10 Most Disappointing Reveals in WWE History

The big reveal in wrestling can make or break an angle. Done right, it can be fantastic, such as Hulk Hogan as “the Third Man” or a masked guy pulling off his mask to reveal a major star. Sadly, for every one that goes right there are scores more that go wrong. WCW is infamous for botched reveals like the Shockmaster or the Black Scorpion and WWE isn’t far behind. Yes, WWE had managed some fantastic surprises and reveals but it’s telling just how many bad ones they’ve had.

Some can be argued about like Eric Bischoff as RAW General Manager or Seth Rollins turning on the Shield. But it can’t be ignored how many times WWE has massively dropped the ball on a reveal. A key problem is scores of times, they start a mystery with no idea of the real payoff. Other times, the planned ending is botched by circumstances and the results are either lame or outright horrible. Here are 10 of the worst reveals in WWE history as a reminder how critical pulling of a surprise can be.

10 Kevin Nash’s Text Buddy

Kevin Nash’s later tenure in WWE had some bad stuff but this was the worst. After costing CM Punk the WWE title at Summerslam 2011, When an angry Punk confronted Nash, he claimed he’d been given orders via a text message.

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HHH was the natural suspect but he denied it and thus the idea someone else was after Punk. The plan was for it to be Johnny Laurinaitis but that fell through so instead Nash admitted to taking Hunter’s phone and sending the texts to himself before attacking Punk for fun. This led to HHH and Nash feuding with Punk pushed aside to further ruin “The Summer of Punk.”

9 Sister Abigail

Right now, Bray Wyatt is getting attention for his wild “Fun House” makeover but fans are wary of the payoff. They fully remember the entire “Sister Abigail” debacle as Bray had been feuding with Finn Balor and indicated his mysterious “Sister Abigail” would get involved. Fans had hoped WWE would elevate some lady from NXT or a new hire into the role to spark things up. What was the payoff? “Abigail” being just Bray in a wig channeling a spirit. Balor’s face spoke for everyone as this stupid payoff is a reason fans aren’t really excited at where Bray’s current direction is going.

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8 DDP Stalker

On his own DVD, Diamond Dallas Page complains about this. After a long career in WCW, Page was one of the few big names of that company ready to jump to WWE to start the Invasion. For some time, someone had been shown stalking the Undertaker’s wife, Sara. After various fake-outs, Page pulled off a mask to reveal himself.

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The problem (which Page acknowledged) was that Page’s own wife, Kimberly, was far hotter than Sara so stalking Taker’s wife made no sense. It was really an omen of how bad DDP’s WWE career would end up becoming.

7 Braun’s Partner

Braun Strowman had been seen by fans as a guy deserving of the WWE title but stuck in the midcard. He was set against the Bar at WrestleMania for the tag titles and the choice of his mystery partner was a big deal. Fans buzzed on anyone from a lower card guy to the debut of a bigger star. Braun came out to the match alone…and then got a 10 year old kid named Nicholas to join him.

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Yes, a little kid won the tag titles at the biggest show of the year. The “reign” lasted a day before they gave up the titles due to Nicholas’ “prior commitments” of being in the fifth grade to show how lame this was.

6 Vince’s Son

After the entire Benoit mess in 2007, Vince needed something to spark things up. He thus came up with a plotline where he’d had a secret son and led to talk on how it could be. The plan was for it to be revealed as Kennedy but then he ended up being suspended to end that. So in the end, the big announcement was made it was Hornswoggle. True, the sight of HHH howling with laughter while the leprechaun hugged Vince’s legs was funny but it didn’t make the payoff any better. The fallout was Vince pummeling the guy around before revealing Hornswoggle wasn’t Vince’s son at all to make 2007 a bad year for fans.

5 Fake Razor and Diesel

Even WWE acknowledge what a terrible idea this was. In late 1996, Jim Ross made a sudden heel turn to slam Vince McMahon on his treatment. Ross then announced that Razor Ramon and Diesel were returning to WWE. Eric Bischoff himself was half-convinced Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were jumping ship again. After a blistering promo, Ross brought out…two guys dressed as Razor and Diesel but clearly not Hall and Nash. It was loathed from the start and many agree it was one of the dumber moves Vince made in an already rough time period.

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4 RAW GM Computer

For over a year, WWE fans had to put up with the lights flickering and a chime sounding. Then Michael Cole obnoxiously announced he’d gotten an e-mail from the “Anonymous RAW general manager.” It was truly annoying how it would happen with terrible twists like giving Cole a victory over Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania and the idea of a computer running the show. There had been an idea for Kevin Nash the one behind it but that didn’t work out. Instead, Santino discovered it was Hornswoggle just messing around on the computer to prove what a waste of time this whole angle was.

3 The Egg

Back in 1990, there was far less PPVs and so each was a huge deal. Building up to the Survivor Series, WWE kept pushing a mysterious giant egg that was supposed to be a huge deal with many speculating the debut of a big WCW star. At the show, the egg finally “hatched” to reveal Hector Guerrero in a horrific turkey outfit called the Gobbledy-Gooker. It was as lame a payoff as fans could imagine but it could have been worse: According to reports, the Undertaker was supposed to debut in the Egg which would have robbed him of some major mystique.

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2 Who Ran Over Stone Cold

At the 1999 Survivor Series, Steve Austin was going to be in the main event but run over with a car. This was an excuse for Austin to get neck surgery and was mostly forgotten for a long while. When Austin returned the next year, he naturally was looking for who was behind this. The suspects raged on before the driver was revealed as…Riksihi. It made no sense as he was barely with the company at the time and then came his idiotic defense that he “did for the Rock” as some sort of Samoan pride. Fans hated it and even a later “turn” of it being HHH didn’t help salvage one of the worst angles of 2000.

1 The Higher Power

It’s really one of the stupidest moves ever. In 1999, the Undertaker was now a much darker cult figure in robes and doing more supernatural stuff. He boasted of answering to a mysterious “Higher Power” and fans were excited imagining who it was. Options included Jake Roberts or even the Ultimate Warrior as Steve Austin and Vince McMahon were shown concerned over this. Finally, the Higher Power came out, pulled off its hood…”It was me, Austin! It was me all along!” Vince crowed. Yep, any character development was thrown out for a cheap twist and Vince the heel once more. It did set up the plot of Austin as CEO but remains a lame turn.

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