10 Most Important WWE Employees You Never Heard Of

For the average every day member of the WWE Universe, the talent in the ring, plus a couple of other big names backstage are the only people that keep the company going. However, when you stop to think about it - World Wrestling Entertainment is just like any other company in the world. There’s plenty of people that work behind the scenes, not just to bring us countless hours of content a week to binge on, but to serve all sorts of functions to keep the company rolling, growing, and expanding.

Some of the names on this list die-hard fans not only know but know what they do. But to most of the average, every day fans that don’t consume every bit of information out there, here are 10 Of The Most Important WWE Employees You Never Heard Of.

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10 Bruce Prichard - Vince’s Right Hand Man, Jack Of All Trades

Imagine getting to live out your dreams from the moment your 10 years old. Bruce Prichard has been in and around the wrestling business for over forty years, and he’s only 56! He started out working for Paul Boesch in Houston selling posters before transitioning to the WWE in 1987, where he has been at the beck and call of Vince McMahon ever since, minus a hiatus here and there. He has been behind some of the best angles ever (he helped to create Kane), not to mention was Brother Love long ago. If you’re a fan of wrestling podcasts, then you know exactly who Bruce is and how important he was and now is again to the company.

9 Michelle D. Wilson - Co-President

WWE fans have Vince McMahon to thank for obtaining several libraries over the years to preserve the history of the business. But we have Michelle D. Wilson to thank for monetizing all of it into the WWE Network. Her day to day operations include overseeing every single revenue stream the company has, which is tremendously important.

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But being the brains behind the WWE Network. While some fans bemoan the company for being “PG,” because of this direction, Wilson was able to get partnerships with all kinds of sponsors, which leads to more money, which leads to more content.

8 Mark Yeaton - Timekeeper, Beer Tosser

Former WWE Mark Yeaton’s primary function was being the Timekeeper at ringside. But during the Attitude Era, perhaps he wound up with a job more important than that! If you ever wondered who the guy was lobbing brewskies at Stone Cold Steve Austin for all of his post-match celebrations, look no farther than Mark Yeaton. He either must have worked out for this role or just had a natural arm, because he was able to heave those things all the way across the arena on some nights, like a quarterback. Austin like a good receiver, seldom missed a shot.

7 Adam Pennucci - VP Domestic Television

During one of Shawn Michaels’ retirement promos, he thanked a young man named Adam for always making him look good. That Adam was Adam Pennucci, who still had a place in the company. Nowadays he’s the Vice President of Domestic Television. That makes him in charge of at least fifty people working tirelessly to make everyone look as good on TV as they can. He’s been with the company for 25 years and has been part of the Raw team for the past 16 years.

6 Kevin Dunn - EVP Of TV Production

Oz The Great And Powerful should be Kevin Dunn’s nickname. His family has been intertwined with the McMahons since 1972. Kevin joined the WWE formerly in 1984 and has helped shaped Vince’s vision of what wrestling should be more or less ever since.

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He helped map out WrestleMania I and is partially responsible for directing just about every WWE show ever since. But you’ll seldom, if ever see the Man Behind The Curtain – while you can find pictures of him online, the guy doesn’t even have a picture up on the WWE Corporate website.

5 Sue Aitchison – Director Of Talent Relations

Up until this April, WWE fans has no idea who the amazing Sue Aitchison was. However, when it was decided that she would be the recipient of the 2019 Warrior Award, just about every WWE Superstar collectively gave their heartfelt congratulations. Since the earliest days of Hulkamania, Sue has been able to wrangle any and every Superstar requested for a Make–A–Wish to fulfill the wishes of countless of sick children from all over the world. If the WWE’s motto is put smiles on face, then she is solely responsible for most of those smiles.

4 Jim Johnston - Former Composer

He doesn’t work for the company anymore, but Jim Johnston’s contributions to the business can never be forgotten. Throughout the Hogan Era and Attitude Era, he composed just about every memorable theme for every superstar ever. So, no matter how big or small the Superstar was, you have Johnston to thank when you’re not-no-secretly rocking out to the Repo Man’s Theme in your car before you start headbanging to the Ultimate Warrior’s.

3 George Barrios - Co-President

Michelle D. Wilson finds new and exciting ways to bring revenue into the company. Her counterpart, George Barrios finds new and exciting ways to make that money grow, first as the company’s CFO and now as its Co-President. He’s also responsible for overseeing the IT team, as well as the company’s Travel groups.

2 Ringside Physicians

Every so often on one of the shows, you’ll see up to four doctors traversing the ringside area making sure the wrestlers are ok. Some of these doctors, like Jeffrey Westerfield work predominantly for the NXT brand. Others like Dr. Chris Robinson follow main roster around.

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Despite being made infamous because of CM Punk, Dr. Chris Amann is still on the team. These physicians are essential to the company, while not on the team anymore, ringside Dr. Sampson saved Jerry Lawler’s life after his heart attack.

1 Mark Lovell, PhD - President Of ImPACT

No Mark Lovell isn’t the president of Impact Wrestling, he’s the president of ImPACT, the innovation that helps with Concussion protocols. When a superstar gets their bell run, unfortunately suffering a concussion, they have to undergo Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment And Cognitive Testing. Thanks to ImPACT, along with several other medical procedures, the superstars have been able to be safer and prolong their careers.

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