10 Pictures Of Nikki Bella And 10 Of Lana: Who's Hotter?

Nikki Bella (real name Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace) and Lana (Catherine Joy Perry) are two of the hottest divas currently gracing the ring at the WWE. Nikki doesn't really need any introduction. She's a beautiful half of the Bella Twins, along with her twin sister Brie (real name Brianna Monique Danielson), and is a two-time Divas Champion. In fact, she holds the record for the longest reign in Divas Championship history. During her second reign, Nikki held the title for 301 days. That's impressive. There's no doubt that Nikki is as accomplished as she is gorgeous.

Then there's Lana, who is a complete heart stopper. Ever since she joined WWE, Lana has been turning heads, first as Rusev's Russian companion and then in a hot romance with Dolph Ziggler, all while sporting a Russian accent (Lana is actually from Florida and currently resides in Nashville). Lana's even had a bit of a feud with Brie in the past, and while she's not won a championship yet, we have a feeling that day may be coming. Both of these women are at the top of the diva echelon at the WWE, but there's still one question we have to ask: who is more attractive? Follow along as TheSportster tries to solve this debacle:

20 Nikki on a Pole

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Nikki is the older sibling of the Bella Twins, born 16 minutes before Brie in San Diego, California. The sisters, who are of Mexican and Italian descent, were raised on a farm in Scottdale, Arizona. Interestingly enough, Nikki's first love wasn't wrestling, but soccer. Nikki even played for clubs in Scottsdale before eventually relocating to San Diego to play soccer for Grossmont College. That didn't last very long, though.

It seems that Nikki knew she was destined for superstardom. Nikki only spent a year at Grossmont. She eventually decided to move to LA in order to find an agent. It was clearly the right move for Nikki, who eventually found herself wrestling for WWE's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling -- the precursor for NXT.

19 Lana on a Floaty

You might know Lana best as Rusev's Russian companion who loves to spew pro-Putin propaganda in the ring and backstage, but Catherine Joy Perry is actually of Portuguese and Venezuelan descent. She was born in Gainesville, Florida, but actually spent some time in the USSR, which is probably why she was able to become her Russian counterpart Lana so easily.

Her father was a Christian missionary in the Latvian SSR during the final days of the Soviet Union. Lana and her family remained in Latvia after the country received its independence in 1991 following the collapse of the USSR. Lana didn't return to the United States until she was 17, settling in New York City and later Tallahassee, Florida. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee when not touring with the WWE.

18 Nikki in a Dress

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Before entering the WWE, Nikki tried her hand at modeling and acting. Her first acting gig was in the comedy reality television series Meet My Folks. She's appeared on other television shows since then, including Clash Time, Ridiculousness, Total Divas (which is a reality series about the WWE Divas), Psych, and now stars in a reality series with her twin sister called Total Bellas.

Nikki's also been featured in a few music videos, including the video for Trey Songz's "Na Na." She's also been in a couple of movies, including Confessions of a Womanizer, which featured both Nikki and her sister, as well as Gary Busey. And who can forget her voice role in the animated movie The Flinstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown? We certainly can't.

17 Lana in a Dress

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Like Nikki Bella, Lana had other aspirations as a young girl. She didn't dream of the wrestling ring at all, actually. Although she was very athletic, she yearned for something more elegant. The answer? Ballet. Lana wanted to be a ballet dancer just like her mother and attended the Riga Choreography School (the Latvian National Opera's ballet school) at a young age. At age 14, she began dancing for the Latvian National Ballet. Quite the accomplishment for young Lana.

When she finally returned to the United States, it was to pursue her career as a ballet dancer. A 17-year-old Lana could be seen dancing at several venues in New York City, including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ballet Hispanico, Broadway Dance Center, and the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.

16 Nikki Living the High Life

Nikki loves to live the fancy life now with a bit of room service caviar and champagne, as you can see from the picture above, but she started from the bottom like all of today's WWE superstars. After doing a bit of promotional work for Budweiser during the FIFA World Cup with her sister, both Nikki and Brie auditioned for the 2006 WWE Diva Search, but they weren't chosen.

That's really hard to believe considering how beautiful and athletic the Bella Twins are. We're just glad they didn't give up after being rejected. (No one would dare reject these two now!) In June 2007, the Bella Twins were finally signed to Florida Championship Wrestling to prove they had what it takes to be WWE superstars. They more than delivered.

15 Lana Living the High Life

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Lana eventually enrolled at Florida State University, where she studied dancing and acting. She tasted her first little hint of fame when she began cheering for the FSU football team from the bleachers while dressed as a cowgirl. The Florida State Cowgirls gained national attention during a game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Hurricanes. Lana would later use this initial bit of fame in order to get more jobs in acting and modeling.

The young model appeared in several photoshoots and was even a spokesperson for energy drinks, such as Red Bull and Matrix. After her time at FSU, Lana decided to move to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in show business. She eventually worked as a member of an all-girl musical group known as No Means Yes and later as a backup dancer for Nelly, Pink, Akon, Usher, and more.

14 Nikki Showing Off Some Curves

The very curvy Nikki Bella made her in-ring debut at FCW alongside her sister on September 15, 2007. It was the first time they entered the ring as the Bella Twins, and that name has pretty much stuck since then. But FCW was the beginning of their reign as wrestling's unstoppable twin sisters. In their first match, they defeated Nattie Neidhart and Krissy Vaine. Not a bad way to make a debut.

Their initial victory sparked a rivalry between the twins and Neidhart and Vaine, as they battled it out several times throughout October 2007. The Bella Twins have been a tag team staple at the WWE ever since, thanks to this first rivalry that showed off what the sisters could do in the ring.

13 Lana Showing Off Some Curves

Lana eventually found her way to the WWE. She was signed in June 2013 and made her NXT debut in October of that year. Lana introduced herself to the wrestling world as Bulgarian wrestler Rusev's "social ambassador." Together, they worked as the promotion's very own Russian heels. (Think Alison Brie's Zoya in the recent Netflix series G.L.O.W.) The gimmick worked so well that they didn't end up spending too much time in the WWE's developmental territory and were brought up to the main roster in early 2014.

The pro-Russia Lana made her debut on the main roster in the January 31 episode of SmackDown, teasing the crowd with her controversial comments about America. She eventually began dedicating Rusev's matches to Vladimir Putin, who doesn't really inspire much love from Americans. Lana was a heel through and through.

12 Nikki at the Beach

Brie actually debuted before Nikki on August 29, 2008. It wasn't until October that Nikki made her debut in a pretty unconventional way. Playing off the fact they're twins, Nikki would hide under the ring during Brie's matches and switch places with her. It's weird, but this gimmick actually went back to their time at FCW when they would switch places to confuse the ref during tag team matches. By the time Brie was wrestling on SmackDown, the twins had mastered this technique.

Nikki's twin first pulled this trick on Victoria and Natalya. Nikki was eventually revealed to be under the ring and came to Brie's aid during an assault by Victoria and Natalya. Eventually, the twins became a formidable tag team. Thus the Bella Twins were truly born.

11 Lana at the Beach

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Lana wasn't really known for her wrestling in her early WWE career, working more as a valet and manager. She eventually ditched Rusev and began a relationship with Dolph Ziggler. This sparked her feud with Summer Rae, who later tried to seduce Ziggler. This partnership didn't last very long, and eventually Lana returned to Rusev after it was revealed that the two had become engaged in real life. They married in 2016.

Later, Lana began a feud with Brie Bella after insulting her husband, Daniel Bryan. Lana screwed over Brie a couple of times before they finally met in the ring for the first time. Lana made her in-ring debut in a WrestleMania 32 pre-show tag team match, which she lost. She's since made her debut as an active competitor but has not had much success.

10 Nikki Posing

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Nikki made her official debut at the WWE on the November 21, 2008 episode of SmackDown. She teamed up with her twin sister to face off against Victoria and Natalya. They won that match and continued to wrestle as a successful tag team for a little while. Eventually, they started a relationship with Carlito and Primo Colon. (You might remember Carlito as the dude who loved to spit pieces of chewed apple into people's faces. It was gross and is important to this story.)

The Bella Twins accompanied the Colons out to the ring, but eventually got the attention of John Morrison and The Miz, who took the twins out on a Valentine's date. This made the Colons and John Morrison and The Miz enemies. It would also eventually make Nikki and Brie enemies.

9 Lana Posing

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Unlike Nikki Bella, Lana's never won any championships or really achieved any big things in the ring. She was awarded Best Gimmick (with Rusev) by Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 2014, but that's about all she wrote. Still, Lana has turned over a new leaf in 2017. She's been competing in the ring a lot more for the past few months. On the June 6 episode of SmackDown, Lana started a feud with Naomi, which eventually led to her first singles match.

The match took place at this year's Money in the Bank. Lana lost that match, but has continued to challenge Naomi throughout the year. She lost two more times to Naomi in June and July during SmackDown Live. Later, Lana participated in a five-way elimination match, which she also lost. Still, at least she's wrestling now.

8 Nikki on a Boat

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After Carlito and Primo accidentally spat pieces of apple into Brie's face and Nikki laughed at her, the twins went their separate ways. Nikki went with John Morrison and The Miz and Brie went with the Colons. The twins faced off against each other for the first time in a mixed tag team match between all of the above parties. Brie and the Colons were victorious. Nikki got her revenge in a singles match soon after, though, pinning Brie and getting her first win against her sister.

By 2009, the Bella Twins had been drafted to Raw and reunited as a powerful tag team duo -- with the unfair advantage of being able to switch places when the situation called for it.

7 Lana on a Boat

When it comes to actual wrestling, there's no denying that Nikki has Lana beat. After all, the former is a women's world champion, although we'll get to that in a minute. Nikki's accomplished so much in her time at the WWE, while Lana's not done much of note besides participating in love triangles and getting into a couple of feuds with other divas. You could say that Lana is more about the drama and Nikki is more about the wrestling (although she's enjoyed her fair share of drama, too).

But you can also make the argument that Lana looks damn good in the ring in her suggestive outfits. Who knows, maybe the WWE will make a fine wrestler out of Lana yet. Until then, we're just happy to be able to watch Lana on our television screens.

6 Nikki Living Fancy


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Both Brie and Nikki had brief stints as Divas Champions, although you almost couldn't tell who had the title at which point since the sisters would switch places all the time to defend the title. In fact, Nikki's first reign as champion came to an abrupt end after an attempt to switch places with her sister failed and Layla pinned Brie. Nikki's first reign as Divas Champion only lasted a week.

Her second reign was much more fruitful. In fact, Nikki holds the record for the longest reign in Divas Championship history, holding the title for 301 days, after first defeating AJ Lee for the title at Survivor Series in 2014. So great was Nikki's reign as Divas Champion that Pro Wrestling Illustrated named her the number one female wrestler in the world just a year later.

5 Lana Living Fancy

If you want to see Lana outside of the WWE, she's been in a couple of movies and television shows. Her biggest credits have been in both Pitch Perfect movies as well as an uncredited role in American Hustle. She's also been in two WWE Studios movies (that's where the promotion puts its stars in bad, straight-to-home-video action movies). Lana first appeared in a cameo role as herself in 2016's Countdown, which stars Dolph Ziggler and Kane. She later went on to star alongside Adam "Edge" Copeland in action thriller Interrogation.

As far as TV credits go, Lana has appeared in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Banshee, and some other television shows. She's also appeared in the WWE reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas.

4 Nikki Being Fierce

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After her second reign as Divas Championship, Nikki continued to compete in matches, including a Hell in a Cell match against Charlotte in an attempt to win the title for a third time. She was unsuccessful, though. Nikki spent some time out of the ring in 2016 due to a neck injury. When she returned, she competed in singles matches for a while. Nikki hasn't been able to get a title since, though.

In February 2017, Nikki appeared with her real-life boyfriend, WWE superstar John Cena, for a feud with Maryse and The Miz. Cena and Nikki defeated Maryse and The Miz in a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania 33. Right after the match, Cena got down on one knee and proposed to Nikki. Following their engagement, Nikki announced that she would be taking some time off from wrestling in an Instagram post in April.

3 Lana Being Fierce

As you can see from the pictures above, Lana isn't afraid to show some skin, and we all know she has a very feisty attitude to go with her sexy demeanor. She is a true beauty, despite the fact that she's not really accomplished too much in the ring. Yet, this isn't about who is more athletic or who has won more championships. It's about who is more attractive. In and out of the ring, Lana makes a very good case why she might be the sexiest of the two ladies.

You've seen her in a bikini, you've seen her posing, and she's teased you on social media. And that's not even mentioning her hot storylines on screen. Lana is easily one of the most memorable sex symbols of the current generation of divas and doesn't need any titles to prove it.

2 Nikki Being Artsy

Moana Vibes

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There's no denying it: Nikki Bella is a true beauty with the heart of a champion. Despite the fact that she's not been in the ring for a while, we haven't forgotten this talented young diva who may very well make a return down the road. If you miss seeing this sexy diva on screen, you can tune in to both Total Divas and Total Bellas, reality shows starring Nikki and her sister, along with some other WWE superstars. On Total Bellas, Nikki is currently helping Brie through her first pregnancy.

So after all of these facts, is Nikki the hottest diva to ever grace the ring of the WWE? Is she hotter than the young Lana? That is still debatable. That said, it's very very close.

1 Lana Being Artsy

Alright, it all comes down to this. Above we can see Lana showing her true colors. Despite her pro-Russia, pro-Putin days on SmackDown, she's an American through and through and isn't afraid to rep the flag. She looks quite good in that American flag top, too! But let's not get distracted. Lana vs. Nikki Bella. Who is more attractive? It wasn't an easy decision and we'll probably change our minds next time one of these divas does something naughty in the ring, but TheSportster has decided.

We have to go with Nikki Bella on this one for the simple fact that she's both got the looks and is incredibly athletic. She's spent more time in the ring -- which again wasn't a deciding factor -- but it certainly shows that she's a much better balance of both beauty and athleticism, making her the perfect, more attractive WWE female wrestler.

But that doesn't mean our word is gospel. We'll gladly hear your take on the matter. Who do you give the edge to?

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