10 Must See Pictures Of Wrestlers Without Their Mask (And 10 Without Their Face Paint)

The Professional Wrestling Industry is built upon larger-than-life characters who help to entertain the fans in unique ways and present the real magic of pro wrestling. The characters are extremely important to the product’s success as they need to appeal to the audience not only in the ring, but in terms of their unique personalities which can make them stand out among the rest. While there have been some rather peculiar characters in wrestling, the ones which really appeal to fans are the ones who don a mask or face-paint to really make them stand out.

These masked and face-painted wrestlers have a sense of mystery to their characters and are many times a lot more entertaining than the regular wrestlers. They bring something new to the product with their unique characters and manage to dazzle the audience with some of their work. The fans also wonder how the masked or face-painted wrestlers look without their “cover” as some of these wrestlers tend to never break kayfabe and show their true faces to the wrestling fans.

But there are some wrestlers who have revealed themselves without any make-up or masks, as some of their revealing pictures are dug deep into the internet. It’s pretty surprising to see these wrestlers without any masks or face-paint, so let us take a look at these 10 Must-See Pictures Of Wrestlers Without Their Masks And 10 Without Their Face-Paint.

20 Rey Mysterio

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Rey Mysterio is probably the most successful masked wrestler of all time as he became an instant fan-favorite after coming to the WWE. Mysterio won the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 22 for his late buddy Eddie Guerrero and was loved by the fans because of his high-flying, entertaining style of wrestling. Mysterio also pulled off many types of masks in WWE, but this picture gives a rare look at how he looks without the mask these days. This recent picture of him without the mask shows his child-like face in real life, as Mysterio is quite literally a babyface. This picture proves that he made the right decision in donning a cool mask which has been a big reason for his success over the years.

19 Kamala

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Kamala may not be remembered by modern wrestling fans, but he was one of the first wrestlers to actually put on face-paint and make-up around his body to make himself look more fierce. He was quite the terrifying guy who stood out in the 80s where he fought against main eventers and asserted himself as a dangerous character. But as the years moved on, Kamala began losing his presence in the wrestling industry and had to retire some years into the new century. His physical health deteriorated as it can be seen in this shocking picture of him recently without any paint on. Kamala had to have his legs amputated because of problems with diabetes and blood pressure. He is living mostly on welfare checks and selling hand-made wooden chairs nowadays, as his story is an extremely disturbing one.

18 Abyss

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"The Monster" Abyss has been one of TNA's mainstay icons ever since its inception and is somebody who can be recognized by almost anyone who has watched TNA. He's been the hardcore, monster character for the promotion and has done a lot of things to establish himself as the big baddie, helping to increase the ratings for the promotion. Although he seems like a maniac who probably looks "evil" behind that mask, that definitely isn't the case as Abyss is just a big man who is actually quite friendly in real life. This picture of him with former WWE Diva Terri Runnels shows how well he gets along with other people as he looks like a normal, big man without the mask, proving that the mask definitely did a lot in establishing him as such a terrorizing character.

17 Crazzy Steve

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Crazzy Steve caught the attention of fans after he started to really prosper as part of Decay in TNA last year and wrecked havoc in the promotion with the help of Rosemary and Abyss. Steve would win the TNA Tag Team Titles during the time, but after achieving much success as this deranged, face-painted character, he left TNA last year. He hasn't really been seen amongst rumors of being signed by WWE, but how amazingly he has portrayed his character knowing his  medical condition is staggering. This picture shows Steve without any face-paint and if he may seem weird to some, it's because he's legally blind. Steve can only see with his contact lenses on and despite having this condition, he does his job remarkably well as this deranged character which proves just how talented he really is.

16 Sexy Star

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Sexy Star has been one of the finds of the Independent Circuit in recent years as she started to prosper as part of Lucha Underground where she won the Lucha Underground Championship and the Gift of the Gods Championship as well. She wears quite the unique mask and manages to look really attractive at that as well, but she looks even hotter when she doesn't have to be wearing the mask. Sexy Star definitely lives up to her name without her mask on, as this picture of her with Tessa Blanchard proves just how beautiful she actually looks. Star may be in some hot water recently because of her controversial finish to the match against Rosemary, but nobody can really deny that she has a lot of talent and also manages to look absolutely gorgeous at the same time!

15 Umaga

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Umaga had the reputation of being one of the most dangerous men to step foot in the WWE as this wild Samoan character was a nightmare for many wrestlers back during the Ruthless Aggression era. Umaga would plow through many wrestlers in his journey to glory and would win the Intercontinental Championship as well. He was always held in high regard by WWE who kept him in relevant feuds and made him look like a proper monster. Despite being a dangerous character on-screen, Umaga was actually a very nice guy in real life as this picture of him without any face-paint shows. He's posing with his friends Edge, Matt Hardy and Shane Helms which shows how he made good friends backstage despite having none on-screen. The destructive Samoan sadly passed away a few years ago, but he created some amazing memories in his years in WWE.

14 Sin Cara

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Sin Cara had a lot of hype before making his way to the WWE and came to the company with big expectations as he was a big star in Mexico. He had a specialized entrance and had a mystical vibe to his matches with the different colored lighting. But he couldn't match up to their high expectations and after initial success, he was degraded to a lower-mid carder. He had a poor attitude and after some years, he was released by WWE. While Sin Cara is infamous for never taking off his mask, it did come off by mistake during one match in the Independent circuit as it can be seen in this picture. It seems like he's a stylish man in real life and has a unique face behind the mask which has made him the modern-day legend he is in Mexico.

13 The Boogeyman

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The Boogeyman was definitely one of the creepiest characters to ever grace the WWE as he gave nightmares to many during his time in the company during the Ruthless Aggression era. He was this scary character who used to eat maggots and act absolutely disgusting before providing pain to his opponents. His infamous feud with Booker T was something which made him memorable to fans and he did his job so perfectly that it was difficult to guess that he was actually almost 40 years old. Martin Wright portrayed the character after impressing in WWE Tough Enough and this picture of him without the face-paint on shows how pumped he actually looks in real life. Wright may have retired from wrestling and is an aerobics instructor nowadays, but neither he or the fans will ever forget when he terrorized the wrestlers with his disgusting mannerism back in the day.

12 Mantaur

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Mantaur was quite the weird character back in the 90s as he literally portrayed a mixture of a man and a bull, with this big minotaur looking pretty odd in that costume. He actually received a heavy push at first with Jim Cornette as his manager and almost even defeated then Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon for the title. He would be a mid-carder for WWE for some years before being released and he soon dropped that gimmick as well. Mantaur had to retire from wrestling in 2001 due to some issues as this picture shows just how he looks without that mask and weird costume. He's actually a big man in real life who had the physique of a wrestler but not the looks to impress promoters.

11 Doink The Clown

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Doink The Clown was another weird gimmick in the 90s WWE as he would portray a clown who found pleasure in sneaking up to others and trying to scare them. Doink was actually pushed quite well after his debut as he even won his WrestleMania debut and went onto terrorize crowds but he eventually became a jobber to the stars and mostly be used because of his pranks. He would return several times to WWE over the years in sporadic appearances but Matt Osborne (the man portraying the character) wasn't getting any better heath-wise. His health was deteriorating with each passing year and got the better of him when he passed away a few years ago, as this picture shows the shocking state of him in his final years. He might've been a mischievous fellow as Doink, but without the paint on, Osborne looks pretty sad in this picture.

10 Shark Boy

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Shark Boy may be remembered by fans as a wrestler who put on a shark mask and tried to terrorize the wrestlers in TNA many years ago, as he was quite the entertaining character for the promotion. He had a rather likeable gimmick and was a decent wrestler at that too, as he was part of some rather memorable feuds and was a solid mid-carder for TNA during his years. But beyond that mask is a man who looks rather intimidating in real life, as this picture of him unmasked goes onto show. He worked without the mask in the Independent promotion as this picture of him without a mask shows how surprisingly "tough" he looks in real life and it's pretty surprising to realize that this man portrayed the happy-go-lucky character in Shark Boy.

9 The Great Muta

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The Great Muta has been a legend in the Japanese Wrestling scene for many decades now as he's responsible for the rise of Japanese Wrestling because of his amazing work over the years. The Great Muta was a big draw for New Japan Pro Wrestling and helped it gain popularity in the 90s with his amazing work, as he also had a stint in WCW during his peak. Muta is infamous for his gimmicks, as he often put on face-paint to give himself a unique look which reaped even more eyes to the product. This picture of Muta without any face-paint posing with Scott Hall shows how tough he looks in real life as well, proving that it's not only the paint which inspires him to do crazy things in the ring. This legendary personality gave life to Japanese wrestling and will be hailed for his immaculate contributions to it.

8 El Torito

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El Torito was another "larger than life" gimmick in the WWE as he was the bull for the Los Matadores and quickly asserted himself as the most over character among the three. He was pretty hot with the crowd because of his moves despite being on the smaller side and that's because he had a lot of wrestling experience prior to his WWE move. Torito is a big star in the Mexican circuit and provided some memories for the crowd in his years in the company. But behind that mask of a bull is actually the looks of a rather intimidating man as it can be seen in this picture with him alongside Drew McIntyre. Despite his size, Torito looks like a legitimate tough man who could fight it out with anyone and proves that size definitely doesn't matter to assert yourself in the industry.

7 Demolition

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Demolition will always be remembered as one of the best tag teams to grace the WWE, with Ax and Smash making their marks in professional wrestling with their amazing work in the WWE during the late 80s. Demolition was a dominating tag team back then who held the Tag Team titles multiple times and even set the record for most number of days held before The New Day recently surpassed that. They later went onto wrestle around the world in Independent events and maintained their face-painted look as well. But they aren't always carrying out that face-paint as this picture shows their true faces without any make-up and shows how "big" the two are. They look like regular fellows without the paint so putting on the unique make-up definitely helped them get over and establish themselves as one of the greatest of all times in tag team wrestling.

6 Psicosis

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Psicosis was one of the most exciting luchadors in WCW during the late 90s when their Cruiserweight Division took full flight and dazzled the fans with some amazing wrestler. He was a terrific wrestler who put on quite the show everytime he was in the ring and what distinguished him from the others was his cool mask as well. He had one of the best masks in wrestling history and portrayed a great character wearing it, before WWE took that away. When he was signed by WWE years later, Psicosis was shown without his mask as this picture shows him without anything covering his face. He didn't get over in WWE due to his mediocre looks and they should've kept his mask on because that was a major reason for his success in WCW all those years back.

5 Rosemary

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Rosemary has been the most fascinating thing about TNA's Knockout's Division for a long time now as she's been portraying this wicked, face painted character to perfection. She's seemingly gotten better ever since parting with The Decay and looks set to be a top star in the wrestling industry for a long time if she can keep up her impressive work. Despite looking like a retched character in TNA, Rosemary looks completely different without the paint as this picture of her shows. We can see her partying with none other than Paige many years ago when the two were in the Independent scene together. She actually looks very attractive without the face-paint which goes onto show just how much of an amazing job she's doing right now, something which will take her far in the industry.

4 Vader

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Vader will probably not be recognized by recent wrestling fans, but he was one of the toughest men during the 90s who asserted himself as a terrifying monster heel during the time. Vader was in high demand in the 90s when he wrestled for both WWE and WCW in the same decade and because of his athleticism given his figure, he could be utilized in many roles. The dangerous masked man laid a lot of destruction in his path at that time and continued to wrestle into the new century. This picture of Vader without his mask shows how he doesn't look so terrifying in real life, actually looking like a normal person. Vader recently announced that he only has a few years to live, which is extremely sad considering how much he did for wrestling, entertaining the fans as this big, masked man over the years.

3 Sting

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"The Icon" Sting attained his status in the wrestling industry because of his amazing work over the years, as he made many fans after he started putting on the "crow" paint which he used in WCW, TNA and later in WWE as well. The WWE Hall of Famer didn't really have the successful stint in the promotion which he'd have hoped for, but he definitely created some memories in his short stint. Sting is so famous for his face-paint that people have seemingly forgotten how he looks without it, as this shows him recently without the paint on. Sting has obviously gotten old, but whenever he puts on that iconic "crow" face-paint, it seems like he rolls back the years and becomes the legendary character who swore to drive out the nWo from WCW.

2 Ultimo Dragon

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Ultimo Dragon will always be regarded as one of the best masked characters in wrestling history. Dragon mainly rose in WCW during the 90s when he was a part of the Cruiserweight Division and was a stunning wrestler for the promotion. He pulled off unbelievable moves and even created some iconic moves on his own, later also joining WWE for a year or so before moving back to Japan. Dragon was never really seen without his mask in the WWE or WCW but there is a rare picture of him without his mask on. This picture shows Dragon's real face without any cover, proving how he made the right choice in donning a mask which took made him a legend in the wrestling industry, something any other gimmick wouldn't have done for him.

1 Papa Shango

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Papa Shango was quite the mystical character in the WWE during the early 90s as he portrayed this terrifying voodoo doctor who would curse anyone he didn't like. Shango's character was really intriguing back in the day because of how "real" it all seemed to the fans and he really got over when he started to feud with the Ultimate Warrior and his infamous curse made him constantly vomit in an episode. Shango would later feud with the likes of The Undertaker and was held in high regard before WWE decided to discard his character. Shango would later get multiple gimmick changes in WWE, as he was actually Charles Wright aka The Godfather as well! This picture of Wright shows him without any face-paint or gimmick back during his college days when he used to play football, with this side of Shango definitely not being seen by many.

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