10 Former Over 40 WWE Stars That Never Let Themselves Go (And 5 That Did)

For many wrestlers who depart from WWE, life can turn into a retirement-like phase.

It's never easy to stay physically fit. With the temptations of junk food, fast food, alcohol and boxset binges, we're all likely to turn down a night at the gym for a night in front of the TV. And that's even more true for the older generation. After retirement, the same sort of livelihood goes just a little bit and exercise might not be quite as often.

For many wrestlers who depart from WWE, life can turn into a retirement-like phase. Away from the 12 months of continuous touring the globe, things start to slow down and that constant gym work becomes a thing of the past. Even if Superstars move to other companies, chances are they won't be competing night after night and therefore, working out does lose a bit of the momentum.

That's not the case for all wrestlers however. In fact, some even get in better shape away from Vince McMahon's company in order to push themselves to that next level. Take a look at Jinder Mahal and see the transition between when he left the company and returned. We've taken a look at ten stars who kept on top of their physical fitness after departing and five who definitely did not.

15 In Shape - Ken Shamrock


Being dubbed the World's Most Dangerous Man isn't a tag you get without a bit of a reputation. And for Shamrock, that tag is very appropriate. Having been hugely over in WWE and massively successful in the world of actual, non storyline fighting, Shamrock has his admirers right across the world.

14 In Shape - Shawn Stasiak


WWE didn't really treat the inhabitants of "Planet Stasiak" very well really when looking back. First off, they called the poor guy Meat. Just imagine if that was your real name. It's probably a worse name to give a wrestler than "Naked Mideon" - at least it was clear that was a joke. Next up came his time with WCW, which was undeniably the highlight of his career.

13 Out Of Shape - Ted Dibiase Sr.


The Million Dollar Man was renowned across the wrestling industry as one of the pinnacle members of WWE in the 1980s. And at the time, he was pretty well respected for not looking like a typical wrestler because at the time he was hardly resembling a bodybuilder. Not that he needed to because his words were better than anybody else in the company. And he was very impressive in the ring too.

12 In Shape - Gillberg


It takes some doing to stay in the shape Gillberg was back in the Attitude Era, but he's still there today. In case you're not familiar with the work of Duane Gill, he was WWE's highly sarcastic parody to Goldberg. Looking back, you could say it was petty, but the ability to mock the opposition was one of the reasons that WWE eventually came out on top in the Monday Night Wars.

11 In Shape - The Rock

We're sorry to be really obvious but The Rock is fitter, stronger and more terrifying today than he ever was as a full-time wrestler. It's pointless to waste time listing who Dwayne Johnson is and his history in wrestling, because you, me and your grandma' know exactly who The Great One is.

10 Out Of Shape - The Iron Sheik


Being in tip top physical shape was never really a priority of The Iron Sheik throughout his wrestling career. But since giving the Camel Clutch a rest, he's only gone and got bigger. But you have to say, Sheik isn't the kind of person who really cares about his shape. Anyone who's had the pleasure of seeing his Twitter feed knows that well, he doesn't really care about anything.

9 In Shape - Chuck Palumbo


There's more to Chuck Palumbo than his stint as one half of the horrific pairing of Billy & Chuck. Palumbo was always underrated and probably underutilised throughout his time in WWE, because he was a seriously talented individual. One of the bigger guys on the roster, the issue tended to be that he just couldn't secure a proper push and in truth, he was one of those that the fans didn't notice that much. Whether with the FBI, Billy Gunn or solo, his run didn't improve after the Invasion.

8 In Shape - Goldberg

Goldberg's long awaited return to wrestling last year ultimately proved to be a success, with an entertaining run culminating in an enthralling battle against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Much was made of his return to the Championship challenging top of the company but in reality, it was nice in a nostalgia kind of way.

7 Out Of Shape - Perry Saturn


It seems cruel to include the former Radicalz member but for Saturn, life post WWE has not been a good stint. Things started brightly after his move to the company, as he, Malenko, Guerrero and Benoit all took the company by storm. But after he went berserk on a jobber who dropped him on his head once too many, Saturn was duly punished by being forced to team with a mop. Wrestling's a strange thing sometimes.

6 In Shape: Al Snow

What does everybody want? If you ask Al Snow, there's a couple of answers. First, of course everyone wants "head", his mannequin doll that was such a mainstay of his Attitude Era run. The second is to stay in great shape years after his wrestling heyday. And he achieves both no doubt.

5 In Shape - Scott Steiner


Scott Steiner is a freak, pure and simple. He even acknowledges it himself, so hopefully he won't come searching me out for calling him that. Steiner has a number of nicknames, from the "Big Bad Booty Daddy" to the "Genetic Freak", and he's deserving of them all (probably).

4 Out Of Shape - Rikishi

Let's start by saying Rikishi was never in shape. You'd expect that from a man who was most notable for putting his buttocks in another mans face as probably his biggest draw to the wrestling world. But it's probably right that he's actually got bigger than when he was at the height of the wrestling world. Partnered with Too Cool, Rikishi was always an entertaining character - partly because of his size.

3 In Shape - Nathan Jones


The man who was famously removed from a WrestleMania match for not being very good, Nathan Jones did have a lot going his way before his WWE career went downwards. For starters, he was given a big build up as part of the SmackDown brand. And almost immediately, he was put into a program with The Undertaker - no better introduction to the world of wrestling.

2 In Shape - Diamond Dallas Page

Is there a better man in the wrestling industry than DDP? His time in WWE was largely disappointing and it really shouldn't have been, considering how much of a draw he was back in WCW. But then again, everyone from Ted Turner's company was treated in pretty much the same way. DDP was always one of the most popular wrestlers whenever either company rolled into town thanks to his charisma, but his look was OK too.

1 Out Of Shape - Ahmed Johnson


It takes some doing to go from one of the biggest bruisers in wrestling in the mid 90s to,  well, just one of the biggest some 20 years later. Ahmed Johnson was a big player in the mid to late 90s, with his muscular build and ranting promo's keeping him in WWE for four years. Although success was at a bit of a premium, he did step into the ring with some of the biggest and most successful stars in wrestling history, including The Rock and Shawn Michaels.

A stint with WCW followed before retirement back in 2003 and from then on, things have got a bit bigger... particularly Johnson. He's got no future back with WWE for a few reasons, a legal case and the admittance that he lied about his age throughout his career standing against him. Another reason he might not step back into a WWE ring is because he is in absolutely no physical condition to wrestle.

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10 Former Over 40 WWE Stars That Never Let Themselves Go (And 5 That Did)