10 Huge Wrestlers Who Never Took Steroids... And 10 Who Clearly Did

A lot of people just assume that all big wrestlers are on steroids, but that is far from the case.

There are many kids out there who dream of becoming a professional athlete, and although it is nice for kids to have such a dream, the reality is that most of them will never be able to fulfill that dream. The reason for this is quite simple, because in order to become a professional athlete, a person's body needs to be strong enough to keep up with all the rigorous training and travel associated with being an athlete. In the world of professional sports, athletes usually get paid more depending on how well they perform, which is why athletes work very hard to stay strong and in shape, but there are also some athletes who cheat the entire system by taking some kind of performance enhancing drug.

Professional wrestling has been around for decades, and for some reason, there are still people who mock the entire industry because of how "fake" it is, but in reality, each and every wrestler is a legitimate athlete. Like all other athletes, wrestlers need to be in good shape, and when it comes to the men, it usually means that they need to be fairly big and muscular. Over the past 40 years, there have been quite a few wrestlers who have used drugs, like steroids specifically, to make themselves bigger. Since some of the big and muscular guys used steroids to gain their appearance, a lot of people just assume that all big wrestlers are on steroids, but that is far from the case, and this article will show just that, as it will identify 10 wrestlers who clearly never used steroids, and 10 who obviously did.

22 Rusev (Didn't)


Rusev has been on WWE's main roster since 2014, and since then, he has continuously been used as a heel who hates America, which is kind of ironic seeing as he came to the US specifically in order to become a wrestler. Prior to his official debut in 2009, Rusev was a rower and powerlifter, and he was even approached by the Bulgarian Olympic Lifting team to compete in that year's Olympic Games, which is when the rumors of possible steroid use emerged. Apparently, Bulgaria has had a history of steroid-using weightlifters, but Rusev was never caught using any drugs during his lifting days, and since joining the WWE, who now has a strict drug and wellness policy, he still has not been caught, while other bigger names like Randy Orton have found themselves getting suspended for steroid use.

21 Rick Rude (Did)


This past April, Ravishing Rick Rude was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame, a move which some younger fans may find odd, but in truth, he managed to win several major singles titles over his career. Aside from the title wins, Rude's induction was mainly thanks to the fact that he was a fantastic heel while working in WWE, WCW, and ECW, with his impressive physique being a major part of his persona. In 1999, Rude died as a result of heart failure, and seeing as he was just 40 years old at the time, there were those who blamed steroids for his death, which made sense as Rude himself had admitted years prior that he did take steroids while wrestling, which would explain why he was able to maintain such a great physique for years.

20 Bobby Lashley (Didn't)


Professional wrestlers are indeed athletes, and although many wrestlers were involved in other sports prior to getting into a ring, very few wrestlers have managed to leave the business to make a name for themselves in another sport. Bobby Lashley is one of those exceptions, as he was able to temporarily pause his wrestling career to go compete in the world of mixed martial arts. Lashley is a huge individual, and based on his size, it is no surprise that people have assumed that he needed steroids in order to get that big, but this muscled monster has never tested positive for anything, not in MMA, or in any of the wrestling promotions he has worked for. In fact, when he was supposed to fight Ken Shamrock, he tested clean while Shamrock was suspended for doping.


18 The Ultimate Warrior (Did)


On April 8, 2014, the wrestling world was shocked to learn of the death of the Ultimate Warrior, who the night before had given a great speech on Raw after getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Warrior was insanely popular during the '80s and early '90s, and managed to end his career as a onetime WWE Champion and two-time Intercontinental Champion, and based on how massive he was throughout his career, it should come as no surprise that rumors about him using steroids ran rampant. After his death, Bret Hart shed some light on those allegations by saying, “I don’t think it would be a surprise to know he took steroids for a long time, and I don’t know if he ever stopped.” What Hart made some sense, but seeing as he was 54 when he died, and retired for 16 years, it is doubtful that he was still using steroids just prior to his death.

17 Big Show (Didn't)


The wrestling industry has seen several "giants" come and go, with the most famous of course being Andre the Giant, but for the past 22 years, Big Show has been the predominant giant in the industry. Show started his career in 1995 when he debuted as The Giant in WCW, and over the course of his career, he has won every championship imaginable, which is part of the reason why he is guaranteed a spot in the Hall of Fame. Thanks to a disease known as acromegaly, Big Show has been massive since the age of 12, but that did not stop some people from thinking that he used drugs in order to make himself look even bigger. The truth is, Show just worked out to gain the extra muscle he had earlier in his career, and he knows how to work out. Just look at the pictures he posted this year while at the gym.

16 Chris Masters (Did)


Wrestling fans have a long memory, which is why they go crazy whenever a wrestler who provided them with great moments comes back after a lengthy absence, but that kind of nostalgia does not apply to everyone. As far as WWE fans are concerned, it would be best for Chris Masters to never return to the company, because no one would really care, seeing as his only real attribute while with the company was the fact that he was a muscled beast. From the moment he debuted, it was quite obvious that Masters was on something, since he had veins popping out all over his body, and since leaving the WWE, he has admitted that he did use steroids in order to get signed by the company, the same company that later suspended him for violating its wellness policy.

15 Ron Simmons (Didn't)

When younger wrestling fans see Ron Simmons, they now see a man in his mid 50s who does nothing but say "DAMN!" but those fans likely have no idea that the Hall of Famer is a former World Heavyweight Champion. From 1987 to 2004, Simmons was always seen as being rather big, especially in his early days at WCW, ECW, and WWE, and based on how big he was, it was assumed that he was juicing like many other wrestlers at the time, but the truth is, he never touched the stuff. Simmons' career lasted for nearly 20 years, and in all that time, he was never linked to steroids, and prior to becoming a wrestler, he played professional football, where he never tested positive either.

14 Lex Luger (Did)


Based on some of the people who have been inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame in recent years, you would think that Lex Luger, who had a lengthy 20-year wrestling career, would now be on the short list of future inductees. Prior to getting into wrestling, Luger played professional football, which saw him in both the NFL and CFL, but it was not until he found himself on WCW's programming that audiences got to see just how big he was. Thanks to all his muscle, Luger was once called "The Total Package", but just by looking at him, you get the feeling that the former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, and 1994 Royal Rumble co-winner, did not attain all that muscle simply by working out. A few years back, he opened up about having a substance abuse problem, which included steroids.

13 Big E (Didn't)


Big E has had quite the career so far, as not only is he a former NXT and Intercontinental champion, but he is also a part of the longest Tag Team Championship reign in WWE history. It goes without saying that Big E is the biggest member of The New Day, but he has been big for years now, and ever since his official debut in 2009, people have questioned whether or not he has dabbled with steroids. In truth, he attained his physique through hard work. Prior to becoming a wrestler, Big E was a powerlifter, and it is because of his former career that we know he is clean, because the USAPL is home to one of the world's toughest drug testing policies, and he passed every test with flying colors.

12 Dynamite Kid (Did)


When you ask people in the wrestling industry like Bret Hart or Dave Meltzer about Dynamite Kid, you will be told that he was a very influential in-ring performer, who managed to merge the wrestling styles of Canada, Britain, Mexico, and Japan when he performed. Unfortunately though, Dynamite Kid is known for having one of the greatest downfalls in wrestling history, because he now spends life in a wheelchair after losing the use of his legs. Kid was known for performing a diving headbutt, which just sounds like a spinal cord injury waiting to happen, but the bumps he took were not the only thing he blamed for his hardships, as he also blamed the steroids he took, and when you saw him wrestle, you could tell that he was unnaturally big for the style he used.

11 Cesaro (Didn't)


Over the past few years, we have seen the WWE sign more and more experienced wrestlers who have spent years developing their skills in promotions all over the world, and Cesaro happened to be part of the first wave of these experienced performers. For a while now, Cesaro has been referred to as the strongest pound for pound man on the WWE roster, and he has demonstrated that strength countless times in the ring, but when you are given that kind of moniker, skeptics emerge who doubt someone can get that strong through training alone. In truth, Cesaro is a pure athlete who has a superb workout regiment, and besides, not only has he never been caught using steroids, but he was also signed by the WWE following the company's steroid scandal in the late 2000s, which means they were looking for talent who were 100% clean.

10 Davey Boy Smith (Did)


Dynamite Kid may have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, but at least he is still alive, a fact that unfortunately cannot be said about his cousin and former tag team partner, Davey Boy Smith. Throughout his career, Smith, otherwise known as The British Bulldog, was viewed as a technician in the ring, however when he started to work for WCW and WWE, his body rapidly changed, a change that made him look more like a bodybuilder. Smith died of a heart attack back in 2002, and according to his former brother-in-law, Bruce Hart, the heart attack occurred as a direct result of all the steroids and human growth hormones that he took over a period of time that spanned more than a decade.

9 Batista (Didn't)


Of all the people who did not take steroids on this list, this will most likely be the hardest one to believe, as Dave Batista was thought to be on steroids and other drugs during his time with the WWE. Just by looking at past footage of The Animal, you can see why so many people believed that he was taking something, I mean he had bulging muscles all over his body, but then again, he still has a ton of muscle now even though he spends his time making movies instead of wrestling. Back in the late 2000s, when the steroid scandal broke, Batista was named in the report as a wrestler who received steroids, but he denied those claims, and during the entire ordeal, he never found himself suspended for drug use, unlike other wrestlers who were mentioned.

8 Scott Steiner (Did)

Wrestlers love what they do, which is why some, if they do not get seriously injured, will continue to wrestle well past their 40s, and in Scott Steiner's case, he still gets into the ring even though he turned 55 in July. Steiner has been wrestling since 1986, and he slowly gained notoriety while teaming with his brother, but in late 1997, his body underwent some very noticeable physical changes, especially in the muscle mass department. Of all the people on this list who have definitely taken steroids, no one has flaunted the results more than Steiner, who made flexing his enormous arms an integral part of his identity, and although he has never truly admitted to taking any drugs, you can tell just by looking at him that he has taken more than his fair share.

7 Mark Henry (Didn't)


Aside from appearing in this year's Royal Rumble and Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania, we have not seen Mark Henry on TV much, and the reason for that is because he has decided that it is finally time to retire after almost 20 years of wrestling. As a former World Champion, Henry will undoubtedly get into the Hall of Fame based on the career he had, a career which may not have ever happened if he had never been named The World's Strongest Man during his days as a powerlifter. From 1991-96, Henry won numerous weightlifting competitions, which proves just how strong he really is, but there were some who believed that a portion of his strength came from things like steroids, accusations that have no merit seeing as he has never been linked to any performance enhancing drugs in his life.

6 Eddie Guerrero (Did)


Thanks to an underlying cardiovascular disease, the wrestling world lost a truly great man and performer on November 13, 2005 when Eddie Guerrero was found unconscious in his Minnesota hotel by his nephew. Eddie is viewed by many as one of the best wrestlers of all time, and he has all the championships to prove it, but as great as he was, he too falls into the steroid taking category, and it was quite obvious seeing as he quickly gained a lot of muscle after joining the WWE. Prior to joining the company, Guerrero worked in WCW, where he was fairly skinny, and several years later, it was reported that he was indeed taking steroids, as well as a drug called estrogen-blocker anastozole, which is used by men on steroids to ensure that they do not develop breast tissue.

5 Brock Lesnar (Didn't)


Earlier we mentioned that Bobby Lashley managed to temporarily step away from wrestling to pursue a career in MMA, but his success in MMA pales in compassion to what Brock Lesnar was able to accomplish. As it currently stands, the Beast Incarnate is the only person to win the WWE Championship and the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and although he just turned 40, he is still in really great shape. Last year, Lesnar was suspended by UFC for testing positive for a banned substance, which many people assumed was steroids or some other kind of performance enhancer, but it was actually a drug used by women with infertility. The closest Lesnar ever came to testing positive for steroids was in 2001, when he was arrested for carrying a large amount of "steroids", but it was later determined that they were not in fact steroids.

4 Chris Benoit (Did)


Professional wrestling is a dangerous job, because one bad bump or mistimed move can leave an individual seriously injured, and in Chris Benoit's case, his injuries led him down a horribly dark path. On June 22, 2007, Benoit murdered his wife and young son in their Georgia home, and then two days later, he took his own life, an event that shook the WWE and the entire wrestling industry to its core. Over his career, Benoit had sustained brain damage as a result of numerous concussions received during his career, and that damage was determined to be the main reason behind the tragedy, but prior to that information, people blamed the entire ordeal on "roid rage." Those allegations made sense at the time, seeing as Benoit had put on a lot of extra muscle in the years prior to his death, which seemed unnecessary given his style, and he also had steroids in his system at the time of his death.


2 John Cena (Didn't)


Professional wrestling has been around for a long time, and over the decades, several icons have emerged in the industry, and although many fans do not like him now, John Cena is one of those icons. The 16-time World Champion was a bodybuilder before becoming a wrestler, which explains why he was so jacked when he first debuted, and although he turned 40 earlier this year, he is just as big as he was back then. Throughout his career, Cena has had to deal with people saying he uses steroids, but when Chris Jericho asked him about it on his podcast, Cena gave a definitive no, stating that he has always weighed 250 pounds, a weight he has never deviated from. Plus, Cena has never tested positive for anything, and you better believe that WWE would test him thoroughly considering he is still one of the faces of the company.

1 Hulk Hogan (Did)


Although he has been embroiled in a scandal for the past two years, Hulk Hogan will eventually find his way back to the WWE, it is just a question of when, because for all his possible faults, he is still one of the greatest and most influential wrestlers that the industry has ever seen. Throughout his career, Hogan would reference his "24-inch pythons," which was code for his massive arms, which did not get as big as they were through training alone. In 1994, during the infamous McMahon trial that could have changed the wrestling landscape forever, Hogan, while under oath, admitted to using steroids since 1975 to gain weight and size, a revelation that was far more disappointing than it was surprising, given the fact that the muscles that made him millions of dollars were essentially artificial.

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10 Huge Wrestlers Who Never Took Steroids... And 10 Who Clearly Did