10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Natural (And 10 Who Are Not)

Women in wrestling face a double standard. They want to be taken seriously in skills but also have to get over with their looks. It’s boosted by WWE and TNA pushing the hotter ladies in bikini shoots and other bits to enhance their beauty more. “Total Divas” gets it even more prominent with ladies showing off out of the ring and social media enhances their presence too. So pressure is on for a female wrestler to do some surgery to boost their looks. Chyna is the most infamous case, transforming her face and body massively over her WWE run with many feeling it was for the worse down the line. Likewise, it was no secret Stephanie McMahon got some work done herself which even made its way into storylines. It happens a lot in wrestling and likely to continue as women have to handle adjusting to fame and getting themselves over.

However, some ladies are able to avoid this trap. They don’t need surgery to get ahead, some are just naturally gorgeous and it shows. Even those who seem to have gotten some “enhancements” are actually natural and able to stand out nicely. It can be surprising to see who has and hasn’t gotten any work done to enhance themselves but it does lead to success. Some cases are obvious, others not as these ladies are all stars in various ways. Some are with WWE, others TNA and others retired yet rank high in talk of cosmetic work. Here are 10 women who are all natural and 10 who clearly had work done to show this goes back beyond just WWE and surprising who has undergone it.

20 NATURAL: Paige

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The British lass has sadly become more famous for her off-screen actions than what she does in the ring. Rising up high in NXT, Paige was soon moving to WWE and getting over with victories and a run as Divas champion. Her dark style with tight tops and smoky eyes made her a winner with fans and good success. The fact she was so young just indicated she had more great times ahead. But Paige has gotten into trouble from risqué videos with Xavier Woods to clashes with others and breaking wellness rules. She’s also in some major heat due to her “relationship” with Alberto Del Rio that’s gotten him dropped from TNA/GFW. Paige is up front on a no surgery policy and citing “it’s a push-up bra” and it seems to be true so whatever else her numerous issues, at least she’s natural messing up.

19 NOT: Beth Phoenix

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The “Glamazon” was the star of the women’s division in OVW, rising up with her strength and impressing many. With her great power, blonde hair and terrific build, Phoenix got over well in OVW and then WWE. Holding both the Women and Divas titles, Phoenix was a true hit with her great work and impressing by being able to give guys the works in a fight. She even competed in the Royal Rumble to eliminate the Great Khali. While her muscular build was from weight lifting and training, Phoenix’s ample chest was the work of implants although her strength led her to handle it better than other Divas.

Today, Phoenix is retired and adjusting to motherhood with Edge yet still remains in top shape. That surgical work helped make The Glamazon a hit and boosting her presence to one of the better female workers the company ever saw.

18 NATURAL: Sasha Banks

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“The Boss” has been a major star for NXT for a long time. True, being the cousin of Snoop Dogg helps boost her up in some attitude but a lot of it came to her own feelings and wish to boost herself. A knockout, she enhanced her look with her outfits and style, her dyed hair and coming off like a million bucks. She then backed it up in the ring as champion with amazing feuds with Bayley and Charlotte to prove herself. You’d think she’d have some enhancements, especially with the chest but Sasha is natural and loves to brag about it. There’s no records of her doing anything with surgery and photos indicate she’s always been this nicely formed. So while she may look like she’s had work done, Banks is all natural and a great style for it.

17 NOT: Charlotte Flair

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It’s ironic WCW tried and failed multiple times to make David Flair a star when it’s obvious Charlotte was the one who inherited her father’s wrestling genes. She took off in NXT, taking to wrestling easily to win the Women’s title and boost herself up with sensational battles against so many other women. In WWE, Charlotte has been a true star, a terrific heel presence with a great beauty and perfectly as an arrogant gal. She’s hampered by injury now and then but bounces back and looks great no matter what.

Comparing photos of her over the years, it’s obvious how Charlotte has gotten some work done and yet it fits her for her character. It also became rather obvious with the leaked photos leaving nothing to the imagination and thus Charlotte standing out more. Yet she’s proven herself worthy of her father’s legacy as a star and a beauty no matter what.

16 NATURAL: Stacy Kiebler

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In many ways, Stacy wasn’t as curvaceous as the other Divas of her time. That includes the top half as she came out downright flat compared to folks like Torrie or Trish. But she did possess the longest and arguably best legs wrestling has ever seen. Those 42-inch gams got major attention and she flaunted them in dancing and various outfits. Stacy may not have been a good in-ring worker but the sight of her extending those legs to choke someone in a corner was always sensational. That led to her major fame and success which led to some acting, “Dancing With the Stars” and even dating George Clooney. Stacy was up front on how she was pressured to get some work done but didn’t want to as it would be distracting from her best feature; her legs. She turned out to be right as those legs were more than enough to get her over majorly and lead her to stardom.

15 NOT: Mickie James

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The gorgeous lady had a run in TNA as a punk follower of Raven but they foolishly let her go. In WWE, she took off as Trish Stratus’ stalker turned rival with her act so great fans rooted for Mickie at their Mania match. Over the years, she became more popular with various runs and championship styles. At first suspected natural, it was confirmed she’d had surgery when she suffered a burst implant in a match and had to get it fixed, written off as a shoulder injury. James did get a harsh bit when a tiny weight gain turned into the horrible “Piggy James” angle that drove her out of WWE. She showed off in TNA and even a country music career. Back in WWE, Mickie continues to wow fans so even if she may not be a natural beauty, “Hardcore Country” is among the best of her time.

14 NATURAL: Becky Lynch

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The Irish lass had been rising up in the indies in the early 2010s, her great style a winner at various territories. A severe neck injury seemed to put an end to all that and cut her career short. But after rehab, Lynch bounced back, coming to NXT in 2013 and rising up wonderfully. She was part of the Four Horsewomen, amazingly hot and skilled and soon the first SmackDown Women’s champion. While she’s suffered injuries, Lynch is still tops at things and doing well in the company. She also gets over without any work done to herself, clearly no enhancements to her chest and such, that natural Irish flair being far more appealing than any fabricated curvaceous body. Instead, Lynch is known for that steampunk style and fiery orange hair to show she can get by on more than just looks to rise among the company’s current best.

13 NOT: Lita

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Another case that’s pretty obvious. Amy Dumas showed promise in ECW yet was mostly ignored. Heading to WWE, she started off as Esai Rio’s valet and impressing doing high-flying moves even better than he did. That led to her joined with the Hardys and soon taking off. With her hot style, her thong peeking from jeans, red hair and great tattoo, Lita was truly hitting her mark although a bad neck injury filming “Dark Angel” curtailed that.

It was clear Lita had some work done, particularly upon her return which did take away some of the limber form she had. But she still stands tall amid the Divas of her era with her beauty flaunted by her heel turn and relationship with Edge. Back with WWE commentating, Lita was red hot no matter her being natural or not to make the Attitude Era stand out.

12 NATURAL: Bayley

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It’s well known Bayley has one of the nicest backsides in the business. Rising up high in NXT with her “hugging” gimmick, Bayley and Sasha Banks put out some stunning battles in 2015 and Bayley had a nice long run as NXT Women’s champion. That led to her rise on RAW, including a run as champion. She’s actually been criticized a bit for not overtly sexy and some speculate that’s a reason she’s not rising as high in WWE as expected. But Bayley is up front on how doing such surgery is not in the cards for her. She prides herself on being a role model for young girls and knows doing beauty surgery isn’t the right message to send. Few can really complain as being herself is what makes Bayley so popular and why she gets so much support.

11 NOT: The Beautiful People

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This is blatantly obvious and makes perfect sense. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were already good stars in TNA. But when joined together as the Beautiful People, they took off huge. They were the perfect “love to hate” starlets, heels who got over with hot promos and great style to rise up. It’s no surprise each has done some work over the years, pushing up chest and some toning of faces with subtle but very noticeable facial shifts over the years. However, each is still a Knockouts champion and have done a good job settling themselves at the top of the game. They’ve mostly faded from TNA but still each look quite hot to show some benefits of surgery over the years. So yes, it took a bit of surgery to make them so “Beautiful” but it fit their act to keep them among the hottest women in TNA.


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It’s still one of the more famous promos, not quite matching CM Punk’s “pipe bomb” but coming really close. AJ Lee, Divas champion, took to the stage to berate the various women in the ring on being nothing but stupid plastics using their beauty and she was getting over just by her own skills. Lee was a delight for fans with her style, her attitude, a geeky gal but hot as hell and proved it with her ring work and long run as champion. Her ring style was because she wanted something comfortable rather than the suits designed to show off curves and even give young girls something to cosplay as.

Lee is clear surgery and enhancements were never for her and it showed with her sensational work that made her a favorite and standing out among the Diva era.

9 NOT: Brooke Tessmacher

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At first getting a shot in WWE’s revival of ECW, Brooke was let go by the company for not showing enough potential. TNA showed their mistake by having Brooke, first as a hot ring lady then a manager. Soon, she was turning into a terrific worker, paired with Tara as tag champions and then several reigns as Knockouts champ. Brooke is up front on how she’s had a few breast jobs. Indeed, she says she had a badly botched job when she started out and thus had to have it corrected a few times over the years. It’s also clear she got things a bit enhanced in her later run working with Aces & Eights. Brooke is still in fine shape and should be held up well as becoming a much better in-ring worker than most expected but it’s obvious how some enhancement was made to push her up more.

8 NATURAL: Brie Bella

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For years, it was always hard to tell Brie and Nikki Bella apart. They used that for their Twin Magic act, with such things as switching places and enjoyed dressing together from ring outfits to costumes. As they started to feud and re-bond and rose up higher in in the ranks, each a champion, they kept that resemblance even as they tried to build distinctive personalities for each other. “Total Divas” got them over even more with their great strides in being able to build an audience outside of wrestling.

But Nikki would undergo some enhancements to stand out more and thus made it a tad easier to tell the duo apart. Brie, meanwhile, stays natural and seems to enjoy it with her marriage to Daniel Bryan and motherhood. While Nikki flaunts her body on “Dancing With the Stars,” her twin prefers being more herself so they stand apart a bit more.

7 NOT: Gail Kim

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You wouldn’t think Gail Kim was someone enhanced. She was always a bit on the thin side but her amazingly sexy looks and drive got her over well. It served her in WWE as champion but other runs weren’t that good. So she moved onto TNA and has become the cornerstone of the Knockouts division, winning the championship several times and always top feuds. She had a brief WWE return but literally walked out on the company, far more comfortable in TNA.

However, Kim has indeed suffered several implant ruptures in the ring, five in all. She laughs about having to get them corrected and such and the surgery is executed to make it look more natural than others. Kim is easily the best of the TNA Knockouts but has had as much work done to enhance herself as anyone else in WWE.

6 NATURAL: Maria

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Here’s a woman you would think would be only natural to have had some work done. Rising up in the Diva Search, Maria won a job as a backstage commentator and soon had a funny bit of being made out to be a total ditz. She added to it with the fun bit of every now and then suddenly sounding ultra-smart. With a Playboy spread, Maria talked about her work and keeping in shape and how she had never had surgery to boost herself up. Her theme song talked about her great legs and she showed them well.

In ROH, she remade herself into a more wicked lady in hot outfits and grew as a performer. That led to her run in TNA as champion and being a great heel but (in typical TNA fashion) leaving just as things were getting good for her. Back in WWE, Maria still looks as hot as her hair and a nice natural beauty to impress in wrestling.

5 NOT: Sable

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A pretty obvious example. Rena Mero was already a classic blonde knockout with her nice form and style. She broke out with husband Marc Mero in 1996 but it was soon clear she was the star the fans wanted more of. As she rose up, Sable enhanced herself with some implants and a little work to clearly showcase her fantastic sex appeal. That led to her major push, winning the women’s title and posing for Playboy. Rena did get into issues with her ego and attitude, leading her to leave WWE in 1999 and hit them with a major lawsuit. But she returned in 2003, a bit humbler and acknowledging her past issues.

This led to a feud with Torrie including both posing for Playboy. Rena is out of wrestling today, married to Brock Lesnar and keeps a quiet profile, seemingly learning from her past. Of course, she didn’t shy from acknowledging how she got work done that led to her huge success and changing the game.

4 NATURAL: Nia Jax


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Nia Jax definitely has a more unique look when going through all the ladies on this list. A former plus-size model, Nia has embraced her natural curves and given that she's billed as being over 200 pounds, naturally she would embrace what she has. She's explained in various interviews that she wasn't always comfortable with her body and there were times even when she was modeling, that she doubted herself.

She posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit earlier this year that was meant to be inspirational for women to embrace their bodies: "Don't get me wrong, there have been many occasions where I wished I could be thinner or have a different nose or hairline to fit in, but I realized that fitting in is not always as important as it seems; I realized that I love standing out in positive ways!"

3 NOT: Trish Stratus

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She is probably one of the best evolutions of any worker in WWE history. When Trish Stratus debuted in 2000, she was purely eye candy, showing off nicely in tight outfits meant to enhance her curves and especially that very ample chest. Stratus made no bones she had some implants put in and it showed with her style in those outfits. But when she transformed into a top worker, her beauty was matched by some amazing in-ring talent. Soon, Trish was the hottest worker in the company but able to back up her heat with her winning titles and impressing in many ways.

She actually had the implants removed but continued to look truly solid. Since her retirement, Trish has moved onto yoga and motherhood and handling herself with some WWE appearances. So she was enhanced, but in a nice way and it helped her become a true star for the company.

2 NATURAL: Cheerleader Melissa

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Most hold her as one of the absolute best female workers of the 2000s. A breakout in SHIMMER and other places, Melissa had a great “girl next door” vibe but still hot and backed it up with some notable in-ring work. She was a truly beautiful woman but didn’t flaunt her sexuality, relying on her ring work. She was ignored by WWE but soon hired by TNA. Yet, in one of their most baffling decisions ever, the company decided to have her dressed head to toe in robes as Raisha Saeed, manager for Awesome Kong. It just made zero sense to misuse her so badly given how she was perfect for the Knockouts. They changed her to Alissa Flash but it was too little too late as she left. Melissa is now in Lucha Underground and doing a good job and proud of not doing the surgery of others but a real lady far tougher than any cheerleader and a great starlet about.

1 NOT: Madusa

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Breaking out in the late 1980s, Madusa was a great worker, very muscular and fit and looked terrific in the ring. She was a shining light in the dying days of the AWA and later building up in WCW as part of the Dangerous Alliance. In 1993, she joined WWE as Alundra Blayze and boosted herself up nicely winning the newly reactivated Women’s title and doing a good job defending it. She was known for her nice looks but put the emphasis on her talent in the ring far more. In 1995, after an “injury” she returned and clearly had some implants put in with a much larger chest.

It seemed to hamper her in the ring more and too distracting. This coincided with WWE phasing the division out so Madusa made her famous entry on “Nitro” to dump the Women’s title in the trash. Her career faded a bit despite nutty bits like a Cruiserweight title run and other bits but overall, the surgery did seem to rob her of ability and far too noticeable for fans to ignore.

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