10 Former & 5 Current WWE Divas You’ve Secretly Ogled

Dude, stop looking!

Dude, stop looking. "To ogle" is to eye amorously or provocatively according to Merriam-Webster. It looks like the term is making a comeback as we see it used more often these days.

There is no denying women are hot, definitely more attractive than men, that’s why ogling is a thing. When you see something beautiful, whether a shooting star, a rainbow, or women, you can’t help but stare. The WWE knows all about this. Sex sells and it’s a huge reason why they came out the winners of the Monday Night Wars against WCW.

WWE started the trend of having their Divas participate in adult content, such as the magazine Playboy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A lot of the women on this list did participate in adult entertainment in one form or another. Because they participated in that field, maybe some of you had to secretly ogle at them and didn’t let others know.

Not everyone is shameless but ogling at people could also be an embarrassing thing. So the secret to ogling is being mastered as we speak by many people. We doubt ogling will end anytime soon, unless people figure out a way to make eyeballs disappear, so relax and enjoy.

15 Torrie Wilson - Former

Stay classy, sassy and very much bad assy. That's all I ask of you. ✌

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Wilson is a beautiful bombshell that many people had to secretly ogle at. A father and mother bring their child to a show and the next thing you know, Wilson is taking off her robe. Don’t you just miss the good old days? Wilson would make her wrestling debut in 1999 for WCW. Vince McMahon knew he had something special with her when he bought out the company in 2001.

14 Kaitlyn - Former

As a former bodybuilder, Kaitlyn looked a lot stronger than softer when she made her wrestling debut in 2010. That’s no knock on Kaitlyn but we all know being ripped from head to toe doesn’t always equate to beauty. It didn’t take long for her to make it to the main roster after a stint in Florida Championship Wrestling and before you knew it she was a Divas Champion.

13 Dana Brooke - Current


Although she doesn’t get much attention on television as others do, it doesn’t mean people aren’t ogling her. Brooke is the definition of a blonde bombshell. Her assets are wonderful and it’s hard to argue against that. How often do you see her in a segment and you tend to have your eyes look down instead of up. Her chest is outstanding and pops out more than anyone else on the roster.

12 Ashley Massaro - Former

After winning WWE’s 2005 Diva Search, Massaro would be quickly put in a feud with Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson. As a former model, she had all the looks to be a titillating character but the WWE decided to make her more a punk skater. That didn’t stop many people from ogling at her. When fans found out she also modeled for Playboy in 2003 and 2004, she would make a lot of fans secretly find the content.

11 Brooke Tessmacher - Former

After modeling and participating in bikini pageants, Brooke would get her big break when she was offered a developmental contract with the WWE in 2006. She would get the offer when she was invited down to Ohio Valley Wrestling after failing to make the top eight of the WWE’s Diva Search. After a year of training in Deep South Wrestling, the beautiful brunette would debut in ECW during 2007.

10 Mayrse - Current


Damn you Miz, damn you to hell. Maryse is arguably the hottest talent on the WWE roster these days and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She knows a lot of people ogle her and definitely doesn’t mind it. The French-Canadian beauty has worked in all areas of entertainment, including modeling and television.

9 Christy Hemme - Former


The inaugural winner of WWE’s Diva Search knows how to get people to ogle her. You think models aren’t trained to do so? Think again. She would appear in different roles before coming to the WWE, such as Comedy Central’s The Man Show, the Lingerie Bowl, and several commercials.

8 Candice Michelle - Former


Do you prefer the internet or a hard copy? Michelle is a beautiful woman and it’s no surprise Playboy magazine wanted her on their cover in 2006. Not only did Playboy make sure everyone could ogle her but GoDaddy made her their symbol, which was chalk full of sexual content. She would make her debut in the industry in 2004 and stay with the WWE until 2009.

7 Mickie James - Current


James is definitely not going to like this but the truth is the truth. Many fans in the WWE Universe know a lot more about James than she wants them to know. Before we share, here’s a rundown of her wrestling history. She would make her WWE debut in 2005 after being assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling.

6 Sable - Former


Every person under the sun who is attractive to hot women has ogled this blonde bombshell. We’re pretty sure some marriages even ended because someone was looking a little too hard at Sable. She would burst onto the WWE Universe as a valet for Triple H in 1996. Fans instantly fell in love with her and you can argue she's the most famous woman in the history of wrestling.

5 Sunny - Former


It’s been several decades since Sunny had been in a WWE ring, but fans still secretly ogle her today. You can even participate in the action if you’re lucky. Will talk about that a little but first, will talk about her history first. Sunny would make her WWE debut in 1995. Before Sable, she was considered the hottest woman to be in the WWE Universe. AOL even said she was the most downloaded woman of 1996.

4 Lana - Current


By the time you read this, she may have to be moved to the former side of this list. Rusev and Lana have made the headlines recently because of their alleged displeasure at Rusev’s booking since he returned this summer. Lana is a symbol of hotness for sure and she knows it. Not only did everyone ogle her in the ring with her sexy outfits but also her work outside the WWE.

3 Jacqueline - Former


In the ‘90s, a female wrestler usually could either wrestle but not be that attractive or was extremely attractive and couldn’t wrestle. Jacqueline did not fit into that mold we just laid out. The smoking Texan would film vignettes for the company as a manager of Jeff Jarrett in ’93 and ’94 but didn’t make her in-ring debut until 1998. The WWE didn’t make her out to be Sable but Jacqueline definitely had the assets to compete with her.

2 Chyna - Former


Some of you may be saying no way I ogled at Chyna. It’s okay, that’s why it's a secret. Chyna was a powerhouse machine in the WWE but decided to soften up on some things after a few years with the company. The first woman to ever win the Intercontinental Championship in the WWE would pose for Playboy and as well, be seen in some adult entertainment videos.

1 Asuka - Current


Although she comes off as a crazy warrior, Asuka can also be very erotic. If you didn’t know, Asuka has participated in a ton of photo shoots showing her softer side. She would make her wrestling debut in 2004 but wouldn’t become a legend in the WWE Universe until 2015. You may say the legend is too strong of a word to describe her career so far but if anyone has a reign of over 500 days in the WWE, it’s pretty impressive.

Who cares about the language barrier when you can secretly ogle Asuka for days on the WWE Network or surfing on the internet. The Japanese can produce some beautiful women, just ask Karl Anderson about it, and Asuka is just another example. We wish her the best as she recovers from an injury she sustained at NXT’s TakeOver: Brooklyn.

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10 Former & 5 Current WWE Divas You’ve Secretly Ogled