10 Pictures Of The Men's Roster WWE Wants You To See And 10 They Don't

The male roster in the WWE right now is probably the best they've had in years!

The male roster in the WWE right now is probably the best they've had in years, as it is filled with some amazingly talented wrestlers and is so overcrowded right now that some top-level talent are forced to stay in the midcard or lower leagues in the company. But the company still prizes it's talent very much, as there are some sides to their roster's personal life they would want the fans to see as they advertise these personal achievements as much as they can, but there are also some other crazy sides they would want to keep hidden underneath the mat.

Some of the WWE wrestlers are really good when it comes to keeping the company's solid reputation, as they love to meet and greet fans as well as make sure everyone knows how well they're being treated and guided by the WWE. While almost everyone keeps themselves out of trouble beyond the WWE, some of the wrestlers also like to get a bit crazy when they find some personal time and some very surprising pictures of these wrestlers have been posted on the internet.

While there are some elements of their wrestlers personal lives the WWE would want you to see, there are also some others they definitely would want for the fans to not see as it can change the perception towards the wrestlers they've spent so much of time building up. Let's have a look at the 10 Pictures of the Men's Division WWE Wants you To See and 10 They Don't.

20 WANT: The Big Show In Great Shape


The Big Show has always been billed as the "World's Largest Athlete" by the WWE, as he has been the go-to giant for them for almost two decades now but his ridiculous character changes in the past have irked the fans, to the point where they just want him to go away. Show wasn't really looking that good either, but he took all the criticism from the fans as motivation to make himself look good again, as he trained extremely hard for some months and now looks in absolutely shockingly amazing shape. In some recent gym pictures of the gigantic man, he looks absolutely ripped and doesn't seem to have much fat at all, as he actually has a ripped figure with proper abs. The WWE would definitely want the fans to see this side of the Big Show, wanting to show the world his amazing transformation and how he proved the fans wrong by going through with it at his age.

19 DON'T: The Oldertaker


The Undertaker has remained the WWE's Deadman for all these years, as The Phenom might have reaped many souls during his tenure but it looks like his time is coming to an end as age has crept up and he doesn't look that good at all these days. He does manage to make WrestleMania every year but with the way he is looking in and outside the ring these days, that won't continue for much time at all. This shocking picture of The Undertaker without his attire goes onto show just how old he has become, as this picture is something the WWE wouldn't want anyone to see as it could hamper Taker's own reputation as well as force the WWE to probably make him consider retirement, something which nobody wants.

18 WANT: Triple H, Company Man


While Triple H might not be a regular wrestler on the WWE's main roster right now, he's still involved in a lot of things in the company and is currently embedded in a heated feud with former protégé Seth Rollins. The King of Kings is still proving why he's one of the greatest of all time with some amazing heel work, but his work as a promoter for the WWE is something which the company holds in high regard as well. This picture shows Triple H with a toddler Beckett Sage, who has been a Youtube Sensation for naming 20 WWE theme song names in two minutes and he visited WWE headquarters to meet Triple H himself. This candid picture of Triple H with the toddler in his hands is something the WWE would definitely want fans to see, as it not only improves Triple H's reputation but their own as well and gives them a good name for doing such good PR and serving the fans. This unseen picture of HHH is something the WWE would want more fans to see for the good work they're doing behind the camera.

17 DON'T: Disney Owens


Kevin Owens has been treated as quite a "Prize Fighter" by the WWE ever since he set foot in their ring, as he attained a lot of success in NXT where he won the NXT Championship from his former best friend Sami Zayn and later went onto make quite the impact on the main roster where he defeated John Cena clean in his first match. He later went on to win the Intercontinental Championship twice and then won the big one in the Universal Championship as Owens looks like a legitimate badass in the WWE right now. But this ridiculous, hilarious picture of Owens wearing Mickey Mouse ears is something the WWE definitely wouldn't to advertise, as this funny picture takes away all the legitimate nature of his character. WWE wouldn't want the fans to see this as they want Owens to be regarded as the selfish, conniving heel who will do anything to make sure he has a prize to himself at all times.

16 WANT: Randy Orton In Shooter


Randal Orton has been a golden boy for the WWE for almost over a decade now, as The Viper has gone through significant changes in the company and is definitely one of their top guys even in the "New Era". While Orton does have some personal issues of his past, that has been rather ignored by the WWE who love to promote his personal achievements, more-like the films he's featured in. They'd love for the fans to see him in this picture on the set of Shooter, an action TV series he was featured in last year alongside Ryan Philippe. With someone like Orton starring on the show, WWE would do their absolute best to make sure that the fans are watching the TV series as this candid picture is something the WWE would definitely want the fans to check out.

15 DON'T: Bo Dallas Arrested


Bo Dallas showed much potential when he was on NXT, as he was a pretty good NXT Champion and his hilarious character actually got over with the audience at first when he had his own winning streak. But once that streak was broken, Dallas' momentum came to a complete halt as he started to job to random wrestlers and is stuck in the lower cards for some years now. Dallas didn't really make things easier for him when he was arrested at an airport last year, as he was arrested for intoxication and pictures of the arrest were also released in the internet. This picture of Dallas being arrested is something the WWE definitely wouldn't want the fans to see, as it would hamper Dallas's and their own reputation and bring much shame to them as well, as this horrible misdeed and unfortunate event is something WWE wouldn't want to bury under the rug.

14 WANT: The New Day Goes Up Up And Down Down


The New Day might have fallen from grace a little bit after losing their tag team titles in the division, but they are still probably the most popular tag team in the WWE as the entertaining trio are making a lot of money for the WWE with their merchandise sales. One more thing which has kept them in such a good position is the gaming Youtube channel for Xavier Woods called "Up Up Down Down" where he invites all his wrestling buddies to share their personal stuff and shows a different side to these wrestlers. The WWE was initially hesitant about this, but after watching its popularity, they have started to promote this channel on their television as well as social media as this picture of the three members of the New Day playing on this gaming channel is something they would want everyone to see. More viewers for this channel can only mean good for them as well as the three, as this different take on wrestlers is something even WWE enjoys and would love to promote it by making everyone notice pictures like this.

13 DON'T: Wonder Strowman


Braun Strowman's impressive work over the past few months has caught the eyes of many, as he's attaining praises from the fans for his superb work in the ring and on the mic as well, as he seems to be set for becoming the next, primary "giant" of the WWE. Strowman might be a beast in the ring who is extremely intimidating with his gigantic structure, but he seems to be a very cool person in real life and loves to showcase his crazy side whenever possible. This picture of Strowman in a hilarious Wonder Woman outfit shows just how mad he can be when it comes to partying, as this ridiculous picture is something the WWE would definitely not want the fans as it could destroy all their work on building him to become "The Monster Among Men" that he is right now, as this hilarious picture might tickle the funny bones of fans but isn't funny at all for the WWE who would hope that nobody gets to see this side of Strowman.

12 WANT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Sheamus


Sheamus has grown into attaining a veteran status in the WWE, as he's one of the few members of the current roster who has remained with the company for almost a decade now, and he has remained almost at the top in all the years as well. After impressing in the ring, Sheamus decided to give it a try in the movie business, as he actually landed a role in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows film as the villain "Rocksteady". He'd later be transformed into a mutated Rhino, but he was in the film for quite some-time and WWE loves to advertize their superstars in box-office hits like this film. Sheamus was also given the WWE World Championship at the time so that his role in the film can be noticed by fans, as this picture of Sheamus in the film is something WWE would want everyone to see as they love to boast when their wrestler get's some mainstream attention in the entertainment business and they'd love for Sheamus's stock to rise with the fans seeing him in a different form in this film.

11 DON'T: The Luke Harper Fan Club


While some of the WWE wrestlers might be portrayed as enemies on-screen, almost everyone is good buddies with each other and those who hate each other on-screen probably share a pint after the shows. A lot Kayfabe breaking pictures have been posted over the years and are something which the WWE definitely don't advertize nor do they want fans to see them, but the most extreme picture which shattered Kayfabe was posted by Chris Jericho a few years back when he posted a candid backstage picture of "The Luke Harper Fan Club" in his social media. The wrestlers in the picture in Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Epico and Primo, Sheamus, Cesaro, Harper and Jericho himself are posing in t-shirts of Harper as this picture was something which violated all the rules of Kayfabe and is something the WWE definitely wouldn't want anyone to see as Jericho quickly took it off after posting it. But this picture was stored forever in the internet as this candid picture is something the WWE would hope many don't get to see and hope that it stays buried under the rug as it horribly hampers their values and breaks all the codes of Kayfabe which is the foundation upon which the product is built on.

10 WANT: John Cena Hosting SNL


John Cena has been the "face that runs the place" in the WWE for well over a decade now, and even though he might be moving out to personal projects as the years roll on, the WWE is something he will never leave and the company supports him with whatever he does for his impeccable work over the years. Cena has now become more of a part-timer who seems to have become a hit in the entertainment industry, as he gained some mainstream attention when he hosted Saturday Night Live sometime back. This picture of Cena during one of the segments which he hosted that night is what will the WWE will want the fans to see, as it would want the world to see how their top athlete is now glooming in the entertainment business and WWE is doing all it can to advertize Cena's projects and will support him to the fullest regardless of how much he does or doesn't wrestle for them in the future.

9 DON'T: AJ Styles, The Face Of TNA


AJ Styles has shown just how phenomenal he really is after stepping foot into the WWE after all these, as he had quite the spectacular 2016 and is looking to be in the best shape of his life currently in the WWE. The company does give Styles where his credit is due as they often mention his past of "having wrestled all over the world" but never really mention TNA on their television, as everyone who has followed Styles for a long time knows how he gained all the popularity in Total Non-Stop Action. This picture of Styles posing as the TNA Heavyweight Champion is something the WWE wouldn't want its fans to see, as they really don't want Styles to be remembered for his legacy in TNA and are treating him to build him as a WWE legend in the future and the company is really hesitant when it comes to anything related to TNA and wouldn't want the fans to remember Styles as the Phenomenal Man of that promotion.

8 WANT: The Miz Being An A-Lister


The Miz has remained as a faithful servant for the WWE for quite a long time now, as he has rose up the ranks because of his faithfulness to the company and is only seemingly better with every passing year. His good looks and ability to talk have also garnered him some movie roles with WWE studios, as he is appears in their produced film The Marine 5: Battleground. This poster of The Miz in the film is something the WWE will definitely want everyone to see, as they would want to advertize this film as much as possible in order for it to make them some money and not be a flop. They have already been advertizing it a lot lately, as this promotional poster is something which they'd want every fan to see so that they check out the film once it releases, as this form of The Miz is something the WWE would want to fans to check out and appreciate.

7 DON'T: Baron Corbin, Failed NFL Player


Baron Corbin has really picked up his game ever since being drafted to Smackdown Live!, as the Lone Wolf has been tearing apart his opponents and being on quite the rampage in the Blue Brand. He's being tipped for much greatness in the near future if he can keep up his impressive work, as the former football player might have gotten his former career path being mentioned by the WWE, but his looks at the time was nothing compared to right now. This picture shows just how different he used to look as a football player, as he was pretty fat and bigger compared to his toned figure right now and this picture is something the WWE wouldn't want you to see. This could give Corbin's destructive booking a dent as he looks quite dorky in this picture and could be the butt of some fans' jokes if many see it, as the WWE would want the fans to remember the Lone Wolf as he is right now and not see many shades of his former self.

6 WANT: One Finn Balor, Multiple Promotions


Finn Balor has been quite the prized acquisition for the WWE, as his unique persona has not only helped them develop him into one of their top stars, but he also brings a lot of history along with him. While the WWE are low-key trying to hide his achievements in New Japan Pro Wrestling as the leader of the Bullet Club, they love to advertize how he had to fight his way to the top and his initial stardom in the British Pro Wrestling scene. Balor was key for WWE cutting a deal with the likes of Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) or Progress Wrestling, as he even appeared at an event for the former a few months back and posted a picture on twitter from the venue. This picture is something the WWE would want the fans to see, as it helps to increase their own reputation on how they are allowing their wrestlers to appear in other promotions and are helping these promotions gain popularity, as the Demon King has helped for these relatively unknown promotions gain a lot of attention in the past few months.

5 DON'T: Brock Lesnar's UFC Doping Scandal

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

"The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar might be one of WWE's most treasured individuals right now, but he was in a lot of hot water recently when Lesnar was caught in a doping scandal and reports emerged that he had taken steroids before his win against Mark Hunt in his UFC return. Lesnar was suspended from UFC indefinitely and was also charged for this, but Hunt decided to get his justice when he put out a lawsuit against Lesnar for wrongly winning the match. This picture of Lesnar getting his hands raised in the match against Hunt is something the WWE definitely wouldn't advertize or want the fans, as they would want to distance themselves as much as possible from this scandal and make sure the fans don't see Lesnar in a bad way because of this scandal. Regardless of what he does in his other projects, Lesnar is still valued at WWE as a absolute top athlete and they wouldn't want his reputation to get hindered with the doping scandal and wouldn't want the fans to see anything off that controversial match against Hunt.

4 WANT: Goldberg With Fans


Goldberg has had quite the sensational return to the WWE, as he has managed to retain the popularity upon which he rode back in the days and regardless of some taunts from other fans, he still has his share of popularity. Much of this popularity comes from the fact that he's actually a very good person to the fans and loves to treat them whenever he can, as we can always see him greeting and high-fiving fans while coming to the ring. This picture of Goldberg hugging some fans and getting their love is something the WWE would definitely want everyone to see, as their portrayal of him as a real-life "superhero" only strengthens through this picture which shows just how popular Goldberg still is with the fans, as his kind gestures towards them makes it difficult for a certain portion to hate him.

3 DON'T: Jinder Mahal's Questionable Physique


Jinder Mahal hasn't really attained much success in the WWE which has propelled many to wonder about how he's still contracted with the company and why he was recalled in the first place, but his physique is something which has caught the eyes of many in the recent few months. Mahal looked quite ordinary when he came back to the company, but during his stint with Rusev, he started to look absolutely jacked and ripped beyond something which could be achieved in such a short time. This forced everyone to wonder how exactly he got ripped up so quickly, as wrestling critic Dave Meltzer noted that Mahal might be using steroids for jacking up his figure. This picture of his shocking transformation is something the WWE wouldn't want many to see, as it brings up the question on whether Mahal has truly used some drugs to buff up his figure and how the WWE allowed that, and if someone was to truly investigate this mystery, the end result could be potentially harmful for the WWE.

2 WANT: Roman Reigns Actually Having Fans


Roman Reigns has been the talk of the town in the WWE for a long time now, and it's not necessarily been for the right reasons as many fans are enraged about how he's been pushed so hard for the last couple of years. Reigns seems to be set to be WWE's next "face" of the company, something which doesn't really bode well with everyone as the WWE tries it's best to hide the hate towards Reigns and even during shows display the pro-Reigns signs despite the array of boos. Reigns does have his share of fans despite the hate, as this picture showing him pose with a fan is something which the WWE would definitely want everyone to see to prove that Reigns does have his share of fans who think of him as the "superhero" WWE want him to be to the public, as they are probably going to continue pushing him to the top whether people like it or not.

1 DON'T: John Cena Holding Nikki's Purse


John Cena might be portrayed as a "superhero" by the WWE, but in his personal life, Cena has often had to bow down to the ladies in his life and done stuff which the WWE definitely wouldn't advertize in their television. Cena has been the "face that runs the place" in the WWE for over a decade now, but is slowly drifting into the entertainment business and becoming a part-timer in the WWE but he still is booked really strongly and made to look like the Superman many think he is. But this picture of him holding the bags of Nikki Bella is something the WWE wouldn't want the fans to see, as it could make Super Cena look a little bit weak in the eyes of some.

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