10 Reasons to Support Stephanie and 10 Reasons to Support Shane in Charge of Raw

Well, so much for the Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 32 match stipulation. As it turns out, Shane-O'Mac will get his chance to run Monday Night Raw, so fans won't complain about that

Well, so much for the Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 32 match stipulation.

As it turns out, Shane-O'Mac will get his chance to run Monday Night Raw, so fans won't complain about that. In fact, you can say that just about everybody won. We saw The Undertaker win at WrestleMania, which may have been his last match.

On the flip side, fans will get to see Shane stick around for what appears to be a lot longer than we originally expected. Plus, their Hell in a Cell match was one of the best in recent memory and saved what could otherwise be called an all-around disappointing WrestleMania.

So Vince McMahon announced at Payback that both of his children would run Monday Night Raw, with both of them getting the chance to compete with each other. So far in storyline, they've been compromising and getting along throughout, but one can only assume that won't last much longer.

If it all comes down to one person in control of Monday Night Raw, who should it really be? Should it be Vince's oldest child, Shane, who had a seven-year absence with the company, or his daughter, the wife of WWE legend Triple H?

The fan reactions from live events would suggest Shane, so it's a foregone conclusion, right? That's false. There are plenty of compelling reasons to suggest that Stephanie McMahon should remain solely in charge.

But this is a difficult choice to make for fans: Who do you REALLY want to run Monday Night Raw? Hopefully this list as to why EACH of them deserve a chance will help you make up our mind.

It won't help me make mine, though. Enjoy.

20 For Stephanie: She Has The Experience


In life, many of us will get jobs based on nothing but experience.

It's perhaps best for business if the person that runs Raw is the one who has the most experience doing it. Stephanie has been the on-screen boss for several years now and nobody can deny how remarkable of a job she has done with Triple H.

The smartest people know when you have something good, you don't touch it. You leave it as is. You may boo Stephanie since she's a heel, but you already know she's running Raw just fine. Does WWE really need to take the chance of changing it, considering it could totally flop?

19 For Shane: Secures His Long-Term Presence


WWE's new faces aren't living up to the hype. At least Roman Reigns isn't, and some of the old-timers will tell you that Dean Ambrose and A.J. Styles are no Rock, Hulk Hogan, John Cena or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As such, the WWE badly needs a legend and old-timer to stick around longer, especially to regenerate the interest of fans from the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras. Everybody loves Shane McMahon and if he becomes the boss of Raw, fans will surely stick around longer, knowing he's in the company's long-term plans.

18 For Stephanie: Chance of Turning Face


Though it's safe to say that heel turns are more shocking and often far more epic than a face turn, Stephanie going from bad girl to good girl could actually do wonders for the company.

Maybe her heel personality is growing a bit stale, but it was well-received by fans at this year's Payback and the following Raw when she presented new ideas and a willingness (on-screen) to work with Shane.

She's been the villain long enough and she deserves a chance to be the hero again.

17 For Shane: More Epic Matches


If I were the lone voter, my choice for Match of the Year would no doubt be Shane and 'Taker's bout at WrestleMania, though I will acknowledge that isn't a popular remark among many loyal WWE fans.

Still, to see what the 46-year-old McMahon did for the show was monumental in reviving some of the general fan interest. Shane hosting Raw could mean we see him involved in more awesome matches.

His father Vince did just that as the WWE Chairman. Let's be honest, who doesn't want to see Shane fight Brock Lesnar, Reigns or even engage in a rivalry with Triple H, for nostalgia's sake?

16 For Stephanie: Looks Attract


In all honesty, people who get gigs on national television are often beautiful and eye-catching to the average male viewer.

There is absolutely no denying how gorgeous Stephanie is. Her personality and drive to be one of the most powerful women in the business is very attractive to many, and as such, she probably will end up being featured on Raw for the long-term.

This isn't meant to be sexist in any way, but we know the WWE male audience loves a beautiful woman.

15 For Shane: He Gratifies the Internet Wrestling Community


During his segment showdown with Stephanie at Payback, Shane-O'Mac showed a list of articles from major media outlets like Fox Sports and Bleacher Report as to why he's the right man to run Raw (you forgot us Shane!).

That's all you need to know: Major media platforms want Shane to run Raw and the Internet Wrestling Community has been driven to more intriguing forms of writing with his return.

He's once again sparked new life to WWE writers and followers. It's a nice break from them having to talk about how boring Reigns is on the mic and how they need to turn him heel.

14 For Stephanie: Fans Want To See Triple H


With The Undertaker very possibly done wrestling, Triple H and Kane remain the last big-names from The Attitude Era and the latter isn't exactly one of the stars people pay money to see any more.

With Stephanie on-screen, it means her husband Triple H will stick around. He's shown that he's coming close to an end as an in-ring performer, but still has something to give, while his best work these days is being the evil boss.

If Shane's in charge, we all suddenly stop seeing one of our favorite legends regularly. That won't go well for the WWE.

13 For Shane: The Hidden Good Side of a McMahon


Fans will forever be grateful for how Vince made the WWE a huge success, and how his children have done a great job bringing in new characters and sustaining the prosperity of the company.

That being said, Vince and Stephanie have almost always portrayed evil villains, therefore the fans are always booing them and drawing into the hatred of the McMahons. But that's not how it should be.

Shane has appeared and shown the "good side" on-screen of a McMahon. It's a nice change for this family's sake. Fans need to start seeing the actual GOOD in a McMahon, but that may not happen without seeing it on-screen first.

12 For Stephanie: Heel Bosses Are Often Better


Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, and The Authority all had (or have) great runs at being the evil bosses. They provide much more enticing entertainment in the storylines.

It's awesome to see the main stars go toe-to-toe with powerful people. Seeing the stars stick it to people like the WWE's chairman is exciting and hilarious for fans. Roman Reigns got to the top by feuding with The Authority for months.

If Stephanie stays as the evil boss, it gives guys like Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and other faces the chance to become main-event wrestlers by feuding with the most evil of them all.

11 For Shane: But Face Bosses Are a Nice Change


Even though we relayed why a heel boss is always good for business, they traditionally stay the same: They come out, insult the crowd, and try to screw over the top stars in matches over-and-over again.

Sometimes, having the boss play the good guy works for the crowd. For example, Theodore Long was a hit when he feuded with guys like JBL in favour of John Cena and Batista. Vince was always a hero when he feuded with The Legacy and "fired" Eric Bischoff as the GM of Raw.

Maybe after all of these years, it's time to see a guy like Shane finally play a good-guy boss that doesn't try to ruin the top stars.

10 For Stephanie: She Has Been More Loyal


They've pointed it out many times in storyline, but the facts are there: Stephanie has had more allegiance to the WWE than her brother, Shane.

As we said before, Shane was away from WWE programming for seven years, working at the top of a company, YOU On Demand. He made a fortune there, but Stephanie's kept her work and life towards maintaining the WWE as a global power, following the footsteps of her father.

For that, she probably deserves the chance to keep running Raw until proven that she's no longer doing it well. That is, if that time will ever come.

9 For Shane: Chance of Developing Rivalries


We already touched base that Shane could still wrestle in some epic matches against some of the WWE's top stars. If that doesn't happen, he can still feud with them the way Triple H and Stephanie have.

He and Roman Reigns have the potential to develop an epic feud. Same for John Cena, should he make the long-awaited heel turn. Stephanie and Triple H have had rivalries with the top stars already.

Now it's time for Shane to get the chance.

8 For Stephanie: The Authority Storyline is Still Working


Yes, plenty of people cringed as they read that headline.

But The Authority in power is still one of the few storylines WWE has going well. Stephanie and Triple H often open up the show in an entertaining fashion and they've found ways to really get the crowd into Raw early and often.

Once again, we ask why should we change something if it's fine? Maybe The Authority in power isn't as exciting as it was a couple of years ago, but it hasn't hit a dead-end yet. No need to stop it.

7 For Shane: His Experience Can Guide Him


So Shane has about a month of experience controlling Raw, so can we really trust him to take control of Raw and improve it over his sister and brother-in-law (in kayfabe)? Yes, because he knows how to control a company.

The CEO/Chairman of You On Demand, Shane already knows how to operate a company that scores him millions of dollars a year. He also has the experience of being a wrestler for years, so he'll be a credible showrunner.

So in contrast to Stephanie having more experience to lead Raw, it's hard to think Shane isn't cut out for the job, either.

6 For Stephanie: She's Working Like Vince


Just how huge was the on-screen character of Mr. McMahon for the WWE? Consider this: he's always been a heel, but when he made his return just months ago on Raw for the first time in a year, the crowd erupted for him.

So there you have it: It's clear that everyone loves Mr. McMahon's evil-boss persona. Stephanie is doing a perfect job of being just like him: Mouthy, arrogant and power-hungry, in character.

With Mr. McMahon already giving a lot of his power away to his children, someone's going to have to step up and replace him entirely. Stephanie has more than shown she's capable of doing it.

5 For Shane: He Does What's Best For Business


His jump off the Hell in a Cell against The Undertaker at WrestleMania shows it: Shane McMahon will always do what's best for the company and that includes entertaining the fans by any means necessary.

He had no need to do it. He legitimately risked his life in front of his wife and three kids, despite having enough money for life and having his legacy cemented about a decade ago. Shane showed how much he wants it.

Triple H has said that he will do what's best for business. His brother-in-law is the same.

4 For Stephanie: Her and Triple H Are Fixing WWE


The once-forgotten NXT division has now become one of the can't-miss wrestling promotions. Triple H's work with the group cannot be ignored, as he's simply growing some of the best future WWE stars there.

Stephanie has also re-branded the Women's Division and it's on its way to seeing more long-term success, which hasn't happened in years. They deserve credit for bringing Reigns, Ambrose, and The New Day to the top, especially with talents Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and John Cena suffering long-term injuries.

They're actually making the WWE better, despite all of the complaints fans have had about it. There's not much of a reason for them to go out in storyline

3 For Shane: Well-Received By Fans


When the fans speak, WWE listens (sometimes).

The fans forced the company to turn Batista from a face (during his return in 2014) to a major heel, where he reunited with Evolution. That storyline was a major success, though The Animal wasn't around for long before leaving the company again.

When the crowd wanted Daniel Bryan over everybody else on the roster, eventually, WWE was forced to listen. So when the crowd reacts heavily in Shane's favour when he asks the crowd who should run Raw, it speaks for itself.

The fans want Shane. Give them what they want.

2 For Stephanie: She's The Perfect Heel


So maybe at the end of the day, there's no reason to change Stephanie's character as a heel and the boss of Raw. That's because she's done a terrific job doing it and it's fixed the WWE for the long-run.

The company needs to keep a long-term heel around until they can find the right direction. A lot of shakeups and changes are needed, and keeping Stephanie in charge as the heel is the safest option WWE has right now.

If she's out of power, what happens next? WWE will be back to square one.

1 For Shane: WWE Needs Change


The lack of starpower is hurting the WWE. So are the storylines and rivalries. I mean, The League of Nations was a huge waste of time, The Dudley Boyz are boring and The Wyatt Family never got the proper push.

Also, where is Brock Lesnar these days? Can Cena return and become the top face again without being the same repetitive and boring guy?

These are major questions and concerns and with ratings and Pay-Per-View buys going down, a major change needs to take place to revive interest and bring back some of the old fans. Shane in charge would do that.

It's going to be an interesting time for WWE, to say the least.

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