10 Monogamous Female Wrestlers And 10 Loose Women

The women of WWE are currently going through something of a change. The Women's Revolution may have changed the way these women are seen inside the ring, but there will always be a certain reputation amongst the women when it comes to their antics outside of the ring.

The rumours of affairs and scandals backstage have become commonplace in WWE right now as the current crop of wrestlers have the most couples that there has ever been in the company.

Spending 300 days a year around the same people can often lead to hookups or relationships that only work because of convenience. When WWE's drafts then happen it means that the relationships don't last long distance and the couples are then added to a list of those that failed to work out.

The relationships odds in WWE are baffling right now, but amidst all of the chaos and scandal there are still a number of women who have managed to remain loyal to their partner throughout their career.

The following is a list of ten women who have remained loyal and ten who are the reason that the Women's Division has this reputation in the first place.


20 Monogamous: Bayley


The huggable former Raw Women's Champion has become quite popular with the WWE Universe over the past few years and it appears that she is very close to the character she plays in the ring because she is also a likeable person in real life. Bayley has been dating Independent wrestler Aaron Solow since before she was signed by WWE in 2013 and the couple announced their engagement earlier this year.

There were once rumours that Bayley and Finn Balor were much closer than just friends when they were positioned together in NXT, but Bayley squashed these rumours when she was seen out with her real life boyfriend. Finn was then linked with WWE Social Media Correspondent Cathy Kelley which proved to fans that both stars were just very good friends.

19 Loose: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has already made history in her short WWE career after she was able to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship. The only woman to have been able to do this. Alexa didn't achieve a lot whilst she was in NXT because she was busy managing Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy to NXT Tag Team Championship gold.

Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss have been in a relationship for a number of years now and announced their engagement back in January. While  it seems the couple remained loyal despite the fact that they have been on different brands now for the past year, there have been rumors about Alexa while she was down in NXT. There was believed to be a reason why she was being given a push at that point in her career and it wasn't because of her skills in the ring.

18 Monogamous: Carmella

Carmella is now the first ever Miss Money in the Bank after managing to win the ladder match twice in the space of two weeks. Carmella failed to make much of an impact while she was down in NXT because she was busy partnering Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

Carmella has stepped up her game over the past few months since she was drafted to SmackDown Live and despite the fact that she is on the opposite roster to her current boyfriend Big Cass she has remained loyal. Unlike many other females on the WWE roster right now there hasn't been any rumours about her personal life in the public domain. Carmella and Cass are both currently being given a huge push by WWE so it will be interesting to see how they manage to cope with this as well.

17 Loose: Mickie James

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Mickie James is considered to be a veteran in WWE now after what was a lengthy spell with the company that saw her become both a Women's and Divas Champion before she made the switch over to TNA and became a Knockout's Champion as well.

Mickie is now married to Impact star Magnus and the couple have a son together. But this doesn't excuse the fact that Mickie has quite the history when it comes to her personal life. Mickie was once engaged to Kenny Dykstra when he was part of the WWE roster before she cheated on him with a married John Cena. This later forced Kenny to be released from WWE and Mickie to be drafted over to SmackDown. These stories plagued her WWE career before she left and even though it's been a long time since then, they are still fresh in people's minds.

16 Monogamous: Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now. And even though WWE doesn't want the Universe to know that Sasha is married, she actually is. Sasha married WWE costume designer Sarath Ton back in August 2016 after the couple had dated ever since their time together on the Independent Circuit.

Sasha has been linked to rumors with Seth Rollins over the past few months because of how close the couple seem to have become in recent internet videos. So much so that the WWE Universe now have a name for them as a couple "Sesha Ballins." Despite this, Rollins and Sasha are just very good friends and she has remained loyal to Sarath throughout their entire lengthy relationship.

15 Loose: Melina


Melina is a former Divas and Women's Champion and for a time she was one of the best female wrestlers in WWE. Along with Mickie James, she had one of the best feuds that year. Despite the glass ceilings that Melina and Mickie broke down during their time in WWE it will always be their personal lives that make the headlines.

Melina was in a relationship with Johnny Nitro, who was later known as John Morrison. The duo were together both on and off-screen for a time before it became apparent that Melina had been having an affair with former World Heavyweight Champion Batista. The couple obviously got past this will Melina insisting that she and Nitro were on a break at the time. Sadly, Batista's marriage didn't manage to push through it as Angie divorced him merely months later.

14 Monogamous: Natalya


The only female graduate from The Hart Family Dungeon has become a mainstay in WWE over the past decade and one of the main characters on E! Reality show Total Divas over the past four years. Natalya and Tyson Kidd's wedding was featured as part of the show as well and unlike many of the women surrounding her on the show, Natalya has remained loyal to Tyson throughout their relationship.

Natalya even admitted on an episode of the show that Tyson was the only boyfriend she had ever had. She met him when she was a teenager and the couple have been together ever since. They are the cutest couple with the cutest story and it's sad that WWE took Tyson off Total Divas because he was quite entertaining.


13 Loose: Lita


If you watch wrestling or have watched wrestling anytime over the past decade then you will already be aware of the fact that Lita was once dating Matt Hardy before she decided to cheat on him while he was out injured with Edge. This then became public knowledge and caused both men personal and professional problems.

Edge's wife divorced him and Lita and Matt Hardy have never been able to get past it even though they are considered friends at this point. There are also various rumours about Lita during her time when she was training in Mexico and how she was actually able to pay for this training. There are a lot of rumours about Lita's early career in WWE that make her affair with Edge seem like the least serious thing she did in her career.

12 Monogamous: Brie Bella

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are a couple that the WWE Universe were easily able to get behind when they became the main cast members on Total Divas ahead of their marriage in April 2014. Brie and Daniel then expressed their desire to have a baby and their pregnancy was finally announced last year with their daughter Birdie Joe being welcomed a few short weeks ago.

It's been a beautiful story over the past few years and one that has gripped the WWE Universe. Brie Bella had one other boyfriend before Daniel and he tragically died when she was much younger. Brie has never been the kind of person who fits the reputation of the WWE Divas and has managed to find her own happiness despite this.

11 Loose: Velvet Sky


Velvet Sky is considered to be one of the most attractive female wrestlers that has ever set foot in Impact Wrestling. But with that comes a lot of personal problems. There are a lot of stories circulating about Velvet Sky and her relationship with Chris Sabin.

Apparently, the couple were together and happy for a while before Velvet's head was turned by the much older Bubba Ray Dudley. Velvet then decided to leave Sabin and move on to Bubba Ray. The couple then had a very public argument about it on Social Media and it was Sabin who came out of it looking like the victim and the one who was most hurt by her betrayal. Being the fan favorite that he is, the wrestling community then turned against the former member of The Beautiful People.

10 Monogamous: Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella is one of the best-known female wrestlers in WWE. Mostly thanks to her roles on Total Divas and Total Bellas and the fact that she's engaged to the face of WWE, John Cena. Over the past few years, Nikki has been part of some hard storylines on Total Divas where Cena has insisted that he will never marry her and he doesn't want kids.

Both of these things were on Nikki's list of things to do in her future but instead of breaking up with Cena she stayed loyal. Cena himself changed his own outlook on life and at WrestleMania 33 back in April he actually proposed to Nikki, which means that one day he will have to marry her, although he still stands firm when it comes to never wanting children.

9 Loose: Paige


Paige has gone from being the Anti-Diva and the future of the WWE Women's Division to someone who had personal videos leaked to the world and may not even have a WWE contract at the end of the year. It's been a crazy few months for the British Superstar and it can only be thought that if she didn't get up to those kinds of extracurricular activities then there would be nothing for hackers to leak.

Paige has been linked to a number of wrestlers and musicians over the past few years including Brad Maddox, Xavier Woods. and her current fiance Alberto Del Rio. Despite being engaged to the former World Champion, the couple still have a lot of arguments and have been rumoured to have split and got back together so many times now that the WWE Universe has given up trying to follow their story.

8 Monogamous: Maryse


Maryse and The Miz have been married now for more than five years. And despite The Miz being contracted to WWE the entire time with Maryse being left at home to study for her realtor exams, the long distance never became too much for the former Divas Champion.

It was then decided that Maryse would be returning to WWE TV following WrestleMania last year and the couple then became cast members on Total Divas as well. It has been a hectic year for the IT couple but working together has only brought them much closer and seems to have allowed them to achieve so many couple goals in WWE which included teaming together at WrestleMania back in April in a losing effort to John Cena and Nikki Bella.

7 Loose: Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion and is currently signed to WWE as an ambassador. But despite the fact that she is now happily married to former professional Hockey player Sheldon Souray and the step-mother to his two beautiful daughters, Kelly has a reputation of her own when it comes to her time in WWE.

Kelly came through the ranks in ECW and was later transferred to the main roster. During this time she was linked to the likes of CM Punk, Randy Orton, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, Batista, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, and even Chris Jericho while he was still married. Hopefully, Kelly has moved on from this kind of behavior now and is setting a good example to her step-daughters.

6 Monogamous: AJ Lee

AJ Lee has dated a few wrestlers over the past few years but  she has finally met her match with CM Punk. The duo were friends for a number of years before they began dating and AJ stated in her autobiography that she knew that CM Punk was the one for her when they first kissed on WWE TV.

The couple married a few months after Punk walked away from WWE back in 2014 and have been happy ever since. AJ even chose Punk over her WWE career when it came to the point where she was getting a lot of heat backstage because of the fact that her husband was saying things about WWE on Colt Cabana's podcast. AJ and Punk were part of a mini-series leading up to his UFC debut which showed that the couple are as happy as they have ever been.

5 Loose: Maria


Maria recently made her return to WWE but this time she has been joined by her husband Mike Bennett. Maria originally signed with WWE following the 2004 Diva Search. During that time, the Diva Search women were basically treated like pieces of meat for a number of years.

Maria was in relationships with the likes of CM Punk and John Cena and got herself quite the reputation before she left and joined Ring of Honor and then TNA. Now is the perfect time for her to make a return and the fact that she is with her husband could well mean that she won't be able to glance sideways at any of the wrestlers backstage for a long time.

4 Monogamous: Naomi

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Naomi is the current SmackDown Women's Champion and it took her more than seven years to climb through the ranks in WWE and finally be given the chance to wear gold. Naomi has also been a main cast member on Total Divas for a number of years and her marriage to one-half of the SmackDown Tag Team Championships Jimmy Uso was actually filmed for the show as well.

Naomi is one of the most athletic female wrestlers in the company and even though her career is reaching an all time high, she is still solely focused on her marriage and the fact that she loves her husband regardless of where her career takes her. Their time together on Total Divas always seems to be the cutest part of the episodes.

3 Loose: Sunny


Sunny has become more famous since she left WWE because of the things that she has been getting up to in her spare time and the fact that she has talked about relationships with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart. She also talks openly about her sex life as well.

WWE has reached the point where they no longer want to be connected to anything that Sunny has to say and wanted to take away her Hall of Fame ring a few years ago as well. Sunny is still considered to be the first ever WWE Diva and was one of the most beautiful women in the company at that time. But she has ruined her own legacy over the past few years by openly sharing intimate details of her life that no-one wanted to know.

2 Monogamous: Trish Stratus


Trish Stratus still holds the record as a seven-time Women's Champion despite leaving WWE more than a decade ago. Trish was one of the most attractive and talented women in WWE at the time and even though Trish was part of storylines with many wrestlers during her career including Test, Albert, Christian and Chris Jericho, she was always loyal to one man.

Trish and her husband met when she was still at school and he remained with her throughout her career until she retired in 2006 as the Women's Champion. The couple then married a few months later. Trish has since been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and has since welcomed a son and a daughter named Max and Madison.

1 Loose: Jojo Offerman

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JoJo Offerman has dated a number of wrestlers over the past few years. Since she debuted in WWE back in 2013 as part of Total Divas, she was linked with Justin Gabriel whilst she was still part of Total Divas that year and just 19 years old.

JoJo later moved on to date Randy Orton and then former WWE star Vader's son Jesse White before it was revealed earlier this month that JoJo and former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt had been having an affair. Bray is married with two children and his wife is in the process of filing for divorce. So there might have been problems in the Wyatt house for a while but the relationship with the WWE ring announcer could have been going on since as early as 2015.


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