10 Horrible WWE Dads (And 5 Who Are Role Models)

WWE superstars are on the road for up to 300 days a year. This year as an added benefit of their exhausting job, the rosters of both SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw are being forced to work Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This is because the days fall on a Monday and Tuesday and the company has decided to put the episodes of the show out live on those days during the holidays for the first time.

Even though many of these superstars have families and young children that they would rather be spending the holidays with, it seems that WWE hasn't exactly taken this into consideration when making their plans. Many WWE superstars would be considered role models to their children, even though they miss many of the big moments in their lives. They are teaching their children all about the value of working and being able to provide for them, but this isn't the case for all of the male superstars who are fathers. With life on the road can come a whole lot of drama and demons that can find their way into a wrestler's personal life. This can leave relationships with their children strained or even in shambles.

The following list looks at 10 WWE stars who haven't been the greatest parents to their children, and five who are definitely considered to be role models to their own kids and many others who look up to them around the world.


15 Bad Dad: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin was a huge star in WWE during the Attitude Era and has mostly been seen in recent years as the host of his own podcast on the WWE Network. Despite being a huge star, many of the WWE Universe were probably unaware that Austin was actually a father.

This is because Austin and his children have a somewhat strained relationship which probably stems from the issues in his personal life in the early 2000s, which included him being accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife and former WWE Diva Debra Marshall. Austin is quite a private person when it comes to his life outside of the ring, but when it comes to his relationship with his children, there isn't much for the Texas Rattlesnake to share anyway.

14 Bad Dad: Ric Flair

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Ric Flair may be the only ever two-time WWE Hall of Famer in the history of the company and seen as a fantastic role model to his daughter Charlotte on WWE TV, but it seems that his relationship with his son Reid will always haunt the 16-time Champion.

Ahead of his death back in 2013, there were reports that Flair and Reid were not getting along and Flair even showed up at a public event with a black eye after an altercation with Reid. Flair neglected his fatherly duties with his four children while he was still wrestling, instead fleeting from woman to woman and from marriage to marriage while he was enjoying the attention that a high-level wrestling career had given to him. He has tried to make up for this with Charlotte since she decided to follow in his footsteps in WWE.

13 Role Model: Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns is being groomed to become one of the biggest stars in WWE in the next few years, but that doesn't mean that he has ever lost sight of how he got to where he is. Roman is devoted to his wife Galina and their daughter Joelle, which is a testament to the Samoan family that he comes from since family means everything to them.

Reigns likes to keep his family sheltered and away from the public attention, but allowed his daughter to be used on WWE TV a few years ago. Reigns wasn't happy about all the attention that came with this appearance on WWE TV and it seems that ever since he has ensured that his wife and daughter are kept away from the spotlight since he does have a number of crazy fans.

12 Bad Dad: Matt Hardy

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In Matt Hardy's defence, he has been put through the ringer when it comes to his personal life. Hardy was cheated on by both Lita and then Ashley back in 2005 before he left WWE and met Reby Sky when the duo were performing together in TNA. There is a huge age gap between the two stars, but that didn't seem to bother the couple in the early months of their relationship.

It was later reported that Reby and Matt got into a number of physical altercations, to the point where both stars were arrested a few years ago for assaulting each other. Hardy has two children with Reby with his youngest being born earlier this year. The couple seem to have turned a corner over the past few years, but it seems that the WWE Universe is now painfully aware of the levels Hardy will stoop to.

11 Bad Dad: Chris Jericho

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It's not so much his fatherly instincts that have been called into question here, but it seems that Chris Jericho hasn't had the best personal life either. Jericho has been married to his wife Jessica for the past 17 years, but during that time Y2J has been accused of adultery a number of times, most notably with former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly since there were photos to back up the claims.

Jericho's children were only young then and evidently never came into his mind when he was on the road and getting up to all sorts with women who weren't his wife. Jericho has made up for it in the years that have followed but as with many stars on this list, the WWE Universe will always remember even if he would prefer that they forgot. He does look like a pretty cool dad now anyway.

10 Role Model: Randy Orton

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Randy Orton's personal life has definitely been something that has made headlines over the past few years, especially since his divorce from his first wife Samantha became quite messy. Orton has done everything to ensure that his daughter Alana has been part of his new family over the past few years as well as being a fantastic stepfather to his second wife Kim Kessler's three sons.

Orton has also welcomed another addition to his family back in 2016 when Kim gave birth to their first child together, Orton's second daughter Brooklyn Rose. Orton has shared a number of videos of him with his two daughters and three stepsons over the past year, which has shown the WWE Universe that the couple has been able to create their own perfect family.

9 Bad Dad: Scott Hall

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Scott Hall is a WWE Hall of Famer and someone who will be remembered for his portrayal of Razor Ramon throughout the 1990's in WWE and WCW, but even though he was a role model for a number of children growing up in that era, he was unable to become the same thing for his own family.

Scott's substance abuse problems are definitely no secret but the impact they had on his family probably was. Scott married and divorced the same woman twice throughout this phase of his life while his children were still quite young. Obviously, this was a tough time for Scott and he has tried everything to fix the relationship he has with his children over the past few years, including helping his son Cody to get a push into the wrestling business.


8 Bad Dad: Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon is a millionaire and a recognizable star all over the world, but McMahon was so busy building his empire that he rarely had time for his own family. McMahon's personal life scandals have been the focus of a number of books over the past few years because they are so well known, but his children haven't avoided these issues either.

Stephanie was thrust into the spotlight as a model for WWE when she was only young, which may have led to the rumour about her and WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage. Not only that, but it seems that Vince is happy to overlook his own son when it comes to the company and give everything that he has worked for to his son-in-law Triple H, which doesn't sound like something a loving father would do. Add to this all the insane shenanigans he has gotten up to in the business and he doesn't wuite look like father of the year.

7 Role Model: Edge

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Edge wasn't exactly one of the best role models that WWE had for a number of years following the cheating scandal with Lita, The Rated R Superstar was never able to find the right woman to settle down with after that. When his career was unexpectedly cut short back in 2011, Edge made the switch over to the world of acting and spent his spare time starting a family.

Edge is now married to fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and the couple have two daughters. Both stars have been able to adapt to parenting quite well and regularly share cute family updates of their children together. It seems that Edge just needed to find the right woman who has gone on to show him how to become the perfect father.

6 Bad Dad: Jake Roberts

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Jake Roberts has had his own fair share of issues over the past few decades which have affected both his personal and professional life. Roberts was abused as a child and it seems that this is what originally led to his addictions, which got out of hand a few years ago.

Roberts has eight children and ten grandchildren and it seems that his problems over the past few years have meant that he now has a strained relationship with a number of his children. Jake's past could be one of the reasons why he finds it hard to make bonds with his own children, but his health hasn't been great in recent years either. Luckily, Jake is trying his best to ensure that he finally bonds with his children with many positive stories coming from the Roberts household in recent months.

5 Bad Dad: Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt is one of very few superstars on the WWE roster currently who has been able to keep his personal life as private as possible ever since he made his WWE debut. That being said, that all came to an end this year when it was revealed that Bray was having an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman.

Bray's wife Samantha made the affair public knowledge, as well as the fact that Bray was now forcing his children to be part of what could be lengthy court proceedings ahead of their divorce. Bray obviously wasn't thinking of his family or his two young children when the affair began a number of years ago, even though it was reported that beforehand he was quite the devoted father.

4 Role Model: Shane McMahon

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Despite not having the best male role model in his life growing up, it is reported that Shane practically raised Stephanie himself, which has obviously prepared him for raising his own children.

Shane has three sons who have appeared on WWE TV a number of times over the past year to support their father. Shane speaks fondly of his children and is aware that many of the risks he is making are to support his family so that his children know that their father is willing to do anything to be seen as that family kind of man. Shane left WWE for a number of years to prove that he could survive without the McMahon empire, which proves just how strong-minded he is, which is setting a fantastic example for his children.

3 Bad Dad: Kevin Nash

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has definitely been under fire over the past few years after an altercation with his son that led to him being arrested. It was reported back in 2014 that Nash and his 18-year-old son had gotten into an argument about his girlfriend that had suddenly turned violent when Tristen spat in Nash's face.

It was later revealed that Tristen had hit his mother so Nash reacted by slamming his head to the ground so hard that he blacked out. Both Nash and his son were arrested before being released but this caused WWE to rethink a number of plans for Nash since they have a zero tolerance rule when it comes to any of their stars being involved in domestic violence cases.

2 Bad Dad: Jerry Lawler

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Jerry Lawler hasn't exactly had the best run of personal relationships over the past few years, with him being suspended from WWE last year when it was revealed that he and his girlfriend had something of a domestic dispute that turned violent.

His personal issues have affected his relationship with his son, who was actually part of WWE for a number of years, under the ring name "Grand Master Sexay." It seems that Lawler wanted to keep it quiet that the two were related the entire time, which is odd considering many other relations have become public knowledge over the past few years. Neither man wanted to be in the company of the other and Lawler and Christopher were happy to work alongside each other without actually having to work together.

1 Role Model: Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan is the current SmackDown General Manager and one of the most popular stars in WWE right now because he is one of the most genuine stars that WWE has ever employed. Bryan has worked for everything he has and now that he's a father, he is seemingly setting a fantastic example to his daughter Birdie.

Bryan didn't want to return to WWE when his paternity leave came to an end earlier this year, which is huge for Bryan since wrestling is something that he has always had a unique love for. Instead, he has attempted to cut down the time he spends on the road because he doesn't want to miss out on his daughter's younger years as she reaches the usual milestones as a child.


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