10 Male And 10 Female Wrestlers That Are An Embarrassment To Pro Wrestling

The world of wrestling has its fair share of talent, whether that's on WWE's main roster for the red brand and flagship show, Monday Night Raw, or on the blue brand for Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon's Smackdown Live, or even within its developmental ranks in NXT. While WWE is recognized as the big leagues, the likes of NJPW, ROH and TNA also boast and have boasted their fair amount of talent as well.

These talents come from all different walks of life and some of them are homegrown WWE talents such as John Cena and Brock Lesnar. On the other hand, there are talents such as Finn Balor and Kevin Owens that have honed their skills in a number of other promotions prior to finally being awarded a contract by Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

While the names of Balor, Cena, Lesnar and Owens are without question worthy of their contracts and standing in WWE, this isn't to say that all persons that have been involved in wrestling have given it a good name.

Here, we take a look at ten male and female talents that are an embarrassment to pro wrestling.

20 Jillian Hall

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When Jillian Hall first debuted, she had a repulsive growth on her face that was composed of God knows what. Yes, this was embarrassing but it would get worst for Ms. Hall. Two years later, she was given a singing gimmick in which she displayed her vocal talent lack of vocal talent to WWE audiences. Despite her singing on WWE television being beyond awful, Hall actually ended up having the last laugh. In December of 2007, Hall released an album that was titled A Jingle with Jillian. Her singing on the album was equally as terrible as it was onscreen in WWE. Yet, somehow, some way, Hall grabbed the number twenty spot on the U.K.'s Top 100 Holidays chart. Hall had the last laugh in this instance. Nonetheless, she was still an embarrassment in WWE.

19 X-Pac

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Notorious for playing backstage politics within the WWE, the Kliq was comprised of Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Triple H and X-Pac. Which name doesn't belong? If you guessed X-Pac, you'd be correct; if you didn't, what is wrong with you?! X-Pac clearly benefitted from being friends with the other Kliq members, as he won a number of belts within WWE such as the WWE Tag Team Championship and WWE European Championship despite being the obvious weak link. He's had his fair share of battles with substance abuse and a battle with suicide as well. X-Pac also has the unpleasurable honor of tearing his anus while attempting a Bronco Buster at an indy show. There are those that are a mess; then there is X-Pac. God speed, sir!

18 Ashley Massaro

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In 2005, Ashley Massaro beat the likes of Leyla Milani (better known as the woman who held case #13 on NBC's Deal or No Deal) and Kristal Marshall (the former flame of Bobby Lashley) to win the Raw Diva's Search competition. Massaro came from a family of wrestlers as both her father and brother competed in amateur wrestling. As a result, you'd think Massaro would be hellbent on making her family proud in the wrestling business. Instead, her three year run with the company is rather unmemorable. Having been involved in lackluster feuds such as those with Vince's Devils and Michelle McCool, the WWE landscape at the time didn't do Massaro many favors. However, this isn't to say that she was polished in the ring or on the mic and her feud with Mickie James is a perfect example of this. Not to forget, she's likely remembered by most for her Playboy cover as opposed to anything wrestling related.

17 Goldberg

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Renown for coining the phrase "Who's Next", Bill Goldberg is one of the most polarizing figures that the wrestling business has ever seen. While he will forever be remembered for racking up an unprecedented 173 straight victories without a loss, he will also be remembered equally for ending the career of Bret Hart. In 2013, Hart sat down with WrestlingInc.com and said of his relationship with Hart, "when he hurt me with the kick in the head and all that, I know Bill doesn't got a mean bone in his body and whatever happened with me and him was just, it's part of the job. I do wish he'd be a little more careful". Hart has also relayed that he doesn't hold scorn for Goldberg, but as a wrestler your job first and foremost is to protect your opponent. Not only did Goldberg end a career, but he ended the career of the self-proclaimed "best there is, best there was and best there ever will be".

16 Cameron

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When you tell the great Stone Cold Steve Austin that your all-time favorite match was between Melina and Alicia Fox, you've made yourself the poster child for being an embarrassment to pro wrestling. Cameron didn't only embarrass herself with her remark to Austin, but she also embarrassed herself outside of the ring. In 2012, Cameron was arrested for a DUI, and, to add insult to injury, for bribing an officer. Surprisingly, Cameron got off rather easy as WWE only handed her a two week suspension. Cameron had a four year run in WWE, and it was evident to all that during her alliance with Naomi, that she was the weak link of the pair. Her singles run was arguably even more uninspiring as she wasn't able to establish herself as a force on her own.

15 Ryback

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Goldberg's doppleganger Ryback not only resembles his baldheaded brethren physically but characteristically as well as both are an embarrassment to pro wrestling. In 2015, Colt Cabana's good friend CM Punk appeared on his "Art of Wrestling" podcast to shoot on Ryback. Punk claimed took "twenty years of his life" as a result of him being an unsafe worker. In addition, Punk also was especially testy after being slammed through a table with exponential force. Punk said of that incident, "either you're (Ryback) doing it on purpose and you suck, or you're just dumb as f**k. Which one is it?". Ryback was never treated as in ring general, but being labeled an unsafe worker makes you persona non grata in the squared circle. Let's not forget he made the ludicrous demand that all wrestlers deserved equal pay. I'm sure everyone believes you're as valuable as a Seth Rollins or AJ Styles, Ryback.

14 Major Gunns

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Major Gunns run in the wrestling world was rather short as she first appeared in WCW in 1999 and was with the promotion until it was bought out by WWE in 2001. Major Gunns dabbled on the independent scene after the buyout in both Xtreme Pro Wrestling and Double Trouble Wrestling. However, at some point she realized that the wrestling world wasn't for her. Instead, she decided to venture into the world of adult entertainment with the name Tylene Buck. Major Gunns began her career actress as an adult actress in 2005 and hasn't looked back ever since. In fairness, Major Gunns was never really a valuable asset in the wrestling world and has the assets (if you catch my drift) that suit the adult industry to a T.

13 Oklahoma

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The name Ed Ferrara may not ring a bell for many; the name Oklahoma may not ring a bell for many either. Oklahoma was a WCW character played by Ferrara who had worn a number of hats in the wrestling business. Ferrara had been a booker, writer and agent prior to being an on screen character. Unfortunately, his character was nothing short of cruel and despicable. In the role of Oklahoma, Ferrara mocked WWE announcer Jim Ross for his real life struggle with Bell's palsy. It's one thing to come up with a comedic character such as Gillberg that mocked the winning streak of Goldberg; it's another thing to poke fun at a disability that one suffers through day in and day out as "Good Ol' JR" did.

12 Nicole Bass

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Chyna is frequently looked at as the first imposing female character within wrestling. Shortly after Chyna emerged, another frightening woman by the name of Nicole Bass appeared. Bass, having competed in her fair share of bodybuilding competitions was as intimidating a female presence the wrestling business has ever seen to this day. But, Bass had her fair share of problems. For one, her departure from WWE was due to her proclaiming that the Brooklyn Brawler sexually harassed her. Prior to this, in 2000, she was arrested for disorderly conduct because she bit a police officer's hand. You'd think Bass would learn to not do this in the future. She didn't. In 2005, Bass' husband phoned the police because she threatened suicide while drunk. When the police showed, Bass bit one of the officer's hands. Tsk, tsk, Ms. Bass.

11 Haku

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Haku's often cited as being one of, if not the toughest SOBs to walk through the WWE locker room. In 1987, Haku had gotten into an altercation with Jimmy Jack Funk. The altercation had gain notoriety as it was rumored that Haku had ripped Funk's eyeball out. In 2011, Haku clarified that wasn't the case; but, his comments were downright frightening. Haku said of the incident, "I didn't take his eyeballs off. I was ready to, my hands were in there, ready to take his eye off, together". Continuing down the frightening and embarrassing road, Rikishi claimed Haku was able to get the upper hand over seven police officers during an incident in St. Louis. He also bit off the nose of a man in the Baltimore Airport when he claimed wrestling was fake. Was Haku scary? He was beyond scary. Did he have his fair share of embarrassing incidents? Without a question.

10 Kelly Kelly

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In 2011, "The Viper" Randy Orton conducted an interview with Phoenix, Arizona's KUPD. The remark from that interview that stood out more so than others was Orton insinuating that Kelly Kelly had slept with ten or more superstars from the WWE locker room. Orton apologized on the following day, but it's anyone's guess as to whether or not this was damage control or Orton was actually remorseful. In fairness to Orton, Kelly Kelly was linked to the likes of Batista, Justin Gabriel and Test during her tenure in WWE. Her reputation as a ring rat is still debated to this day. Not to forget, her in ring skills were nothing to marvel at and despite WWE trying to elevate her as the face of the division, she failed to grab the "brass ring".

9 Jerry Lawler

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Jerry "The King" Lawler has been a mainstay in the WWE for over twenty years now. The 2007 WWE Hall of Fame inductee has had his fair share of embarrassing moments away from the ring. In 1993, Lawler had been accused of having raped a fifteen year old girl. The charges were eventually dropped as the accuser admitted to having lied about parts of her story. Nonetheless, the comments were both shocking and detrimental to Lawler's reputation. In 1999, Lawler didn't abide by the law and decided that he was the law when he drove over an officer's foot with his vehicle when he was given a ticket. In 2016, he was arrested for domestic abuse as both he and his girlfriend had accused each other of the act. Those charges were eventually dropped as well. Lawler knows how to get himself in hot water and how to get himself out; nonetheless, he doesn't know how not to embarrass himself.

8 Jackie Gayda

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The significant other of Charlie Haas, Jackie Gayda is synonymous with the phrase, "that Jackie Gayda match". The Jackie Gayda match is none other than a 2002 mixed tag match in which Gayda teamed with Christopher Nowinski to take on Bradshaw and Trish Stratus. Despite the match originally being a tag match, it quickly turned into a one on one between Gayda and Stratus as Bradshaw and Nowinski brawled on the outside. While Stratus was polished in the ring, Gayda wasn't. The match was chock-full of botches at the hands of Gayda. Unsurprisingly, the match was named the worst worked match of 2002 by the Wrestling Observer. Gayda isn't known for much, if anything at all, asides from this botch fest of a match in her WWE tenure.

7 Kiss Demon

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The usage of celebrities within wrestling isn't exactly uncommon. While Arrow actor Stephen Amell was able to hold his own in a 2015 SummerSlam tag matchup against King Barrett and Stardust, he is one of the few celebrities that has done well in the ring. Usually, when celebrities get involved in the ring it isn't something that is applauded or noteworthy. The likes of David Arquette and Snooki can relate to this statement. But, while the aforementioned names had a short stint in wrestling, Eric Bischoff had plans for the Kiss Demon to being a recurring character for the Atlanta, Georgia based promotion WCW. Bischoff inexplicably made a deal with the rock band "KISS" to introduce a wrestling character that would resemble frontman, Gene Simmons. The character failed right off the bat. In short, leave the wrestling to the wrestlers and leave the music to the musicians.

6 Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes has been on WWE's main roster for close to a decade and has been employed with the company for over a decade. Mendes is not only one of WWE's longest tenured female superstars, but one of WWE's longest tenured superstars on the roster point blank. Considering the amount of time Mendes has spent with the company, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that she's been a valuable commodity for the company. Despite the evident suggesting so, this couldn't be further from the truth. According to ProFightDB.Com, Mendes has won a mere 8.20% of her matches in WWE as she's only racked up ten victories since entering the company in 2008. In contrast, she's accumulated 111 losses. The only explanation for Mendes still being employed by WWE is that she has major dirt on Vince McMahon.

5 Hornswoggle

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Before the Cruiserweight Championship reemerged in 2016, the last time it was seen in WWE was in 2007. Who was the last champion you ask? Hornswoggle. Everyone's least favorite, 4'6'' leprechaun by way of Oshkosh, Wisconsin had come out victorious in a matchup six-man matchup for the title against then champion Chavo Guerrero, Daivari, Funaki, Jamie Noble, Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang. With the likes of present and future Hall of Fame talents such as Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio having held the Cruiserweight Championship on multiple occasions, the decision to have Hornswoggle as the last Cruiserweight Champion was a huge slap in the face. To make matters worse, his alignment with Shawn Michaels and Triple H in D-X was about as bad an alliance as fans have ever seen.

4 Eva Marie

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If this were the Attitude Era (specifically the late nineties), Eva Marie would be right at home as she oozes sex appeal. Marie's drop dead gorgeous looks are unquestionable, but she's in an era where women aren't looked at as merely eye candy; rather, women are applauded and recognized for their in ring ability. When factoring in that not only is the "Divas Revolution" in full effect, but that it is excelling with the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, Eva Marie's presence in the division is objectionable. Let's not forget that while the aforementioned names are at the front line of the revolution, a number of credible women's wrestlers such as Nikki Bella, Naomi and Natalya are all solid women's wrestlers in their own right. Wrong place, wrong time, Eva.

3 New Jack

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New Jack is simply not a good person. Some applaud New Jack for his toughness, as he would push the limit often, but he crossed the line one too many times. In 1996, New Jack brutally beat up a seventeen-year-old who lied to promoter Paul Heyman and told him he was actually twenty-three. New Jack bladed seventeen-year old Eric Kulas, who received fifty stitches at the hands of the onslaught by New Jack. In October 2004, New Jack found himself in a match on the independent scene against a man named William Jason Lane. New Jack inexplicably stabbed Lane with a blade on numerous occasions during the match. In 2006, he got confrontational with a concessions worker for bringing him a 7-Up, when he had asked for a Sprite. The guy's a piece of work.

2 Sunny

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In retrospect, the WWE would love to take back the "First Diva" nickname that was given to Sunny. For one, Sunny never made an impact inside the ring. Secondly, controversy loomed whenever and wherever she was present during her tenure in the company and it was never more evident then when she was involved in a relationship with Shawn Michaels. Thirdly, now forty-four years old, it seems that Sunny is nothing more than a magnet for poor decisions. In 2012, she was the "five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time" (Booker T voice) arrestee of Matawan, New Jersey in just four weeks. In 2013, she served just under four months in jail for not adhering to a protective order. In 2016, she entered the world of adult entertainment. We're praying for you, Sunny.

1 The Great Khali

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In 2002, the "big gold belt" as it is commonly referred to became a staple within WWE. The belt has been retired since December of 2013 as at that time it merged with the WWE Championship to create the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Any idea of who's the worst person to hold the forenamed belt? The only incorrect answer to this question is anyone but the Great Khali. Khali struggled in the ring and had a move set that was extremely limited and mostly consisted of knife edge chops. Moreover, his mobility for not just a big man, but period, may have been the worst ever in WWE as well. His art of selling, moreover, his inability to sell also made watching his matches cringe worthy. If it weren't for his towering vertical, Khali would've never been involved in wrestling.

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