10 Most Revealing Outfits Stephanie McMahon Ever Wore (And The 5 Most Prudish)

Stephanie McMahon knows when to flip the switch when she has to from stunning vixen to all business.

In the beginning, she was nothing more than the boss’s daughter. But after a lot of hard work and promotion, Stephanie McMahon became so much more than Vince McMahon’s daughter for the WWE and its fan base. From the get-go, everyone knew that Vince wanted Stephanie to become a vital part of the WWE as she matured. Still, no one would have imagined that she would become such a beloved part of the promotion for herself.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that she has been with the WWE for almost two decades now. Yeah, in June of next year Stephanie McMahon will complete 20 years since her WWE debut. And she has come a long way since then. From working as a wrestler in the early days to becoming a general manager and slowly making her way into the front office and the decision-making of the company. Like we said, after a lot of hard work, she became that essential part of the promotion her father always wanted her to be. And yet, Stephanie is much more today than we think Vince thought she would be.

The woman has a net worth that rivals, if not surpasses, most other businesswomen in the world. She has dedicated herself to the WWE brand as well as to charity and philanthropy. She’s a loving mother of three beautiful children, and she is one of the most entertaining people in the industry. However, we are not here to talk about the deep stuff. Actually, we are here for something very superficial. So without any further delay, let us show you 10 of the most revealing outfits Stephanie ever wore and five of the most conservative ones.

15 Revealing: A VERY Special Referee


The WWE really was a thing back in the day. Every once in a while, we still get some incredibly revealing stuff in the promotion these days, but you have to go back in time in order to see pictures like this one. Maybe it was the fact that she was incredibly hot, or perhaps it was just the idea that she was the boss’s daughter that made Stephanie McMahon so appealing to the WWE fan base. This outfit in particular garnered some attention when Stephanie probably fulfilled many fantasies by coming out in referee attire.

Either way, fans did have good reason to cheer her on and celebrate every time she walked onto a ring or appeared on the big screen. Seriously, the woman was ridiculously hot, and she still is.

The only problem is that the outfits now are not like they were. But even if they were and you wanted to comment on what Stephanie was wearing, you run the risk of having to talk it over with Triple H if he hears you saying anything.

14 Revealing: Strong


The people who hate wrestling mostly base their arguments around the idea that everything is scripted. While they are right to a point, it is unfair to say that everything is scripted. After all, we have already compiled lists of some very impromptu things that happened in the WWE. But more than that, just dismissing the entire industry because part of it is written by some guys who really know what they are doing, is just blasphemy.

At the end of the day, you have to respect the amount of work these people put into their jobs. Regardless of what the outcome is, no one can deny that wrestlers dedicate a ridiculous amount of time to maintaining their bodies and their athletic ability. Case and point, check out Stephanie in this workout gear.

13 Prude: The Chief Brand Officer


Vince McMahon’s daughter is not only a big shot in the WWE. In case you are not familiar with some of the statistics surrounding Stephanie McMahon, you would do well to know that she is one of the wealthiest women in the world. The Chief Brand Officer of the WWE has an estimated net worth of around $62.7 million. Sure, it doesn’t even come close to how much her father is worth, but Stephanie has some good money of her own.

With that kind of money, she can do pretty much whatever she wants in terms of buying stuff. That being said, you can imagine that not all of her money goes to risqué and sexy outfits. Some of them are for everyday use like this somewhat prudish casual outfit.

12 Revealing: 2K/ SummerSlam Return Match


The WWE does a lot of things wrong, but they also get a lot right. One of the things that they are always on point with are their photoshoots. Especially if those photo shoots have to do with their video games. WWE video games have been so popular for so long that we cannot even imagine one of them bombing once it hits the market. The fan base is loyal, and they are always there. At the same time, it always helps to have posters like this one. The WWE decided to use the same outfit Stephanie wore back at SummerSlam 2014 for her match with Brie Bella.

Yes, we can pretty much guarantee that there are people who were on the fence about buying the game and at some point, decided on doing it just because they saw a poster like this. Props to Stephanie and whoever chose that outfit for the poster, because it looks perfect.

11 Revealing: I Do! I Do!


If there is one thing that Stephanie McMahon has always been prone to doing is choosing outfits that really enhance her “assets.” Not that they need any enhancing, but this seems to be a trend. Ever since she debuted in 1998, and especially during her days as a wrestler in the early 2000s. However, Stephanie underwent some enhancement surgery in 2001 and from there on, she began flaunting more and more. Back when the WWE was running an angle of Stephanie and Triple H renewing their wedding vows, Stephanie showed up to RAW with one of the most revealing wedding dresses you will ever see (Lita would top this in 2005 for her 'wedding' to Edge).

Triple H was probably disappointed Stephanie didn't wear a dress like this for their actual wedding in late 2003.

10 Prude: Charity


Stephanie might not get enough credit for it, but she does a lot for the community in terms of charity. The one-time WWE Women’s Champion and two-time Slammy Award winner devotes a good deal of her time to charity and philanthropy.

An excellent example of that is that she is a board member of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation. Through that organization, she and Triple H established a new fund to help children and families fight against cancer. The charity is called “Connor’s Cure,” in honor of an eight-year-old boy who passed away from Medulloblastoma, which is a rare tumor that affects both the brain and the spinal cord. Stephanie is also a sure figure to appear in all Make-A-Wish events involving the WWE. And of course, every time she goes to one of those events, fans can expect a more conservative outfit.

9 Revealing: A Classic


This is a Stephanie McMahon special. Given her “features,” it is not hard to find her wearing outfits that most people would consider revealing. Our job is kind of easy on that front. Just think about it for a second. For most women, this dress would be regarded as a somewhat prudish outfit. But for someone with as many curves as Stephanie, it literally turned into one of the most revealing outfits we are going to have on this list.

You can literally see everything. No, there is no one complaining about it, and we are damn well sure that no one who was in that arena when she appeared wearing this teal dress had a bad thing to say about it. One way or the other, this is good enough a picture to make it to the list.

8 Revealing: Workout Gear


As we have mentioned before, wrestlers spend a good amount of time in the gym. They have to keep working out in order to both stay appealing to the public and stay healthy enough so they can do whatever they do on the ring. She might not take it to the ring that often anymore, but Stephanie is also part of the crew that devotes a lot of time to her body.

She has always been this way and probably always will be, and we are sure WWE fans thank the gods for that. This is one stunning woman who seems hell-bent on staying that way for as long as she can. So far, we can say that she has been doing a spectacular job on that front.

7 Prude: Businesswoman


Business, business, business. Say what you want about Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon, but at the end of the day, we can easily say that the father taught the daughter well. Since taking over as the WWE’s CBO, Stephanie has done a fantastic job leading the brand. Her gig is to enhance the WWE’s reputation and attract more fans as well as commercial outlets like advertisers, media, investors, and even business partners.

Given the rise in popularity, wrestling has seen since she took over, it is not hard to say that she has done a great job. It also doesn’t hurt to remind everyone that she is still just 41 years old. Business has been going well, and Stephanie is just going to keep getting wealthier since she holds quite the hefty amount of WWE stock.

6 Revealing: Leather


Every wrestler, nay, every person in the world has their preferred choice of outfit. These days we get a lot of people who love wearing sweatpants and rocking the comfortable bum look. We also have the “look good, feel good,” people who enjoy dressing themselves up as much as possible. These are the people who wear suits and formal attires to things where they are not really needed. We can even break this further down into types of clothing material people enjoy wearing.

In the case of Stephanie McMahon, given her history, we would guess that her favorite kind of outfit would be one of these skin-tight, leathery bodysuits. And if you will allow us an opinion, she has been rocking these like no one else for as long as we can remember.

5 Revealing: More Workout


Stephanie McMahon has worn a lot of hot outfits to the ring during her stint as a wrestler as well as a GM and front office person. But one of the areas in which she really shines is when she’s showing fans her workouts. The attires she wears in those videos and events could very well be considered normal if it weren’t for the fact that Stephanie was the one wearing them. It is crazy how regular clothes can turn into revealing outfits when this woman puts them on. Call it a curse or a gift. It is there.

Case and point, we dare you to go to every gym in your neighborhood after you finish reading this article and try to find one in which there is not a single woman wearing an outfit similar to this one. At the same time, you will find that we are right in that Stephanie has a unique gift in making these conservative workout outfits look revealing.

4 Prude: Queen


While her business acumen is beyond reproach or judgment, Stephanie’s on-screen persona has given fans some mixed feelings. One way or the other, she has quite the personality as a wrestler, which has given fans some very amazing moments. It also helps that most of the outfits she wears to competition are skintight and often very revealing.

Nevertheless, there are still times in which Stephanie and the gang decide on using some more prudish outfits, like this one. Yes, this is not something you are going to see your grandma wearing to a bridge tournament, but when it comes to the WWE, this is about as prudish as wrestling gear is going to get. The one thing we have yet to figure out is how the hell did Stephanie manage to walk around on high heels like those.

3 Revealing: The GM


Stephanie McMahon really shone as a wrestler, and the fans loved her for it, but it was her stint as a GM that really turned her from a hot wrestler into an industry legend. It was when she returned to the WWE in 2002 to become the SmackDown General Manager that the fans really started to love Stephanie. Before that, she was more of a villainous character who got more boos than cheers. Nevertheless, her dad managed to find the perfect spot for her to shine.

Making use of both her great on-camera performance as well as her stunning looks, the WWE set Stephanie up for life as she became popular for heeding the crowd’s calls and favoring the more popular wrestlers instead of antagonizing the fans like other GM’s were known for doing.

2 Revealing: The Best


Well, guys, we tried, but you seriously cannot beat this. A lot of hot and beautiful women have passed through the WWE in the company’s history. But you will have a hard time finding someone who wore an outfit that became as legendary as when Stephanie McMahon put on this black top. This is the kind of outfit that you could very well see someone wearing as you walk down the street to go to the grocery store. Nevertheless, Stephanie wore it so well and made it look so revealing that it is imprinted in the minds of every single WWE fan who saw a picture of it at any given point.

Hell, we are sure many people have researched the event just to find out the exact time when Stephanie appeared so that they could watch the whole thing over and over again. Either way, this was our top choice because it has the two things should have become her trademark: The leather pants, and the very revealing top.

1 Prude: As Prudish As It Gets


Remember how we asked ourselves how the hell do it Stephanie manage to walk around on those black high heels? Well, forget about that. It turns out that she is quite the master at walking on those things. Case and point, here is another example of one of the most prudish outfits you will ever come across Stephanie McMahon wearing at a WWE event.

This is most likely one of those times in which she did not end up wrestling. If she did, you can pretty much scratch everything we just said, because during a wrestling match there is no way that this pink dress would come away unscathed. If she didn’t, however, our judgment stands, and we can easily claim that a dress that goes almost as low as her knees qualifies as one of her more prudish outfits.

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10 Most Revealing Outfits Stephanie McMahon Ever Wore (And The 5 Most Prudish)