10 Retired Wrestlers Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 10 Who Are Sweethearts

Over the years, professional wrestling has become more widely available to the audience, increasing the fan's scope of knowledge about what their favorite wrestlers really are like in real life. While some wrestlers tend to be awesome people, others turn out to be absolute jerks in real life who act rudely to fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Not all of wrestling's beloved legends are good people, as some of the biggest fan favorites of the old days have turned out to be mighty jerks ever since retiring. They act like jerks towards fans and also rudely towards their own colleagues, not respecting the things which made them legends in the first place. But on the other hand, there are retired wrestlers who are absolute sweethearts and love to interact with fans and with colleagues or junior wrestlers as well, as they are professionals in real life as they were during their wrestling days.

Some of these popular retired wrestlers have proved themselves to be rude jerks ever since their retirement while some of the others have shown themselves to be delightful people in real life as well.

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20 Sweetheart - D-Von Dudley

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D-Von Dudley may be an "extreme" man in the ring but on the outside, he's a real nice guy who has shown amazing gratitude towards fans and the promotions which made him the legend he is right now. While his "brother" Bubba Ray is known to be quite rude to fans, D-Von is quite the opposite as he's the one who kept a good name to the Dudley Boyz and loves to interact with fans and pose with them whenever possible. He's also a really good mentor right now and helps young talent whenever he can and is also a member of WWE's production team right now after taking retirement. D-Von is a backstage producer for the WWE who helps with setting up shows and also with talents at times, as his sweet, kind personality has kept him in the good books of the WWE.

19 Jerk - Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash might have been the "Big Sexy" of the wrestling industry at one time, but he has had the reputation of being a complete jerk for a long time now. Nash was a major reason for the fall of WCW as his backstage politics was off the charts at the promotion, where he used his creative powers to end the streak of Goldberg. Nash would act rudely and like an egoistical jerk throughout his WCW career and has remained that rude jerk even after retiring. Nash is often criticizing the product which made him and degrading wrestlers for no reason and has often been extremely rude to the fans who tried to interact with him as well. Nash doesn't care to serve the fans that made him and has also acted like a complete douche to fans and fellow wrestlers for a long time now.

18 Sweetheart - AJ Lee

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AJ Lee shocked many fans when she announced her retirement from wrestling a few years back, following the footsteps of her husband CM Punk to look into other ventures herself. Lee was a crazy yet really entertaining character in the WWE who showed her true potential during his record-breaking reign as Divas Champion. AJ is also a real sweetheart in real life, as she did a lot of meets and greet work for WWE and loved to interact with fans despite being a heel. She's also really nice to her colleagues and has been doing a lot of good work since retiring. AJ is an animal welfare advocate and also recently published her book "Crazy Is My Superpower" which was a massive hit. Lee did a lot of promotional work during this and was a sweetheart to fans all around which definitely made fans love and admire her even more.

17 Jerk - Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts journey is quite the heartbreaking one, as his downfall shows how wrestling can be a tough business for some. Even though his alcohol addiction almost ruined him for good, Roberts was saved by DDP Yoga and has been sober ever since. But that doesn't seem to have changed him as a person, as he's been quite the jerk to fans ever since appearing in wrestling events after being transformed by the Yoga. Roberts has had the tendency of being extremely rude and unwilling to interact with fans in shows where they paid to interact with them. Despite fans doing all they can to pay for his surgeries and keep his income intact, he decides to act like a douchebag to them which shows how much of a problematic man Roberts really is.

16 Sweetheart - Edge

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"The Rated R Superstar" Edge was quite the cocky, evil heel during most of his WWE career, with his very real feud with Matt Hardy making him a hate-able villain in the WWE. While Edge might've been the "bad guy" during that time, he's generally a really good guy who is extremely passionate about wrestling and its fans to this day. Edge loves to hang out with fans whenever possible and never denies them an opportunity to interact with him and is serving the fans to this day despite not wrestling anymore. He has joined with old-pal Christian with the two now having their own wrestling podcast and Edge seems like a real sweetheart to his colleagues as well and has the respect of fans and wrestlers alike for being a real darling outside the ring.

15 Jerk - The Honky Tonk Man

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The Honky Tonk Man is remembered by fans of the 80s when he was at his prime in the WWE. He still holds the record for holding the WWE Intercontinental Championship for an immaculate 454 days before slowly bowing out from WWE. The Honky Tonk Man really hasn't been that popular ever since and is pretty bitter about it, continuously acting like a douche towards fans and his former employers as well. He has the reputation of being quite rude to fans as he demands money from them to take pictures or interact with him. Honky also has been extremely critical of the WWE as he actually declined a Hall of Fame induction in 2010 and has been thrashing the product ever since. His lack of gratitude to those who made him is the reason for his terrible state right now and he has no-one but himself to blame for it.

14 Sweetheart - A-Train

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A-Train might be remembered as the powerhouse wrestlers who dominated as a mid-carder back in the late parts of the Attitude era, but he was quite the undervalued individual as a wrestler. He later returned as "Lord Tensai" which quickly got reduced into a joke as well, but he's been treated nicely for his work for the company. Matt Bloom(his real name) is now retired from wrestling and in charge of WWE's performance center as its head trainer. Bloom is very kind to fans and loves to interact with them whenever he gets the time for. He's a real darling to his trainees as well and has a great reputation among the wrestlers for being a kind, amazing trainer whom everyone loves. His on-screen character might not have received much love, but Bloom is a beloved figure right now for being a great trainer and a sweetheart in real life.

13 Jerk - Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler was one of the hottest exports WWE made from WCW, as this stunning diva was a definite hit in the WWE because of how hot she looked. After spending a few years flaunting her body, Keibler moved onto the entertainment business and even got to work on a few TV shows as well. While she might've been "fan-serving" in the WWE, she doesn't like to interact with fans AT ALL after leaving the company. There have been cases of her downright ignoring fans who tried to approach her or even act rudely to them on occasions. Stacy hasn't kept any ties to WWE either as she's been the jerk to the people who made her into the star she is right now and has let all the fame get to her head.

12 Sweetheart - Mick Foley

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Mick Foley has had to work really hard to get to where he is right now, which has included in him putting his body on the line numerous times. Foley got most of his popularity at WWE with his "Mankind" gimmick and made fans idolize him for his antics as the character. Foley kept on wrestling for a long time before hanging up his boots a few years back, but he's still very active in the wrestling community because how friendly and warm he is towards fans. Mick keeps on attending wrestling events to please fans, never shying from interacting with them and snapping pictures with the fans. He's also extremely respected by the wrestling world because of how great he is towards other wrestlers and his active love towards interacting with fans is what makes him such a sweetheart.

11 Jerk - Bret Hart

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart was definitely "The Best There Is, Was And Will Ever Be" during his time as a wrestler, as his impeccable wrestling skills were above anyone else's at the time. But his career started to go downhill after he left the WWE and arrived at WCW, where he just didn't feel right. He ended up having to retire after an awful injury suffered in the hands of Goldberg and has been a bitter individual ever since. Even though Hart constantly appears in wrestling shows, he doesn't really like to communicate or interact with the fans and has had the history of acting very rudely to some of them. He's also been extremely critical of WWE's product at times, slamming some wrestlers for no reason whatsoever. He's changed from the "Best Wrestler" to a bitter old man who has been acting like a douche for a long time and ruining his reputation because of it.

10 Sweetheart - Sting

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Sting doesn't have the nickname of "The Icon" for nothing and has deserved that name after a glittering career in the wrestling industry. Sting will always be remembered for his mystical, face-painted gimmick and superb wrestling style and he was a core reason for both WCW and TNA's success. He had to retire on unfortunate circumstances, but he's a real sweetheart and showed by saying that Seth Rollins was the "best performer he wrestled against". He's also a darling of the fans because of how well he treats them and Sting continues to attend meet and greet and wrestling events to please fans and pose with them for pictures. He's a real gentleman of the industry and is not only an icon in the ring but has maintained his iconic status outside it as well!

9 Jerk - Scott Hall

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Scott Hall has to be considered as one of the coolest wrestlers of all time, as his Razor Ramon gimmick in the WWE was him at his peak. Hall was excellent as part of NWO as well but started to deter once his WCW days were over. He continued wrestling for a long time, but his awful alcohol addiction would tarnish his reputation. While he has recovered in the past few years, Hall has turned into a jerk in the past few years as well. Hall doesn't want to interact with fans despite asking for money from them, as he actually forgot to send thank you cards to the fans who donated money for his hip surgery. He also refused to sign an autograph for a terminally ill child and acts like a complete jerk to fans despite them playing a big part in his recovery and well-being.

8 Sweetheart - Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is a big reason the Women's Revolution and success of Women's wrestling in general these days, as she was one of the pivotal women to make it a success in the WWE. Stratus's legendary feud with Lita helped solidify both as one of the greatest of all time and she won numerous titles in her WWE career. But Trish also knew when to step out, retiring in 2006 and going onto focus on her career as a yoga constructor. But Stratus has remained a darling to wrestling fans because of how amazingly she has treated them over the years, as she's always happy to interact with fans and is extremely friendly. She even announced her "Team Bestie" tour with Lita as the two traveled around and greeted their fans and Stratus' sweet nature outside the WWE shows how much of a sweetheart she really is in real life.

7 Jerk - JBL 

via sportskeeda.com

JBL has been barred in a lot of controversies lately, as he seems to be not only a Heel in the WWE but one also in reality and seems to be a real jerk to everyone. JBL is famous for his awful bullying in the WWE, especially what he did to the likes of The Hardy Boyz, Joey Styles, and even Mark Henry back in the days and picked on them. But he enraged everyone when it was reported that he bullied Mauro Ranallo, who suffers from depression. Apparently, JBL bullied him so badly that his awful depression returned and he wouldn't be seen in WWE ever again. JBL is not only a "heel" but also seems to be a very bad person in real life as he loves being a jerk in real life as well and deserves all the hate that he receives from fans because of it.

6 Sweetheart - Diamond Dallas Page

via wrestlezone.com

Diamond Dallas Page has transitioned from a successful wrestler to a successful yoga constructor amazingly over the years, as DDP will always be remembered for his awesome time in WCW. Page was a really popular guy because of his gimmick and was equally friendly to fans and colleagues outside the ring as well. Page loves to hang out with fans whenever he can nowadays as well, but he's mostly spending time helping people get better through DDP Yoga. DDP saved the lives of both Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts through his yoga and also took them into his home to treat them properly, as this amazing gesture shows how much of a darling DDP really is. He is somebody everyone loves and that's not for nothing, as DDP has been a sweetheart to fans and earned the love of wrestlers all around for what he did to save Roberts and Hall.

5 Jerk - Sable

via mbc.net

Sable was THE Diva of the Attitude Era and brought upon a lot of eyes on the raunchy Women's Wrestling at the time because of her stunning looks and while she "served" the fans really well in the ring, she wasn't that into them outside it. The Former Women's Champion had a terrible attitude which even got her fired from WWE in the first place Sable continued acting like a jerk to divas throughout her WWE career and has almost gone AWOL ever since retiring from wrestling. She spends most of her time to herself and her husband Brock Lesnar and can be extremely rude to those who try to approach her. Sable thrashed a fan who approached her and Lesnar in an airport a few years back and she's somebody who holds herself in such high regard that she finds it okay to be a jerk to everyone else.

4 Sweetheart - The Rock

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The Rock might now be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but he'll always be remembered by wrestling fans for being the most electrifying man of all time! The Brahma Bull was a revelation of the Attitude era, with his iconic feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin helping WWE win the Monday Night Wars. The Rock then got an opportunity to go to Hollywood and seized it with both hands, as he's now a big star in Hollywood. But the Rock hasn't forgotten his roots and is a real sweetheart despite having retired from wrestling. He loves to interact with fans on social media and is also very friendly when somebody approaches him as well. The Rock is also an active follower of WWE and loves to spread good words about the wrestlers whenever he can and he's remained a humble darling even after all the success to prove that he's really the great one!

3 Jerk - Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan is the reason professional wrestling is as big as it is today, because of his success in the WWE during the 80s, but he turned into a real jerk after that. Hogan was famous for his backstage influence during his late WWE career and then again used it to his advantage in WCW, having creative control and giving friends some lavishly paid jobs in the company as well. While he might be a "hero" for fans and does interact with them, he's actually a real jerk in real life and apparently played a big part in Randy Savage's breakup with Miss Elizabeth. His recent controversies show his real side, as a tape of his racial tirade shows how much of a douche he is in real life and even if he was a hero in the ring for fans, he's a real jerk when the curtains are down.

2 Sweetheart - The Undertaker

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The Undertaker stunned everyone when he left his hat, coat, and gloves in the ring after losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, signalling the end of his iconic career. The Deadman was one of WWE's most mystical characters of all time and an incredible performer who might've been a silent, terrifying individual in-side the ring but outside was really friendly. Taker has had the reputation of being a really lovely person when it comes to treating his fans, as he loves to interact with them and never denies them an opportunity to take a picture with him despite himself not looking so good. He was also the locker room leader in his years in WWE and put everything to straight when some trouble was brewing and is an extremely respected man because of it and the Deadman might've been a terrorizing individual in the ring, but in reality, he's an absolute sweetheart.

1 Jerk - Ric Flair

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"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair has to be considered as one of the greatest of all time because of his illustrious wrestling career, which stretched almost 30 years of him winning championships and dazzling us with his impeccable work. Flair has been retired from in-ring competition for quite a while now, but The Nature Boy isn't that iconic in his personal life because of how big of a douche he is. Flair has been part of numerous arrests in the past because of acting like a jerk to everyone. Flair has also been very mean to fans on numerous occasions, not appearing in his own autograph sessions at times and acting like a jerk towards fans who approached him. He tries to live like his lavish in-ring character but has lost much respect because of being an absolute jerk to everyone over the past few years.

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