10 Real Father-Daughter Wrestling Duos And 5 That Are Fake

The wrestling business has had many father-son combinations over the years, but until recently, the father-daughter pairing had been rather rare. Thanks to the WWE taking women's wrestling more seriously over the last few years, we have seen more woman follow in the footsteps of their fathers. More will most likely become second generation wrestlers in the future as opportunities for women continue to open up.

While real-life wrestling father-daughter duos have been on the rise, storyline father-daughters have been less common. In fact, it is quite difficult to find very many connections to male wrestlers and a kayfabe daughter figure. Perhaps this is due to the guarding of wrestling secrets for decades and belief that wrestling was a rough, tough man's sport. Regardless of the reason, angles that featured men and their fake daughters were never pushed like those stories of men and their fake boys.

Real-life father-daughter duos are changing the business of professional wrestling today. Whether you are a fan of women's grappling or not, the success of WWE Superstars Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks means the ladies are here to stay. Real or fake, women have been a major part of the industry since the 1980s, and it is hard to believe there was once a time when female wrestlers were only thought of as a novelty act in the sport.


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Eddie Guerrero was on his way to being a WWE legend as an in-ring performer. However, his demons ensured he would become immortalized as another professional wrestler to have their life end far too early. Guerrero died in 2005, five years before his daughter Shaul entered the profession. Working under the name Raquel Diaz, she spent four years in the WWE machine, working FCW and NXT, before leaving the business. Diaz announced that she was suffering from an eating disorder, which is ultimately the reason she left the business. Unlike her father, Raquel was able to leave wrestling before her problems took her life. After leaving the WWE, Guerrero married WWE performer Aiden English, making him a part of the legendary Guerrero wrestling family.


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In the early 1980s, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was one of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry and was arguably just as big as Hulk Hogan during 1984 and 1985. His cage matches at Madison Square Garden against Bob Backlund and Don Muraco were the thing of legends. Snuka died in 2017 after suffering from a terminal illness that had forced him into a hospice. Snuka's daughter Sarona, better known as Tamina, started her wrestling career in 2009. She became the second offspring of the WWE legend to take to the squared circle. Tamina didn't begin her wrestling career until her early 30s, but since her introduction to the WWE, she has been a regular with the company. Like her father, Tamina has never won WWE gold.


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The 2008 film, The Wrestler, blew many fans and non-wrestling fans away with its amazing portrayal of Randy "The Ram" Robinson. The film's plot line is strangely reminiscent of Beyond the Mat, when Jake "The Snake" Roberts is attempting to reconcile with his daughter. Robinson's daughter in the film, played by Rachel Wood, is hopeful her dad has changed his ways, only to be let down again after a night of Robinson's boozing with women. The lines of film and wrestling were blurred when Mickey Rourke, the man who played Robinson, appeared at WrestleMania XXV for an angle with Chris Jericho. According to Jericho's podcast, Rourke had heat with the boys from the moment he appeared at the event. While The Wrestler received rave reviews, many wrestling fans have come to resent the film's storyline of an ageing performer.


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Jim Neidhart was the powerhouse of the Hart Foundation tag team in the 1980s and early 1990s. The "Anvil" was also a major part of the Attitude Era until he left the WWE for WCW following the "Montreal Screwjob.Neidhart's daughter, Natalya, began wrestling at a young age, with her first introduction to the sport being through Eric Bischoff's MatRats production. After MatRats finished, she began working the independents around her hometown of Calgary. It took seven years for Natalya to get signed to the WWE. Since she inked her first deal with the company in 2007, Natalya has been a regular with the company. In 2013, she married fellow wrestler Tyson Kidd. The current Smackdown Women's Champion, Natalya and the "Anvil" have proven to be one of the most successful father-daughter duos around.


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Anyone who has watched the seminal wrestling film Beyond the Mat, will remember Mick Foley's young daughter. However, few could have believed she would turn into the lovely young lady she has. Noelle is far from the wrestler her dad was during his career. The blood and guts wrestler spent many nights bleeding buckets and delivering elbow drops off the ring apron. Noelle has worked as a model, just like her mother, and has also attempted a tryout with NXT. However, based on the videos on the WWE Network, it may be something she isn't cut out to do. For her sake, hopefully she won't go through the punishment her father did. Mick Foley made headlines last April for not having health insurance despite a variety of problems due to his wrestling career.


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One of the great, ignored gimmicks of mid-1990s WCW was that of Col. Robert Parker. Portrayed by Southern wrestling legend Robert Fuller, Parker was a suave, Southern gentleman that oversaw the Stud Stable. Although Parker didn't have a daughter in the storyline at the time, he did have a storyline wife in Madusa Miceli. This was made apparent when Parker attempted to marry his love interest Sherri Martel. Of course, there were no father-daughter duos here, but Parker does come from wrestling history rich family. Therefore, the father-in-law-daughter duo of Buddy Fuller – Parker's real-life dad – and Madusa would have made quite the pair. In fact, she was such a tough wrestler, she would have got the seal of approval from the Fuller family.



The Von Erich family is one of the most famous in all of wrestling, and the name has continued despite the heyday of the family ending in the late 1980s. During their meteoric rise, no Von Erich was more popular than Kerry Von Erich. The mountain of muscle may not have been the best worker in the ring, but his charisma and look wowed fans around the world. At the age of 33, Kerry committed suicide after years of drug abuse and the pain he suffered from the deaths of his brothers. In 2007, Kerry's daughter Lacey joined the WWE after begin a career in the family business. However, she only lasted a few months with the company. Lacey went on to work for several independent companies and TNA before retiring from wrestling in 2010.


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The Vachon family is one of the most well-known wrestling familes by a certain generation of grappling fans. In 1966, famed Canadian wrestler Butcher Vachon adopted step-daughter Gertrude, who would later become better known as Luna Vachon. The bizarre female wrestler and valet worked in a variety of wrestling promotions including the WWE, WCW and ECW. It was her time in the WWE that she may be most remembered for as the "main squeeze" of Bam Bam Bigelow. Vachon was not only adopted into wrestling by the Butcher, but she married into it as well. Vachon first married independent wrestler Tom Nash. After their divorce, she married Nash's wrestling tag team partner David Heath; who is better known as Gangrel. Unfortunately, Vachon's life was cut short as she died in 2010 from an overdose of painkillers.


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Okay, so there aren't a lot of fake father-daughter duos in wrestling, but bear with me here. During the much-loved WWE Attitude Era in which little made sense, but was forgotten about shortly thereafter as the business was hot-shot, things were done for shock value. Case in point, Terri Runnels was "knocked up" by WWE wrestling porn star Val Venis. The angle was pointless, and went nowhere, as Runnels "lost" the baby shortly after the announcement on Raw. D'Lo Brown was the cause of Runnels' storyline miscarriage, but the truth is, the Jerry Springer-esque angle just didn't interest real wrestling fans. Since leaving the WWE, Runnels has gone on record to say she hated the angle, and begged head writer Vince Russo not to do it. Of course, he had his own terrible ideas and prerogatives. 


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Ric and Charlotte Flair are perhaps the most famous father-daughter duo to ever grace professional wrestling, at least in terms of in-ring performers. According to Flair's now defunct podcast (he actually has two defunct shows), the former NWA, WCW and WWE World Champion stated Charlotte was working as a personal trainer and decided she wanted to get into the business of wrestling like dear old dad. That faithful decision has helped her to become the top women's wrestler in the world today, although being Ric's daughter hasn't hurt. Like his sons, Ric's daughter wanted to try herself in the same sport her dad was such a success in; and like her dad, Charlotte has carved out her own niche. In fact, with or without Ric by her side, Charlotte has outdone her two brothers Reid and David in the sport of kings.


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Like Charlotte Flair, Tessa Blanchard has ties to the original Four Horseman. The 22-year-old is the daughter of founding member Tully Blanchard and is a third-generation wrestler. Her grandfather, Joe Blanchard, was the promoter of Southwest Championship Wrestling from 1978 to 1985, so her ties in wrestling run deep. Tessa only started wrestling in 2013, but had the expertise of her father and step-father, Magnum TA, to teach her the ropes. The two men that raised Tessa competed in one of the greatest matches of all-time at Starrcade 1985 as they tangled in an "I quit" steel cage bout. Along with famed southern wrestling trainer George South, Blanchard gained first-class training many budding wrestlers could only dream of. She has had an on again, off again relationship with the WWE, and most recently competed in the Mae Young Classic in July 2017.


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The original ECW always tried to do something a bit different, and in 1997, the company was at its height of being the alternative wrestling promotion in the United States. At Hardcore Heaven 1997, ECW debuted porn star Jenna Jameson as an honorary member of The Dudley family. Jameson was introduced as the "Lady of Dudleyville," and it can only be assumed that she was one of the many offspring of "Big Daddy" Dudley. As we all know, the patriarch of Dudleyville was on the road for years as a professional wrestler, planting his seed like a sexual Johnny Appleseed. Jameson wasn't around for long, and soon showed up in the WWE as part of a vignette with Val Venis.


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The WWE has always been a family business and it was just a matter of time before Vince McMahon handed the company over to his children. Although Shane was one of his inner circle for quite some time, it has been Stephanie that has taken the ball and run with it. Stephanie made her debut in the late 1990s as an on-air talent and has since become one of the most divisive figures in the wrestling business. For the most part, it seems she and husband Triple-H have been allowed to oversee most of the business as Vince has become somewhat less active in the day-to-day operations. Her power has led many of the company's old-school employs to leave or be fired. The most high-profile is former Vince right-hand man Bruce Prichard in 2008.


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TNA wrestling hoped Hulk and Brooke Hogan would make them a major player against the WWE. Unfortunately, that didn't happen for the company despite both being used repetitively onscreen. In an extremely convoluted storyline in 2013, Brooke became engaged to TNA star Bully Ray. Turns out, Bully Ray was masterminding the Aces & Eights heel group and had proposed to Brooke just to earn her father's trust. Thus becoming a major heel in the company. Who writes this? Brooke left the company in the summer of 2013, and hasn't been back in wrestling since. Her father's legal problems have been well documented, which is why she has probably not been seen in the squared circle. Although Hulk can claim to be the biggest wrestling draw of all-time, he can't claim to have the best father-daughter duo in wrestling.


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The original ECW didn't appear on pay-per-view until 1997, but some wrestling historians feel the company jumped the shark when it added a child to the already convoluted storyline between Tommy Dreamer and Raven. In January 1996, the fued took a new twist when it was discovered Raven's valet, Beulah, was pregnant. Turns out, it wasn't Raven's baby, rather, it was Dreamer's child. While fans were teased that there was a child involved in the storyline, ECW creator Paul Heyman did the only thing he could do to end the lame angle: he wrote it out of the script. A few months later, he had Beulah announce she made the entire story up, thus continuing the crazy feud between the two grapplers. In real-life, Dreamer and Beulah – aka Trisa Hayes – are married with twin daughters. Although that occurred long after their fake pregnancy in ECW.

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