10 Older Wrestlers Who Still Look Fantastic (And 10 Who Let Themselves Go)

The rigorous workload of a professional wrestler doesn't make it easy for them to age well, as they have to keep themselves fit and energized at all times and make sure that they don't fall off in their old age. These wrestlers are made to work really hard in their time in the wrestling industry, as they not only put in the work at the gym, but have to travel almost every day of the week to perform in other cities.

While some wrestlers absolutely thrive at this, some fall off and we've seen a few wrestlers just let themselves go in their old age. They don't look after themselves too well after retiring from wrestling and end up looking old and frail, a shell of their former selves. But there are certain wrestlers who are born fitness freaks and keep themselves healthy and fit at all times, as they keep training even as they grow older, making sure that their body stays in shape.

There are certain older wrestlers who still look absolutely fantastic and have kept their physique in top shape despite their age, while some others have just let themselves go and look pretty out of shape.


20 Let Themselves Go: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker will always be remembered in the wrestling industry because of how he changed wrestling forever with his iconic character. The Deadman entertained the fans in WWE for over two decades before he seemingly "retired" from in-ring competition at WrestleMania 33, but one can probably support his decision knowing how he has declined over the years physically. The Undertaker has looked pretty awful for the past few years and looked pretty bad last year when pictures like this one hit the internet. He has really let himself go in the past few years with injuries not helping his cause either, with The Deadman looking very old and weak in personal pictures. He may be the Phenom who always rises up in WWE, but he's only human in reality as his physical decline in the past few years has been a very sad thing to witness for a wrestling fan.

19 Looks Fantastic: Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels was quite the performer when he was in the WWE, as he put on a hell of a show for the fans whenever he stepped into the ring. Michaels was part of some memorable stuff in the WWE during his years and made many fans in the process as well, winning the hearts of many with his amazing performances. He also had quite the impressive figure which he loved to show off and even after years of retiring from wrestling, Michaels has kept himself looking really good over the years. He's still got that amazing figure and has retained his muscles and  physique despite being out of wrestling for years, as his appearance for the KFC advertisement proved how great and healthy he looks these days despite being in his 50s!


18 Let Themselves Go: Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn seemed like quite the talented individual when he attained some success in WCW and made the jump to WWE looking for better opportunities. But he would soon be lost in the shuffle and was a lower-mid carder who got punished for lashing out on a jobber and was given the gimmick of him being infatuated with a mop. Saturn made it work but an injury forced him out of WWE, after which his life has deterred badly. Perry had disappeared for many years after saving a girl from being sexually assaulted and being shot due to it, as he got badly addicted to drugs and that definitely took a toll on his body. He looks awful these days as he cannot work due to a neurotic condition and looks absolutely frail and weak right now, as his post-WWE story has been a very sad one.

17 Looks Fantastic: Ivan Putski

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Ivan Putski was a successful strongman before he started his wrestling career in the WWE, which mostly hired him because of his impressive physique at the time. Known as the "Polish Hammer", Putski was a very good mid-carder for them and even though he did not really win any titles in the company, he impressed the fans with his power and strength. Even after retiring in the late 80s, Putski kept himself in check and knowing the fitness freak in him, he made sure that his muscles didn't fade away as the years passed. Even in his late 70s, Putski manages to look really good, as he has retained his muscles and has an amazing physique, which proves the wild dedication of this man, who is not somebody you'd want to mess around with.


16 Let Themselves Go: The Sandman

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The Sandman was a really cool hardcore wrestler in ECW during its peak in the 90s, as he had this "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vibe to him and loved to deal pain to his opponents. Unfortunately he had a substance abuse problem, which nearly killed him on some occasions. While the 90s were great for him, the new century wasn't so good as his WWE stint was a failure and he struggled to find proper work afterwards. The Sandman sporadically wrestles for Independent events these days, but he looks absolutely awful because of how terribly he's aged. He looks pale and unhealthy these days and his body has really regressed over the years because of all the abuse. The 54-year-old was never the most attractive wrestler, but he looks terrible these days with his dark history catching up to him.

15 Looks Fantastic: Sycho Sid

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Sycho Sid was quite the terrorizing wrestler back in the 90s when he imposed himself as quite the intimidating figure and was selling like hot cake at the time between the top promotions. Sid worked for both WWE and WCW in the 90s and was held in high regard by both of them, even winning the WWE Championship during his time at the former. Sid had the look of a top heel and had that "psychotic" nature to him as well, with his figure being one of the bests at the time. Despite leaving wrestling a long time ago, Sid had maintained himself really well and still looks like the monster heel he was in the 90s, with this recent picture showing just how amazing he looks. He continues to look terrorizing and can probably take on anyone in a fight with his amazing figure.


14 Let Themselves Go: Ric Flair

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Ric Flair is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and quite deservedly at that too, as the "Nature Boy" ruled over wrestling for many years. He was one of the most charismatic wrestlers of his time and wooed many fans with his impressive looks which helped him get to the top. While Flair did look pretty amazing in his peak, he started to regress as the years passed by as his alcohol addiction took a toll on his body. Flair looks nothing like we remember him as nowadays and looks especially frail and weak after his recent, scary shave with death after he was in the hospital for a long time. The Nature Boy has truly let his body go and hasn't looked after it at all, resulting in all the medical complications which prove that his physique is in a really bad shape right now.

13 Looks Fantastic: Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn was always a really entertaining guy in his WWE career, as he was part of many teams and the iconic stable D Generation X and did really well because of his terrific in-ring skills. Gunn is actually in his 50s right now, but not many can make that out because of how young and stout he looks nowadays. Gunn is still wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling as well as in the Independent circuit and looks better than many younger wrestlers nowadays. While rumors of steroid abuse creep up, Gunn has done a stellar job in keeping himself in shape and is looking absolutely ripped right now with a muscular body. His terrific looks and figure is a key part to him still getting to wrestle in big promotions nowadays and knowing how well he takes care of himself, he'll be around for many years to come.


12 Let Themselves Go: Abdullah The Butcher

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Abdullah The Butcher is a legendary wrestler in the field of Hardcore Wrestling, as he attained his fame because of his violent matches and how much blood he would shed in it. He has got scars all over his face and body, with those in his head being so deep that apparently he used to hide poker chips in it. So after all the pain and suffering his body has endured, it's not surprising that Butcher hasn't aged well at all and looks pretty terrible nowadays. He hasn't kept himself fit and looks horribly old right now, almost having the look of a ghoul nowadays in his 70s. Abdullah the Butcher definitely provided entertainment to fans at his own expense back in the day, but that has come back to haunt him and has made him look terrible in his old age.

11 Looks Fantastic: Mick Foley

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Mick Foley may have been fired as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw earlier this year, but his stint as the authority figure was pretty impressive. Foley has always been a great entertainer for the WWE and while he was never the most attractive of superstars in the company, he did win a lot of hearts with his wrestling. Foley worried many fans a few years back when he wasn't looking so good and seemingly gained a lot of weight which made him look unhealthy. But he worked on that and during his time as RAW GM, he lost over 100 pounds and looked really good towards the end. He looked fit and in a proper shape as compared to a few years ago, which proved the dedication and willingness of the Hardcore Legend to bring himself back in good shape and look great again.


10 Let Themselves Go: Bret Hart

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart was a massive fan-favorite in the 90s due to his amazing work in the ring and cool personality which managed to really stick with the fans. Hart was a terrific in-ring worker who used his "Best of all time" persona to reach the top of wrestling. But after he was forced to retire from wrestling after receiving a botched mule kick from Goldberg in WCW, Hart hasn't really kept himself in good shape. He has gone through some medical complications, including a stroke, which have played a huge part in him looking so much older than he is. He's lost his figure and looks like a frail old man nowadays, whose often grumpy comments spark some controversy in the wrestling industry.

9 Looks Fantastic: Bruno Sammartino

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Bruno Sammartino is one of the earliest legends of professional wrestling as he paved the way for many wrestlers to follow his footsteps in the WWE. Sammartino holds the record for holding the WWE Championship for the longest time, which is almost 7 years! He did a lot to bring mainstream attention to WWE and was an avid part of wrestling till the late 80s. It's after that he began to relax a bit and stepped out of wrestling, but he always kept himself in good shape so that he wouldn't fall off in old age. This unbelievable picture shows just how incredibly buffed up Sammartino still it at his age and is still going strong in the 80s! Sammartino still has the muscles and figure which is better than many half his age, which shows the unreal dedication of this legendary individual.


8 Let Themselves Go: Scott Hall

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Scott Hall was quite the charismatic star in the 90s as his irresistible persona made fans woo over him in the WWE and WCW as well. Hall would portray the "Bad Guy" Razor Ramon in a terrific manner in WWE before going to WCW where he formed the nWo. Hall continued wrestling as the new century kicked in, but his physical state was deteriorating with each passing year. His alcohol addiction had broken his body and he was in a grim state before being saved by DDP Yoga. Hall has recovered in the past few years, but looks pretty frail these days because of his past decisions. He looks much older than what he is right now and his story proves how alcohol and drugs can destroy a wrestlers' career.

7 Looks Fantastic: Diamond Dallas Page

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Diamond Dallas Page was a huge fan-favorite in WCW during the 90s, as he was beloved by many because of how he came up through the ranks in the company. He started off as a mid-carder and was slowly pushed to the main event scene over the years. But he couldn't really make it in WWE after WCW was bought by them and decided to make his own career after the failure. DDP decided to set up his own Yoga called "DDP Yoga" which has been a major hit in the past few years and he's doing great in it. The Yoga has also kept him in top shape as DDP looks much younger than he is and has retained his terrific figure over the years. He's not only helped others get into better shape, but also made sure that he looks fantastic regardless of his age.


6 Let Themselves Go: Tully Blanchard

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A member of the iconic "Four Horseman", Tully Blanchard had quite the popularity back in the 80s and early 90s where he dominated with his pals and looked to be quite the bruiser. He had the physique which would intimidate his opponents and never really backed down from a fight in the ring. While he was this bulked up, muscular man in his wrestling days, Blanchard started wrestling on a sporadic basis after the new century kicked in and didn't really pay much attention to his physique. He ended up losing his stout physique as it can be seen in the picture where he's standing in the right, as he has lost his intimidating appearance over the years and looks nothing like the horseman everyone remembers from the 80s.

5 Looks Fantastic: Al Snow

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Al Snow may be remembered by the fans as the comical character in the Attitude Era who was a big hit in the Hardcore Division of WWE at the time. Along with "Head", he won the Hardcore Championship six times and was a prominent mid-carder before being released by WWE. He later found a stable job in TNA, where he was a wrestler and later a backstage producer as well. He left the promotion earlier this year and while he's looking for work in the Independent scene nowadays, he looks absolutely terrific for his age. Snow is in his 50s now but looks much younger, as he has an absolutely pumped up figure and has put on some serious muscles in the past few years. Snow looks to be in great shape right now and can easily find some work because of how great he looks.


4 Let Themselves Go: Lex Luger

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Lex Luger was supposed to be the successor to Hulk Hogan in the WWE in the early 90s when he was brought in from WCW to become the face of the company. He had the stellar looks which resembled that of Hogan and was a very good babyface as well. But backlash from fans and backstage politics played a factor in him being sent back to the mid-card, as he left WWE sometime later for WCW where he spent many years. Although he didn't attain that much of success in WCW, he did get addicted to drugs and that completely destroyed his body. Nowadays, Luger looks really unhealthy as he has gone skinny and looks nothing like he did. The drugs took away everything his body had, as he now looks like a weak old man who may be difficult to recognize.

3 Looks Fantastic: Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon has been the brains behind the brilliance of the WWE over all the years, as he's the only responsible for the company becoming the billion-dollar enterprise it is right now. He may be the boss at WWE, but Vince has also stepped into the ring as a wrestler to take on some opponents in the past. Despite not being a pro wrestler or having as much training as the others, Vince always looked really good physically and has retained that aspect of him until this day. He's a mad worker in the gym and a fitness freak, with recent picture of him proving how incredible he looks these days. Vince is absolutely pumped up and in better shape than many other wrestlers, proving the incredible dedication of the man to keep himself in prime shape and always have a fantastic body.


2 Let Themselves Go: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts was one of the best heels in the WWE during the 80s, with his chilling, unpredictable personality making him a terror for many wrestlers at the time. Along with his pet snake Damien, Roberts would put on some great feuds but couldn't continue his great work through the 90s. By the new century, he was finished as a wrestler and only got to appear in some Independent events, as his alcohol addiction turned him into a grim man. He was on the brink of death when DDP helped him turn his life around a few years ago and while he looks better than what he did back then, he still looks unhealthy. His alcohol addiction made him completely destroy his life and physical health.

1 Looks Fantastic: Scott Steiner

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"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner may be a controversial guy in wrestling right now, but he has always maintained himself as a great in-ring worker and always looked really good physically as well. Steiner started off as part of the Steiner brothers before attaining singles fame in WCW and later went on to appear in WWE and TNA as well. Steiner loves to show-off his muscles in the matches and quite deservedly, as he has kept himself looking amazing for a long time now. Steiner is a machine in real life who puts in a lot of work to make sure his physique stays in the same pumped-up shape it's remembered and he deserves a lot of credit for how well he's maintained his figure. Something which is truly amazing is how he looks exactly like he did 15 years ago, proving how incredibly well he's kept himself in shape over the years.


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