10 Former WWE Stars Looking Terrible (And 10 From WCW)

The wrestling business certainly wears down its performers over time. It's not uncommon whatsoever for former wrestlers to look downright "terrible" when their careers start to wind down. This is due to their stressful jam-packed schedules and the wear and tear their bodies went through week in and week out for years. Mix all this in with some substance abuse and you have yourself a deadly combination for looking rather ragged and totally washed up. The WWE and WCW were the two main popular wrestling promotions back in the 90s through the early 2000s. Considering each company had plenty of wrestlers, the likelihood of some of those performers looking terrible today is pretty high.

Some of the former WWE/WCW stars on this list are former World Champions, where as others were merely enhancement talents (talent you may have completely forgotten about now). Despite the fact that many of these wrestlers had their fair share of fame and glory, those years are well behind them now, and unfortunately only a shell of their former self exists today. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 10 former WWE stars looking terrible, and 10 from WCW.

20 Former WWE Star: Dynamite Kid

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The story of The Dynamite Kid post-retirement hasn't been a very inspiring one to say the least. With multiple injuries throughout his career forcing the former WWE Tag Team Champion to remain wheelchair-bound, The Dynamite Kid's life hasn't been the most fruitful ever since. Judging by the photograph showcased above, it's clear that Kid's seen much better days, and he's not looking too good unfortunately because of his poor health.

On a brighter note, The Dynamite Kid was a truly gifted wrestler. His aerial style of wrestling unquestionably inspired other wrestlers. Many incorporated his unique high-flying offence into their arsenal including the late Chris Benoit (who idolized Dynamite Kid). Though he's a controversial wrestling figure for his checkered past, The Dynamite Kid has had an everlasting impact on pro-wrestling.

19 Former WCW Star(s): The Nasty Boys

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The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) are most notably remembered for their runs in WWE and for the longest period of time in WCW. Capturing the Tag Team Championships in both major promotions, The Nasty Boys quite literally dominated the division back in their prime.

However, all good things do in fact come to an end at some point. The Nasty Boys look well removed from their "good old days" as you can clearly see from the picture highlighted above. If you weren't aware, The Nasty Boys always had a reputation of being rather stiff inside the ring with their opponents. Even Mick Foley has gone on record to state that The Nasty Boys were "sloppy" and were "more than a little dangerous". To me, it looks like being out of the spotlight hasn't sit too well with either member.

18 Former WWE Star: Ahmed Johnson

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If you were asked to view the picture above and guess which former WWE star it was, would you have been able to guess correctly? For those of you that are unsure, the man featured in the picture above is none other than the failed main event star Ahmed Johnson, the former Intercontinental Champion.

Without question, Ahmed Johnson looks absolutely nothing like he did during his prime wrestling years, and he looks rather terrible if you ask me. Especially when you remember how enormous and ripped Johnson once was. That was the whole reason why Vince McMahon saw dollar signs in Ahmed to begin with. As I'm sure most of you are aware, Ahmed's Johnson's pushes in WWE failed. He never became the next megastar Vince had hoped for, as his biggest accomplishment was the IC Title - Ahmed's poorly timed injuries hindered his career for sure.

17 Former WCW Star: Bobby Eaton

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Bobby Eaton is remembered by wrestling fans for his tenures in many promotions including the NWA, New Japan Pro Wrestling and of course, WCW. Bobby had a heck of a long career stretching all the way back to 1977 and lasting up until 2015. That is when he wrestled his final match against Ricky Morton in a losing effort.

Throughout his career, Eaton won many titles including the NWA United States Tag Team Championship alongside Stan Lane, and the WCW World Television Championship. However, if you were to guess Bobby's age by looking at the recent photo above, how old would you guess Eaton is? I'd guess late 60's to early 70's, but in reality, Bobby Eaton is only 59 years old. He doesn't look too great for his age.

16 Former WWE Star: Sunny

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Without question, the argument could be made that the former WWE Superstar Sunny has "lost it" in the looks department with age due to her poor choices (drug and alcohol abuse). Despite only being 45 years old, Sunny looks quite a lot older than that which is unfortunate to say the least. During her prime years in Sports Entertainment, Sunny was undoubtedly a weekly highlight for a bulk majority of the WWE's male audience.

As a valet for multiple talents, Sunny certainly added some "mystique" or credibility to the wrestlers she managed. However, when her time in the spotlight started to fade away, Sunny had sunk to new lows due to substance abuse. It was something she struggled with during her career, but obviously worsened following her retirement. To top it all off, Sunny was seen recently selling "bed time" to fans... Weird.

15 Former WCW Star: Lex Luger

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Without question, Lex Luger looks like a shell of his former self. His deteriorated health following a nerve impingement suffered in 2007 lead to a temporary paralysis. For a period of time, Luger was left quadriplegic with little to no movement in his arms or legs. However, thankfully, Lex has since gained some function in his legs and arms, and he's able to walk and stand on his own for short periods of time.

His inability to keep his body in shape has left Lex Luger looking nothing like he did during his prime. He was unquestionably one of pro-wrestling's most shredded talents. In due time, Lex will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Though he did have way more success in WCW than he did in WWE where he was considered to be a pretty significant flop.

14 Former WWE Star: The Iron Sheik

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The Iron Sheik has undoubtedly had a troubling (and hard) life following his retirement from the squared circle. Battling personal demons, The Sheik had previously fallen to all-time lows unfortunately. That being said, despite looking totally worn out, it seems as though The Iron Sheik is making better life choices recently. That certainly doesn't mean his reckless lifestyle hasn't deeply affected him.

I guess the one positive thing about the Iron Sheik is his hilarious Twitter account. It seems to be a way to keep Sheik connected with his fanbase in an ever-so entertaining way. The Iron Sheik will always be remembered by fans for being one of the all-time greatest professional wrestling heels, and he can definitely be credited for helping solidify Hulk Hogan as the WWE's franchise star.

13 Former WCW Star: Abdullah The Butcher

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Abdullah The Butcher is definitely one tough wrestler. Taking part in some of professional wrestling's goriest matches, Abdullah The Butcher was feared by a majority of his opponents. This was mainly due to the fact that he bladed regularly to create absolute bloodbaths. Portraying a psychotic character inside the squared circle, it's not hard to imagine that The Butcher was slightly crazy in real life as well (just look at the photo above which showcases Abdullah looking a bit insane).

The Butcher's scars on his forehead are insanely deep, and they are a good representation of the kind of wrestler Abdullah once was. The WWE Hall Of Famer doesn't look like he's in the greatest of health. He certainly looks ragged from all the abuse he endured throughout his long career.

12 Former WWE Star: Jake Roberts

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Jake Roberts has recently gotten control of his life and has defeated his personal demons (substance abuse mainly). He certainly looks a little worse for wear at this point due to his previously reckless lifestyle. Jake is only 62 years old, but he definitely looks significantly older than that.

However, looks aren't everything. I'm sure Jake "The Snake" Roberts is feeling much better now and far more productive after getting out of his addiction slump - he's since reconnected with his family which is great to hear. Jake Roberts is definitely one of those WWE legends who certainly could've been a solid WWE Champion back in his prime had he been given the opportunity. Though much better than he was, Jake recently continued to struggle with medical problems.

11 Former WCW Star: Mike Enos

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Now this may be a former WCW star you have completely forgot about considering he was never a top-tier wrestler by any stretch of the imagination. Mike Enos has spent time in multiple big time wrestling promotions including the AWA, WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling and most notably, in WCW which is where he finished off his career following their demise in the early 2000s.

For a bulk majority of his career, Mike performed as one-half of The Destruction Crew alongside Wayne Bloom, and together they captured the AWA World Tag Team Championships (Enos' only championship accomplishment). Like all the other performers on this list, Mike Enos is yet another former wrestling star who doesn't look the greatest presently. The recent photo above showcases what Mike looks like today at 54 years old.

10 Former WWE Star: One Man Gang

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The One Man Gang (also known to some as Akeem) is a former WWE star looking rather worse for wear today unfortunately. Though he was never a bonafide "main event superstar", The One Man Gang still spent multiple years performing in the WWE, and he was featured in the spotlight to some extent for a number of those years.

That being said, if I've got to be honest, upon first inspection of this photograph, The One Man Gang is almost completely unrecognizable compared to his prime time wrestling days. Although the One Man Gang has lost a little bit of weight since hanging up the boots (though he does appear on the Indies every now and then), he's still packing on a tremendous amount of weight for his age (57), which isn't the best for his health.

9 Former WCW Star: Barry Windham

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Notably renowned for being a member of the famed Four Horsemen stable, Barry Windham has had a great professional wrestling career. Highlights include becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion and being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame back in 2012. Spending multiple years in most of the significant promotions, Windham had spent roughly the same amount of time in both the WWE and WCW. Seeing as it works out better this way, we'll classify Barry as a former WCW star for the sake of this list.

Barry Windham has been involved in the wrestling business for what seems like an eternity. In reality, Barry's only 57 years old which is surprising due to his long career, and because he looks quite a lot older than that. I'd argue that Windham isn't looking too great these days.

8 Former WWE Star: Kamala

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"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala was that monstrous wrestler who scared many younger fans during his peak years in WWE between 1984-1993. He feuded with the likes of The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Andre The Giant. As a mid-card heel who mostly put over the company's bigger prospects, Kamala still managed to have a pretty successful career, and he's still remembered by fans to this very day due to his memorable gimmick.

As you can see by looking at the photo above, Kamala is not looking very good these days due to his very poor health. Much of the wrestling community was worried a month and a half ago when it seemed as though we'd be losing Kamala after a serious health scare. Despite having both of his legs amputated below the knee, Kamala still seems to keep a positive attitude which is definitely inspiring.

7 Former WCW Star: Dan Spivey

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For all of you that aren't too familiar with who Dan Spivey is, then here's a brief history on the former All Japan Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion. Throughout the 80s into the mid 90s, Dan Spivey wrestled in numerous promotions including the All Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW and WWE. Though he spent roughly the same amount of time in both WCW and WWE, I think most remember Spivey as a "WCW guy".

Now Dan Spivey was never a top-tier star, and he was mainly featured in the mid-card or being used as an enhancement talent to put the bigger stars. For those of you who remember Dan Spivey, he was never particularly a "looker" by any stretch, but I'd say he doesn't look very good now at the age of 65 - he looks totally worn out.

6 Former WWE Star: Scott Hall

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Although Scott Hall has attempted to get control of his previously reckless life with the help of Diamond Dallas Page, it's clear that Scott still suffers from his past choices. Razor Ramon looks incredibly ragged recently, despite being "clean" from the substances that he battled with for much of the past decade. Perhaps he doesn't look quite as terrible as he did say 5 years ago, but still not great to say the least.

Looks aside, Razor Ramon can boast that he's gotten his life back on track, and that he no longer abuses substances. Well, maybe he still drinks a little too excessively every now and again, but he's laid off the harder substances. Without question, Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon is one of the most solid in-ring performers in professional wrestling history, and he's by far one of the best who never captured the WWE Championship.

5 Former WCW Star: Raven

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Although Raven has spent years competing in many of the largest wrestling promotions (WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA), he's spent almost the same amount of time in WCW and WWE so it's really a tossup if you'd call him a former "WWE star" or "WCW star" - that said, since it works out better this way, we'll call Raven a WCW guy for today (he's really an ECW guy).

If you can believe it, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion is still performing to this day on the Independent wrestling scene, but he's looking rather terrible. No, Raven was never particularly a "looker", but it's clear he looks like he's been put through "the wringer" to say the least. Regardless, Raven's had an incredibly long and successful career stretching all the way back to 1988.

4 Former WWE Star: The Sandman

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Although The Sandman will always truly be remembered as an "ECW Guy", for the sake of this list (and considering he did in fact spend some time with the company), we'll call Sandman a WWE Guy. The Sandman is undoubtedly one of the most extreme wrestlers of all time, and he's definitely a memorable performer to say the least. Though he was never the most solid in-ring wrestler, his extremeness more than made up for his lack of great in-ring talent. Despite being well and gone from the spotlight of ECW and WWE, Sandman is surprisingly still wrestling to this day on The Indies, but he certainly looks quite a lot more ragged than he did say 10 years ago. I think it's fairly clear Sandman hasn't aged too gracefully, and the picture above showcases that I'd say.

3 Former WCW (NWA) Star: Tully Blanchard

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Former NWA (and WWE) wrestler Tully Blanchard is just 63 years old. If you to have gauged how old Tully was simply by looking at this recent picture, I'd argue that most of you would guess late 60's to early 70's. However, that's not the case for the former Four Horsemen stablemate.

Tully Blanchard is remembered by pro-wrestling fans for his tenures in Southwest Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions and for a very short run in WWE back in '88-'89. Throughout his career, Tully captured many championships including the NWA National Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship - he was also inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2012. Although Blanchard had some successes in WWE, he'll certainly be remembered more as an NWA/WCW guy versus a WWE guy.

2 Former WWE Star: Ric Flair

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Although "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair was an icon in WCW, the WWE will always represent the biggest promotion in Sports Entertainment history, and considering Ric too had a successful career in WWE (multiple tenures), we'll call him a former WWE star for the sake of this list, especially since he still makes appearances there now. Without a shadow of a doubt, Ric Flair is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time (arguably THE greatest), and the impact he's made on the sport is everlasting.

The 16-time World Champion has done all there is to do in Sports Entertainment. He's still very much an active and popular figure in wrestling today, with his daughter Charlotte Flair carrying on his legacy into the next generation. However, as much of a legend as Ric Flair is, his lifestyle has unfortunately caught up to him in recent years, and we just had a Ric Flair health scare earlier this year.

1 Former WCW Star: Perry Saturn

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In my humble opinion, the former WCW star who is looking the worst right now is undoubtedly Perry Saturn. Despite being just 51 years old, Perry looks much older and more worn out than he actually is, and this all stems from his troubling post-retirement life - a life filled with substance abuse and bad luck.

During an interview last year, Saturn had stated that he's currently dealing with a traumatic brain injury that completely limits his abilities to do many things including work or driving. It's unfortunate how things have turned out for Saturn in recent years, but it's nice to know that he still has loyal supporters who are willing to help him out in this time of need. He fulfilled his GoFundMe campaign of raising 40k for basic living needs and to avoid homelessness.

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