10 Pictures Of Lana And 10 Pictures Of Alexa Bliss: Who Is WWE's Most Luscious Blonde Bombshell?

Despite the fact that the WWE no longer presents its female performers as "Divas" who are only there to please the male audience by providing eye-candy, there are still plenty of incredibly attractive women currently signed to the promotion. When you think of names that you'd consider to be attractive who're currently working for the WWE, I'm sure both Lana and Alexa Bliss come to mind first and foremost. Of course there are plenty of other nice looking (and talented) females performing for WWE such as Becky Lynch and Maryse (also Nikki Bella when she returns), but nothing beats a "blonde bombshell" in most fans eyes. Yes, a gorgeous "brunette" is captivating as well (again, Nikki Bella), but there's just something about a blonde woman that screams beautiful and alluring.

With Alexa Bliss reigning supreme over the Women's Division on Monday Night Raw and "The Ravishing Russian" Lana beginning her singles career on SmackDown Live, each of WWE's two flagship shows have their own "blonde bombshell". Perhaps Lana isn't the most talented Women's Division wrestler, but she sure brings an intense level of attractiveness to the division. Alexa Bliss on the other hand is not only an extraordinarily gorgeous woman, but she's also by far one of the best in-ring performers currently signed to the WWE - I guess you could call Bliss the "total package" much like Trish Stratus before her. Now it's obvious that both Lana and Alexa Bliss are attractive, but who reigns supreme as the most luscious blonde bombshell in WWE? If you're not convinced either way, stay tuned, as this list divulges 10 pictures of each Diva looking their absolute best!

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20  20. Lana Looking "Ravishing" In The Kitchen

via heartbreakers.me

Here we have the first picture of SmackDown Live's Lana on this list posing this time in the kitchen, all while rocking a skimpy grey outfit that only adds intrigue to the photo. As I've probably mentioned in past articles, Lana certainly is "photogenic," as nearly every picture you'll find of her is appealing and flattering to say the least. Very few photos ever make Lana look noticeably "bad" (even if she isn't wearing any makeup), and this truly speaks volumes in regards to "The Ravishing Russian's" undeniable beauty.

Lana was definitely looking alluring in this picture, and I believe she knows just how attractive she really is. There's always that beautiful woman who acts in a way only someone who knows they're attractive acts, and Lana's certainly one of those said women. Rusev is a darn lucky fellow, and I'm sure most men would love to take "The Bulgarian Brute's" place as Lana's lover.

19 Alexa Bliss Posing By A Staircase

via zeppfeed.com

This photo showcases the irresistibly attractive Alexa Bliss posing confidently in front of a very long stairway. Imagine if you were walking down that flight of stairs and saw Alexa Bliss at the bottom of it - I'm sure most of you would be at a loss of words considering just how gorgeous Bliss looked in this picture with her ring gear on. As I mentioned in the intro, Alexa Bliss could definitely be summarized as being the "total package," taking into account the fact that she has the look, the mic skills and the in-ring ability.

Very few Divas possess all three of those necessary qualities, and the few that do (Bliss) or did (such as Trish Stratus) became megastars. Alexa Bliss is just beginning her professional wrestling career, and she has an incredibly bright future ahead of her if she decides to stay in wrestling over the long haul. Bliss has only been a main roster Women's Division wrestler since 2016, and she has already racked up three Women's Championship reigns. Imagine how many title runs Alexa will have had by 2020?

18 Lana's Stunning Car Pose

via pinterest.com

If the first thing that came to your mind after viewing this photo of Lana wasn't "damn isn't she gorgeous?" then I'd have to say that you may have a few screws loose. I doubt Lana could've looked any more radiantly beautiful and gorgeous in this picture, and she truly has the attractiveness of any "super model." If all else fails for Lana when it comes to the WWE and professional wrestling in general, I doubt Lana will have any trouble at all finding loads of modeling work much like the former WWE Diva, Eva Marie.

Both Lana and Eva share similar characteristics, as they both resemble the "Divas of the past" versus the Women's Division wrestlers of today. Things are definitely changing when it comes to how the women of WWE are presented, though true Divas such as Lana are always a welcome sight. Yes, Lana may not be a very talented in-ring performer quite yet (she's still green - give her time), but she adds undeniable beauty that captivates the male audiences attention whenever she steps foot inside the squared circle.

17 Alexa Bliss Performing A Promo

via pinterest.com

This picture captures Alexa Bliss looking absolutely flawless while performing a promo of some sort. Alexa definitely ranks among the most talented mic workers in the Women's Division today (probably the best arguably), as her words flow smoothly and comebacks come as easy as can be for Bliss. Let's just say that Alexa totally "bury's" her former rival Bayley in the promo department - that's a total given honestly.

The current Women's Division in WWE certainly has a diverse set of talented females, though many of them lack in one department or another. If it isn't the mic skills department, it's the overall "looks" department. However, in Bliss' case, she "has it all" so to speak like I've mentioned before. Though she never seemed destined to become the "it" women's wrestler in WWE upon her debut last year, Alexa Bliss has surely proved the naysayers wrong, and she has become the most buzzed about female in the company today.

16 Lana's Alluring Bikini Pose

via pinterest.com

Here we have one of Lana's most infamous (and not to mention gorgeous) photos out there on the Internet. Lana is professionally photographed here posing next to a rustic looking tree all while wearing an alluring and sensual white sequin bikini. Though Lana looks absolutely stunning here from the neck down, her facial expression was the thing that made this picture stand out from the rest.

Although I really can't decide as to who's deserving of the ultimate "blonde bombshell" title in WWE between Lana and Alexa Bliss, it's isn't arguable that Lana has to one of the hottest Divas of this generation. Perhaps Lana isn't quite "the most luscious woman in WWE history" (Trish Stratus holds that title), but Lana definitely ranks closely behind Trish in the beauty department. I think most fans would agree that they'd rather see Lana posing for alluring photos such as this one instead of performing in the ring.

15 Alexa Bliss Looking Gorgeous Backstage

via wrestlingforum.com

This picture highlights Alexa Bliss "preparing for battle" backstage at a WWE event of some sort. It surely doesn't take much to notice that Alexa looked absolutely stunning in this photo, and she definitely can be classified as being a blonde bombshell. Is she a more luscious blonde bombshell than Lana? Well, as we continue to work our way down this list, you may start to form your own opinion - there's certainly no wrong choice when it comes to Lana and Alexa Bliss.

Judging by this picture, Alexa seems to wear quite a lot of "heavy" makeup, and I'm sure that Bliss sits in the makeup chair for hours on end preparing for television time or live events. Now don't get me wrong, Lana definitely wears a lot of makeup as well, but I highly doubt she wears anywhere near as much as Alexa. However, the heavily made-up look is apart of Bliss' character, and by all means it certainly works for her. With how precise her makeup looks, there's little arguing that Alexa Bliss has a very talented team of artists.

14 Lana's Eye-Popping Red Dress

via 4cornerwrestling.com

I believe "wow doesn't Lana look breathtakingly gorgeous" is the only thought that should come to ones mind after viewing such an alluring photo of one of the WWE's most luscious women. Lana looked positively beautiful in this vibrant picture, as her makeup, her hair and that eye-popping velvet red dress all contribute to making the photo stand out as being simply breathtaking.

Though "The Bulgarian Brute" is a nice fellow, many fans still can't believe the fact that he was able to win over Lana's affections considering he certainly isn't in her league. With Lana beginning her singles career over on SmackDown, I willingly bet that the WWE are behind "The Ravishing Russian" for the long haul despite Lana getting off to a fairly rocky start. Yes, Lana has a lot of work to do when it comes to her in-ring performances, but you just don't come across many Divas who possess the looks Lana has, and this is the main reason why WWE will likely keep on trying with her until they get it right.

13 Alexa's Backstage Photoshoot

via wrestlingforum.com

Here we have an alluring picture of Alexa Bliss posing up against a white wall in her eye-pleasing ring attire. The whiteness of the background definitely helps make this photo "pop" so to speak, and Alexa's bright and vibrantly colored ring gear is just the finishing touch. Though few ever expected Bliss to take over the Women's Division like she has, there's no denying that Alexa's good looks probably would've been enough to convince Vince McMahon about her.

If you take a good hard look at the current WWE Women's Division on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, who else besides Lana could really compete with Bliss in the looks department? Perhaps Becky Lynch or Maryse could, but they still aren't anywhere near as attractive as Alexa is. With Nikki Bella currently "on the shelf" due to other aspirations, Alexa Bliss certainly reigns supreme on Raw as the most luscious Diva - blonde or not.

12 Lana Looking Absolutely Captivating

via wrestlingforum.com

As we continue to work our way down this list, it seems like the pictures are only becoming more visually appealing. This picture captures Lana in one of WWE's countless photoshoots dressed in an extremely vibrant red/gold one piece dress. The dress has a sort of circus and medieval design, and if Lana was the "attraction" for a circus show back in the day, let's just say that the event would produce a sellout crowd.

Lana's nickname "The Ravishing Russian" is spot on considering just how attractive Lana really is, though the "Russian" part is completely kayfabe taking into account the fact that Lana was born in the USA. However, Lana definitely does pull off the Russian accent fairly well, as I'm sure many fans actually believed that she really was Russian upon her debut alongside Rusev back in 2014. Though it's exciting to see Lana break away from the manager role and focus on her own career, she certainly did "complete" Rusev.

11 Alexa Bliss By The Window

via taptalk.com

This professionally taken photograph showcases 'The Goddess Of WWE" posing beside a large window with a cute (and attractive) smile. The house that was used for this photoshoot resembled a Barbie dollhouse, and Alexa Bliss definitely looks like the perfect candidate to be inside the house - Bliss undoubtedly resembles a Barbie doll with all of her makeup and hairdo. Though the majority of Alexa Bliss' flattering pictures aren't nearly as "skimpy" as Lana's, the fact of the matter is that Alexa doesn't need to show off too much skin to create a captivating and alluring photo.

All Bliss needs to do is pose and smile for the camera - the rest is already taken care of because of Alexa's beauty. Although Charlotte Flair is arguably the WWE's most talented female in-ring performer, I'd have to say that Alexa Bliss still ranks as the company's most popular Women's Division star. Perhaps she has not been around quite as long as Charlotte has, but it has taken very little time for Alexa Bliss to establish herself as "the gal".

10 A Stunning Beach Pose

via sportsgrid.com

This certainly has to rank among the top-5 most visually appealing pictures of Lana out there. Lana is photographed here rocking an incredibly vibrant blue/pink bikini all while posing on a gorgeous beach with direct sunlight. Nothing makes a photo "pop" more than having good lighting, and if you didn't already know, natural sunlight is the best lighting of all. Lana's tanned golden complexion definitely played off the suns rays well, and her wavy blonde hair only added allure to the picture.

With photos like this, it really becomes a hard decision when it comes to crowning WWE's most luscious blonde bombshell. I sincerely doubt that a more flattering photograph of Lana could be produced, and whoever captured this amazing shot deserves an award. There's nothing more appealing than a luscious blonde posing on the beach, and I'm sure most men would've loved to have been there to observe the photoshoot live in action.

9 Alexa Bliss Showcasing Her Mic Skills

via wwe.com

Here we have yet another photo that showcases Alexa Bliss performing a promo all while looking breathtakingly gorgeous. Though many fans have come to realize that Bliss certainly ranks among the most talented mic workers currently performing in WWE, I also doubt that most are even able to focus on what Bliss' talking about when she looks so luscious. Let's just say that Alexa Bliss' beauty and charm certainly accentuate her already solid promos.

Although some fans believe that Alexa's nothing more than a "wannabee Trish Stratus," that doesn't take away from the fact that she's still the WWE's most well-rounded current Women's Division wrestler. Given time, I strongly believe that Alexa Bliss will eventually surpass Trish in terms of overall greatness with more Women's Championship reigns under her belt. It's not arguable that Bliss is much more talented than Lana when it comes to in-ring performances, but attractiveness? Well, we will let you decide - hopefully these pictures are helping you make up your mind either way.

8 Lana Rocking A Vibrant Outfit

via wrestlingforum.com

This is yet another professionally taken alluring photograph of Lana during one of WWE's many photoshoots. Though some fans may not be completely sold on the idea of women in WWE being presented as more prominent players, I highly doubt that any of those skeptics could resist starring at sensual Diva pictures such as this one. Perhaps the female performers of WWE aren't as "girly girl" as the Divas of the past "Eras," but that doesn't mean that the company lacks attractive (and talented) women.

Instead of just performing during filler segments such as "bra and panty matches," the women of WWE can show off their "assets" while wrestling legitimately interesting matches. If anything, the female wrestlers of today are actually able to out-wrestle the males, so it only seems fair that they all have their chance to be center stage and in the spotlight. Both Lana and Alexa Bliss certainly have the "good looks" Vince seeks in his top Superstars.

7 Alexa Preparing For Battle

via reddit.com

Here we have another alluring and gorgeous photo of WWE's Alexa Bliss backstage getting ready for in-ring action. Judging by the makeup equipment behind Alexa in the background, it's highly probable that Bliss had just finished getting her makeup done which probably would've taken at least two hours (if not more). I truly don't believe that the makeup and design teams for WWE get enough credit for their incredible work, because without them, the Superstars and Divas wouldn't remotely resemble what they do when they perform.

It must be somewhat annoying for the stars (especially the women) to perform vigorously and have all those hours of getting their intricate makeup and hair done go to waste. However, that's just apart of the job of being a wrestling woman. That being said, I'd have to say that most of WWE's women are proud of their makeup, taking into account just how many selfies and pictures are taken backstage prior to entering the squared circle.

6 Lana's Sensual Pose In A Pool

via youtube.com

Lana definitely looks "ravishing" in all of the pictures included on the list so far, and this sensual pool pose is absolutely no exception. Lana is photographed here rocking an alluring cheetah/leopard print bikini all while posing with the most sensual facial expression possible. As we move towards the last couple of entries on the list, have you started to make up your mind as to who's the most luscious blonde bombshell in WWE? If you haven't quite yet, we can't blame you as both Lana and Alexa Bliss are beyond attractive.

As I've mentioned before, Lana certainly added to Rusev's overall character when she was performing as his valet/manager, and often times fans would chant "we want Lana" whenever she was absent from ringside during Rusev's matches. However, it doesn't seem like the WWE Universe is totally behind the idea of Lana performing inside the squared circle on a weekly basis - at least not yet anyways.

5 Alexa As The SmackDown Women's Champion

via pinteerst.com

This flattering picture showcases Alexa Bliss making her entrance on an episode of SmackDown Live during her reign as the Blue Brands Women's Champion. Although Becky Lynch was a solid choice for a first-ever SmackDown Women's Champ, I doubt many fans would argue that Bliss was a much more intriguing champion. However, we can't totally blame Becky for her rather forgettable run as the "champ that runs the camp," considering the WWE is mostly to blame when it comes down to the overall presentation of its stars.

The WWE and its higher-ups weren't completely sold on Lynch, and her Irish "accent" (which is attractive to most fans) allegedly annoyed some of WWE's key Executives (to be specific, Kevin Dunn). However, regardless of whether or not Becky Lynch has a very presentable voice, Alexa Bliss was undoubtedly a better choice for SD Live's champion in every possible way - though that doesn't mean that Becky isn't a solid performer in her own right.

4 Lana Looking Like A Total Blonde Bombshell

via missclub.info

Lana was looking positively gorgeous in this photo rocking an American flag swimsuit. Obviously this isn't the kind of picture Vince McMahon would've wanted to be promoting during Lana's tenure as Rusev's "Russian" manager who hated the USA. However, in reality, Lana was born in Gainesville, Florida, and she later moved to the Latvian SSR while her father worked as a Christian missionary. When Lana turned 17, she returned to the USA and spent time in both New York City and Florida while pursuing dancing and acting.

Lana then tried her luck in modeling and singing prior to entering the professional wrestling industry in 2013. Though pro-wrestling probably wasn't what Lana had originally thought she'd pursue following graduation considering she possesses the super-good looks to become a model, it isn't arguable that wrestling suits her just fine (at least as a valet that is). I suppose time will only tell if Lana ever becomes a solid in-ring performer - though I remain hopeful.

3 Alexa Bliss' Confidence Pose

via celebzz.com

Here we have a photo that showcases Alexa Bliss posing confidently with some "brass knuckles" in an incredibly alluring all-black outfit. If there's something both Lana and Alexa Bliss have in common, it's the fact that they're both extremely photogenic. In the attractiveness department, Alexa definitely has to rank as the most attractive woman on Monday Night Raw, with Lana being the most attractive over on SmackDown Live.

If you hadn't known, Alexa Bliss used to be a bodybuilder prior to becoming a pro-wrestler, and she had even competed at the Arnold Classic competition. Bodybuilding played an instrumental part in Bliss overcoming an eating disorder that she had suffered from years back, and it has certainly instilled healthy eating habits. In this photo, Alexa Bliss certainly had a look of attitude, and I think most of us can agree that she's much better suited as a heel over a babyface.

2 Lana's Ravishing Photoshoot

via pinterest.com

Here we present the final alluring photo of SmackDown's luscious blonde bombshell, Lana. If some fans are still not sure if Lana deserves the title of WWE's "most luscious blonde bombshell," then this picture may help convince any skeptics. Lana looked absolutely stunning photographed here, and her curly "ravishing" blonde hair was definitely the highlight (much like some of the other photos on the list).

I think it's safe to say that Lana knows exactly how attractive she really is, and I believe she has no problem "showing off" a little whenever she enters an arena. Both Lana and Alexa Bliss are most likely the last two noticeably "luscious" wrestling women remaining in WWE following Eva Marie's departure. Of course Eva Marie was an absolutely terrible in-ring performer, but her attractiveness couldn't be denied. That said, Lana's in phenomenal shape, and she's pretty athletic despite coming across as somewhat "clumsy" in the ring - though she has far surpassed Eva's in-ring ability already.

1 Alexa Bliss Looking Radiantly Beautiful

via caws.ws

Now we present all of you with the final picture on this list - a professionally taken photo of Alexa Bliss rocking her vibrant ring attire all while posing with a naughty yet confident facial expression. Now that we've seen 10 alluring pictures of both Lana and Alexa Bliss, it's time to declare the most luscious blonde bombshell currently in WWE. And if you're asking me for my opinion, I'd have to say that it's truly a toss-up. Some fans are going to say Alexa, and some fans are going to argue that Lana's more luscious than Bliss.

Everyone has their own "types" or preferences in women, and despite the fact that both Lana and Alexa Bliss are blonde, they both have their own separate personalities and overall "looks". You really can't go wrong either way, and both of these two wrestling women are undoubtedly "blonde bombshells". However, if we were talking about which of these two Divas has the more attractive "booty", then Alexa Bliss wins hands down - no questions asked.

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