out that in no way are we saying these women SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do it. It's simply a case of appealing to the potential fantasies out there of male wrestling fans.

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29 Want: AJ Lee

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After coming out of the Attitude Era’s “blonde bombshell” kind of woman, seeing AJ come into the business brought a refreshing change in look. Tall, blonde, small-waisted-yet-ample-chested women ruled the WWE roost until a short, brunette bouncy girl came into the scene. Other than the fact she could actually wrestle, you couldn’t help but notice she was so damn cute! It didn’t matter if she was being a valet/romancing Daniel Bryan, or if she was defending the Diva’s championship for the 1000th time in the then-record breaking title run,

The best-selling author gives out major girl-next-door vibes. The kinds of films she would be in in “the other industry” practically write themselves. She could be the innocent neighbor, the curious college classmate or the ultimate friendly roommate.

28 Not: Awesome Kong

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There are monster heels, and there are monster heels. Awesome Kong was definitely a presence when she ran roughshod through the WWE women’s division. It often took everything out of her opponent to beat Kong in a one-on-one match, and that’s counting the rare times they were able to win. It didn’t matter if she was in the WWE, Impact or anywhere else she wrestled, the booking for Awesome Kong was always the same: Have her destroy her opponent.

One “opponent” we never want to see her destroy is one in the “other industry”. Awesome Kong was barely camera friendly when she came to the ring in her Amazon-inspired gear, wearing even less than that could very well break the camera. Kong was great as a monster in the ring, but shouldn’t be a monster in the bedroom.

27 Want: Emma

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Emma burst onto the NXT scene and became an instant hit. Her bright blonde hair, tall frame and infections smile instantly struck a chord with the male audience -- and that accent! Since coming into her own on the WWE main stage, Emma has seen a change of attitude and a brand-new look. What was once a naive, innocent kid sister is now a cocky, take-charge badass. Emma’s scenes would be easy to write because she has two characters to play off of. Imagine the first iteration of Emma trying to go to college for the first time, or experiencing her first party, or just being a bit too trusting. Counter that with modern-day Emma. A controlling, dominant force who says exactly what she wants. Regardless of how you portray her, Emma is definitely someone “the other industry” could use.

26 Not: Nia Jax

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Nia Jax's modeling background would make her appealing to certain aspects of the "other industry" but given the prestigious wrestling family Jax comes from (the Anoa'i family) this is simply something that shouldn't ever happen. Jax is also a symbol for the business as someone who has cut the traditional mold of what a WWE female talent is supposed to look like. Yes, Chyna broke the mold and tried the other business, but it didn't do her favors later in life. In any event, it's best that Nia Jax sticks to what has garnered her so much success thus far. Be an ass kicker in the ring and portray a new image for women's wrestling. It's unlikely we'd have to worry about this scenario anyway.

25 Want: Becky Lynch

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The Irish lass kicker is arguably the most naturally pretty girl in the entire WWE. You never see her on-screen caked with makeup, or covered in any crazy getups. Even her offscreen look remains delightfully natural. Becky’s fun-loving personality definitely contributes to her beauty as well. Her puns, smile and overall attitude really hammer home the fact that this isn’t just another pretty face in the crowd, it’s someone you take home to your parents. And, once again, you can’t ignore that accent!

Her “other industry” personality can just be an enhanced version of her own. The plucky, happy girl who’s all-too willing to help a guy fulfill his prom dream, or the loyal best friend who’s willing to do anything for her friends. Becky can, and should, only be portrayed in a positive light, because that’s who she is.

24 Not: Natalya

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The Queen of Hearts, the last fighting member of the Hart family, and one of the most experienced vets on the roster has been vital to the new women’s division. She’s been there to show the next generation how to be superstars and she’s bridged the gap between the old divas division and the new women’s generation. It’s also no secret that Nattie likes cats. She really likes cats. It’s more than her favorite animal, it’s almost an obsession. So what do you think would happen if the “other industry” called her up and wanted her to be in a movie? She would want to dress up like a cat, purr like a cat, meow and get waaaayyy into her cat play. Nothing against her looks, but no one wants to see a grown woman prowling like a cat for 60 min.

23 Want: Lita

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Before there was The Women’s Revolution, there was another sort of women’s revolution led by Lita. Instead of having the women be only eye candy, Lita (along with Beth Phoenix and others) said “What if the women wrestled as good as they looked?” As formidable and high-flying as her style was inside the ring, her look screamed “punky bad girl” (it also helped that she partnered with the Hardys as Team Extreme). Her tattoos, baggy clothing and even her hair reminded all of us of the girl our parents said we weren’t allowed to date.

Lita’s look allows her to only play one type of character in “the other industry” -- The bad girl. She can seduce innocent classmates and turn them to the dark side, or she can show up on her motorcycle and give a peek into a more extreme life.

22 Not: Asuka

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There's a hilarious (and baffling) story from way back in the day when Vince McMahon was on the fence about hiring Gail Kim, thinking the American audience wouldn't find the Asian beauty attractive. Good ol' JR then had to explain to his boss that men did in fact find Asian women attractive and there were tons of adult sites dedicated to that taste. In Asuka's case, it's not that she's not appealing, but the simple fact is she has been billed as an unstoppable force for so long and it simply isn't the industry for her. We could definitely see her pursuing other forms of entertainment besides wrestling, but Asuka has to keep being seen as untouchable. That doesn't exactly work in 'the other industry'.

21 Want: Maryse

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Merci! For being off television for so many years, and being away from the business for that long, Maryse certainly kept herself in shape! Maryse was always part of a select group of female wrestlers who won a championship, and looked good doing it. You never thought you would be jealous of the Miz, but after seeing what he has with Maryse, it’s understandable if you are. Maryse’s blonde hair and flat stomach make her inclusion in the “other industry” almost too easy. She could easily play a variety of roles, but I think she would excel in a teacher or instructor role. Given her cultural background, she could easily be a French teacher who is way-too-giving of some extra credit.


19 Sable

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with Sable. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, she was a fierce competitor in the ring and she was one of the stars of her age. Even when you compare how she looks now, to how she looked then, she still holds up with the best of them. So it begs the question, if she’s so beautiful and perfect, why wouldn’t we want to see her in “the other industry”. The answer isn’t because of her, but her husband. Sable is married to multi-time WWE champion and current “most frightening man in existence” Brock Lesnar.

There isn’t a single person on this Earth who would agree to being in a film with Sable. Imagine having to perform, knowing Brock Lesnar is waiting in the wings. In fact, there are probably few people who would even watch that film, afraid that Brock would somehow find out and hunt them down.

18 Want: The Bella Twins

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There are plenty of opinions on the Bellas, but no one can deny their importance to the industry. A very sound argument could be made that they were instrumental in the original women’s revolution, they have permeated the world outside of wrestling better than any female before them and they have been willing to do anything to advance the industry; and both girls deliver when it comes to looks. Even though they are twins, they still have different enough bodies to have a little something for everyone. Their scenes are the easiest to figure out. What’s hotter than twins? It doesn’t matter who else in in the scene, or what the scenario is, as long as the two are together, the film is perfect.

17 Not: Dana Brooke

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Remember Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem? If the name doesn’t sound familiar, how about this: Remember the band that was on the Muppets? It featured Dr. Teeth on lead vocals, Animal on drums and one other key member who provided vocals. Her name was Janice. Dana Brooke is Janice. It’s when you put the two side-by-side that the similarities really show. They have the same pulled back hair, the overly plump lips and the beady eyes. The only real difference between the two is their voice. One of them speaks in a barely coherent accent that rivals nails on a chalkboard, and the other is a Muppet. A lot of people grew up with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, and it holds a special place in their hearts. This is why no one wants to see Dana Brooke in “the other industry”, it would forever ruin the sanctity of the Muppets.

16 Want: Carmella

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She may be new to the industry, but Carmella is absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. The Queen of Staten Island has come a long, long way from her beginnings as a hairdresser who lost her job because of Enzo and Cass. Her heel run on the main stage has been great, and her clothing choices, while tacky looking, look great on her. No one is complaining that her shirts don’t seem to cover her entire body! When it comes to her situations in “the other industry”, Carmella can easily play up her character as a smart girl from the streets who knows how to do it all. She could also use her heel character to put herself in the bad girl category. Her accent can be one of her assets as well, think of her as the new girl in town who wants to show everyone just how things are done back home.

15 Not: Bayley

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Bayley is another woman who really has it all. She’s plucky and cute, she’s a former champion and she excels in the ring. So what would prevent us from wanting to see her in the “other industry?” It’s because Bayley is a hugger. Hugging is fine between friends and family members, and it really hammers home Bayleys innocent nature. But one thing hugs aren’t good for are movies in the “other industry”. No one wants to see two people hug for 90 minutes, and that’s all Bayley would want to do. You would also feel bad for her while watching her on screen. She’s so innocent and so adorable that you would think she’s being taken advantage of. Bayley is the wrestling world’s little sister, and no one wants to see their sister in the “other industry.”

14 Want: Lana

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They don’t call her The Ravishing Russian for nothing. You know that someone is creating a good audience reaction when they get entrance music as a valet. While representing Rusev, Lana was best known for her tight-fitting dresses and her tightly-wound bun. She got enough attention to court multiple superstars including Dolph Ziggler, Enzo Amore and, of course, her husband Rusev. Her look carried her from Rusev’s side all the way into the ring. She may be new at wrestling, but she’s not new to the WWE audience. Much like Maryse’s appeal was from her homeland, so is Lana’s. Lana’s strong personality suits her well to a dominant role in “the other industry”. She would be very believable donning black leather, a whip and and commanding exactly what she wants.

13 Not: Paige

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The former NXT and WWE women’s champion was instantly one of the hottest people in the entire wrestling universe. She was putting on great matches wherever she went, she was of the first NXT champions in existence, and she won the Divas championship in her very first WWE match, breaking one of the longest streaks in championship history. Now, there’s nothing wrong with how Paige looks. She’s actually one of the hotter superstars to enter the WWE ring, but it’s her “extracurricular activities” that preclude her from joining “the other industry”.

Based on recent videos that have come out showing what Paige was doing behind the scenes during her time in WWE, we wouldn’t want to see her in the “other industry” because it’s something we’ve already seen before.

12 Want: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is one of the leaders of the women’s revolution, one of the best in-ring performers the WWE has and one of the most badass women on the roster. She is the epitome of what a modern-day women’s wrestler should be. She can talk back, she can handle any match and throughout it all she looks good. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing her trademark shades and gold plates, or coming into the ring wearing just her ring gear, Sasha Banks is truly a boss. Her personality outside of the ring as a not-so-closet nerd only brings her hotness up.

The “other industry” could use her in a variety of ways. She can be toned down to play the girl next door or an innocent best friend, or she can don her true colors and become The Boss, where she takes whatever she wants from whomever she wants.

11 Not: Charlotte

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Charlotte faces some of the same problems that Paige does. Because of recent cell phone leaks, anything we would see in the “other industry” is already out there for the world to see. It’s not new news anymore. However, there one other problem holding Charlotte back that Paige doesn’t have, and that’s Charlotte’s family. Charlotte looks and acts a lot like her dad, Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Her relationship with her father is what’s brought her so far in the wrestling industry, but it’s not a comparison anyone wants to make in the “other industry.”

As much fun as it would be to see Charlotte getting down and dirty, it would be almost impossible not to picture her father in her place. Just the thought alone is enough to keep Charlotte far, far away from the “other industry.”

10 Want: Alexa Bliss

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When it comes to hotness on the main roster, there isn’t any category that Alexa Bliss doesn’t fill. Her years of cheerleading and bodybuilding have created an excellent body, her quick wit and awesome promos prove that she can be feisty, her in-ring performance shows she can keep up with the best of them and her off-screen personality shows that she’s just a sweet girl who just wants to have fun. She is the only person who can rival Emma for versatility in “the other industry”. I would almost be too easy just to portray her as a cheerleader, so you could make her the girl next door. She could also easily fit in at a sorority or party. She could even tap into her character and become a controlling black widow. Alexa Bliss is one of the #1 performers for WWE, and easily #1 on this side of the list.









1 Not: Stephanie McMahon

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The “other industry” prides itself on having something for everyone, but Stephanie McMahon ever entertaining that thought would be the last thing the wrestling industry needs. Sure, Vince let his daughter do a lot of things on screen but this is a NO CHANCE IN HELL scenario. Keep this one in your fantasy boys, because Stephanie even entertaining that thought is impossible and would be disastrous for the industry. Picturing Vince McMahon's daughter doing certain acts on camera just doesn't seem right. Don't worry though; there are plenty of adult parodies out there featuring the McMahons where you could get your fix, if this is indeed your fantasy.

Stephanie is the next in line to take the empire so please don't be selfish wrestling fans; put the needs of the business before the needs of your fantasies!

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