10 Former WWE Divas We Drooled Over... But Don’t Anymore (And 5 We Still Do)

Here are some napkins you savages, you got a bit of drool running down your chins. The WWE is no stranger to bringing in beautiful women that capture the minds and souls of the fans of the WWE Universe. The Attitude Era of the ‘90s would become a major jumping point for the exposure of beautiful women in the WWE. Before you knew it, there were lingerie matches, steamy segments involving hotel rooms, and of course, lots of puppies.

Sex sells and the WWE knew it. Their efforts would help them win the Monday Night Wars and buy out the WCW in 2001. The WWE didn’t stop with the titillating action. They would work with Playboy, create a competition for scouting new Divas, and continued intertwining the beauty of women in storylines. Things came to an end when the WWE decided to go “PG,” but thank goodness for the internet. For just $9.99, you can re-watch those very "Not So PG" moments involving some beautiful Divas.

We have beauties from all different eras and decades. Some of these women you may still drool over but that doesn’t mean the majority of the WWE Universe does. Regardless if you drool all over them or not, each lady made their mark in the industry. Enjoy.

15 Dawn Marie - No More Drooling

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Dawn Marie’s first taste of wrestling would take place in 1995 when she managed Tony Atlas in a match against Jimmy Snuka. In 1998, she would take ECW by storm and the beautiful lady would make wrestling a permanent occupation. The WWE offered her a deal in 2002 and made her debut as Vince McMahon’s assistant.

McMahon knows how to pick sexy assistants and Marie was a wise choice for the boss. She would work for the company until 2005 when the WWE would release her while she was on maternity leave. Her biggest contributions would come in a feud with Torrie Wilson. That feud would make millions of fans drool for Marie but she never captured that same energy since then. Today, Marie is focused on her family and no one ever speaks about her unless it had something to do with Wilson.

14 Sable - No More Drooling

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At 50 years old, citizens of the WWE Universe still have a soft spot for arguably the hottest Diva to ever be in a ring. Maybe she’s not for the younger crowd but that doesn’t mean those who grew up watching her take the WWE by storm, have stopped thinking about her. Her husband, Brock Lesnar, has her tucked away in Canada but whenever she does make it into the headlines, the clicks keep rolling in. Although recently entering her 50s, the aging process is starting to show a little more nowadays, landing her in this category.

She would make her WWE debut in 1996 as the valet of Triple H. It was love at first sight and Vince McMahon decided to pair her with her former husband Marc Mero. From valet to manager to wrestler, Sable has done it all in the WWE. It also doesn’t hurt that we can check out all her adult entertainment content today, making her still as relevant as ever.

13 Stacy Keibler - Still Hot 

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Oh Stacy, even after having her first child, the former WWE and WCW star is still beautiful as ever. The long legged Goddess made her wrestling debut in 1999 for WCW. As a former NFL cheerleader, Keibler had the looks and athletic ability to make something of herself in the wrestling business. WWE would keep her on the roster after acquiring WCW in 2001.

The WWE Universe would go bananas over Keibler, especially when she would pull off a lap dance. She would retire in 2006 but still kept on modeling and appearing on television. Since becoming a mother in 2014, Keibler has stayed out of the limelight and is barely talked about today. We’re pretty sure fans would still drool over her but when was the last time you remember anyone bringing up her name? We need more Stacy!

12 Terri Runnels - No More Drooling

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So sexy, so hot, but managed Goldust and made many people confused. Terri is one of the hottest blondes the WWE has ever hired but quickly gets pushed into the shadows because of beauties like Sable, Torrie Wilson, and Trish Stratus. Although Terri is rarely talked about today, at one point in the WWE Universe, she was one of the hottest Divas that made everyone drool.

If you like a woman with a cigar in her hand, then she was the one for you. She would make her professional wrestling debut in 1990 but didn’t come to the WWE until 1996. Maybe the most important moment of her career came in the Tag Team Tournament in which the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian would put on the first ever Tag Team Ladder Match. That match would be a prelude to TLC.

11 Tori - No More Drooling

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Unlike others on this list, Tori got into the wrestling industry to wrestle. She would make her debut in the industry in 1988 for Pacific Northwest Wrestling. By 1990, she was working for Ladies Professional Wrestling Association and began working for All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling in 1992. The WWE would notice her beautiful looks and wrestling ability in 1998 and gave her a contract.

She entered the WWE Universe as a fan of Sable. Tori would eventually feud with Sable as well as others before retiring in 2001 to focus on her career in yoga. She never won the championship but was involved in some memorable feuds. Today, Tori runs a yoga studio in Portland and no one ever mentions the former Diva in the WWE Universe.

10 Eva Marie - Still Hot 

You may have hated her wrestling skills but there is no denying her beauty. Marie’s popularity and success would have skyrocketed to the end of the Universe if the WWE was still in the Attitude Era. Her wrestling skills were lacking but her beauty was a fire that could never be tamed. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think fans of the WWE Universe aren’t drooling over her after being released by the WWE this year.

If she does any adult content, any modeling, anything with entertainment, it’s almost a guarantee that it'll be covered by the wrestling media. We always knew the beauty was using wrestling as a stepping stone to better things, now we get a chance to see what those things are.

9 Francine - No More Drooling

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ECW! ECW! ECW! Francine was the number one Diva for ECW after making her debut for the promotion in 1995. Sex sells and Francine definitely helped ECW with the hype of the promotion being all about hardcore elements. She would be a manager for a lot of the top wrestlers in the promotion until leaving for TNA in 2002.

It would take a few years before Francine officially became a Diva for the WWE. In 2006, she would appear on the ECW brand, competing with Kelly Kelly in bikini contests. She would be released that year but there’s no doubt, Francine was one of the most drooled about Divas at one point in the industry. Today, Francine is enjoying motherhood and we rarely hear anything about her exploits in ECW.

8 Lita - No More Drooling

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We would like to start out by saying Lita was in the wrestling industry more for her talented skill-set in the ring than becoming a titillating character for ratings. However, that doesn’t mean fans were drooling all over her at one point in her career. The daredevil got her start in the industry in 1999 and would become a member of the WWE Universe in 2000.

As the manager of the Hardy Boyz, Lita quickly became one of the most beloved Divas in the history of the WWE. When she showcased how awesome she was at wrestling, fans fell in love with her even more. She would perform in some of the most memorable "Rated R" segments the WWE ever pulled off. Today, fans don’t talk about the hotness of Lita but rather her commentating skills.

7 Kelly Kelly - Still Hot 

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After being scouted by John Laurinaitis in 2006, Kelly Kelly would sign a developmental contract at the age of 19. The young beauty would take a fast track to the big league's and debut on the ECW brand the same year. Fans would instantly fall in love when she started making the fans go wild by doing a strip tease. Unfortunately, her on-screen boyfriend Mike Knox would also stop it before it got really good. Kelly would stick around as a manager for the rest of the year before joining Extreme Expose with Layla and Brooke.

Wrestling would eventually become the main focus of her character and she did win a championship during her career. After just six years in the business, she would retire in 2012 but recently returned to the WWE. In February, Kelly would begin work as an ambassador for the WWE. At just 30 years old, she can easily return to the ring if the WWE allowed her to do so.

6 The Kat - No More Drooling

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Can you remember which Diva would bare their chest to the WWE Universe first? Was it Sable or maybe Torrie Wilson? The answer is The Kat. Stacy Carter would make her debut in 1999 as Miss Kitty. It was all about puppies then and The Kat knew very well how sexy she was. The Attitude Era would push the limits of what was appropriate for television and The Kat heavily contributed to that.

She would perform in bikini contests, pudding matches, and even showed her goods at 1999’s Armageddon. She was such a sexy-mama that even Jerry Lawler married her in real life. Today, The Kat isn’t involved in the business and no one ever talks about her like they once did. Allegedly, her backstage presence was very negative, leading to her release with the WWE in 2001.

5 Debra - No More Drooling

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Debra is the epitome of the “All-American” girl. Growing up she was a Homecoming Queen, cheerleader, and track-runner. Beauty and athletics were in her blood and she would use that combo to win beauty pageants. She would make her professional wrestling debut in 1995 for WCW. As the “Queen of WCW,” Debra would stay on the outside of the ring as a manager and valet.

In 1998, she would become a member of the WWE Universe. The country girl would be paired with Jeff Jarrett and the duo seemed like a perfect fit. Debra would be involved in some steamy vignettes and segments but still kept a conservative side to herself. She was also once the wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Debra is barely talked about within the WWE Universe today.

4 Trish Stratus - Still Hot

Once you watch Stratus doing yoga you’re going to be well on your way in making the physical, mental, and spiritual discipline your own. The beautiful bombshell hailing from Canada busted onto the WWE scene in 2000. Making her debut as a villainous manager for Test and Prince Albert, fans quickly fell in love. After being a part of some titillating vignettes and storylines, Stratus would start to work as a wrestler.

When it was all said and done, she would become a seven-time champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Today, Stratus has made headlines for starting a family and her yoga, we wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s in great shape and if she does come back to the WWE for one last run, the internet would explode.

3 Missy Hyatt - No More Drooling

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At the age of 52 and being involved in the wrestling industry since 1985, you can say Missy Hyatt has done a bit of aging since her pro wrestling debut (though she served her time primarily as a manger). Known more so for her backstage “Not So PG” antics, Missy bounced around the wrestling world with her most impactful stop in ECW back in the day. She also briefly appeared with the WWE and WCW.

Nowadays, Hyatt is kind of Sunny like in terms of still trying to sell her fame via wrestling conventions and various shoot interviews. The key to her success was selling the “sex appeal” card, though in her 50s, many believe that ship has sailed for the Florida native.

2 Sunny - No More Drooling

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Tammy Sytch or better known as Sunny in the WWE still gets people to drool over her today, however, it’s nothing like the admiration she received during her prime, making her number one on our “Not Hot” list. She would get involved in wrestling after dating her former boyfriend Chris Candido. The two would work for Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992 before coming to the WWE together in 1995. It was in the WWE where she would become AOL’s most downloaded female in 1996.

You may laugh at AOL, however, the company was considered the Facebook or Google of its day. Sunny was hot, and she knew it, and we now know how toxic the atmosphere was with her and other wrestlers backstage. Today, Sunny does adult entertainment and although there are fans that love to drool all over that, it will never compare to the 1990s.

1 Torrie Wilson - Still Hot

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If you know the history of Wilson, you may have realized she almost didn’t become a Goddess of the WWE Universe. It seemed like fate for Wilson and wrestling to team up together and rock the house. In 1999, her former boyfriend took her to a WCW event and somehow they were able to go backstage.

The blonde bombshell stood out and the head honchos of creative asked her to walk out to the ring with Scott Steiner. Wilson would take the wrestling industry by storm and when the WWE bought out WCW in 2001, she would come over and really blossom. The beauty has some of the most memorable moments ever involving Divas, including her Playboy shoot with Sable. Today, Wilson is still beloved and ogled at like it's 2004 all over again.

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