20Ripoff Of WWE: Oklahoma

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This was not just a rip-off but totally insulting to boot. During their time in WWE, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara clashed with Jim Ross a lot as JR was not a fan of their wilder work. When the duo went to WCW, they decided to take a major shot

at Ross. Enter Ferrara as “Oklahoma,” dressed as Ross and mocking his voice in over the top commentary. Rather than be funny, however, it was horrible as he also mocked Ross’ cerebral palsy and even drinking. Making it worse was long-time Ross friend Steve “Dr. Death” Williams as his sidekick protecting him.

Russo kept it up, even Ferrara wrestling at times and mocking Ross totally. Ross was incensed by this, hating the whole thing and a reason he despises Russo to this day for a rip-off that was also a personal rip on too many levels.

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