10 Former WWE Stars You Had No Idea Worked For Impact Wrestling (And 5 That’ll Leave For WWE)

Now shooting predominantly in Canada, Impact is still alive and as a matter of fact, you'll be shocked to learn of the familiar names on their roster.

Impact Wrestling is once again trying to rebrand with a change in management. Their most recent branding of changing the name to Global Force Wrestling has ended in failure like usual. Jeff Jarrett is out and the GFW name is no longer allowed to be used by the company trying to find a new identity. Impact is now claiming to be a Canada based promotion with most of their shows taking place north of the border. Most of you reading this likely gave up on TNA, Impact Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling or whatever you remember it as being named.

This will introduce you to the current roster of Impact, at least for now. Ten familiar faces will be explored as these former WWE talents have joined the company at some point and still remain there. Another five names will be put on the radar as talents that have the talent, name value and upside to leave the career purgatory of TNA for WWE. Both sides will be explained as to where everyone is in their current career paths while working for Impact. Get ready to learn more about the least relevant promotion in wrestling right now. These are ten former WWE stars you didn’t realize worked for Impact and five that will be WWE bound sooner than later.

15 Impact Star: Chris Masters

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WWE once viewed Chris Masters as being a future top star. The physique, upside and youth of Masters earned him a huge push back in 2005. Masters would struggle to get to what the company wanted from him. Following various ups and downs in the company, Masters would get his release from WWE despite many reports of him improving greatly.

14 Impact Star: Jimmy Jacobs


The recent shocking news of Jimmy Jacobs getting fired from a writing position in WWE made him an interesting name. Many fans expected Jacobs to sign with Ring of Honor or New Japan to join the Bullet Club given a photo with the controversial faction caused WWE to fire him. Jacobs instead decided to take a position with Impact Wrestling while still wrestling on the independent circuit.

13 WWE Bound: James Storm


We have witnessed many of the all-time great Impact Wrestling stars sign with WWE in recent years. A.J. Styles is the current WWE Champion. Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe are forecasted to participate in the Raw vs. SmackDown ten man tag match at Survivor Series. One man that decided to stick with Impact after making a few NXT appearances is James Storm.

12 Impact Star: Hornswoggle


The post-WWE career of Hornswoggle has seen him continue to wrestle on the independent circuit. Hornswoggle’s most noteworthy work has come as a member of the Impact Wrestling roster. Impact initially brought him in to be a part of Matt Hardy’s special episodes in the Broken Universe. Hornswoggle stuck around to feud with Rockstar Spud in a comedic feud.

11 Impact Star: John Morrison


One of the bigger signings for Impact this year was adding former WWE star John Morrison to the roster. Known as Johnny Impact now, he instantly entered the main event picture. You have to give Impact some respect for seeing his talent and knowing he is the kind of performer they need to build around. Morrison spent the past few years working for Lucha Underground as one of their main eventers.

10 WWE Bound: Sienna


The Women’s Division of Impact Wrestling has always been among the stronger points for the company. There are a few talented women on the roster today trying to bring attention to the Knockouts Division. Sienna has been a bright spot for the company and should be considered among their better signings in recent years. The in-ring work, charisma and character work of Sienna all come together for great results.

9 Impact Star: Ethan Carter III


The lack of momentum for Impact Wrestling is hurting almost everyone on the roster. Ethan Carter III was considered one of the best success stories for talents outside of WWE just a few years ago. Following a disappointing WWE run as Derrick Bateman, he adopted the EC3 persona and became the top star in Impact Wrestling during their final relevant period.

8 Impact Star: Sami Callihan


Sami Callihan recently made his debut for Impact Wrestling at Bound for Glory. The formerly known Solomon Crowe in NXT failed to make a mark when many of his prior peers were moving up the card. Callihan realized his name value was dropping and his career was going nowhere sitting on the sidelines in NXT. This led to him requesting his release from the promotion.

7 WWE Bound: Moose


Impact Wrestling is currently trying to make Moose one of their top stars. Moose chose to sign with Impact at a time when Ring of Honor and NXT each showed interest in offering contracts as well. Since then, NXT has continued to be successful and Ring of Honor is the most successful it has ever been in terms of live crowds and PPV buy rates.

6 Impact Star: Alberto Del Rio


The status of Alberto Del Rio in Impact Wrestling is confusing to the fans that match the product, let alone those that barely pay attention. Alberto was suspended for allegations of domestic abuse towards Paige. Impact decided to keep him away from the company due to the publicity received from employing him. Various other stories paint Del Rio as a train wreck promotions are shying away from booking.

5 Impact Star: Eli Drake


Eli Drake is the current Impact Global Champion as Impact Wrestling is trying to make him one of their cornerstones. Many fans have no idea that Drake used to work for WWE as he spent time training at the WWE Performance Center with a few appearances in NXT. The name Slate Randall was used in WWE before he was released from his contract in 2014.

4 WWE Bound: Eddie Edwards


One of the most underrated talents in professional wrestling today is Eddie Edwards. The former ROH World Champion ended up signing with Impact Wrestling along with tag partner Davey Richards a few years ago. Both men worked well together as the American Wolves until Edwards received a huge singles push winning the Impact World Championship.

3 Impact star: Matt Sydal


Many instances of wrestlers signing with Impact Wrestling will see them go there as a last resort. This is the unfortunate story of Matt Sydal as he was blacklisted from other promotions. Sydal used to work in WWE under the name of Evan Bourne before violating WWE’s Wellness Policy and suffering a bad foot injury. WWE released him after a long time being inactive.

2 Impact Star: Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley could be argued as the face of Impact Wrestling right now. The big man had a horrible run in WWE over a decade ago. Vince McMahon tried to force him into a main event role despite his lack of experience. Lashley has finally fulfilled his potential the past few years becoming a top star for the Impact Wrestling roster.

1 WWE bound: Rosemary


The mysterious Rosemary has become a special performer Impact Wrestling as both a wrestler and a character. Rosemary joined The Decay faction with scary characters Abyss and Crazzy Steve. Most wrestlers having such a gimmick would have failed badly in the current era in wrestling. They however found a way to make it work with Rosemary being the breakout star of the three.

Rosemary has been considered the best thing in the Impact Knockouts Division and one of the best overall talents in the company. WWE is always looking to add unique top tier performers to the Women’s Division. Rosemary is unlike any other woman in professional wrestling today. WWE will have dropped the ball if she is not at least in NXT within the next year or two.

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10 Former WWE Stars You Had No Idea Worked For Impact Wrestling (And 5 That’ll Leave For WWE)