10 Female Wrestlers Who Went Uncovered (And 10 We Wish Did)

Even though we live in an era when women’s wrestlers in major companies tend to be valued more for their in-ring skills than their looks, there’s no denying that places like WWE still place a lot of value in the looks of their female performers. Call it what you will, but to the credit of these same companies, the most memorable of women’s wrestlers over the years tend to be those performers who were both ridiculously attractive and solid entertainers. In lieu of having both attributes, ridiculously attractive has usually been enough.

Those female wrestlers are typically divided into two categories among some fans. Those who have appeared in nothing more revealing than a bikini and those who have donned their birthday suits. The same can be said of many actresses, models, and other people whose careers are heavily dependent upon their looks in some way, but the wrestling business is especially interesting as you essentially have a coin flip chance that your favorite women wrestler has appeared in the buff at some point. Sometimes, it just so happens to be the person that you least suspect. These are 10 female wrestlers who went uncovered and the 10 we wish did.

20 Uncovered - Lana

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Not to break the hearts of anyone that was fooled by her flawless accent, but Lana is not actually a ravishing Russian. She was born in Florida and worked as a model for quite a few number of years before joining WWE. While Lana is probably best known for her bankup dancer roles and fully-clothed modeling shoots, she did participate in a few very revealing shoots for...errr...some kind of magazine or company that we’re not familiar with. The photos are actually quite tasteful and well-done, so we’re certainly not surprised that her history with these shoots didn’t dissuade the modern day PG WWE from hiring her. Actually, given the “quality” of the photos, we’d be surprised if they didn’t hire Lana after viewing them.

19 We Wish - AJ Lee

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AJ Lee - born name April Jeanette Mendez - wanted to be a wrestler since she was very young. While she took a slight detour from her career goals in order to attend NYU, she eventually got back on track and trained to be a wrestler while working on the side. After a couple of years in the indies, Lee was hired by WWE to work in FCW. When she made it to NXT, fans noticed two things. AJ Lee is a great wrestler and AJ Lee is really, really attractive. Lee didn’t look like any other diva on the roster, but she managed to invade the minds of WWE fans everywhere nonetheless. While it’d be great if she posed sans clothes, there’s no indication that she’s interested in doing so.

18 Uncovered - Kimberly Page

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This is one of the strangest stories on this list. Kimberly Page worked as a model before she joined WCW and began to manage Diamond Dallas Page (her real-life husband). Needless to say, Page caught the attention of WCW’s then very young audience. At the time, not everyone was aware that Page actually did a brief Playboy shoot during her prime (1997). Interestingly, WCW actually did bring this up on-air - despite not being quite as raunchy as WWE during that time - and covered the pages with NWO graffiti.

Later on, Page filmed a brief 'wardrobe malfunction' scene for the hit comedy The 40 Year Old Virgin, but again, many viewers were unaware that was her, as she had been away from the limelight for quite some time.

17 We Wish - Stephanie McMahon

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It’s funny to look back on Stephanie McMahon’s early days and realize that she was originally presented as the sweet and innocent daughter of the boss. Stephanie clearly hadn’t found her footing as a performer at that time which actually helped her sell her character. Over the years, though, Stephanie has transformed into one of WWE’s best heels and one of the most attractive women in WWE history. Stephanie’s ability to become better looking with age is nothing short of shocking. Given her position in the company - she may end up running the whole show - we can safely say there’s no chance that she will drop her clothes for a photo shoot, even though we’ve heard offers have been made. That said, Stephanie McMahon has had some in-ring wardrobe malfunctions if you’re really desperate for such things.

16 Uncovered - Brooke Tessmacher

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If you’ve never watched TNA (or Impact Wrestling, or GFW, or whoever is paying the bills now) we can’t really blame. Few wrestling companies in history have ever gone quite so far out of their way to squander every good thing that ever came to them as TNA. Brooke Adams - also known as Brooke Tessmacher - was one of those good things. While Adams was briefly a member of the WWE roster, she spent most of her career in TNA where - despite her jaw-dropping physique - she never really got enough time in the spotlight. Those who have risked a non-safe search of the former wrestler know that Adams’ most famous assets are on fully display in modeling shoots, bikini contests, and similar endeavors.

15 We Wish - Molly Holly

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Despite a brief run in WCW, Nora Kristina Greenwald is best remembered for her time in WWE as Molly Holly. Holly worked a few different characters during her time in WWE - such as the memorable Mighty Molly superhero in training - but her biggest opportunity came when she began playing a morally conscious female performer. Even though WWE went out of their way to present Holly as unattractive during this time - it was part of her character - most fans saw through that visage and realized that Holly was an impossibly cute girl who refrained from participating in all but the most tasteful of bikini shoots.

Maybe it’s because Holly was one of the few modeling holdouts in an otherwise raunchy era of WWE, but she remains at the top of many fan’s bare photo wishlists.

14 Uncovered - Traci Brooks

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Traci Brooks is another competitor that you’re probably only familiar with if you watched TNA. Aside from some time on the indies, most of Brooks’ time as a wrestler was for that company. To their credit, TNA knew exactly what they had in Brooks. Brooks sports certain....assets that were quite obvious to both the company and many fans. That made her a fan favorite long before it was announced that Brooks was going to become the first TNA female wrestler to official pose for Playboy. Despite quite a bit of hype surrounding the shoot, Playboy decided to not publish the photos in their magazine. Instead, they ran them online. The good news is that this makes them quite easy to find in high quality.

13 We Wish - Eve Torres

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Eve Torres was one of those wrestlers who appeared for WWE in that weird period when they weren’t quite sure whether or not they wanted to treat their female performers like actual wrestlers or like glorified glamour models. Torres is another performer who didn’t really want to be a pro wrestler growing up, but actually did quite well once WWE asked her to be more of an in-ring wrestler. It certainly didn’t hurt that Torres was unbelievably attractive. Seriously, we’d have a hard time arguing with anyone that names her the most attractive female wrestler in WWE history. Torres still loosely works with WWE as an “ambassador,” so it’s unlikely that she will do any lewd shoots in the near future given the company’s policies.

12 Uncovered - Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme was not a good in-ring wrestler. In fact, she is one of those performers whose in-ring style bordered on dangerously sloppy. WWE must have known this as they quickly turned Hemme into little more than eye candy. This role suited Hemme quite well as she was obviously an incredibly attractive woman. Anyone who watched WWE during that time will certainly remember WWE making quite a big deal of Hemme’s Playboy appearance - something that the company certainly wouldn’t do today - and that is still the best place to find photos of Hemme with her clothes dropped. Hemme has also done shoots for quite a few other men’s magazines and has even appeared in a few music videos over the years.

11 We Wish - Miss Elizabeth

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This one is probably a little controversial for the simple reason that many people remember Elizabeth as the most beautiful woman of a more pure era of wrestling. Miss Elizabeth wasn’t the only female performer WWE employed in the ‘80s - nor was she one of the only attractive female performers - but the gap between everyone else and Elizabeth in regards to looks was daunting.

Vince Russo tried to sexualize Elizabeth a bit more when he wrote for WCW - he had a childhood crush on her - which did make some fans feel slightly uncomfortable. Elizabeth passed years ago, but we’re willing to bet that she would have helped sell quite a few issues of Playboy if she had appeared in the magazine during her WWE or WCW days.

10 Uncovered - Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis - like Christy Hemme - worked for WWE during that time when the company still treated many of the female wrestlers like strippers, but knew they couldn’t quite put on the same kind of matches that they did during the attitude era. Regardless, Maria managed to trigger the imagination of quite a few fans who were drawn to her inhumanly good looks and promiscuous attitude. Maria has retained those qualities over the years - NJPW really took advantage of her looks - and is back in WWE with her real-life husband. Along with her famous Playboy appearance, you can find some footage of an unclothed Maria in the obscure 2014 romantic comedy, The Opposite Sex. We’re guessing that people who stumbled on that film weren’t expecting to see that.

9 We Wish - Lita

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Unless you were a fan of ECW back in the day, there’s a good chance you never knew a female wrestler quite like Lita. At a time when Vince was still obsessed with hiring blonde supermodel types with certain common features. Lita was different. She was a punk-type girl who was obviously incredibly attractive, but certainly fell into that classic “wouldn’t take home to mom type.” Despite her seemingly promiscuous looks, Lita wasn’t one of the performers from that time period that ever had any desire to appear for Playboy or even participate in some of the more lewd style of wrestling matches. As such, those who harbor a crush on Lita to this day also harbor a desire to see her finally shed her clothes.

8 Uncovered - Gail Kim

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There’s a famous story that Jim Ross told involving Vince McMahon’s interest in hiring Gail Kim. Apparently, McMahon wanted to hire her but wasn’t sure if men found Asian women to be attractive. Ross remembers having to explain to Vince that men most certainly do find Asian women to be attractive. Even still, many people are surprised to hear that Kim has done some sultry modeling in the past give that she always presented herself as more of a serious in-ring performer. Regardless, Kim did many bare photoshoots for various companies who were apparently advertising some kind of product that never appeared in the photoshoots. Aside from some glamour photos for TNA and WWE, Kim has left that aspect of her career in the past.

7 We Wish - Trish Stratus

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There is sure to be a bit of contention regarding this suggestion. Technically, those who are really determined to find such things can find photos of Stratus with wearing very some see-through tops that certainly don’t leave anything to the imagination. That aside, Stratus has never really participated in the kind of modeling shoots or film shoots that fans are really clamoring for (don’t be fooled by the numerous fakes out there). That’s honestly kind of surprising when you consider that Stratus was arguably the most overtly sexualized member of the WWE female wrestling roster during a time when the WWE female wrestling roster was filled with pretty much nothing else. Stratus still does some modeling to this day, but we doubt that she’s going to anything more revealing than she’s already done.

6 Uncovered - Mickie James

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Mickie James’ initial WWE run is one of the greatest runs a female WWE wrestler has ever enjoyed. During that time, James participated in a storyline with Trish Stratus that remains one of the most compelling pieces of wrestling storytelling ever told. Now, it’s entirely possible that you were one of the many who found James to be incredibly attractive and decided to look into her modeling past for photos. Upon doing so, you were likely greeted by photos so revealing and...err...thorough that you certainly had to double check to make sure that they were real. In terms of overall fame in relation to the level of reveal in their shoots, James’ old magazine shoots are one of the most notable instances of a wrestler dropping her clothes.

5 We Wish - Alexa Bliss

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The moment that Alexa Bliss assumed her heel role in NXT is probably the moment that most WWE fans realized that she was going to be a big star. Bliss certainly wasn’t the most talented female wrestler on the WWE roster at that time, but you’d have to be blind to not see that Bliss most certainly had the kind of looks that Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, and other WWE executives tend to look for when they’re hand-picking stars. At present, Bliss’ level of popularity among certain sections of the male audiences is comparable to Stratus’ popularity during her heyday. Aside from some bikini photos from her bodybuilding days - during which she looked much different - Bliss has never come close to dropping her clothes.

4 Uncovered - Maryse

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Maryse is another one of those wrestlers who never really had any business being a champion. We don’t say that to offend Maryse or her fans, but rather to point out that she was another one of those competitors who was brought in at a time when WWE was still hiring models with little to no training and was asking them to put on good matches. Maryse is perfectly placed as a manager which makes it that much easier for fans to gawk at her model looks. It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Maryse was a model during her pre-WWE days, but it might surprise you to hear that she participated in quite a few revaling photo shoots - including some Playboy photos - during her modeling days.

3 We Wish - Aksana

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If you don’t remember Aksana’s time as an in-ring performer, that’s because your brain is capable of erasing certain memories that could inhibit your ability to survive in the long run. It’s a defense mechanism designed to prevent you from recalling just what an unspeakably awful wrestler Aksana really was. Supposedly, she was hired because longtime WWE producer Kevin Dunn had a major crush on her. We can’t blame him on that front as Aksana is one of the most attractive women in WWE history. Aksana signed with WWE when she was still pretty young and really only did some bodybuilding before that. She’s remained off the radar since leaving the company in 2014, so we’re not sure if you can hold your breath for a possible venture into more risque modeling.

2 Uncovered - Torrie Wilson

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The story of how Torrie Wilson became a WCW performer is one of those “only in wrestling” kind of stories. Basically, Wilson attended a WCW show with her boyfriend and caught the attention of some of the show’s producers. They were so impressed with her looks that they asked her to accompany Scott Steiner to the ring and signed her shortly thereafter. Ever since then, Wilson has been considered one of the most beautiful women in wrestling history. She’s the kind of woman that could have easily become a world famous supermodel, but chose wrestling instead. During her wrestling career, she infamously appeared in Playboy twice (once by herself and once with Sable). Those photos have been burned into the minds of any wrestling fans from that time that happened to see them.

1 We Wish - Stacy Keibler

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Here’s one that breaks the hearts of a certain section of the wrestling audience. Alongside Torrie Wilson - whom Keibler is forever linked to due to their time in WCW and their WWE debut - Keibler is another person who regularly comes up whenever someone is listing the most beautiful women in wrestling history. Unlike Wilson, Keibler has been comparatively restrained when it comes to uncovered shoots. Sure, Keibler never balked at a bra and panties match or bikini shoot, but she reportedly turned down several offers from Playboy to appear on the pages of their magazine. Many fans wished that she would say “yes” just once, but Keibler decided to draw a line. At this point in her life, there’s almost no chance she will ever pose uncovered.

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