10 Mother Of The Year Wrestlers And 5 Deadbeat Moms Of Wrestlers

The business of professional wrestling is not one that really lends itself to a great family life. When you're on the road as much as you are as a part of WWE, or any other wrestling company for that matter, things back home can become strained if you have a partner and children. The likes of Mick Foley and Randy Orton are often praised and considered the exceptions to the rule that it's impossible to strike up a good balance between your home life and your wrestling career. Both men plus a few others have done great jobs of that. While these men are praised however, the women who manage it are often overlooked. There are as many, if not more, women in the wrestling business that successfully juggle their two lives.

The other part of this list is a fair bit darker however. While the majority of the upcoming entries will celebrate pro wrestling's mothers, five of the entries will outline Superstars who had mothers that were not so great and not so nurturing. Adoption and abuse that in some cases has led to their children growing up with issues that have haunted them and that they've either had to hide or desperately attempt to shrug off to make a name for themselves in the industry. Prepare for a roller coaster ride as the next 15 entries skip between celebrating wrestling's moms, and mothers of wrestlers who were perhaps not so much of a shining beacon for their Superstar offspring.

15 Mother Of The Year: Mickie James

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You'll already know that Mickie James recently returned to WWE and is a part of the Raw brand. You'll also know that she's a multiple time Women's Champion. What you may not know however is that she is one of the lucky few who has managed to be a part of a successful relationship with a fellow wrestler. That fellow wrestler is Nick Aldis, better known as TNA's Magnus. That relationship has come after failed ones with John Cena and Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra. Luckily James waited until her latest relationship to bring a child into the world and right now her and Nick are doing a great job of juggling their wrestling careers and looking after their son who was born in 2014.

14 Mother Of The Year: Trish Stratus

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Shortly before Mickie James returned to WWE to battle Asuka, rumors were circling that it was actually Hall of Famer Trish Stratus that was going to be making the come back. Of course that turned out to be not true after news later surfaced that Trish was actually pregnant with her second child, a daughter who was born in early 2017. Stratus also has a son who was born in 2013. Even though her son doesn't have a wrestling father, Trish's husband is her high school sweetheart and they've been together ever since, he'll have a hard time not getting involved in the business. Not only does he have a WWE Hall of Famer mom in Trish but he also has one as a god mother in Lita.

13 Deadbeat Mom: Missy Hyatt's Mother

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It's not uncommon for a successful career in professional wrestling to have been preceded by a tumultuous upbringing and tricky home life. In fact if you go up and down the rosters over the years you could probably trace that back to an awful lot of Superstars' pasts. Missy Hyatt is considered by many as the first lady of wrestling. She had tremendous success throughout the 1980s and '90s as a valet and that coupled with the fact that she talks very little about it meant that you may be surprised to discover that she was adopted. Her biological mother gave Missy up at a very young age. The latter part of her career has seen Hyatt be a part of many unsuccessful relationships with wrestlers as well as getting arrested for grand theft as elements of her troubled childhood started to show through.

12 Mother Of The Year: Reby Sky

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Those of you who are strictly WWE fans may not yet know who Reby Sky is. I'll give you a hint, she's also known as Reby Hardy. That's because she's the wife of WWE Superstar Matt Hardy. While Reby isn't on WWE television, she played a major role in The Hardy Boyz story lines on TNA. The whole family did in fact and even Matt and Reby's son Max, or King Maxel as he was referred to in the Broken Universe, played a part. King Maxel even has an in ring win which he picked up at TNA despite not even being two years old yet. Only the greatest of wrestling moms would get you into the business that early, and picking up victories to boot!

11 Mother Of The Year: Naomi

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Naomi is one of the few female wrestlers currently on the WWE roster that has managed to make the transition from one era of women's wrestling to the new style following the women's revolution. She began her WWE career as a Funkadactyl but has since proven that she can really go in the ring, finally winning her first Women's Championship in early 2017. Naomi is married to fellow professional wrestler Jimmy Uso. While they don't have any children together per se, Jimmy has two of his own from a previous relationship. By all accounts though Naomi makes a great step mom to Jimmy's children and apparently they think her being Women's Champion is extremely cool.

10 Deadbeat Mom: Ric Flair's Mother

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Missy Hyatt is not the only wrestling personality who was adopted at a very young age. The one and only Nature Boy, Ric Flair is another huge name that does not actually know who his biological parents are. The sixteen-time World Champion was adopted by the Fleihr family who of course gave him his now household name and the rest is history. It's unclear as to exactly why Ric's birth mother gave him up for adoption but I bet she was left kicking herself later in life, if she was able to find out what became of her baby boy that is. While Ric may have been an absent father himself at times due to the nature of his career, it's plain to see that he loves all of his children and would never have even considered giving any of them up for adoption.

9 Mother Of The Year: Kathy Laurinaitis

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Nikki and Brie Bella's mom Kathy may not be a wrestler herself, but she is most certainly a part of the business. The twins's mother has been ever present throughout the Total Divas TV show and had an even more prominent role in the spin off show Total Bellas. As I'm sure any parent will tell you, having one kid at a time is hard enough. But twins? It certainly must have been tough when the two future Divas' Champions were born. Kathy certainly did a great job raising them though as they've both gone from strength to strength. On television Brie and Nikki seem inseparable, but believe it or not Kathy actually insisted on them being in separate classes so they could gain their own independence.

8 Mother Of The Year: Brie Bella

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Sticking with the Bella Twins, onto the newest mother on this list. Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are maybe the most beloved couple in all of professional wrestling right now. It broke fans' hearts when Daniel publicly retired from in ring competition and it only tugged on our heart strings even more when Brie rushed to the ring to console her husband. Since that low point though the couples' life has blossomed in a way Bryan thought wasn't possible following his retirement. Brie followed her husband and with both of them off the road it meant they could focus on starting a family, and that they did. In May 2017 Brie gave birth to their first child, a daughter, and we already can't wait for her to grow up and follow in her parents' footsteps.

7 Deadbeat Mom: Sean Waltman's Mother

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There is perhaps no one in pro wrestling with a more troubled childhood than Sean Waltman, more commonly known as X-Pac of course. Yet another example of a child with an absentee father and the mother left behind just not being able to cope with picking up the pieces. Waltman has had an extremely tricky life despite the success he has enjoyed in the ring, and continues to enjoy on the independent scene. From sex tapes to suicide attempts to drug abuse, Sean has suffered through it all and it has all become very public. If you've heard Waltman talk about his childhood you'll understand why. He's often discussed how he was left home alone to fend for himself on a regular basis from as young as five, and that abuse in all its forms was common place for him as a child.

6 Mother Of The Year: Beth Phoenix

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Did I previously mention that Brie and Bryan are the most beloved couple in all of wrestling? Okay I may have misspoke, because WWE Hall of Fame husband and wife Edge and Beth Phoenix are most certainly on par at the very least with this list's newest parents. Even though Edge and Beth only married in late 2016 the pair already have two daughters together, Lyric and Ruby. While Edge continues to remain involved in the wrestling business via his and Christian's show on the WWE Network and also their podcast, Phoenix is very much completely retired. Her induction into the Hall of Fame in 2017 was the first time she had been in the eye of the wrestling business for a while and she brought eldest daughter Lyric along with her to the ceremony.

5 Mother Of The Year: Saraya Knight

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Former WWE Divas' Champion Paige very much has the pro wrestling business coursing through her veins. While she isn't currently a mother herself, she comes from an entire family of pro wrestlers including her very own mother Saraya. In fact Paige can claim she was taking bumps earlier than anyone else in the history of the business as her mom continued to wrestle while she was pregnant with the former champ as she didn't actually realize she was pregnant at the time. Paige has been going through a tough time as of late between her suspensions and her photos being leaked, and her mother Saraya is always the first one defending her via social media.

4 Deadbeat Mom: CM Punk's Mother

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If you know anything about CM Punk's upbringing and time as a child, you'll know that it was a pretty bumpy ride for the former WWE Champion. A big part of his gimmick in WWE and more importantly a big part of his actual life is that Punk is straight edge. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, and he doesn't take drugs and a lot of that stems from his father being an alcoholic. Punk didn't have a good relationship with either of his biological parents and actually spent the majority of his time growing up under the roof of another family who he considers to be his real family. Only a few years ago Punk actually took out a restraining order against his real mother after she continually contacted him in an attempt to get money from him.

3 Mother Of The Year: Sable

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I'd like to make clear before I begin this entry that I mean no offence to Sable whatsoever, however if you were watching the former Playboy cover girl during the late 1990s in WWE she probably wouldn't have been the first woman you would have selected to be a great mother. Believe it or not though Sable actually has five children, technically, and is a great mom. She has one daughter in her late 20s from her first marriage, then in 2004 when she had returned to WWE she met and eventually married Brock Lesnar. The pair have two sons together and she's also a step mother to a set of twins from Brock's previous relationship.

2 Mother Of The Year: Stephanie McMahon

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Everybody who works in professional wrestling is incredibly busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. That only gets more true the higher up the totem pole you get, so the likes of Vince, Triple H, and the focus of this entry Stephanie McMahon pretty much never stop. Stephanie not only plays a big part in running WWE, attends an endless amount of charity events, and joins her husband during his late night workouts, but she also manages to find the time to be a mother to her and Triple H's three daughters. As she points out on social media, Stephanie is not the cold woman she portrays on TV every week, so at home she's actually a loving mother and as I pointed out, it takes a lot of drive to be able to do all the things listed above as well as raising three children.

1 Deadbeat Mom: Jake Roberts' Mother

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While a disruptive home life as a child led to CM Punk becoming straight edge, Jake Roberts' turbulent upbringing resulted in him going down the exact opposite road. In all fairness Jake's childhood was somewhat worse to say the least when directly compared to Punk's. Since getting clean and off of drugs and drink, Roberts has candidly discussed his troubled time as a child and claims that his mother was actually the thirteen year old daughter of his father's girlfriend at the time. It's not her that makes this list of course, but actually Jake's step mother. Roberts' step mom would regularly abuse the man who would later become a WWE Superstar and it's one of many things that started the now Hall of Famer on his bad path.

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